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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cards 11, Reds 3 (thems fighting words)

You've got to admire Brandon Phillips' honesty.

He didn't like the fact that Albert Pujols didn't slide and he said so.

“That shows me has no respect for me,” Phillips said. “He tried to hurt me. If you don’t slide, you try to hurt a player. That taught me a lesson. Lesson learned.

“Just throw it through the (runner). That’s just real talk.”

The play happened as Phillips tried to turn a double play. If he turned it, the Reds get out of the fifth with a 2-1 lead. Instead, they came out of the inning down 5-2.

Phillips tried to talk to Pujols after the play.

“That just let me further know that he doesn't respect me turning a double play,” Phillips said. “From now on, I got to throw the ball through the guy – regardless of who it is.”

Told of Phillips comments, Pujols said: “I play the game hard. I play the game hard every day. Next time, I'll put him into left field.”

Sunday's first pitch is at 2:15 Cincinnati time. I can't wait.


at 12:43 AM Blogger Don said...

"Put him into left field"

I think Pujols missed the point. If Albert gets beaned in the head by a ball, I doubt he will be putting anyone into left field.

I am sure of one left fielder who probably has Brandon's back and could hold his own against Albert.

at 12:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the play that Phillips seems to be crying over. I didn't see anything that would indicate Pujols was trying to hurt Phillips. Excuses and cry-baby stuff....always comes with not being good enough!

at 12:52 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

That's the game, meat. Besides, Brandon Phillips isn't big enough to get too mad. Grow up, mama's boy.

at 1:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albert being an idiot as usual.

at 2:40 AM Anonymous redifil said...

The Reds need to put a fastball — or two — in Albert's ear. I've lost all respect for him, and La Russa, this year. That said, I doubt it will happen. The Reds have little fight in them (it starts at the top).

at 3:37 AM Anonymous redifil said...

On the other hand, I hope Phillips did learn his "lesson." Like Mr. Redlegs said of Rosecrans' blog, you've go to make the runner get down. Maybe, young as he is, Brandon didn't want to do it because if he hit Pujols the go-ahead run might score, but this shows him he's got to do it to earn that "respect." I also agree with Mr. R and CTR that BP shouldn't have said anything about it to the press, but I think that's just his nature. And I do appreciate the fire he shows and wish more players (and the manager) would show more.
P.S. I also wish Mackanin would stop bringing in a new reliever every time he doesn't have the lefty-righty matchup in the middle innings — especially when the pitcher in the game has just gotten a batter out. It might have cost the Reds several runs in recent days.

at 10:19 AM Blogger Daedalus said...

anon 11:48, you obviously didn't WATCH the play. i just saw it for the first time, and it is very clear that pujols was out of the baseline - even the cardinals announcers said so. if you paid attention to baseball, you'd know about the controversy on the exact same play that happened twice during the phillies-mets series, which makes it even more problematic that the umpire didn't call interference on that play.

go watch the play again. it's the one in the fifth inning. i'm not sure which play you watched, but it must not have been the right one.

at 10:46 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Gee, aren't we glad no one rushed out and signed Super Pete to a contract for next year. As soon as the Reds got within a glimpse of contention, he showed that he has no idea of how to run a contending ball club. Now that the normal surge that comes form firing an idiot manager as worn off, we are seeing the true capacity of the INTERIM MANAGER.

at 12:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The weakness with this team is Krivsky. It is the GM should go at season's end. This team has absolutely no relief pitching.

While some of Krivsky's pick-ups have been good -- e.g. Phillips, Hamilton, and Arroyo -- He is also responsible for bad signings/extensions in:


I won't even get into Maj/Bray, only because losing Kearns and Lopez were no great loss for this team.

Also, Krivsky has utterly failed in shoring up the relief pitching or for that matter, starting pitching, his dumping of Lohse at the trade deadline this year did nothing to help the team.

Given the paltry payroll of the Reds, Krivsky has wasted money on bad signings/extensions...

Krivsky does not give any manager a chance to win.

Given Pujols comments -- he is a thug -- & it is no wonder that Larussa did not play him at all in the all star game. Don't attribute Pujols/attitude to Larussa.


at 12:20 PM Blogger Tareece said...

I think the umps are really playing dangerous here...The unwritten rule is "throw through the runner"..if someone doesn't respect that understanding and the umps won't enforce the rules, there is little recourse for the infielder other than to put a knot on someones face as an example for others..and what better face than a living legend??? and what better game than the finale of a series?

at 12:49 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

The ump blew a call, that was interference. Phillips should have thrown to first though, and too bad if Pujols winds up with a cow hide shiner or worse...

In Ultimate Baseball Fighting Championships, my money is on Phillips. He'd hit Pujols three times before Pujols finished throwing his first punch.

Phillips on a TKO in the fourth inning is how I see it.

Can't wait!

at 3:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Daedalus 9:19 am

go back and read my original comment again. I didn't say Pujols wasn't out of the baseline, I said I saw nothing that indicated he was trying to hurt Phillips, which is what Phillips implied. Go back and learn how to read. Why didn't the Reds argue the play?

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