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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Castellini speaks

CEO Bob Castellini arrived in the camp to today and had a brief chat with the scribes:

On his feeling going into spring: "I would say I'm more cautiously optimistic -- the emphasis on the optimistic than I've been the two previous spring trainings. The reasons are we've made some good moves. The two predominant ones were Dusty Baker and with our closer Francisco Cordero. We've made some other good moves. There's nothing better than youthful enthusiasm and exuberance.

On the rotation: “We all know we’ve got to round out the rotation. We’re going to see what we have going. I think you all realize that we have good potential here. I know that over the winter I was told by Texas people how much they didn’t want to give up (Edinson) Volquez. And we’ve heard from Philadelphia how much they wanted to keep (Matt) Maloney. Homer (Bailey) and Johnny (Cueto) are our own. We know them and we know them to be outstanding. They’ve got to prove they’re ready for a rotation spot. There isn’t any lack of effort or enthusiasm or dedication on their part. Then you’ve got (Jeremy) Affeldt as well.”

If you can round out the rotation without giving up these cornerstone prospects would that be your preference? “Absolutely.”

On Adam Dunn’s contract: “You know how much I like Adam Dunn. You take those things one day at time. That’s on nobody’s mind right now, least of all Adam’s."

On Sarasota/Arizona situation: “We’re pleased that Sarasota is making the effort to keep us.”


at 1:54 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

Great comments from the owner. Sounds like he has his head screwed on straight. He can see as well as anyone that injury free years from the young studs bodes too well for this franchise to trade them off for stop-gap solutions. He knows that there is a good chance that they will step up even this year. It's obvious to all that the drastically improved bullpen alignment, growth of Belisle (I was glad to read Baker's outlook on him the other day), a step-uppance by at least one of HB, EV or JC and treading water by another will take the Reds to that last week of September where anything can happen!

at 2:00 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Taking the easy road is he,he's not saying if we have a winner or not! He's optimistic of this season. He should be!!!Without a proven rotation we are all watching & waiting;This is what some would call russian roulette,while other's would call it rebuilding the future.


at 2:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would Bob shut up about Dunn?! I'm tired of his overzealous comments about him.

Honestly, how many are still die hard Dunn fans? It seems many fans, and radio/media people, are falling against him everyday; about the entire Reds Message Board has now.

Everywhere I go, people are anti-Dunn, not pro. I can't find many fans, except for little kids.

When will Bob wake up and see he's overrated, and many Cincinnatians are against Dunn?!

Don't waste money on him, and replace him next year with Crawford or Willits, better contributors to the team.

at 2:53 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

what drastically improved bullpen?

Belisles growth?

I have yet to see anything redsfuture

Reds will be lucky to finish .500

at 3:06 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

i mean i dont think the 9th inning was our biggest problem...even as shaky as weathers was. Cordero should do well..one would hope

but the rest of those pitchers were just downright terrible..no matter what inning they pitched.. you can align all ya want..but I would not expect some remarkable turnaround

what do you think other teams are going to tell the ownership of a team that is interested in one of their ballplayers? Of course they are gonna say they don't want to give up that player.. Duh

How do we know Belisle did not spend the winter fishing and drinking beer somewhere. His growth? Maturity? Please tell me how u know he has grown? I am serious

I would love to see this team rebound to .500..that would be exciting a a tremedous improvement

and I am glad to hear that castellini will show patience and keep the core of young ballplayers..we will see

at 3:35 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Jack, you yourself commented that 07 was a 500 team under Pete Mac. The change in manager with the same players was worth 18 games.

That was before Cordero was added. who cares where you use him, the 7th, 8th or 9th, the guy had a sub 3 ERA. IF you think that doesn't help, you are not paying attention.

In 06, we were over 500 which made us buyers at the trade deadline. We will be buying again in 08

at 4:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I would post under my name, but blogger does not want to except my password for some reason.

In general I like Castellini's comments. I believe signing Dunn is paramount. If you look at his stats, it's pure and simple. They need him. He improved tremedously last season and he was playing on a bad knee. He is a far greater gate attraction than anyone on the team. All the talking heads have probably never picked up a baseball in their life.

Jack, The Reds improved their whole bullpen by adding Cordero. This means that Weathers moves to 7/8 along with the emergence of Burton. If Affeldt doesn't make the rotation, then he gives them a left handed option as well. That's improvement.

At the beginning of last season, I said that this team was building for 2009 and while I think they could contend if things fall right, I still believe if they stay the course, 2009 and beyound should produce a strong team. I believe part of staying the course includes keeping WK. Baseball America rates the Reds as the number 3 team in all of baseball. All of you guys are jumping on the Bruce, Baily, Cueto bandwagon and yet in the next breath you want Walt Jockerty to replace Krivsky. Look at Jockert's resume. He left the Cards in horrible shape, he traded great young talent for Mark Mulder. They won a world series, but by right, they didn't even deserve to be in the playoffs. Yeah, lets replace WK with him.

John, Do you have any insight as to the security of Krivsky's job?

Mike D

at 4:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize that the same people from the bullpen are there this year that we complained about last year, but with that many young pitchers, how can you not expect to see improvement in them? Seriously. Do you think anytime they pitched well it was a fluke? And bringing in Cordero DOES make our bullpen better and moreso than just shoring up the closer position. It moves everyone down a level...meaning that if Weathers pitches decent like last year, he's in there in the 7th or 8th instead of Coffey and Stanton...BINGO, one of the problems solved. I've noticed a lot of people just want to take any optimistic comment and stomp on it til it dies. Why? Get over being upset about things in the past. Why do you scream "FIRE WAYNE KRIVSKY" instead of screaming "LET'S GO REDS"? Have some fun being a fan. It's like you want to see a losing team sometimes so you can complain. It's not realistic to think that all of our prospects are going to be studs this year, but that doesn't mean we have to assume they're all going to suck because they're rookies.


at 4:35 PM Anonymous Matt from WC said...

I, for one, am a huge Dunn fan. I constantly read about him getting bashed by Red's fans and I'm not sure why. He does what he's good at, and he's very good at it. I love seeing his huge homeruns and have personally seen several of the walkoff variety. He's probably never going to hit .300 and I don't think anyone wants to see him try to become a slap hitter. He definitely has defensive issues at times and would be a much better DH, but he's a continuous 50 HR guy which you don't find everywhere.

Here's to a winning season and another big year from Dunner.

at 4:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Dunn fan. Of course, I've watched baseball for 30 years and I was good at math, so I might be at an advantage. ;)

at 4:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its now clear that Bob C. was not happy with W.K. !! Hence,Walt J. was hired. Bob mentioned the critical areas that were not addressed by Cluless...why don't he run that inept jerk out of town now instead of waiting until after the season??? I'm on board with many others..WAKE UP CINCY FIRE KRIVSKY EX REDS FAN

at 4:48 PM Blogger Stecher said...

Good words from Bob!! I'm excited about this year, I'd love to see another proven starter but I don't think one like Blanton is worth giving up our future studs! I for one still like Dunn, he's not the best player ever but he plays everyday and he gives the team a presence in the line-up that can't be denied. And players do mature and lead and a championsip team needs those type of players on the team. So I'm glad Dunn and Jr are still here.

at 4:59 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

I'll go on record as being a big Adam Dunn fan. Sounds like Anon 2:53 listens to a lot of WLW radio.

I am amused, however, that the big selling points on Voltron and Maloney are that their former teams told the Reds they didn't want to trade them. What else would a salesman say? I hope Krivsky is telling some other team how much he wants to hand on to Juan Castro and Mike Stanton.

at 5:00 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

72-90 is why we scream FIRE KRIVSKY!

at 5:16 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

This is the year we see Dunn enter the 50 double club. His knee is better, so he will be running more. Hit the ball to the right side hole and it is a double. Beat the shift!

I think we will see a lot of his critics shut their pie hole when he steals 20 bases this year also. He will go from clumsy to classic as he joins Eric Davis in the 20/40 club...Oh wait, Davis never hit 40, and only scored 100 or had 100 RBI's one time. And we all love Eric the Red.

Breakout Dunn year of 285 av, 170 hits with 140 RBIs. Bob C. will be kicking himself that they didn't sign Dunn long term when he starts in LF for the National League.

at 5:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ex Reds Fan still posting his hate for Krivsky? I don't know what's sadder? His hate for Krivsky or he's an "ex" fan still posting!

at 5:32 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

Thanks Anon 4:13, 4:19 & Matt for coming to my defense. But its not like what you said has not been said many times before. Sometimes we try to move on to points B, C, D,...Z but we can't cause we have to keep coming back to rehash point A over & over & over again. Point A is a given, the bullpen is drastically better for the deductive reasoning applied by so many in the past and today by my defenders. No more under achieving is required to derail the bullpen than is necessary in Milwaukee & Chicago.

at 5:51 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Mike D thank you..but until I see results..I will remain cautiously optimistic. Weathers was shakier than all get up last year by the way

Mike I think you would have to agree as it stands right now..not a single game has been played..so to suggest that a hellishly terrible bullpen has gotten better is somewhat premature

Staring pitching too is a very big issue ..lets not forget that

Mike even though I dont practice full time,,the airforce paid for my med school. I did the Wright Pat- Miami Valley Hospital thing

at 5:56 PM Blogger docproc said...

Here is how I read Castellini's comments (my comments in ALL CAPS):

Rotation: If you can round out the rotation without giving up these cornerstone prospects would that be your preference? “Absolutely.” MEANS: "WE'RE READY TO GO WITH THE YOUNGSTERS." (BRAVO!)

On Adam Dunn’s contract: “You know how much I like Adam Dunn. You take those things one day at time. That’s on nobody’s mind right now, least of all Adam’s." MEANS: "I WILL SIGN ADAM TO A LONG-TERM CONTRACT THIS YEAR." (I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS, BUT I CAN LIVE WITH IT)

On Sarasota/Arizona situation: “We’re pleased that Sarasota is making the effort to keep us.” MEANS: "WE WILL STAY IN SARASOTA, LIKE WE WANTED TO FROM THE BEGINNING." (HOORAY!).

I like Castellini a lot.

at 6:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To EX-RED:Perhaps your anger is justified but there is some hope.I like you,very much dislike W.K. because his arrogance! WE were worse than the NATS last year,but give the team a chance in 08!!Walt J.has been hired...Thank GO$ Cluless is toast!! Buy tickets & support the REDS

at 6:33 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Matt from wc-When was the last time Adam Dunn ever hit 50 homers?

What's Adam Dunn's average w/ RISP?
That may answer some of your answers for disgruntled Dunn fan's

Sure, he's a good solid player,but outfielders are a dime a dozen in baseball,when pitchers are not.Dunn's value is good,NOW.Get what we really need for him,like solid pitchers.Dunner would make more sense as a DH or 1st baseman,but we know the latter is not going to work.

I'm not a hater or lover of Dunn,You get what you pay for with him.A good solid LH power bat, a good OBP, a mediocre fielder, little bit of high maintenance attuide, & a prone strikeout hitter. Some Good & some bad.(I've had the chance to talk to him briefly in Colorado last season during warm ups,which is rare & he seemed alright)

The rockies stuck w/ Todd Helton and built around him & look how far that got them!I can see keeping Dunn.One thing for sure,Dunn is definitely does not hurt the team nor his he the problem

at 6:54 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

wow, you start to look at Dunn's numbers versus some of our greats in the last 20 years:
100 runs 100 RBI
Dave Parker 3 4
Paul O'Neil 0 3
Barry Larkin 2 0
Eric Davis 1 2
Griffey Jr. 6 8
Adam Dunn 3 3

Or if you want the standard, how about these 2
Bagwell 9 8
ARod 12 11

Maybe it isn't so common to replace a guy that can get you 100 RBI's and 100 Runs in the same season...

If Dunn has 7 more seasons of 100/100, he is a hall of fame guy. That and the fact that he will have 500 HR's in 7 years

The guy has been so consistant, and yet he is still improving. Sign him, sign him quickly!

at 7:32 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

There is absolutely nothing further from the truth than Adam Dunn's attitude is high maintenance.

That kind of wild-haired, know-nothing, blow-hard comment is what my mother would say is "talking through your ---."

He may not be the player everyone expects, but his demeanor is pure Texan and that's laid-back and easy-going. He's got his faults but he's in the lineup every stinkin' day and he's a pretty affable, well-liked guy.

And what pitchers do you actually think Dunn could bring on the trade market? Especially since he has a no-trade clause until June 15, and then what's he going to bring for being a rental the rest of the year?

GMs don't pay the tab for hitters at deadline, they pay for pitchers. You said so: outfielders are a dime a dozen.

at 7:45 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...


The Reds have signed free agent Josh Fogg to a one-year, $1 million contract, a friend at the Rocky Mountain News just e-mailed.

Fogg was 10-9 with a 4.38 ERA for the Rockies last year. We’ve known for some time the Reds were sniffing around Fogg, Apparently, Fogg grew tired of waiting for a multi-year deal and has decided to sign now.

Of course, this signing means one of the kid pitchers ain’t making the cut unless Affeldt gets shifted to the bullpen.

More coming, I’m sure.

at 8:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not see anything in the post negative about Krivsky that came from Castellini.

Coach and Angry Ex Fan, you two(or same guy) are seriously losing your grip on reality!

People hate Dunn just to have someone to blame all the ills on. Most of the negative people that complain about everything and anything even if it makes no sense.

CSA and Jack in Blue Ash are two prime examples of it. CSA blames everything on Griffey and Jack in Blue Ash is always trying to pick a verbal fight with anybody.

I can only hope the Reds will be competitive because if they are all the nay sayers and whiney ones will not post a word.

at 8:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunn is a very good outfielder and should be part of the Outfield for the next 3-4 years. I would love to see him at first base, but if Kevin Mitchell can play left field, anyone can.

I would say WK (and O'Brien before him) has done a lot to get the team on th eright path. I believe the article about the late Bob Howsam said it all. I back the good Krisky has done and I hope the moves work out for a good future for the Reds.

Also, there is a good defense of the current lineup, with the additions that were made. Remember that until injuries in September the Reds had either the best or nearly the best record in the NL. Taking that fact and projecting it, you can see why the Reds should be at or slightly above 500 this year. Burton, Weathers, and Cordero gives you a day in, day out 8th and 9th inning set of arms that will not blow many saves. The young arms will do just as good as needed. The key is Belisle. I think he is better bullpen material, but maybe I am wrong.

Hopefully the team starts off better than last year. :)

at 8:34 PM Anonymous PresidentJohnAllenJr. said...

Yes, the Fogg is coming in from the Ohio River. I was hoping for this signing. It's a excellent signing but who will get the axe? Stanton or Castro? Plus, kepting the young players than trading for Blanton.
John, please asked Wayne if the Reds are out of the running for Blanton since the Fogg signing.
If the Reds decide to signed both Lofton and Patterson, who will get the axe too? Freel and Hopper?

John, any news on Loshe or Milton?

Any comments?

at 8:46 PM Blogger Aviator said...

What exactly did O'Brien do for the Reds in his short term as GM? Krivsky has proven to be a positive move for the team.

at 9:01 PM Blogger Signify said...

Reds.com has a more complete quote regarding Castellini and Sarasota, "I'm pleased that Sarasota is making an effort to keep us," Castellini said. "The most important thing about all of this is not the convenience of it all. The fans are extremely important, but that's not as important as [having] the best Spring Training possible."

Yet another nail in the coffin as far as I see it. How many nails does it take to bury Sarasota?

Maybe the Reds finally realize there's no need to appease fans who themselves will be six feet under by the time the Reds move to AZ. The future is bright. You may even see a fan under 30 in AZ. ;-)

at 9:20 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I had posted this information in another thread but wanted to repeat it for those who do not go back through the older posts. When comparing Dunn's numbers through his first 7 years with those of Reggie Jackson, Dunn actuall has slightly better numbers outside of BA and the number of stolen bases and of course SO's. Dunn has more games played, more HR's, more RBI's, a better OBP, 250 more BB but 200 more SO's. Of course the BIGGEST difference is that Dunn doesn't drive in runs when they count as often as Reggie did.

Perhaps it's the fact that I was a kid when Jackson played but I thought Reggie was the man back in the day. I believe Dunn can actually get a little better. He showed me a lot during the second half of the season last year when he cut down his SO's considerably and got his BA back over .260. I can't help but think that if you get a guy like that and he is as likable a guy as Dunn is that you better wrap him up for a while.

But if you do that you need the other pieces to help make the team successful such as a true leadoff hitter and guys who can hit for average. This Reds team hasn't had too many guys hitting .300 since 1999. I bet Reggie had a lot more guys on base when he was playing.

at 7:37 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Josh Fogg is a very marginal pitcher..who cares

at 9:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes..because theyre are so many better pitchers availble that we might be able to get for 1MM

at 11:27 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

9:31 anon the issue is why even spend 1 million dollars o someone that is no better than what you already got

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