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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey, there's a game tonight!

I'm in Milwaukee at Miller Park. I don't have bad case of pennant fever. But the Reds do play the Brewers, who are 1/2 game out, tonight.

With the football in full swing, and the Reds hopelessly out of it, do you still care? Will you watch? Listen? Ignore?


at 4:49 PM Blogger Adam said...

I'm watching, always love my reds. Plus we get to see some young players play.

at 5:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to the baseball package on Directv, I will watch. I would like to see Dunn hit his 40th and Brandon his 30th. Also like to see how the guys play out the string. I also will enjoy seeing how Votto does against teams fighting for the postseason - should be a good indicator for next year. Too bad Bruce, Cueto, and Bailey are not up. Also would have like to seen Aaron Herr play some.


at 5:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopeless?!? The Reds go 14-2, sweeping all division foes, the Cardinals sweep the Cubs this weekend getting the Reds five back... and Homer pitches the last game of the year for the win and the Reds leap into first place.

It could happen, look how the rest of the division is playing...

The sad thing, if the Reds win one game more from the Pirates, Cardinals, and Mets during that week stretch, they are 5 back and imagine the interest...


at 5:34 PM Blogger captainbiscuit said...

Hello John,
I still care! Sure there's local football (I'm in NC) but we watch the Reds every night. I see a lot of minor league games, and the minors season is over...it's great to see Votto and the future of the Reds playing, and it gives me hope for 2008.

at 5:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're ticking me off. I watch or rewatch every REDS game every day. I still live and die with what the Reds do everyday, even in the off season. What, are you thinking Reds fans are more like Dodgers fans. I'm ashamed of you for even making this conclusion. If had the money and job, I would be driving up to Milwaukee for the series and cheer on the boys. Especially after sweeping the reigning World chumps this week. What a beautiful thing, and living in the middle of Cardinals & Cubs country, I can raze them endlessly. My hopes are the boys can even put a hurting on the Cubbies so I can have a great winter knowing our Reds took care of business at the end of the season and didn't just show up for the paycheck. Just like all Reds fans should be. No fair weathered fans welcomed in my opinion. Randy Bounds, Chatham, Illinois

at 6:31 PM Blogger JerBear said...

I still check your blog and Trent's blog about everyday, but to be honest, I stopped watching the games and even highlights about a week ago.

I think all the excitement of football starting, the Bengals playing on Monday night probably turned off even some of the bigger Reds fans.

I love the Reds, but when you realize the team is completely out of the race, I find it hard to get interested.

As someone else said, if Bruce, Cueto, Bailey, Hamilton, Votto were all up and playing though, I think I'd still be watching quite a bit.

at 6:34 PM Blogger Dan H said...

I'll be watching most games on the Extra Innings package until the season is finished. I'm a reds fan good or bad and a baseball fan and will watch the games other than the Reds of the contending teams as well. There is still an outside chance Griifey Jr gets to 600 and I'd love to see it.

at 9:06 PM Blogger Redsheart said...

I'm watching now. GO REDS!

at 2:44 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

The Reds are not hopelessly out of it, Fay. Of course, you went to Elder. So, you give up easily. I'm a Chaminade man from the '60s. I remember we ate your lunch back then. We never gave up.

at 3:26 AM Anonymous redifil said...

I care down to the last pitch of the last inning of the last game - even if we're 30 games out, and no matter how upset or discouraged I get during the season. As long as I've been a Reds fan (deep into my fourth decade), there's no pther way. Good to see other Reds fans feel the same.
FWIW: Like another poster, I also live in Cardinals territory, and expressed my "sympathy" to a big St. Louis fan over the sweep. His response: "Hey, they just kicked our ass."

at 1:36 PM Blogger Phill said...

I still watch with the almost the same enthusiam as I did at the start of the season. The only difference is if they're getting clobbered I'll turn the tv off and pop on the radio and do something else. I watch every game, when they aren't on tv or things like TBS or WGN I'll listen to the radio. I still check the blogs, I still watch the baseball highlight shows(though that might be stupid since when they do show the Reds they don't show too much). At risk of sounding too much like a Freakbass-clone...I'm a Reds fan. It's just what I am. I could care less what Bengal is in the slammer or what their record is. I don't care about college football, not even a little bit. I enjoy the NFL but the Bengals ain't my team so I get sick of people who do the whole "Oh well the Reds suck lets stop caring and pay attention to football"

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