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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Meeting follows latest loss

Pete Mackanin had a brief team meeting after Sunday's 3-2 loss to the Cardinals.

“What I challenged them to find ways to win,” Mackanin said. “I feel we’re every bit as good as this St. Louis Cardinals team. The one difference – it’s noticeable to me – they look for ways to win games. We’re waiting for something to happen to win games.

“I challenged the players to do the same thing (as the Cards). Look for ways to win games in the month of September.”

The meeting only lasted a minute or two. Mackanin pointed to two plays that the Cardinals made: Albert Pujols going in standing up to break up the double play Saturday, and Brendan Ryan stealing third while Bill Bray stared in for the sign Sunday.

"Those two little plays helped them win games," Mackanin said.

Will the meeting work? Mackanin was able to rally the Reds when they've been down before. We'll see. The Mets are in town for three starting tomorrow at 1:15.


at 5:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

bet there are more NY Met fans at the ballpark tomorrow. Rock it Pedro.

at 6:26 PM Anonymous redifil said...

Give Pete credit for calling the meeting and saying what he said, but when you lose games because of stuff like that - and at bats like Junior's in the eighth - you need more to solve the problem. As I posted earlier,the Cardinals broadcasters absolutey lit the Reds up for "letting" Ryan steal third. Really bothersome when people with other teams point out your team doesn't play the game right.
By the way, did Pete or any of the coaches consider yelling from the dugout to check Ryan before he stole third? Seems liek that's part of their job. Maybe Pete was thinking about his next double switch or pitching change.

at 7:02 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Wow lot of frustrated Reds fans. This is what happens when a team with 2/5 of a starting rotation and a below average bullpen closes the gap to 6.5 games out. People including myself start to think well maybe they can make a run at first place. Toss in a lack of clutch hitting at crucial times the last 3 games and you get a Cardinal sweep!The offense was clicking during the win streak to cover up the pitching problems (save for Harang). Well back to reality! Maybe Ryan Franklin should be given some credit for making 4 good pitches to retire Jr. and make him look bad. He appeared to be looking fastball on the first 2 and got two good sinkers and looked sinker on the third strike and got a high fastball out of the zone. Sometimes give credit to the opposition for making a good play,pitch etc.

at 7:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you bend your ear and listen real hard you can hear the sound of no one giving a crap anymore.

at 9:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that sweeping sound I hear is Pujols and LaRussa tidying up after finishing off one of the worst teams in the NL.

Pete..."we are as good as the Cardinals"???? I love the timing of that comment. I would advise saying that just before the series starts and not right after having your collective butts handed to you.

Still no excuses but we remain in contention. Go Redbirds!

at 2:49 AM Anonymous oldtimer said...

The meeting lasted a minute or two?

More baseball baloney!

at 7:08 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock it Pedro???? More like GET ROCKED PEDRO!!

Idiotic comment you moron

at 8:43 AM Anonymous Sedi said...


Whatever happened to the grievance filed by the Reds over the Majewski trade?

at 10:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little something about the Phillips-Albert play... where I am at in Indiana we only get Cardinals annoucers for Reds-cardinals games. They thought what Albert did was wrong! that he should of been out because it was obvious he was out of the base path.
Thought at Albert's head next time and see if he does that again. It was cheap bush league stuff.

I was hoping that the Reds would in the race but with only 2 major league starters and one almost in the lizard, that a lot to ask for. The Reds have to bring in somebody with 50-70% of Milton's salary. then trade Stanton for a rookie ball guy (or just pay the team to take him) and use his salary for a real reliever.

Only half of the Reds pitching today should start the year with club next year. Look at Lewis and how he handled the cut down day, if you don't measure up, you're gone. Wayne has doen a great job continueing to build a farm club and it will be years before it is fully functional for the first time since the early 80s. We still need pitchers in the mean time and for the Reds to compete next year, the minors are not the answer it seems...


at 10:25 AM Blogger Mark T said...

Two things I've learned this season - when the game is on the line, or when the Reds have a chance to score, both Griffey and Dunn seldom produce. Dunn's bat is too slow, Griff is susceptible to heat. Unless pitchers make mistakes, nothing happens. Better Hopper or Keppinger or Hatteburg or Phillips. Our 'stars' are overrated.

The team is down, and now is the time for leaders to step forward. It'll be interesting to see if we have any we can build around.

at 4:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it fans. You saw the only manager at the Davey enshrinement who ever managed the Reds the right way. He ruled with an ironhand(remember Anjuhar), but he was a players manager. I know he wouldn't come out of retirement, but there must be someone out there somewhere.

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