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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reds 5, Cardinals 4, sweep complete

The Reds are 23-8 when Aaron Harang starts and 44-71 when he doesn't. That's a pretty telling stat. Harang didn't have his best stuff today. He still went seven ininngs and allowed only three runs on three hits. He walked two and struck out five.

“Aaron was great,” catcher David Ross said. "Every time he goes out, you're going to get a solid outing. He's going to strike some guys out. He's going to go deep into the game, and he's going to give you a chance to win. He doesn't get enough credit for that. Just solid Harang. He's solid every time out. I love catching him.”

Joey Votto's two-run double and Ross' two-run homer provided the offense.


at 4:53 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Interesting. The last 20-game winner the Reds had, Danny Jackson, went 23-8.

at 5:57 PM Anonymous jc said...

gentlemen. i do believe that mr. keppinger has returned to the planet of earth. you can talk all you want about the day to day lineup.... but with decent pitching... this core gets you to the playoffs. not the world championship. picking up dunns option is a no brainer today. sign phillips to a long term deal. kessinger is your utility infielder.... either freel or hopper your fourth outfielder and right handed spot starter. bruce your other outfielder if he makes team. hatteberg does not get his option picked up. you don't have a lot of tradable parts that will bring any value. majewski and bray have pitched decently the past two months. stanton contract a disaster. guardado only at a cheaper price. between weathers, burton and bray.... you can close games. you must talk a pitcher into coming to cincinnati.... a tough sell. harang, arroyo, bailey and belisle should have shots at starters. cueto gets a long look... but it all depends on finding at least one starter.... maybe two.
they have responded to mackannin.... but they had to. no one was as bad as they were for 82 games. i still would interview and see what is there. his decisions especially in pittsburgh were stubborn and cost us any momentum.
encarnacion and dunn were the most improved players this year.

at 6:17 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Wow! Wait til next year.

at 12:27 AM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

to get off topic just a bit...does anyone know what krivsky is doing the manager search...i heard something about bobby v coming over here...maybe that was on this blog, but i heard it either way...I would appreciate if someone could bring me up to date here

at 4:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Reds look pretty good when they compete against teams who are missing about half of their regular players!

at 6:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

JC...where do you get the money for all of this pitching if you keep both Griffey and Dunn

Why is keeping Dunns contract a "no brainer"...this team has done jack with him and with now having guys like Hamilton and Votto,,,ya dont need him

at 8:21 AM Anonymous jc said...

anan. to me 40 plus home runs....110 rbi's and a 265 batting average means its a no brainer. thats $20 mil a year numbers.... not 13. plus you can only trade him or get draft picks if you pick up option. there are no big money starters available.... plus big money pitchers have been chasing fools gold. zito.... zambrano.... weaver. we need a servicable 3 or 4. what big time pitcher is going to pitch in this ballpark. that is why krivskys moves in the minors are so important. following the twins model..... though he did not seem to get any love when they were searching for a new gm.
castellini has to pony up for phillips and a 4 guy.
i have been the guy talking about valentine on here. i think that he was an excellent manager. the fact that he is probably being blackballed only makes him more attractive to me. i would still look at macha and perlozzo.... especially if mazzone can opt out of the third year of his contract. angelos is cheap and i think his contract was tied to his buddy.
kepopinger hit in AAA and has hit pretty well in the majors. votta the same..... why think bruce is any different. i don't like freel except as a utility guy and i think hopper has more upside in that role. keppinger a huge improvement over castro. cantu an improvement over conine. not like kearns and lopez have done squat in washington. krivskys only crime is that he is bad with the public and with the spoken word. i don't care if he is a good interview. ithink he has batted well over .500. stanton his biggest debacle....and sending out coutulangus. who actually thought coffey would implode. very few of us.

at 9:16 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Well jc, you are right on some things but Krivsky is pathetic. Let me refresh your memory: Jerry Narron for 82 games this season, after his dismal finish last year, Rheal Cormier, Joe Mays, Sun Wu Kim, Rick White, Chris Hammond, Estaban Yan, Chris Mihalik, Victor Santos, Kirk Saarloos, Mike Stanton, Gary Majewski, Todd Hollandsworth, Jason Ellison, Juan Castro, David Ross all Krivsky additions. Not to mention large contract extensions for Freel & Coffey, why? Don't forget the ridiculous handling of Homer Bailey, Bobby Livingston and Coutlangus. Jay Bruce is still in the minor leagues, where has Joey Votto been? Why is Hatteberg still here?
Worst of all he tries to insult your intelligence every time he opens his mouth. All he does is alienate fans. Castellini better wise up. It is not a good practice to hack off your customers.

at 9:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Reds start next year with Harang, a healthy Arroyo, one good #3 pitcher pick up, Homer, and Curto/Belisle with the same everyday lineup as we see now, this team wins 90-100 games.

Remember, there is money out there. The Reds have Milton, Lohse, and Conine's salaries are out there to pull from. I believe that is 14-16 million dollars.

The cool thing about the young guys like Hamilton and Votto is they look like hitters not guys looking to pull everything. The future is bright everyone and the future COULD be next year.


at 12:09 PM Anonymous jc said...

cheviot... you and i agree on a couple of things. the handling of bailey is inexcusable..... and they have tried and lost on a bunch of guys..... throwing darts at a board is what some small market teams have to do. hopefully.... they are getrting closer to a decent mix. krivsky gets another year. the manager choice is huge. castellini promiseed he would be involved.

at 12:55 PM Blogger Barry said...

So many people on this blog want a name like LaRussa to manage the Reds next year. His decisions yesterday cost the Cards the game. Walking Encarnacion to get to a hot hitting Votto and pitching to David Ross instead of walking him to get to Harang. I hope the Reds sign Pete Mac I think he outmanaged LaRussa yesterday and he's cheaper so the Reds can spend more money on players.

at 1:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you get a Cy Young vote this year? Do you think Harang will get a vote this year? Did anyone from the Cincinnati media get a Cy Young vote last year, because it still baffles me as to how Harang failed to get a single vote.
He was the first player to lead the league in wins and strikeouts and not win the Cy Young. And he didn't even get a vote!!!!

at 3:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add speed and bring more Kentucky
fans to the ballpark - trade Buck
Coats to the Astros for Josh Anderson. Nothing against Coats - he may turn out well.

at 4:38 PM Blogger Champ Summers said...

Don't fool yourself. The beginning will show itself next year but don't expect to be better than anyone but Houston and Pitts.

CSA, most of those moves were filling holes(temporary) with players with ML experience. Throw some stuff against the wall and see what sticks.

Some others like Majewski are unfinished stories. He will likely be serviceable next year. He had a lot of pressure to perform, an injury and a death in his immediate family.

Ross??? What other options did the reds have, aging Larue or minor leaguers that can't hit or are not ready.

He is one of the best defensive guys around, calls a nice game and has a little pop. He's a .220 to .240 guy and we'll need to live with that for a while. We have other needs.

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