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Monday, October 1, 2007

On LaRussa

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

(Tony) La Russa remained circumspect about whether he plans to stay with the team, saying only that he'll participate in today's organizational meeting at Busch Stadium before returning to Alamo, Calif., to decide his next step.

"I've never been this exhausted after a season," La Russa conceded earlier in the series. "This season has been relentless, absolutely relentless."

General manager Walt Jocketty was among those who predicted La Russa would return. "I think he wants to go home and think about things for a few days, but I expect him to be back," Jocketty said.


at 1:10 PM Blogger SolarAl said...

We can only hope....

Worth repeating...nice job on the blog...great baseball/Reds stuff.

Note to Homer: Anytime anyone leads off the game with a homer, plunk him with a 90+ MPH fast ball next at bat...That will generate some respect.

I would think the attendence this year would indicate the Reds can afford to up payrool for another starter...or trade one of the 10MM/yr players away for the abilityto afford one. Next year isthe last for Griffey's big $ drain. He may, or may not be worth the $, but we need a pitcher a lot worse.

at 2:11 PM Blogger heliogomez said...

The Reds need atrong manager that can handle the egos of Junior and Dunn.

at 2:48 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Agree with Solaral on the plunking or at least a inside brush back or two. I commented back in May I believe on the rEds rarely if ever throwing inside. I can't recall any instance when this occurred, at least the games I saw. I must have said a few times during the year "next time so and so comes up I'd either hit him or serve up a wake up pitch to get his attention". Opposition batters just dig in against the Reds with no fear of anything inside or so it seems. Must not be this staff's make up to throw inside or plunk someone to send a message. On to the manager. John, your thoughts on time frame for naming someone? I'd like to see it done quickly before the world series since the team's in the playoffs have managers not going anywhere.

at 2:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, heliogomez, the egos of Dunn and Griffey (or the even bigger one of Napoleon Brennaman) really gave up all of those runs this season. But if you like that sort of thing, just wait until some of these other young Reds players emerge and see how jealous Brandon Phillips will be of that lack of attention to him.

at 3:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mackanin may have finished over .500----but it wasn't much over. Narron finished at .500 when he took over for Miley, but in the end no one was satisfied with his work. For that matter, even Miley did a better job than Boone was doing in 03. I'm inclined to think finishing better with a new manager during the season doesn't matter at all. Firing managers during the season is little more than a wake up call for the players----they start playing a little better, then level out the next year.
But Mackanin's leadership obviously took a stumble the last 2 weeks. The injuries cost the team, no question. But he should have taken that into consideration and kept finding new ways for the team to win. They should have taken one of those games against the Astros. If they had, they would have held on to 4th place instead of finishing just a couple games ahead of the Pirates.

But aside from Mackanin, I will say once again, Pole and Jacoby must be replaced. If your team finishes with the worst ERA in the league, you do not reward the pitching coach with a second year. Don Gullett never let his pitchers end up last in the league.
As for Jacoby, consider this: at the All-Star break, the Reds were last in the league in doubles. They picked it up in the second half, but still. A lack of doubles is an indicator of a lack of clutch hitting. They may have had plenty of power hitting, but you cannot count on a homer all the time. Doubles bring in runs too

at 3:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope Jocketty is right.

at 3:26 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Heliogomez...where do get that info? I understand how everyone feels about Griffey...don't agree, but understand. But how in the world do you come off insinuating Dunn has an ego issue? There goes that Green Monster again....

at 5:03 PM Blogger SolarAl said...

On "the envelope please". Good job on reading the players' worth, but you forgot "best sub" or super sub Norris Hopper.

He may have made the best case fortrading Dunn or Griffey, or perhaps both. With Hamilton, Hopper, Votto and Bruce, added to Phillips and EE, power is okay if not good.

If you get some good pitching (who has a good pitcher (or2) in the last year of his contract next year?) You don't need extra power. But the manager has to be able to use the speed...something PM hasn't shown he knows how to do.

Maybe you could trade Freel for a catcher? Oh well, lots to think about. BC has to think about season ticket holders when he thinks about contracts.

at 5:05 PM Blogger Mark T said...

"Handle the egos of Junior and Dunn"? My impression of Dunn is a down-to-earth and regular guy - not on an ego trip at all. Junior does seem to think he deserves the same treatment he got when he was 28. I don't see him as a #3 hitter anymore. I tough manager woudl have the cajones to move him down.

at 5:07 PM Blogger OrangeD00d said...

On this day in history

Cincinnati Enquirer publishes 1st report on baseball reserve

at 5:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing you can bet on is that the Reds will not pay what Tony LaRussa will demand. He will be working for another team. Pete M. is a shoo-in for the job due to his greatest asset to the Reds, i.e. he will work for cheap.

at 7:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey heliogomez, I guess it was the egos of Dunn and Junior (and the even bigger one of Napoleon Brennaman) that couldn't get anybody out this season. But if you like that sort of thing, just wait until some of these good young players the Reds have emerge and get press and see how jealous Brandon Phillips becomes.

at 7:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark T, if Jrs. ego is so big, why did he go to right field and don't forget he hit 6, 5, and 4 in the order early in the year before Narron moved him to third. I don't mind legit criticism of Jr. or anyone else, but when the facts are wrong, you lose the credibility of what you do get right.

at 7:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heliogomez have you ever met with Dunn & Griffey? How do you know what they say to their manager? Did Pete & Jerry call you to vent about their "ego"? Did you read the article on sunday about Dunn?

From what i can gather from your(thankfully) small post you are one of those people talk before they think.

There's nothing wrong if you personally do not like Dunn or Griffey, but be somewhat smarter and mature on what you say.....but then again you might be only 11.

at 1:33 AM Blogger Phill said...

I don't know about Griffey having an ego. It seems like he may have a split side to him that could be kinda "look at me, I'm Ken Griffey FREAKIN Jr. do what I say" but I don't know him to actually say that he does do that. Except for that one comment about how when Pete pulled him for defensive sub he did that whole "It was the first time and it's the last time" or whatever it was he said.

Dunn on the other hand seems like a cool-headed dude without any kind of ego problem. He just seems very relaxed and not uptight about who or what he does. Again I don't know him so maybe there's another side but I don't think I've ever seen a quote or anything of that nature come out that would make me think otherwise.

at 9:48 AM Blogger Gene in WV said...

Personally, I don't want LaRussa under any circumstances. I could write a book as to why, but no one would care, anyway, so I won't.

I hope Mac is back. I really like the way he handled the media,players, and, maybe most importantly, the losing streaks. Thats when leadership comes in. Anyone can coach when you are winning.

By losing streak, I am not refering to last week, as he had a AAA lineup, at best. Also, pretty obvious the team was looking at guys, situations, etc., to try and evaluate for next year.

Lastly, what Miley and Narron did has absolutely nothing to do with Pete. Its silly to think because two managers did one thing, another will do the same. Pete's personality, style of managing, etc., are nothing like either Miley, or Narron. Apples and oranges.

Only question is, did he handle the team well enough to come back? In my humble opinion, he did. You may disagree, but let it be because you don't like what Pete did, not what Miley and Narron did.

at 10:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think one reason certain people complain about Griffey and Dunn is because they don't always make themselves accessable to the fans. They don't give out a lot of autographs. But then neither does Philips. Philips will barely acknowledge you.
But the fact is, the three of them have not so much ego problems as the arrogance that talent and confidence brings. This is not neccessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's what keeps a player going thru a long season. At least they are friendlier than Alex Rodriguez. In some ways it's hard to judge A-Rod too harshly, though. I live in the NYC area and lets face it----New York media is naturally hostile. The Post and A-Rod and a mutually antagonistic relationship. You'll never see that from Griffey, Dunn or Philips.

As for Mackanin, another reason he should not get the job goes along with what I'd said about his inability to stick to decisions. Apparently it was Krivsky who was deciding who would start certain games. Krivsky insisted that Dumatrait start several games when Mackanin personally felt Dumatrait had nothing to offer. So, what----he's going to let the GM second guess him? He's not going to present his own argument? Krivsky let Narron pick his starters, but not Mackanin.
Apparently, in the Times today, Omar Minaya is said to have made decisions for the Mets that Randolph should have been in control of. Minaya seems to have insisted on certain pitchers that could not have been relied upon and that these decisions were a major contributor to the Mets collapse. At the same time, Randolph also failed to get on certain players when they slacked off, in particular Jose Reyes.
So these are things the manager must do. Make decisions, stick to them, motivate players when they need it most, establish roles and discapline and be able to tell the GM when it's best to stay away. I don't think Mackanin has shown anyone he can do that now

at 12:41 PM Blogger Phill said...

Wait the same Brandon Phillips who is out there up to game time signing autographs and smiling and laughing? That same Brandon Phillips barely acknoweledges the fans??

Every game I've been to this season he's the first on the field to stretch and get ready and he's the last one(next to Hamilton) in the dugout because he's signing autographs.

Also, at that point he is just an interim manager. He pretty much has to do what Krivsky says. The quickest way to lose a job is to not listen to your boss.

at 1:02 PM Blogger Gene in WV said...


I have no doubt Krivsy made some calls. However, no interm manager has the authority to totally dispute what the boss wants him to try, especially when that boss will determine whether or not you get a permanet chance to manage that team.

Something can be said for showing that you are a "team guy," and not some hothead that is always going to do what you want, no matter what the boss and owner want.

Once you are the true manager, then it becomes more your team, your decesion, your head. I really don't think you can expect any "substitute" manager to behave otherwise, unless they are not looking for a job, or happen to be a very established manager. Just my opinion.

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