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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On the Majewski grievance

In light of the Reds protest of last night's game, a lot of you have asked about the status of the Gary Majewski grievance with the Nationals. Patrick Courtney, one of Major League Baseball's spokesmen, happens to be sitting right behind at Wrigley tonight. So I asked.

There's nothing new to report. Courtney said he's not sure what the holdup is, but the case, which was filed months ago, is still pending.


at 10:36 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

From the desk of... BUD SELIG


1. Clean out storm gutters.
2. Pick up laundry.
3. Root canal.
4. Decide how to handle Bonds.
5. Solve steroid problem.
6. Anti-market.
7. Review Rose reinstatement petition (HA HA!).
8. Eat hot dog.
9. Eat second hot dog.
10. Rule on Krivsky/Bowden grievance.

at 11:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot, "scratch butt." I think Bud Selig has just invented the pocket veto of Baseball.

at 1:23 AM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Bud Selig, as I recall, became commissioner when no one else wanted it. He sort of fell into the job.

He performs like it.

I don't see anything coming of either the grievance or the protest.

at 2:58 AM Blogger Phill said...

Wait Selig has to do something? fat chance.

He's too busy looking like a walking corpse and mispronouncing MVP names.

at 9:28 AM Blogger Ron said...

I get the feeling they are going to wait and see how all the players involved in the trade pan out over the course of this season. Then they will rule on it during the offseason. What Selig is perhaps hoping is that statistically the players involved turn out to be productively equivalent to each other and he can just wash his hands of it and ignore the facts surrounding Jimbo's withholding of information

at 9:31 AM Blogger Don said...

Three firesales later and this organization will still be waiting to hear from the commissioner on this one.

Go get em, Bud.

at 9:45 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

What's the hurry. You forget that it took our brilliant general manager a year to file the damn thing in the first place. I think he was trying to avoid further embarrassment.

Bowden is not a trustworthy individual and Krivsky is an idiot. They deserve each other. It is his (Krivsky's) job to make sure that everything is in order BEFORE he completes the deal.

at 10:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Selig fell into the job because no one else wanted it? This is a total laugh! Selig and Reinsdorf staged a coup to get rid of Faye Vincent. No great loss, considering Vincent was even more rabid than Giamatti when it came to vendettas against Rose. But the problem was, with Selig in charge, the inmates were running the asylum. This is what made the strike last as long as it did.
Selig also dragged his feet finding a permanent commissioner before finally taking the job officially. This means he continued to own the Brewers for some 8 years or so while serving as the "interim" commissioner. That's 8 years of a clear conflict of interest. Selig did not get this job by accident. George Bush had even asked about taking the commissioner job. For a time he was even putting off the decision to run for Texas Governor to see if he would get commissioner. (He could not have made any where near as bad a commissioner than he is a politician)

at 1:11 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

You all realize that this grievance isn't a Selig issue. It's a Bob DuPuy/Jimmie Lee Solomon decision that will be announced through the Commissioner's Office.

Selig will have virtually nothing to do with this matter. But hey, what the heck. . . . ?

at 3:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLB doesn't care about this grievence. They'd rather suck up to the Yankees and ESPN and Direct TV. They'd rather tell Craig Biggio to take off his Children's Cancer Awareness patch, probably because they don't write him a $700 million dollar check, and he could care less about the sick kids. Selig would rather count his $14 million dollars he makes [that's like, 10% of all MLB players who make that much]. He'd rather let his umpires do crappy jobs. He'd rather sweep the steroid issue under the rug.

John, please, who do you see being the next commish? Hopefully, it's a more generous, caring guy, who believes in equality among all teams.

Heck, we pay Bush 400,000 a year, and Selig 14 million a year, but we get the same crappy outlook!

at 5:54 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

From the "Don't Let the Facts Get in the Way Of Your Rant" Dept.:

They'd rather suck up to the Yankees and ESPN and Direct TV.

The newly signed TV contracts with Fox, TBS, ESPN and DirecTV total $3 billion. Look at that number again. Three billion. Do you turn down that kind of "free" money? No. And you watch games on TV don't you?

You also understand that without these TV revenues streamed to each team, ticket prices would be beyond belief.

They'd rather tell Craig Biggio to take off his Children's Cancer Awareness patch, probably because they don't write him a $700 million dollar check.

Where on a uniform have you ever seen any other corporate logos or advertising other than New Era (cap maker) and Majestic (uniforms)? You don't. For decades the uniform standard for patches or logos have remained consistent, such as a team's anniversary, hosting the All-Star Game, or honoring a deceased great.

Not very hard.

He'd rather let his umpires do crappy jobs.

Really? Wasn't crappy umpiring the reason MLB broke the umpires' union, consolidated the two leagues' officials, eliminated problem umpires and set new standards for training, conditioning, on-field decision-making protocols, evaluations and even terminations?

Do you think there are better umpires available? If so, please direct.

He'd rather sweep the steroid issue under the rug.

Like a Fortune 500 company CEO would come right out and make full disclosure of its dirty laundry. Sure. Good of Enron to be so upfront. And that impacted more lives more important matters than a game.

And while the Mitchell Commission may not have much teeth, it's using the teeth allowed by law because of this little group called the Player's Union, which is only the most powerful labor union of any kind in the world and has a slight say-so in these matters.

Please, who do you see being the next commish?

Andy MacPhail, hands down.

Hopefully, it's a more generous, caring guy, who believes in equality among all teams.

Gee, the last time the Commish forced a labor issue (1994) in trying to bring equality to teams via a badly needed salary cap, the season ended early, the World Series was canned and what ultimately happened? Fan pressure forced the game back on the field belatedly the next season.

What got accomplished, other than Reds fans bitching and complaining for 10 years about how they weren't going back to the park because of the strike?

So which is it? You want another labor standoff, or do you think the Commissioner's Office has unilateral power to just say, "Awright boys, everyone's salary cap is $125 mil. Now, play nice."

Is Selig a great commissioner? No, but who was? He's hired by the owners. He's not a dictator. It's not like running your local church softball league. You have financial, historical and legal restrictions on your power.

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of your rant.

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