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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Too little, too late for Sarasota?

The Sarastoa County Commission approved the new funding package to rebuild Ed Smith Stadium. Had they done it the first time around, I don't think the Reds would have moved forward with Goodyear.

As it is, Sarasota could become the fall back plan if things fall apart in Goodyear.

Here's a link to the local report.


at 9:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure do hope the Reds stay in Sarasota. I love that town. Everyone should email the Reds and ask them to stay in SW Florida.

at 9:12 AM Blogger Dan H said...

Politicians never cease to amaze me. No matter where you go its the same last minute changes, waiting too long, grandstanding,then begging for another chance. Same stuff just different places and different faces. I guess we'll see come April if this was a ploy by the Reds or were they actually serious about leaving.

at 9:38 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

Wow, JA has to love this situation, looks like he's got "hand" on both of them now. Still hoping they stay in Sarasota, but I'm guessing he's gonna get a helluva deal out of someone.

John, what's Uncle Milty's health status? Any chance they bring him back for a look on a minor league or 1 year contract?

at 9:47 AM Blogger docproc said...

I, too, would love to see the Reds stay in Sarasota. At the same time, I'm ticked at the county commissioners' mishandling of this situation. If the Reds agree to go to Arizona--and who could blame them?--those commissioners have no one to blame but themselves.

And if the Reds ultimately decide to stay in Sarasota, I feel bad for the folks in Goodyear who became pawns in this chessmatch.

at 10:37 AM Blogger Hey Barry Larkin! said...

John, the link doesn't work, could you resend it?

at 10:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've bought 4 season tickets to REDS spring training games for 10 years, so I'm one who would want them to stay in Sarasota. It's been a rough and crooked road to getting the needed financial support but that's people and that's politics. The number $75,000,000 keeps being mentioned for Goodyear's facility...but is that ALL for the REDS or is it shared with Indians? (last time the REDS "shared" money, Mikie Brown bullied them out of their fare share for the stadiums. I'd love it if AZ recruited loser Mikie but that's off the subject.)

Anyway, Sarasota's offer may be tardy, but it's now real and it's good, and I hope REDS take it when they legally can (April 15?). And, no, I sure don't fell sorry for AZ folks who are trying to steal teams from FLorida.


at 10:40 AM Blogger Signify said...

I hope it is too late.

Here's my plan for Spring Training this year in AZ. I'll be there for a week in the middle of March.

I'll be going to five games. First up, the Cubs in Mesa on Sunday. A sure sellout, weekend games usually are. Then I head off to Surprise on Monday for KC vs TX. I let you know how Josh H is doing. Then I'll get a break on Tuesday. I'll probably hike Camelback mtn. Then Wednesday, the big game. Cubs vs SF in Scottsdale. A rare night game. Scottsdale is by far the best place to see games. Then my schedule is a bit uncertain, my next game is another Cubs game in Mesa but I'm not sure if it will be Thurs or Friday. Then it's back to Surprise for San Diego and Seattle on Sat. I think I'll be seeing eight different teams. I don't know what I'll do on my off days, more hiking, biking, eating, hanging by the pool.

The furthest I will drive is 45 mins to Surprise.

Oh, also going on will be March Madness and to top it off it will be my birthday that week. ;-)

Spring Training is AZ is sweat!

I tried to get tickets to see the Dodgers in PHX, but those are already hard to get. The Dodgers will probably give the Giants and Cubs a run for their money on popularity. But hey, there's always next year.

at 10:48 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Link is fixed. Sorry, for the inconvenience.

at 10:56 AM Blogger Luke said...

I moved to Florida 2 years ago and last year I spent a week at Spring Training and I loved it. I am truely disappointed that they are going to move

at 11:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct your link please.. it has to many http// in it.

Go reds.

on a side note I don't want to trade our young talent.

I also dont care where the St is. I can always pull a roadtrip.

Diehard RedsFan in East Tennessee.

PS:Wish I could get am 500 anymore.. :(

at 11:28 AM Blogger Andrew said...

I hope its too little too late....The Reds need to move on to a new chapter with new facilities and a winning record! The Reds can do better then Sarasota.

at 11:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love going to Sarasota for spring training but it's over. Time for the Reds to move on to a city that wants them. I look forward to seeing both the Reds and Indians in Goodyear in 2010.

at 12:09 PM Blogger Matt said...

Solution: Have a "really split squad".

at 12:29 PM Blogger Aviator said...

Sounds like the village idiots of Sarasota finally figured out, the obivious, that they would be on the losing end by letting the Reds go to AZ.

at 2:12 PM Anonymous Jeff said...

The Reds used Goodyear as a ploy to stay in Sarasota or move to another Florida town.

The Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority has no more funds to help Goodyear to get the Reds.

Goodyear is going to ask the Arizona legislature for funding, but the state is facing a billion dollar deficit.

at 3:43 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Looks like Castellini and John Allen are better poker players than the boys in Sarasota.

at 4:09 PM Anonymous Jeff said...

To use another city to get a deal from the city you want to stay in is classless!

at 9:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff says Goodyear doesn't have it's funding secured. That's interesting new news. It's been implied that they had all the bucks lined up. If it's true that they don't, aren't they the bad guys? They are no better than Sarasota politicians, if course. Maybe send them the Bengals and Mikie as booby prize?


at 10:36 PM Anonymous bobestes said...

I was down in Siesta Key about a week ago, wearing my Reds hat at a local watering hole, and a local came up to me and said "We don't need you!"

I assured him that I had absolutely nothing to do with the decision, but if I ever came across anyone that did, I'd let them know.

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