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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Dusty Session 2.0

Dusty Baker just did his media session at the Winter Meetings. The guy is a shear delight. He quoted Van Morrison at one point. The session lasted a half hour. The highlights:

--On trading Ken Griffey Jr. or Adam Dunn: "I don't want to part with either one of them. It's hard to have an offensive part and get more offense. What you have to do is try to fill in the other stuff. Pitching, speed and defense hopefully. . . If they didn't want Dunn back, they wouldn't have picked up his option. And Junior's here; I didn't come to town for Junior to leave."

--On his reaction to the Florida-Detroit trade: "Damn. My wife grew up with Dontrelle (Willis') aunt. He's from the Bay Area. We could have rode to spring training together."

--Has he talked to Pete Rose? "Not yet. I'm hoping to hear from Pete. I'm sure I will when I get there. Like I said, I love Pete. I'd like to prove Pete wrong when he says it's impossible to win in that ballpark. I like to hopefully win and have Pete and Joe (Morgan) back -- all the dudes that kicked my tail."

--On the Mitchell Report coming out before Christmas: "That ain't Merry Christmas or Happy New Year for some people." He did say he got interviewed for the report, by the way.

--On Barry Bonds since the indictment: "I've spoke to him. Spoke to him shortly after to say hello. I spoke to his mom. Our families go way back. I grew up with his dad and mom. I mean, what are you supposed to do?"

--Is it imperative that Reds add a starting pitcher? "Well, imperative, I'd sure like to have one. . . or maybe even two, or hopefully one of the kids will develop and mature over the winter. And like we used to say with the Dodgers, we're always looking for a surprise pitcher who falls out of the sky, that gets it together -- whether it's someone in the Rule 5 Draft or a guy who was injured last year or a young man who went to Winter Ball and picked up another pitch."

--Do you think you can win right away? "I always think I can win. I always think I can win right away. We're not that far from winning, even though we haven't won in seven years. That's behind us."

--Does he see a deal happening? "We're trying. We're trying every day. This is probably the most activity I've seen at the Winter Meetings in a long time."

--Do you think you can help Dunn defensively? "Yeah, I think I can. (Left field) is the hardest field to play. It was hardest for me. I played center, right and left. In left, you don't have much reaction time. Everyone can hit the ball hard to left. . . the ball is never coming at you straight. I won a Gold Glove in left. . . I think I can help him, and I've heard he's a guy who is open to suggestion and help."


at 12:05 PM Blogger cincyreds29 said...

John, i posted this over on trents blog just wanted to see what you think any chance something like this would work and do you see it as being fair to both sides?
here is a legit trade offer i would make in a second to get bedard in our rotation:

Reds get:

O's get:
a throw in

this in my mind should get the deal done and would set the reds up like this in 2008





This deal for me would be contingent on us first being able to sign Bedard for at least the next 4 years and extending dunn 2-3 years, looking to 2009 the only hole you need to fill is then replacing griffey which i think could be done by moving hamilton to right and putting hopper in CF, you have to give up to get and to be honest there really is no promise that bruce and cueto will ever be allstars but in bedard you are looking at an immediate Cy yound canidate in the NL. This deal sets us up for the next 3 years at a minimum and if they compete and are going to the playoffs over that span the rest falls into place, we would not be jeopardizing our future because by the time we would need someone we would have the money to afford them. Get this deal done and you can print the reds october tickets. In the NL Central that lineup and rotation easily wins 95 games and if you win and put butts in the seats the future takes care of itself, and remember by the time we need someone in 3 years we have stubbs for outfield help, and we have about 30 young shortstops that will be looking to make a move once gonzo is gone.


at 12:13 PM Anonymous PaRedsFan said...

Hey John,

Could Dusty be possibly alluding to Crueto? I know he's been pitching very well down in winter ball.

at 12:27 PM Blogger Trevis said...

When he falls from the sky I hope he has a parachute! That guy will be Cueto, he's ready. I'm glad Wayne shut him down for the rest of the winter. Wayne Simpson did seem to fall out of the sky in 1970. As I remember it he came out of nowhere after pitching in the Winter Leagues. I just hope Cueto doen't have his arm fall off like Simpson's did in the 2nd half of 1970 after starting out 13-1.

at 12:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My only questions is the health factor on the OF's and Griffey being gone after next year? Who replaces him? i'd would rather have Bruce around.

at 12:54 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Cincy29, the trade isn't any more likely (or smarter) here than it is over at Rosecran's blog.

at 1:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

cincyreds29 a you serious i mean honestly you want to give up bruce and cueto ....... first of all bruce is about as much of a cant miss prospect as you can get and cueto who i have seen pitch personally is an all around better pitcher and more ready for the mlb than bailey ....... if we are goin to trade for bedard i say it starts with votto and bailey not bruce and cueto but id like to keep all four and maybe do a deal like freel and ee for noah lowry from san fran and also why in the world do you want stanton in the bullpen dont you want to win

at 2:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you dusty baker for speaking up on the behalf of TRUE REDS FANS who want Griffey Jr. to stay with the REDS. Take contorl of your team Dusty in the same way marvin lewis has rejected the majority media in this town. It's your team not the media's team. The media didnt want you to be the manager in the first place.......go back and look at some of the blogpage polls before baker was hired. If i am lying then i am flying......my feet are firm to the ground.......Go Dusty and keep griffey Jr. were he belongs.

at 3:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read on the "other" blog where Mr. Redleg wants Padilla of Texas and give them Votto. That in my opinion is worse than what cincyred has proposed. Just proves Redlegs is not as great as he thinks he is.

So Cincyred you have been complimented from a guy who something about bad trade ideas.

at 3:13 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Anon 3:02, be sure to tell the other 6-8 teams kicking the tires on Padilla how dumb they are, too.

If you haven't noticed, pitching costs a little something. Even No. 3-4 starters. Even if they suck.

What we know is the Reds don't have 3-4 starters. They have to come up with someone reliable, not some kid they are hoping and praying survives the cut.

If the Reds want to win, and win now, as fans keep lamenting toward ownership, a bona fide experienced starter has to be found. Just so happens Texas needs a 1b, and Padilla, while not Lincecum, comes a lot cheaper in terms of talent.

at 3:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me know how this sounds

hamilton, votto for lincecum.

jays are offering rios for lincecum straight up and sf is listening. josh and joey are at least that much production even with a 90 game josh hamilton.

dont trade ee unless a big deal comes along.

not a big believer in swapping pitchers when you only have 4 healthy on the 40 man, hence no bedard.

slightly overpay on mild risk/huge reward/interdivisional tax to get prior if the medical prospectus is good {for now. it is prior). do not pencil him in the rotation for 08.

with wayne pulling cueto and baker's comments about a winter ball guy coming outta nowhere to help the club, he could be our #5. besides, he just might be readier than bailey was.

harang, lincecum, arroyo, bailey, cueto. prior in relief until hes ready. then make a decision on trading prior with raised vaiue or sending a player to louisville. hell, you could keep him in the pen tba.

btw, since harang and arroyo have been full time starters the last 4 yrs...

era avg


avg whip

remember, arroyo had a 3.29 era in 06 with miserable run support in mid summer. half a run lower than harang has ever posted. he is not harang, but cut the trade talks. he is not expendable.

anon 24 7

at 5:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Mr Redleg,they are dumb just as you are dumb for suggesting it.

He's an "experienced" starter with an e.r.a. going up up and away. He also happens to be going the way of Kip Wells and others. The Reds would be just as well off with a "kid" as they would with Padilla. Who happens to be a head case,which is why the Rangers want to deal him. And are you not the one who's always harping to spend the money wisely? Or do you say that when it defends your spur of the moment rants about nothing?

Your inflated ego about your "baseball knowledge" keeps your from being able to look at things from all angles. You just rip off what you read on other blogs and sites and throw it up like you are the man.

Yeah we all notice what it takes to get pitching. But the difference between you and me is I would not advocate taking a pitcher on the decline.

You are the "Dick Wagner" of posters!

Your friend Anon 3:02

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