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Sunday, September 2, 2007

No Pujols

Albert Pujols isn't in the lineup for the Cardinals. He's just getting an off day because the Cardinals have a run of a lot games in a row.


at 2:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Larussa is defusing a situation here.

What's up with Pujols? Is he the next Barry Bonds? He whines about Ryan Howard winning the MVP- saying only players from playoff teams shoudl be eligible. He says Glavien is overrated after the MEts shut down the Crds in a playoff game. He whines about not playing in the All Star game. Now he wants to play prima donna with Phillips?

John- any updated on his personal trainer-Chris Mihmfield- and his relationship to MLB' investigation.

Pujols is beginning to become a lighting rod- these issues with Howard, Larussa and the All star game and now Phillips are a trend. What is up with Pujols?

at 5:14 PM Anonymous redifil said...

I'm wondering about Pujols, too. But enough with him. The Reds have enough problems of their own. What a limp three games in St. Louis. No way they should have been swept by that team. Lot of things wrong here.
But JOHN, two questions, please:
1. Why did Ross start instead of Valentin? Seems like Javy would have been a much bwetter choice, (Then again, consider the chooser.)
2. Did Encarnacion get hurt? Can't think of another reason the Chooser would have pinch hit Hopper for Edwin down two runners with two on in the ninth.

at 5:24 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Ross generally catches Arroyo. Encarnacion was out of the game. Double switch when Bray came in.

at 6:13 PM Anonymous redifil said...

OK, Cards' telecast didn't mention the double switch. But that begs another question: Why make the double switch? For that matter, I'm not sure it should be written in Stone that Ross must catch Arroyo. But was it necessary to pitch Bray two innings? Perhaps, considering how the rest of the pen has pitched. But Gonzalez could have hit for Bray and Burton could have pitched the eighth and you'd still have Edwin in the game and Nopper available to, say, pinch run for Hatteburg. It was amoved that might have seemed reasonalbe enough at the time, but as it turned out it worked more in the Cardinals' favor. I'm sure they'd rather face Norris than Edwin in that situation. My opinion: Peter overmanaged again, like he did that first game in Pittsburgh and the other night in St. Louis when he took Coutlangus out after he retired the first batter and LaRussa put the might So Taguchi up. I don't especially like LaRussa, but he'll manage Mackanin under the table any day of the week.
Oh well, a bad season gets badder. At least it's getting closer to the end and maybe we'll get a look at Votto, Bruce, Cueto and Maloney before it's over.
Sorry to be gripy, but I'm very passionate about the Reds (they will never just be entertainment for me) and haven't been ready to give up on the year until now.

at 6:38 PM Anonymous redifil said...

OK.The Cardinals broadcasters didn't mention the double switch -else I was checking on other scores/results (fantasy baseball issues) at the time. But it begs another question: Why make the double switch? (For that matter, why must Ross catch Arroyo, particualrly with the year he's had at the plate and coming off that blow to the head). Gonzalez could have just hit for Bray in the 9 hole - unless it was absolutely necessary for Bray to go two innings (with our bullpen, maybe so). As it turned out, it worked to the Cardinals' advantage. For LaRussa, a classic case of winning a managing duel by letting the other guy screw up. I'm sure the Cardinals were happy to face Hopper instead of Encarnacion in the ninth.

at 6:40 PM Anonymous redifil said...

Sorry about the double post. Didn't think the first one was coming through. Second one can be erased.

at 6:40 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The double switch put Gonzalez in the ninth spot. He singled and scored in the eighth. Bray pitched a perfect eighth and struck out two. The lineup was full of lefties with Arroyo starting.

at 5:39 AM Anonymous redifil said...

John--Please take a few days off and get a clue.

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