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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brewers 5, Reds 2

Matt Belisle was not real happy with Matt Belisle after Sunday's game. He could not believe that he gave up five runs with the stuff he had.

"It makes me want to puke," he said.

Belisle struck out nine and gave up six hits in six ininngs. Still he gave up five runs because he let things get away from him in a couple of two-out situations.

“I was filling up the strike zone with all my pitches," he said. "There were a lot of positives that came out of this game today. But, again, I gave up five runs. That’s not cutting it. That's not acceptable.”

Belisle can be an effective member of the 2008 rotation -- if he can avoid games like Sunday's. He knows that. That's why Sunday's outing had him feeling sick.


at 1:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the hitters hadn't left---- what was it? 18?----runners on base and scored a nice amount of runs, maybe Belisle would have relaxed more and not made those mistakes.
I say it often, I liked Brook Jacoby when he was playing, but as hitting coach, he is not getting the job done. The hitters need a better approach. They can't get fooled all the time by pitchers who throw garbage.
John, what would you think of Chris Sabo as hitting coach? How has he done coaching at Dayton?

at 9:59 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Seems as though the chemistry between Brandon Phillips and the Super Star may not be the best. Lets say good-bye to Ken Griffey Jr and put some one in the line-up with a winning attitude. Seems we have a multitude of talented options to choose a replacement from.

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE KEN GRIFFEY JR? Maybe if the Reds pay half of his salary for next year. It would be well worth it to get this albatross off the team's back.

at 11:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

CSA, Griffey has his faults, just like any other player, but when he is gone, and this team is still spinning its wheels, will you still be blaming him?

at 12:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey CSA, read John Fays story this morning. Jr. was JOKING or KIDDING. Jr. is not perfect, and I have never met him, but it seems to me that some fans take him way too seriously when he is joking around.

at 1:34 PM Blogger Phill said...

Yes getting rid of Griffey is the solution to everything.A winning attitude? Gimme a break. Every single guy out on that field and in that bullpen want to win every single game. Please explain how Ken Griffey Jr. has a losing attitude and why he is such an awful player? Please don't tell me that it's because he watches his long bombs.

Also to the first anon, I'm not sure how well giving Belisle a lead would do. It seems like whenever he's given a nice chunk of runs to work with he immediately blows the lead. It's like he needs pressure but not too much pressure(aka guys on base...).

He's a puzzle. It's like if he gets it together he could have a future in the rotation next year but it's all on him to decide it.

at 3:01 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Yeah! I know. He is just joking around when he stands at home plate watching the ball bounce off the fence or loafs down to first base on a DP grounder.

No, he is not the main reason the Reds are losing, but the Reds certainly would not be any worse without him. Perhaps they could even develop a better attitude and show a little respect for the game.

His style of play is not what the knowledgeable fan wants to watch and his getting away with only sends a bad message to the other players.

at 5:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

CSA is dead on the money. Griffey is the last person I want around next year with the likes of Votto and Bruce.

How in their right mind goes to the game to watch Griffey loaf around all over the place??? Not me.

Oh, and I see he's having yet another stellar September.

at 5:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, I've noticed in a couple of places that Griffey was also quoted as saying: "At least I didn't get thrown out," joked Griffey. "[I've got] 593 [homers]. [Phillips has] less than 60."

However, I noticed you did not include it. Did Griffey also make the homer comparison??

at 6:15 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"At least I didn't get thrown out," joked Griffey. "[I've got] 593 [homers]. [Phillips has] less than 60." This was Mr Griffey's complete response. Part of it got left out in John's article. Sounds to me like Mr Griffey is telling everyone that yeah its OK for me to do whatever I damn well please, cause I'm a 'superstar' and you're not.

at 6:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheviot Sports "Authority"----and I use that term loosely----why don't you and you kind ever try to apply for a major league managing job. I mean, you seem to have all the answers and the best ideas. Then maybe you can manage the Reds to an 0-162 record during the day, then at night, continue to bloviate about how stupid the GM was to hire you in the first place!
Commentators like you are basically cowards. You would never have the guts to say things about players to their faces. Tell me this, then Mr "Authority"...if you could get rid of Griffey, who exactly would you trade him for? How would you replace his power and production in the line up? How would you replace his impact at the box office? Oh, and your idea of having the Reds pay half his salary next season? Yea, that's a practical use of limited resources. Tell us all how you would make this work? And I want some specific names and details, Mr "Authority"!

at 8:06 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

LOL, you want specific names and yet you call yourself, "Mr Anonymous"? Thats a good one.

It is very obvious from your previous post that you have very limited baseball intelligence. I would give Mr Griffey to any team that would take him and don't think for a minute that Reds have not tried to get rid of him. No one will give you much for him, so there is very little chance of that happening unless the Reds eat a large portion of his salary, which is for your information, actually is a fairly common practice in major league baseball. Griffey's stats are good this year but with the abundance of offense that the Reds have, his numbers would easily be replaced. For packing the stands, another laugh, the Reds are now drawing about 14,000-15,000. Where are all your
Griffey lovers? Wise up kid, in a few years you will understand how it works.

at 8:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you doing a lot of pointing out flaws in my question, but you are very conveniently avoiding making any real answers of your own! Let me hear some names. Who do you have in mind? What are you going to do? Send Griffey to the Rays for an assortment of prospects, a la Dick Wagner? Or maybe you'll take the money you save by getting rid of Griffey and spend it on a pitcher who gives up homers by the dozen, the way O'Brien did. Come on, do you have a real idea or are you all talk?

at 8:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

CSA, 557 anon was different from me. Griffey has his faults, but he is way down on the list with what is wrong with this team.

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