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Monday, September 17, 2007

Weathers would like to close in '08

David Weathers would like to come back next year in the same role he was in this year: Closer.

“(But) I'd like to,” Weathers said. “As the year went on, I learned to roll with it better. I learned what I had to do to be more successful that I’ve been in the past.”

Weather, 38, has a career-high 30 saves and a 3.47 ERA. Opponents were hitting .226 off him. He's blown five saves chances – the same number as Trevor Hoffman and one more than Billy Wagner. That’s not bad for Weathers, who got the job by default.

“When I look around the league, even at the top-notch guys have three, four, five blown saves,” he said. “It’s a hard job, a lot of pressure.”

Weathers has 11 saves in which he’s gone more than one inning. Only J.J. Putz of Seattle has as many.

Weathers isn't the type to make demands. He knows the Reds may well look at other closers.

"But I give them another option," he said.


at 8:54 PM Blogger JerBear said...

I don't know who else they could get out there to close barring a major trade.

I'd say you might as well let Weathers try again next year.

As was mentioned, 5 blown saves really isn't that bad this year. And with the over 1 inning saves he's really had a fantastic year.

at 11:10 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Stormy has done nothing to lose the job, so I see no reason to NOT make it his until someone takes it from him. I think Eddie will return to form over the winter, so maybe we make them a left/right combo, depending on the situation. As I type this, he lets the 1st 2 runners get on in the 9th...so maybe he's gonna make me look bad tonight!

On a different note, I also hope Hopper has surplanted Freel as the hustling outfielder/sub next year. He is a more consistant hitter, and a hell of a lot more durable.

Okay, Stormy has blown the lead...get rid of his sorry butt!!!

at 11:20 PM Anonymous Mike in Chicago said...

"... I give them a better option." -- Yes; one that I would not like to see again next year given the sorry performance we saw tonight. He has too many junk saves against the bottom of the order. When he faces the heart of the order he's the WORST! It's a miracle he hasn't blown more saves. How many times do you have to see the leadoff batter walk or get a hit only for him to stumble his way to a save. He's been fortunate much more than effective. Good closers are practically unhittable. Weathers serves up BP!

at 11:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw enough of him as a closer tonight. Move on. Another old hack that needs to retire.

at 11:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic this is your blog subject now, isn't it?
I think baseball has gotten too hung up on specialized roles. They should have given Burton the chance to close today

at 12:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weathers picked a poor time to say he gives the Reds a better option. Weathers reminds me a lot of that reliever for the Phillies a few years back they called Wild Thing who was constantly getting into and sometimes out of huge jams of his own making. David Weathers is a great guy and a good setup man, but he's no closer. Your prototypical closer these days is a power pitcher who consistently throws in the mid- to high-90's who has a nasty out pitch ... typically a slider or a split finger fastball. The Reds have only only guy who fits that bill and we all know who he is. He'll be the closer next year. I honestly believe the Reds could be a World Series contender next year if they would dump Griffey, Gonzo, Hatteberg, Dunn and Ross for pitching prospects and use the coin they'd otherwise pay these mopes to sign a couple of decent Jeff Suppan-type starters, a decent reliever or two and a catcher who remotely resembles a professional hitter. Votto is ready to take over at first, Keppinger at SS, and Bruce in LF. I honestly don't get the lovefest with Cantu ... that guy's awful.

at 12:56 AM Blogger Phill said...

So in 60 some games he faces the bottom of the order everytime? PLEASE.

David Weathers has been the one rock steady guy in a bullpen that has been just dismal for the whole season. I'm not going to go through and look up each save and who he faced but I doubt it's even half of his appearences are against the bottom 3 guys.

If Krivsky can get a legit/proven closer in the offseason somehow then sure move Weathers back to set-up and move Burton into a 7th inning/set-up role as well. Otherwise it's looking like for a small market team with no real closer that David Weathers is a good solid option. Not a great one but he's certainly able to step up and he's shown in the whole season.

at 6:32 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

Weathers can't throw strikes, therefore, he can't be a closer. Matter of fact, why is he still in town? Do the Reds have a pitching coach? I know, Tom Hume. As I said...

at 9:00 AM Anonymous Allan said...

Its hard to say whether David Weathers has been more lucky or good. It takes both to be effective. What I like about him is that he has experience and doesnt get rattled under the pressure. What I dont like is that a lot of his saves seemingly come with three long fly ball outs on balls that were hit pretty hard but just missed by the hitter. Clearly youd like to see a flamethrower that strikes out the side more often than not, but those can be hard to come by. I think Bray or Burton can take over at some point, but Weathers probably should close again next year with Bray and Burton as set up men with one taking over the closers job year after next if not sometime next year.

at 9:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jared Burton, closer 2008.

at 2:51 PM Blogger Phill said...

I wouldn't mind having Burton or Bray as the future closer. Which ever one doesn't get it could easily be a set-up guy. Anyone else remember last year before injury Bray was talked about as to being very much so in the running for the closers spot. Would like to see Burton maybe get a couple 9th inning appearences before the year is up.

Dumping Griffey, Dunn, A-Gon, and Hatte pretty much destroys the offense. Although I'd say of those 4 Hatteberg is the most expendable. The team would be super-subs for starters and god knows what on the bench. People gotta remember Krivsky has to get rid of Juan Castro still. The team seems much better since he's been gone and the bench is a lot stronger.

I'm still torn on David Ross. He gives stellar defense but his hitting...well it's non-existant. Which really hurts the team. Too many times have we seen bases loaded, 2 outs with him at the plate only to strike out. Does his defense make up for his offense? I really can't come up with a conclusion on that.

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