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Friday, September 28, 2007

Cubs 6, Reds 0

The only thing that would have been more humiliating for the Reds is if the Cubs had clinched outright with the win.

Bad ending to a bad season. That's six straight losses for the Redlegs. They have to win one of the last two to avoid losing 90 games.

It didn't actually count by my guess is 31,000 of the 32,193 were Cubs fans.

“I’m not real happy about that,” Reds manager Pete Mackanin said. “Nobody likes the opposition to come into their home park and raise the roof.”


at 11:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you put the kind of team on the field that the Reds organization has for the last several years that is what you get. Why would any Reds fan pay their hard earned money to watch that train wreck.

at 11:26 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Don't think Mackanin gets the job. Not because of this week; it's not his fault most of his lineup is at the Red Cross.

But you want to end the season on a promising note, something that carries over the winter and into next year. If they lose 90 games, including being just one game over .500 under Mackanin, how is that acceptable, how is that progressing?

All this talk about a name manager . . . who? Legitimately. Not wild-assed guess, but who's the "fit."

Brenly's no better than Mackanin, Valentine is not coming back to manage the Reds, Girardi is already being mentioned in case Randolph gets fired, and La Russa to the Reds?

What ye smoketh?

There are pipe dreams, and there's hitting yourself in the head with the pipe.

There simply has to be a stealth candidate. Has to be.

at 11:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed ... I can't stand the Cubs, but the Reds organization deserves the crowd it got Friday night ... and no, that doesn't mean Reds fans are fair-weather ... it means they're smart consumers.

at 12:02 AM Blogger Phill said...

I seriously don't think I could handle it if La Russa was named manager. A proven name means nothing more than they had good teams and good luck.

The thing that keeps the Reds from doing anything isn't the manager, it's the players on the field. It's the weak bench, it's the weak bullpen, it's the weak starting rotation. It's not wether or not Narron or Mackanin had a previous record with a high win percentage.

What would Tony La Russa do for the ballclub that Pete Mackanin won't? I'm not a Pete fan persay but I just don't get the hype of the big name. Is Joe Torre a good manager because of what he does or because his GM gives him some of the best players in baseball?

at 12:54 AM Anonymous T-Mac said...

You have to hand it to the Cubs; they spent many a dollar on acquiring some of the best free agents (Soriano) and a proven manager (Sweet Lou). The Reds strategy of trying to catch lightening in a bottle year after year will on serve to tease/frustrate the great fans of this once proud organization. You gotta pay play (with the big boys).

at 2:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pinella is that rare manager that can make a huge difference. W/o Sweet Lou this year, the Cubs finish sweet second. The Reds should get a really good manager who can do what Lou can do...that list unfortunately is very short. LaRussa would be crazy to want to work here. Absolutely crazy.

Welcome Tony!

Poor Milwaukee. 133 games in first and they don't finish there--kinda like the Reds in reverse--what was it? 70 games in last, and they don't finish there.


Team Pigeon Poop's owner and GM really don't know what they're doing, and they'll prove that with another miserable year in 2008.

Don Mattingly available to manage? (probably not after dimwit dissed Bucky Dent, who would have made a great manager--far better than Narmackinon.

at 6:27 AM Anonymous PaulS said...

I was at the game in 1991 when the Braves clinched a spot in the playoffs. You would have thought there were 30,000+ Braves fans in attendance. The place was going crazy whenever the Braves scored or made a good play. 1991 was a down year for the Reds (& Lou) but they were coming off the wire-to-wire championship year. You would have thought that the fans would be a little more loyal, but there was something about being there to see a team clinch a playoff spot - especially when your team was completely out of it. What else do you have to cheer for?

Come playoffs, I cheer for the NL Central. Go Cubs! As soon as the playoffs are over, though, I'll hate the Cubs & love the Reds. Go Reds in 2008!

at 6:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night's game was a fitting conclusion to the season. Cubs pack GABP and kick the Reds' butt.
Go Cubbies!!!

at 9:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reds don't need bobblehead, firework or jersey nights to draw big crowds, they just need to win. If you don't believe that, just look at the number of Cub fans that attended the game last night, the sold out game in Milwaukee yesterday, or how difficult it's becoming to get a ticket to a UC football game. Win, and they will come!

at 9:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it, Sweet Lou comes into Cincy and clinches the division on our own turf and rubs it in the face of this pitiful management when all along we could of had him. CLASSIC!

The Manager is not happy about the Cubs fans? LOL Wake Up, the opposition fans have taken over Cincy stadiums for a couple of decades now and until you put a REAL team on the field is when the fans will come back and that is not bandwagon jumping, that is REALITY and COMMON SENSE to not pay the man for a crappy product.

The fans at most of the games are not Reds fans, but the man upstairs does not care, he is getting paid. Enjoy the circus!

at 9:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope they're not counting on financing any improvements with the season ticket sales. They'll be hard pressed to retain the numbers they have now.

at 9:50 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply put this is not a baseball town anymore. I understand that evereyone is frusrated with the team and the higher powers of the team. But
still, we are letting our home become filled up with cub fans and wanna be cub fans.

In this day and age it's all about bandwagoning. People will only go if you are wininng. Once the shine is off they jump off quicker than a sobered up guy would jump off a big ol chick. Want proof? Look at UC football. All of the sudden everyone is a huge fan. Same thing happened wih the Bungles when they started winning a few more games. But if they have another 8-8 season people will peel off.

Plus the average person has become too bitter in this day and age of professional sports. All you have to do is turn on a sports show our read some of these post. I actually believe that 85% of all people simply enjoy being misreable and complaining about antyhing and everything. Sports is not a life or death issue. Either you enjoy going/following games or ou don't. No one is making you go or follw the team.

And if the Reds don't hire a "big name" you can bet your wifes/husbands life that the immediate response will be that they are a clueless and unwilling to spend the cash.

Which brings up my final point of the this long winded rant. Everyone talks about saving money from the large contracts to spend on pitching this off-season. I just wonder if people have forgotten about the big money deal they gave Milton. Folks there isn't a whole bunch of talented pitchers coming out on the market this year. Why spend on them and then 2-3 months into the season you will be calling and posting saying the Reds are a trainwreck?

at 10:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The primary problem with the Reds the inability to evaluate pitching. Other than Bronson Arroyo -- pure luck -- no pitcher that the Reds have signed have worked out. That suggests that the scouting department is bad and/or not providing good information to Krivsky.

The Reds also have a tendency to sign players to extensions/to contracts when they have done nothing to justify the extenstion/contract. Stanton, Coffey, Conine, and Freel jump to mind immediately.

Stanton, Freel, and Coffey would be out of MLB but for the Reds. Conine will be out of it next year.

I like Dunn & think they need his 40HR -- but at 13M a year -- it depends upon whether they can replace that production for less. In my opinion, whether the Reds resign Dunn depends upon whether they believe Bruce or Votto could fill his shoes.

Hopefully the Reds will sign & spend money on top flight relievers to the extent that they can be had. The Reds need relievers more than they need anyone else. The Reds lose most of their games in the 6 inning on.

I like Hopper but he does not hit for any power in a position where hitters traditionally hit for power. I like Keppinger because he is .340 hitter & hits much better than most middle infielders.

Gonzo has not been the defensive whiz that people expected -- which is why he was signed. I am sure Krivsky regrets this signing, based upon Gonzo's non-distinguished defense, but may never admit it.

Ownership needs to take a hard look at whether it is wisely spending its money. This team will go nowhere, regardless of who manages it, based upon current personnel.

The Indians are good because, in the past, they made tough economic decisions on who to keep and not to keep. They let Ramirez, Thome, Colon, Omar Visquel (sp?) go because they thought they could replace those batters from within their system for less & they have. The Indians also did not sign people who were playing poorly at the time "in hopes" that the player would turn it around. The Indians would have never signed Coffey, Freel, Stanton, or Conine at the time that the Reds signed those players. I suspect that the GM of the Indians would probably let Dunn go & frantically try to find a taker for Griffey and Gonzo, and replace those starting players from within with Votto, Keppinger, and Bruce. Then, they would spend the money on Dunn, Griffey, and Gonzo on relief pitchers, perhaps a starter, and midpriced bat just in case Bruce or Votto do not pan out next year. (I lived in Cleveland for 12 years during the hey-day in the 1990s & early 2000s before moving to Cinci).


at 11:03 AM Blogger Hey Barry Larkin! said...

Boo to both of you Anonymous 10:09 & 10:51. I'm sure it inspires the Reds to play well when 90 % of the stadium is full of opposition fans. You ARE fair-weather fans. No doubt about it. Yeah, it's been a terrible season, but that is all the more reason to give your team some support. Being a FAN means supporting your team when they are down, as well as up. I'm sure when the Reds have a contender in a few years you'll be right there at the games claiming to have always been a true fan. Shame.

at 11:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't stand cubs fans, but i have admit the reds deserve this...this is supposed to be a baseball town? maybe if they have a winning season next year they can get us back.

at 4:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Ellison? He'd be out of baseball too if it weren't for the Pigeon Pooplegs and their shelter for unwanted players.

Owner and front office remain clueless. And if you thought this year was bad, just wait until next year!

at 6:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize the seasons over and the Reds are missing their big guns, but they seem to have just mailed it in.

at 6:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Barry Larkin ... I live 150 miles away from Cincinnati, and went to four games this year ... five games last, four in '05 ... am I still a fair-weather fan? Note I didn't say I stayed away this season ... I just said I totally understand fans who do. You might want to explain how that makes me a fair-weather fan.

at 9:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fans should have a little more patience. Ownership and GM have got some outstanding young players. Some pitchers you think are bums this season may be stars next.

at 10:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bandwagon is described as a fan who waits until they see a winning team and then they say they have been there all along? LOL So, you are saying I can not be a fan of the Reds if they are losing due to we criticize this pitiful organization and team and its losing ways and we complain because we want to see a better product, but we are considered bandwagon jumpers? LOL You are clueless! We represent REALITY checks for your type. We want change, we want this organization to understand that if they don't DO THEIR JOB then I will not give you any of my hard earned money to fill your bank account. Why should anyone pay for what this organization places on the field and makes stupid moves like the signing of Milton? Any average JOE fan knew that Milton was horrible! It is not my fault that they signed this BUM! but you still want me to come to the games when I know they will not be better? We are not dumb or should I say, maybe you are the dumb ones! How about Arroyo and others? This guy is more worried about playing in a band then pitching in the majors! Why do you think a winning organization like the Red Soxs let him go? There is a reason people, WAKE UP! Keep thinking everything is all right, I have heard that over the past 7 years and if they keep Dunn and his $13M salary to go along with his injured knee and the broken down $13M salary of Griffey then you will see no improvements and we will be back here ONCE again saying, I TOLD YOU SO! Yea, I will rub in your faces because it is REALITY! WAKE UP! but I know you won't. Enjoy the circus!

at 11:09 AM Blogger Hey Barry Larkin! said...

I'm not sure which anonymous fan you are, but I didn't realize that spending $5 to watch a professional baseball game was being a foolish consumer. Since when do you need to have a winning team to watch a baseball game. People that stayed away from the Reds games this year because of their record Are fairweather fans. That's all I'm trying to say. Mainly I am just angry with all Reds fans when I see them play Chicago in Cincy. Wrigley South. It sucks.

at 7:39 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Anon 9:15...This current ownership group did not bring in Milton, the previous one did. And he was not ''horrible'' as you intimated, he was a successful pitcher before coming here...a successful FLY BALL PITCHER!!! It is not this groups fault that Bowden didn't have the sense to match a pitcher to the park!

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