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Saturday, March 15, 2008

New rules

You've got to register to post a comment. Hopefully, that will cut down on people posting under multiple names. Next step is back to moderation. I've spent entirely too time this spring dealing with people getting out of hand on the blog. Be nice. Post under one name. Don't belabor same point over and over again.


at 11:30 AM Blogger RedVol said...

A welcome move John.

at 11:34 AM Blogger Matt said...

Good, about time some of the nonsense can be eliminated.

at 11:40 AM Blogger mrtonyb40 said...

i'm registered! go reds!

at 11:48 AM Blogger NoVARedsFan said...

Thanks, John.

at 11:48 AM Blogger Big Red Smokey said...

I think that's a great idea.

Yeeeerrrrrrrr..a hot dog????


Ahhhh I miss those old Riverfront Scoreboard Cartoons...

Walks Haunt!

at 11:53 AM OpenID Eastsidemarker12 said...

speaking of those,

Who's got the early odds to win the Mr. Reds Race on opening day?

or Mr. Red himself

at 11:54 AM Blogger redfuture said...

I certainly hope this helps.

I hope Bailey puts up a quality outing, but we know the RedSox destroyed Cleveland's 19-game winners Sabathia and Carmona in the playoffs.

I can't think of a year that's been more anticipated than this one. There are plenty of guys doing well to fill all the pitching spots. Even guys no one has counted on like Salmon, Lincoln and Adkins.

at 11:59 AM Blogger Red Faced said...

Great move John, I had never actually registered before but always signed my posts. I don't mind doing so if it helps eliminate some of the bickering.

Thanks for tolerating it with us.

at 12:07 PM Blogger RyanRico said...

Right on, John. Let's talk baseball

at 12:07 PM Blogger pablopicasso said...

Thank you, Mr. Fay. You have the patience of a clam, and I commend you for that - I don't know how you do it. By the way - good job!

at 12:21 PM OpenID mbrewer04 said...

Good to hear.

at 12:27 PM Blogger MONEY MIKE said...


at 12:37 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

The right move, Holmes.

And a huge yaw-suh to Big Red Smokey. I had completely forgot about those scoreboard ads. Plus, the (snicker-snicker) connotation. Nice, and funny.

at 12:40 PM Blogger kevin in west lafayette said...

I made it back from Spring Training last week...it looks like we will struggle against good pitching again and eat alive poor pitching. No duh... right? Still... I'm worried about the bats... there are a lot of 0's in the box this spring. anyhow I'm basically just checking to see if I am registered.

at 12:45 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

Good John!

at 12:56 PM Blogger eddieginsburg said...

thank you for your daily posts.

I just wish that we could get a REDS insider to tell us what the REDs are thinking about Griffey for next year. If the REDS can sign him at a reasonable price, keep him. If not, he is not worth keeping over some of the young talent the teams should have coming through soon

at 12:59 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

Good idea. It was getting tiring and boring reading the constant bickering that was going. I remember those old Big Red Smokey ads, the sausage that thinks it's a hot dog.
As for who will win the race, I am betting on Redlegs! Go Reds!

at 1:00 PM Blogger SL said...

Great Move

at 1:00 PM Blogger Gweedoh said...

Whoa whoa whoa, this is getting out of hand. Let's get one thing clear- the actual big red smokey ad went as such:

Yerrr....a hotdog?

Yer blind, that's a smoked sausage!

I call 'em as I see 'em. That's a hotdog.

Smoked sausage!


Yer right!

[Kahn's Big Red Smokey: The smoked sausage that thinks it's a hotdog]

Walks will haunt!

at 1:01 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

The sooner Griffey is gone the better. Think the call to the principal's office really did any good?

at 1:03 PM Blogger gannfan said...

John - Great move. I live in Chicago and have emailed you on prior occasions.

They don't write much about the Reds in Chicago, except to remind Reds fans who Reds have as manager.

Enquirer.com and your blog are about it for Reds coverage, so I very much appreciate your blog. When the personal attacks are weeded out there's a lot of great baseball discussion and commentary on your blog.

at 1:08 PM Blogger Dude said...

I refuse to register!

at 1:08 PM OpenID choler83 said...

Great idea, maybe we won't have 7000 comments arguing about nonsense anymore

at 1:14 PM Blogger Dutch in Richmond, IN said...

John, I haven't heard much about David Weathers this spring? I assume the plan is still to use him as the main set-up guy. If Affeldt gets moved to the pen, along with Volquez or Bailey, we could be much better this year in the 8th.

at 1:19 PM Blogger gmirones said...


at 1:20 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Okay Gweed, that's a little disturbing (in a good way) that you remember that Big Red Smokey (snicker) ad. Remember how the "Walks Will Haunt" bit had a little ghost dancing around.

That was high scoreboard entertainment, yessirree. State of the art.

at 1:22 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Junior has a $4 million buyout. Ain't chump change. If he has a good year, why not bring him back for one more? They pay the buyout and negotiate a something smaller than the $12.5 mil of this year.

at 1:26 PM Blogger ajaxonford said...

Glad about the new rules. Now maybe we can get back to baseball.

at 1:35 PM Blogger BALLHAWK said...

Funny thing is the biggest person responsible for being negative is registered, Jack in Blue Ash. Acing him would eliminate most problems.

at 1:43 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

bout time john.. thanks

I agree cheviot..why even bother having junior on the team..No problem he will be injured shortly

at 1:46 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

ballhawk..I have said repeatedly that I hope to see this team go .500.. that is achievable and remarkable

at 1:49 PM Blogger Randy said...

Which one splashed CRACK!!! across the whole scoreboard after the cartoon batter swung? I'm thinking it was Kahn's but can't remember for sure. My buddies and I always got a good chuckle out of that.

at 1:50 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

A few points of interest on the Griffey / Dunn debate for next year.

2007 stats

JR Dunner
G 144 152
AB 528 522
HR 30 40
RBI 93 106
SLG 496 554
HITS 146 138
2B 24 27
3B 1 2
K 99 165

FIELD .868 .846

Pretty close, notice, JR less games but MORE AB's.

What does this mean for next year?

Well, considering the Reds will likely have an opportunity to sign JR for considerably less than his current $12m

And that Dunn will likely want a raise form his current $10.5m (at least proportionate to inflation).

It will be less expensive to sign Griffey.

Having said that, if th Reds can and want to sign Dunner long term, something like 6yr @ like 8 or 9 per plus signing bonus, I think it makes sense. But I have a feeling hell have better offers. If he really wants to be in Cincy, and will do it, great.

But if he wants more per year, and is only interested in like a 2/ 3 year deal, I say you sign Griffey instead.

2yr w/ opt for 3 @ like $6.5m each (maybe less depending on his other offers), plus incentives for 140+ games, reaching 650 and 700hr (in 3rd year obviously) and playoff success.

Am I crazy?

I know what your answer will be JACK.

at 1:51 PM Blogger redsfan8557 said...

It will be so nice not to read all the bickering back and forth. I cant wait in till opening day

at 1:53 PM Blogger Fkdrad said...

Heading to the Miami vs Illinois baseball game at Ed Smith ..Then to Javier's. What do you recommed? (we are taking my brother-in-law, the Colgate prof., for the first time)

at 1:55 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

This years stas will be the deciding factor obviously.

at 1:56 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

ken griffey jr is a washed up over the hill financial burden for this team. I dont care if you can sign Griffey for $50 . He does not even hustle in the outfield or base paths anymore.

The outfield, sooner than later... will be Dunn, Hooper, Bruce and someone else

Dunn is 27 Griffey is almost 40 time to move on

at 1:56 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

This years stas will be the deciding factor obviously.

(Griffey vs Dunn)

at 1:56 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

This years stas will be the deciding factor obviously.

(Griffey vs Dunn)

at 1:58 PM Blogger John Fay said...

In my Insider for the paper, I wrote that I think the Reds are grooming Bruce to over in right in '09. That's why he's playing a lot of right this spring is my guess.

at 1:58 PM Blogger redfuture said...

Dunn make $13M this year. Grif will not be back next year, Bruce is your RF next year for less than $500K.

at 1:58 PM Blogger eddieginsburg said...

When did Griffey EVER hustle?

at 2:00 PM Blogger Stan said...

If Bailey doesn't make the rotation, I'd rather see him in AAA than long relief. Command is the one thing that experience is the best cure.

at 2:02 PM Blogger Brandon said...

Thanks Jack I'm glad someone agrees about Jr. being past his prime. Let him squeeze out a few more years in the AL as a DH ala Piazza. Seems like Patterson is going to be the CF which would lead me to believe Bruce is going to AAA to start the year.

at 2:04 PM Blogger Scottyb said...

Nice move John I work with at-risk middle schoolers and use to think that this forum reminded me of my community centers.

I don't understand why people are so down on Dunn I hope we keep him long term. Griffey I think has this season and then he will be off to Seattle to retire.

This is not the year for Bruce. Send to him to triple A and bring him up later in the year.

at 2:09 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Jr is a great guy and does much in the community that we dont know about. He apparently is a wonderful father and husband..

Yet, he should have retired 5 years ago. But when you are making 12 million a year why not sick around..cant blame him

at 2:09 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

My point is, if you cant get Dunn ling term, and hes going to walk eventually anyway, get Griffey for less money, nearly the same stats, as a bridge to a long term solution.

Washed up? Check his rankings in 2007:
Top 25 in HR, RBI, and Slugging.

Is that really washed up?

at 2:10 PM Blogger Stan said...

I see Boston scored 2 in the first (off bailey I presume)

at 2:16 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

griffey is not a bridge to any solution at 39 40 years of age..and with his money freed up thats openes up many possiblities in the outfield
including signing Dunn to a long term contract

His homers ,RBIs, and slugging percentage did not help a team that went 72-90. Frankly his numbers really did not help Seattle even when he was in his prime

Defensively, and on the base path hes become a liability

Time for gramps to retire or move to the american league and DL

at 2:17 PM Blogger NVreds said...

This isn't going to instantly solve the problem, it'll help, but no this isnt a solve all solution.

the 16mil option for griffey isnt worth it, obviously so will not be seeing him in a reds uni next yr.

lay off the guy for not hustling, his hustle is wht got him all those injuries (from the hustle in Seattle crashing full speed into walls) he's still a pretty good player, and a better RF than someguys I've watched, forget the beginning of last yr, even I had trouble switching to the OF for my softball team. the 1 or 2 times he didnt hustle doesnt mean he's garbage, and dusty should fix that a little. besides he can't help us on the DL.

at 2:18 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Read the post, Im not saying sign Griff over Dunn no matter what.

Lets also remember, pitching is expensive, Jr chasing down the 700 club will sell tickets. Tickets = money, money means not loosing Harang, Cueto, and whatever other good pitchers we can scare up to the Yankees or Sox.

at 2:19 PM Blogger NVreds said...

using the teams overall record is a real bad way to evaluate a player. there are tons of bad teams with good players. the pitching is more to blame.

at 2:20 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

I see Bailey did a remarkable job in his three innings today..

Ken Griffey has not hustled in many years and as everyone in the sports world knows his lack of offseason training has contributed to his injuries..plus his age

at 2:21 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

His homers ,RBIs, and slugging percentage did not help a team that went 72-90. Frankly his numbers really did not help Seattle even when he was in his prime

Neither did Dunn's

Anyway, Reds will keep one, but which, THAT is my angle on this.

If we can lose them both and sign a Josh Beckett, I say see ya JR / Dunner. But thats not the option in 2009.

at 2:21 PM Blogger Stan said...

Hey John,

I was surprised to se D. Thompson sent out so soon. He seemed to have good outings.

What's your take?

at 2:21 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin we go to at least 40 games a year.. people just aint that excited over Griffey anymore ..sorry

A winning team will put the fans in the seats

at 2:22 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin we will keep a 27 year old adam dunn..guaranteed

at 2:23 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"kevin we go to at least 40 games a year." <----this is the real problem not anon posters

at 2:27 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

About the $16m option.

It is possible for a tem to not take the option and then sign the same player to a new contract later in the off season.

JR's not getting even close to 16mil anywhere in baseball. That number is irrelevant.

at 2:29 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

redsNV.. kevin made a commment about griffey getting fans into seats

this is not true ..I am a fan that attends many games the excitement last year was over Hamilton and Bailey etc..not griffey

at 2:29 PM Blogger Stan said...

I think next year, Harangs and Arroyos salaries start to climb rapidly. That'll probably eat up any money saved by not re-signing Griffey or Dunn.

at 2:29 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin they reds are not going to pick up 40 year old ken griffey for next year..move on

at 2:32 PM Blogger Stan said...

I think this is what John was saying. Everybody...NEXT TOPIC

at 2:32 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Homer Bailey 3 innings six hits four runs..ERA 6.97

I know I am excited about this pitching staff

at 2:34 PM Blogger NVreds said...

thats fine, the # of games you go to is something you need to just leave out in the future. I've been saying "trade grif" since the middle of last yr

"everyone in the sports world knows..." <---this isn't needed either, quit making people sound stupid

at 2:34 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Jack in Blue Ash said...
kevin we will keep a 27 year old adam dunn..guaranteed

Thats not guaranteed, Dunn wil be a free agent which means the Reds have NO leverage on him. If he gets an offer Cincy cant / wont match......

This is my point, if Dunn doesnt work out, why wouldnt you keeo Griffey?

Please read my posts carefully, they can be a little advanced some.

All you saw was sign Griffey and you went into one of you JR sucks rants. Please Jack... relax.

at 2:34 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

my man Keppinger 2 for 2 is he not a hitting machine gang?

at 2:37 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

NV reds Kevin commented specifically on fans at the ballpark I responded to such. Please dont attack me. If you dont like personal info ..we dont need to hear about your softball team you play for

Kevin for the last time ,,I dont care if Dunn goes to Mars..they will not keep a 40 year ken griffey on this team for 12 million or more a year

at 2:38 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin I was very positive and complimentary about KG..read my posts.

but there comes a time when all players need to retire gracefully

at 2:39 PM Blogger NVreds said...

I'm done...and I'm also right

at 2:40 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Kevin the main man Castellini says he wants Dunn on this team

at 2:41 PM Blogger redfuture said...

You think Dusty put Shearn in there to make sure the runners he inherited from Homer scored?

At least Cueto & Volquez are studs who are pitching well. That will allow Bailey to go to AAA to work on stuff.

at 2:43 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

nv reds you are incorrect Kevin made a comment about fans at the ballpark of which I am one. Fans were excited about Hamilton last year, to a certain degree Phillips and Homer coming up.I was there ., I know this

I am sorry you dont go to games but I was not taking a swipe at you

If you fell my interjecting my personal stuff is unwarranted, again, you leave out yours. Now please dont attack me

at 2:45 PM Blogger Stan said...


at 2:45 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Sorry guys last one I promise,

If they cant sign Dunn, and they let Griffey go, are Bruce and Stubbs or Bruce and Hopper really going to make up the 199rbis and 70HR?

at 2:46 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

they should have left Homer down in AAA last year..he was not ready.. this back and forth is not good for his confidence

at 2:47 PM Blogger Stan said...

The young guys would make up the difference on defense.

at 2:49 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin I dont know what the answer would be if that possibility arose, which I dont think it will because Castellini likes Dunn.

But you are forgetting one important factor..if, as you say both Dunn and Griffey leave, this frees up what..over 20 million bucks, they will find two good players to play in the outfield

But ken Griffey at 40 years of age will not be one of them

at 2:51 PM Blogger liz said...

Can't wait until opening day. Hope it's not cold and rainy.

at 2:52 PM Blogger steve said...

keep up the good work john

at 2:54 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Im willing to bet that this season when JR is sitting on about 597, ticket sales will be pretty darn good!

at 2:56 PM Blogger Stan said...

Homer went 3.1 innings and gave up 6 runs. He's not making the rotation.

at 3:00 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

John, if the season starts tommorrow, whats your rotation?

at 3:00 PM Blogger Stan said...


at 3:03 PM Blogger Justwinbaby said...

Well done John, appriciate all your efforts. As I'm sure you know, many of us live far away from Cincy. In my case, I live in Rigby, Idaho(Born and raised in Brookville Ohio, Graduated from UD.). You are our eyes and ears to the Reds. The last 2 years, with these blogs, is the closest I've been able to follow the Reds since I left Ohio 21 years ago. So thanks again John I really appriciate what your doing. Oh and yea, I'm happy the Reds are moving to Arizona! However, it will still be a 13 hour drive for me, but it's better than 3 days to Florida!

at 3:04 PM Blogger Jeff said...

I don't think Homer's confidence is the problem. Paul Daugherty spoke with Hal McCoy and John Fay on Sports Talk a week or so ago and they both felt that Homer's biggest problem was that he was arrogant and not open to the advice of Dick Pole and others. They both said that Red's insiders felt that he would get over the hump when he began listened to other more experienced voices and applied what he learned.

at 3:06 PM Blogger David Hartman said...

Haren or Bedard or Blanton is starting to look a lot better now. Too bad two of the three are off the board already.

at 3:06 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Kevin average attendance sucked last year as KG was htting his meaningless homeruns. The fans at the park were more xcited about Josh Hamilton and Brandon Phillips, Homer Bailey etc.. ask John Fay

Im telling ya dude the local fans want a winner.. they really dont care about individual statistics anymore. They like Ken Griffey because of all the good he has done but the fans also know he is at the end of his career. And the more knowledgeable fans know his 12 million a year is killing this franchise

Kevin, I dont mean to diminish you in any way..but how many games did you take in at GABP and how do you know what the fans there were thinking

at 3:08 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

We need a catcher who can hit & play behind the plate, a shortstop behind Gonzo that can hit & field adequately, and of course... reliable pitching.

We have the talent in the OF that if we lose Griffey we won't notice. He IS putting butt's into seats, as anyone with any cognitive abilities would realize is true for someone approaching 600HR's.
Keppinger is not a long term solution at SS as long as his play in the field is subpar, which it is.

Janish and Frazier look to be our long term answers at SS, but Janish is a weak stick right now.

Catcher is the tough spot... if Ross doesn't hit then we are in trouble. Valentin and Bako are jokes behind the plate. I hope the kid we picked up last year works out (Moresco?), or Tatum/Hanigan surprise.

I'm really happy with how the young guns are working out on the mound though.

Cueto is looking like a gem and Volquez SHOULD be making people happy. Fogg has done decently and I look at it like Fogg and Volquez are battling it out for the #4 & #5 spots in the rotation. The bullpen has even looked decent, with the usual suspects looking bad and needing to be gone.

BTW - Josh Hamilton is IRRELEVANT to the Cincinnati Reds, because he ISN'T ONE!!!

at 3:08 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

yes kevin I would agree with you..if Griffey is not injured by that time.. ticket sales will be great as he nears 600 homeruns .. aside from that he will not be pulling fans in the park

at 3:09 PM Blogger smtides said...

In 1 hour and 6 minutes (12:43 - 1:49), Jack managed to leave 18 messages that all said essentially the same thing.

Griffey sucks.

John Fay, if you allow this to continue you are going to lose an awful lot of knowledgeable Reds fans who would like to discuss the Reds without wading through some serious garbage in EVERY topic thread.

That would be a shame.

at 3:11 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Stan, I like it, Ilike Cueto in the three hole, he seems confident, and sometimes the best thing for a confident player is to put him under a little pressure. Where this would probably be disasterous for Bailey (3 spot) it may be just what Cueto needs.

at 3:15 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

what was our average attendance last year as Griffey was shooting for 600 homeruns? if it had not been for the fireworks or special events days and nites, our attendance would have been among the worst in the league

when griffey is at 598 u will see a spike in attendance until he hits 600
aside from that he pulls no one into the park anymore

Cueto has never pitched a game in the majors. Volquez is 3-11 the last 3 years with a 7 ERA..impressive

at 3:15 PM Blogger Jeff said...

Jack of Blue Ash stated: “And the more knowledgeable fans know his 12 million a year is killing this franchise”

Then follows up with: “Kevin, I dont mean to diminish you in any way..but how many games did you take in at GABP and how do you know what the fans there were thinking”

This is exactly the passive-aggressive blogging approach that has created problems on this blog and I see it from Jack on a regular basis. Please stop it or go somewhere else. I for one am tired of it.

at 3:17 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I agree with you John. Bruce is being groomed for RF. He will start the season in AAA and be up here when Griffey or possibly someone else goes down. Since this is the contract year for Griffey, perhaps he will play a whole season but I really doubt. In any case, he will finally be gone next year and Bruce will be in RF.

Why are a couple of bloggers continuing to bicker back and forth? Maybe they just need to stay off of the blogs for awhile.


at 3:18 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

john smitides and jdeezman have identical IPs I you would like I will email them to you and tell you how i have acquired such

at 3:18 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

and jeff ..

at 3:20 PM Blogger Jack in St. Louis said...

It's a very good idea to make everyone register. I know that I have also been guilty of posting anonymously in the past.

at 3:21 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Let's see... what are the options we have?

Last year we were looking at Belisle, Lohse, Shearn, Ramirez, Milton..etc.

Out of those, only Belisle had a shot this year, and he has sucked.

Cueto, Volquez, Harang, Fogg, and Arroyo have been the SP's that have looked good... consistent and good.

You go with what works... and it doesn't matter how many games you go to or don't go to... common sense rules.

If you don't have it, then there is no help.

at 3:21 PM Blogger David Hartman said...

Bailey sounds like he could be the next Brett Tomko. Tomko got run out of Cincy because he knew more about pitching than Don Gullet. And his career really took off after he left town, didn't it?

If I'm Kriv, I'm calling Oakland to see if that Blanton offer is still on the table.

And as an aside, KNOWLEDGABLE fans know $12 million a year isn't the issue at all. $12 million a year is now the going rate for guys who produce like Griffey and Dunn. The issue is the Reds' unwillingness to pay the going rate.

So don't think for a second that if the Reds let Junior and Dunn walk and save, in theory, $25 million next year, they'll use that on established players who are good enough to actually help you win, because, well, those guys cost, say $12 million or so a year.

So until the ownership -- who's getting to play in a stadium the taxpayers paid for -- makes the same commitment to the fans that the fans have made to the team, expect more of the same.

Oh, and I've NEVER attended a game at the PGABP, never sat next to a scout, etc., so I can't possibly know anything.

at 3:22 PM Blogger NVreds said...

you can email to me, I think I would care more than john does, and I dont care at all....

at 3:26 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

volquez is 3-11 the past three years with an ERA over 7..thats good

Cueto has never pitched a game at the major league level

Fogg is a .500 pitcher..that sure is consistent

we had Hamilton and now Bruce..with griffeys 12 million a year we could have gotten some starting pitching

at 3:26 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 3:27 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

o don't think for a second that if the Reds let Junior and Dunn walk and save, in theory, $25 million next year, they'll use that on established players who are good enough to actually help you win, because, well, those guys cost, say $12 million or so a year.

yes I agree and griffey does not help anyone win at this point in career

at 3:29 PM Blogger NVreds said...

a 500 pitcher is a good thing, we havent had one for awhile, thats a welcome addition

cueto is as good as advertised, I dont care how much minors time he has, his stuff is more advanced

at 3:30 PM Blogger MONEY MIKE said...

Alright so let’s draw a stretch comparison. President Clinton: one of the most beloved presidents of all time, vices aside, but he is not longer a president. Yet, people pay tons of money to see him because of what he was and has did in his past.

Griffey Jr: One of the most beloved ballplayers of all time, but the is no longer one of the greats yet his numbers are still admirable. Yet, people still pay money for a reds game to see Jr. because of what he was and has did in the past.

This isn’t a dispute of current stats this is argument of people coming the GABP to see the myth the legend Ken Griffey Jr.

at 3:31 PM Blogger Stock said...

Haren, Bedard or Blanton would have cost the Reds Cuerto + others.

I would rather have 6 years of Cuerto over two(three) years of Bedard(Haren). Cuerto will be better than Blanton in 2008.

at 3:33 PM Blogger MONEY MIKE said...

The moral of my strech comparison: I see Jr.'s option getting picked up in 09 because of his ticket sales. I would like to see some data analysis on this. I am not sure if there is any really good data on this because there will be spurious correlations i would think.

at 3:33 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Kevin in Ft Myers here,

In my original post about Griffey and Dunn, I went to a bit of trouble to gather some statistics and then presented them with my comments, notice:

None of jacks posts had ANY statistics. They were pretty much filled with opinions and condescending wisecracks.

Anyone else notice that?

at 3:33 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

a .500 pitcher is not a good thing ..that is unless you are accustomed to mediocrity and losing

cueto has never pitched a game at the major league level,Bailey was killing minor league batters also

what people that came to the ballpark last year were exicited about was Phillips, Bailey, and Hamilton...and the Chicago Cubs coming to town

at 3:33 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Enough is enough...

I'm just extremely glad that Dusty is making the decisions rather than posters on this blog... or we'd still have no pitching, no defense, and a junkie in CF!

Others made the point that Bailey shouldn't be in the pen, that he should go back to Loisville if he doesn't make the rotation.

I don't agree, I think that if we could use him in long relief it would help him. He has to learn to listen to input, and I think that he won't listen to anyone in the minor league system.

He needs a kick in the butt, because his million dollar talent is being wasted by his nickels worth of attitude and brainpower right now.

at 3:35 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Ticket sales sucked with JR ..ticket sales will improve when we have a winner

kevin move on..the reds are not gonna keep a 40 year old Ken Griffey after this year..theres your stat.. hes 40 years old

at 3:35 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

nobody on this blog knows what baileys problems are

at 3:37 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

Why is there still bickering and continuing beating of the same point over and over? It's clear that some who post don't feel good about the Reds, are always negative, and seem to want to see the Reds to fail so they can say, see I told you. Yet these same posters claim to be great Reds fans, who are just being realistic.

Seems funny to me how there can be professial writers, who have nothing to do with the Reds, are saying that the Reds could be a surpise team, but so many on this site don't see it. Relax there is still two weeks left in spring training. This team is better than last year's club,a better bullpen, stronger pitching, and a stronger bench. IMO.

at 3:38 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin has Griffey ever played a full season with this team.. kevin if you missed work 27% of the time you would be fired..theres some more stats kevin

at 3:39 PM Blogger David Hartman said...

I bet Jack knows what Bailey's problem is. He sat next to a scout, after all.

at 3:39 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

kevininftmyers... I did notice that as I'm sure John Fay will too.

It's obvious that he is very frustrated with the kindergarten activities that have happened here and will take action next.

You make good informed posts kevin, and although I don't agree with everything you say (of course!) your opinion and insight is valued.

Don't worry... I have a hunch that someone may have his power cord unplugged soon!

at 3:42 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

ol timey..i have said repeatedly that I think this team will improve to .500 and that would be a tremendous turnaround in one year

Comparing any aspect of this club to last year..one would only hope they would be better

starting pitching: aside from Harrang everyone is a question mark and Josh Fogg is a .500 pitcher

bullpen: after two weeks in spring training. no one knows how the bullpen will do. Cordero is a good closer

bench: is no better or no worse

at 3:42 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"that is unless you are accustomed to mediocrity and losing" keep this garbage out, this is the problem not the anon posts,
I'm argueing with you, the topic happens to be how a mediocre pitcher is better than a bad pitcher.
a .500 pitcher is a good thing compared to a losing pitcher...I mean come on, the junk I've seen us trot out there? (milton, williams, claussen, dumatrait, etc., etc., etc., etc.)
He's what you want in a 4/5 pitcher, especially compared to other teams back end of their rotation

I can't wait to see cueto pitch monday, so I can assess what he's got, and I have more faith in him than the others I just mentioned, that is however only my opinion.

at 3:44 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

deezman I have 3 of your IPs and identities ready to forward to John Fay along with a script that will prevent you from blogging on this site

at 3:46 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

What makes some of you think that Dunn will not be here next season? Don't give me the too much money crap. They CAN afford him. Castellini likes him for one thing and if Dunn's season this year is comparable to the one he had last season then he will still be around next year and possibly for years to come. Be it for the best or not, I am not sure.

Griffey, in his years here has shown no enthusiasm for anything except his own stats. His attitude seems to portray "its all about me". Perhaps Dusty Baker can get a little team effort out of him. I think one of the reasons he was brought in here was to try to improve a few attitudes amongst the ranks. I don't want to see anymore 400' singles this year from anyone on this team.

at 3:47 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Nv Reds if i disagree with opinions that would suggest that the Reds are gonna be fantastic that makes me a bad guy?

sorry about ken griffey gang..i think we should keep him next year and up his salary to 15 million a year

is that better

at 3:50 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

cheviot it is funny..the long distance fans still think that Griffey is wowing everyone in cincinnati..and the local fans know differently

Castellini likes Dunn and they can afford him

I remember all the talk last year on local radio it was 90-10 to trade ken for all the reasons you suggest

at 3:51 PM Blogger Grizzlyfox said...

I want to come here and read about the Reds and others comments, but this blog's a lost cause. How about as a simple rule when you post look at your other posts and if it says the exact same thing your about to post, don't post it, you can safely assume everyone already knows your opinion. And not just one person is guilty of this. We're all Reds fans, and I'd hate to see this go away.

at 3:51 PM Blogger jdeezman said...


Now I'm 3 other people with different IP's!


nv... you are going to see them? Great, hopefully Ross will be back catching by then because I'd like to see how these young pitchers will do with a decent catcher behind the plate.

I also have more faith in the guys we have here this year... if nothing else than the input given by Mario Soto.

When a quality SP like he was gives you the thumbs up on a young pitcher, I think it would be wise to listen. Not only that... but REAL scouts have been raving about Cueto and Volquez too... not just "fans in the stands".

Bring us back a full report nv, input by someone there is the most valued input of all.

at 3:54 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

grizzly i... have seen your post when u get heated .. you are no different than me or anyone else ..

no one is threatening anyone else or posting personal info..sports debate is usually heated

I have seen plenty of heated debates on this blog that took place when I was not posting

at 3:54 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"Nv Reds if i disagree with opinions that would suggest that the Reds are gonna be fantastic that makes me a bad guy?"
QUIT putting words in people's mouths, this is the problem not the anon posts

this team is better but not there yet, fogg is a decent addition for $1mil

at 3:54 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

scouts raved about bailey also

at 3:55 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

reds quit crying when someone disagrees

at 3:57 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

real performance at the major league level the past 3 years is 3-11 for volquez with an era over 7

read the rangers publications about the volquez trade..they all were wondering how they got Hamilton without giving away anything of value

at 4:00 PM Blogger NVreds said...

john let this thread play out....maybe in a few days things will be better

I wont be live at the game its the tv game, but the camera behind a pitcher is a good way to watch a pitcher anyway.

when I watched bailey (tv), he threw his FB inside to LH well, something advanced for most 21yr old pitchers, ecpecially with 95mph heat. his curve needs work, he hangs it too much, his change/screwball looked good, Id like to see him develop it more.
I will gladly post my assessment, I hope its sort of educated, even though I'm not a scout.

at 4:00 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

I love it!

Now that you have to be registered, it comes down to concentrated BS!

Like I said earlier, at least it's not a million individual posts from "anonymous" posters... it's a constant stream of nonsense by a select few.

Now... back to baseball.

For those of us out of the area who can't listen to the game, what pitchers are getting shellacked by the Bosox today?

After Bailey of course...

at 4:02 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Jack: you're wearing me and the other posters out. I do not want this blog to be about you. Make your point and move on. Stop the stuff about long-distance fans. And please never include "I'm sure John Fay would agree with me" in any post.

at 4:04 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Sorry nv, I took it to mean you were watching live!

I only get a select few games here in the Virginia Beach area.. during spring training anyway. I'm just waiting for the regular season to start so my seasons pass will be active!

I agree with your take on Homer, and I also think he overstrides trying to get speed, while giving up control. When his curve is on, it's just like the scouting reports have said "a plus pitch" for him. I also like how he goes inside to LH hitters... but of course his worst area is that his control seems to be bad up in the zone too.

That's a sure fire sign of a lot of gopher balls in GABP.

at 4:06 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"reds quit crying when someone disagrees"

you need to take a look in the mirror, keep your 3rd grade crying comments to yourself

at 4:07 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

john.. three other posters that are posting now and complaining are the same individual..secondly I said ask John Fay and that was specific to the excitement caused by bailey, phillips and hamilton last year ..please dont put words in my mouth

furthermore john this is a blog, I see no one threatening anyone else or posting personal info..you take it way too seriously

at 4:09 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

i did not bring up the issue of long distance fans indiscriminately to get a rise..The issue was Kevins remarks was specific to fans at the park being excited about Griffey. And as I am one of those fan s I offered my opinion

at 4:11 PM Blogger NVreds said...

JD -
the overstrides thing was something welsh mentioned, and his take was it takes away from his "throwing downhill" which makes the curve break later and at a more downward angle (hey I actually used some geometry!). pretty interesting actually, this is something he won't be able to really adjust either, so they (brantley/welsh) both said he needs to shorten his breaking ball. I have him in AAA to start the season.

agree with your take on Homer, and I also think he overstrides trying to get speed, while giving up control. When his curve is on, it's just like the scouting reports have said "a plus pitch" for him. I also like how he goes inside to LH hitters... but of course his worst area is that his control seems to be bad up in the zone too.

at 4:12 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I do take it seriously, Jack. It's part of my job. If you don't the way I run it, there are a lot of place to go on the net.

at 4:14 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

Jack, I agree with you that nobody knows for sure how the pitching staff or any other part of the team will perform. It is true that Cueto has not pitched in the majors and that Fogg is a .500 pitcher.
I maintain that a .500 pitcher is alright for a number 5 pitcher. I think almost every team in the game would be happy to have a double digit wins and .500 pitcher in the lower spot of the rotation.

As far as what is possible just look at last year Diamondbacks and Rockies teams, nobody seen them coming on like they did, I betting not even their fans. Point being they play the game on the field for a reason. If the Reds can be a .5oo team, they can be a plus
.500 team just as easily. Will they, who knows, but they have the possibility.

at 4:17 PM Blogger redfuture said...

I can't believe some fans don't know that you can get the Radio broadcasts from MLB.com for $14.95 a year. You can hear either teams broadcasters. Of course you can get the MLB.TV package for quite a bit more but less than the Extra Innings package. Of course locals can't see the video because of the TV blackout. But people in Nevada or where ever don't have that concern. So there are two levels of commitment to your team, one small for audio, one bigger for video.

at 4:17 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

jack I think you need a leasson in reality.

I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This area happens to have the greatest concentration of military members in the world.

Ohio is always ranked in the top 5 in terms of the number of people who live in the state who join the service.

Therefore, it's proably a very good bet that there are a whole lot of Reds fans that live in this area.

As a matter of fact, in my subdivision I know of at least 5 other Reds fans JUST ON MY STREET!

It wouldn't be earthshaking at all if there were at least two other posters on here that disagree with you and your method of posting, and also live in this area.

I truly am just one person jack, and I've never posted under an anonymous posting at all.

Poor jack, paranoia will detroy ya!

at 4:22 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

redfuture, it's not that some of us don't know about MLB radio... I just spent my $ on the MLB package on the dish.

It wouldn't make sense to make that investment just for the ST games.
I also tried it last year and had all sorts of problems for some reason... probably operator error!

at 4:22 PM Blogger DeportMikeBrown said...

The last cuts this year are going to be very difficult for the Reds...

Andy Green apparently wants to come north with the big club! Can Green play CF and leadoff?

How about:

CF Green
SS Keppinger
2B B. Phillips
RF Griffey
LF Dunn
1B Hattebergy
C flip a coin/who cares?

With a bench of A. Phillips, C. Patterson, Freel, Hopper, Castro, Votto, and the fat-slow no-steal SS, once he heals..., we have a nice array of young offensive players...with tons more in AAA.

I know someone has already made this observation but Louisville is going to have a great team this year. It will be worth the drive to see Bruce play, since it's looking like he's going to spend April-August playing bluegrass OF.

at 4:22 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Daugherty's blog is bad (only because it is not updated frequently) and Bill Koch's is just pathetic; monitored, censored and updated every 12 hours or so, sometimes even longer, whether it is needed or not.

It seems that there are 3 or 4 bloggers here, who want this one that way. Oh well, I have other ways to waste my time, but this is a very cheap one and I would prefer it stay spontaneous.

Thanks for the effort John.

at 4:28 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

The MLB.TV package is $90 for the season. You need a high-speed connection. The MLB Audio is $15 a season, and you can hear every broadcast, home or away, of each MLB team. Each is a tremendous bargain. When you buy the TV package, you automatically get the audio portion. $15 a month. Worth every penny.

at 4:30 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

"and Brandon Phillips, Homer Bailey etc.. ask John Fay"

John ..Big difference telling someone to ask John Fay compared to typing that John Fay "agrees" with me. Get your facts straight. Thats a personal attack

Secondly, three posters that are currently blogging the ones complaining.. are the same individual

Finally , I have not threatened, used foul language, or posted personal info. this is a sports blog and debates will be heated..people disagree

I have observed this blog without posting and many in here debate all nite long on the same topic back and forth and you dont intervene..you seem to pick on me for no reason.

Doc is a neighbor of mine and I will be speaking with Josh Pilcher over your attempt to take away my first amendment rights

at 4:31 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Hey Mr R!

Welcome back! Careful though... there are about 30 people that I'm posting as!

I just don't want to listen to Marty without Joe...

but I won't miss my Reds games, I Tivo the entire season every year.

at 4:32 PM Blogger NVreds said...

I am split between switching to dish and getting the mlb package, or the mlb.com again (well my friend will probably let me use his account...we've split the $ in the past)

Bruce in AAA isnt the end of the world, I want to see him too, but bailey obviously wasn't ready, even with his dirty minor league stats. hitters and pitchers are different animals though

Bruce in AAA likely won't help him, but its not going to hurt him either. And he'll be in the bigs after his super2 status expires.

at 4:33 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

This year will be about developing the kids for next year. Cueto is a great story, and Bruce/Votto will get the experience they need for the future. Since the Central is weak, the Reds can contend this year. That will be fun part to watch. This team won't win the World Series but the future looks bright.
I hope to see Bailey starting by years end, but I reads like he isn't ready. Maybe sending him to AAA will be a wake up call like EE got last year.
Thanks John for forcing my hand so I registered.

at 4:35 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

You don't get First Amendment rights on the media property of a publicy or privately held company. They set the rules, you follow them. In other words, you're screaming for freedom of speech at someone else's house party.

But if you want to speak your mind under the First Amendment, buy your own space, go stand in the street, or march on the newspaper offices. That's your right.

at 4:36 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

nothing like seeing a game in person redleggs but you should not have a problem as you are a professional sports writer

at 4:36 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

first ammendment rights are not specific to any venue ya fraud

at 4:37 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

That's right. Member of the BBWAA since 1985.

at 4:38 PM Blogger David Hartman said...

You have a first amendment right to express yourself on someone else's blog? Are you sure?

I've taken both undergraduate and graduate courses in media law. I'd bet the ranch the first amendment doesn't give you the right to express yourself on someone else's forum.

Start your own blog and say whatever you want to whomever will listen. As for this one, the owner makes the rules.

at 4:38 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

redleggs tell us again like you did two weeks ago how you were a professional sportswriter working independently,,then ya tell us you work for a company that has you on comp time

Redleggs ya are a sick old fart pretending on every and any blog 14 hours a day

at 4:38 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Oh yes First Amendment Rights are, bucko. You can speak your mind, but that doesn't preclude you from the consequences. I'm quite fluent in journalism law.

at 4:39 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

redleggs post your name why be ashamed LOL

at 4:40 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

david hartman taking courses and graduating are two different issues quit pretending to be an attorney

this is a public forum and the moderator cannot take away my rights to free speech..this aint john fays houes

at 4:41 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"Redleggs ya are a sick old fart pretending on every and any blog 14 hours a day"

dude you need to stop before you ruin this blog for everyone

at 4:42 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

I am a sick old fart. Thank you for the consideration. I can't get rid of the flu. Coff-coff, hack-hack.

Funny, the only person any of us see posting 14 hours a day is YOU and your lineup of now-vanquished anonymous IDs. But then, reality isn't really your thing--proven time and again.

Guess here is you have another day like today--Opening Day of controlled blogging--and you'll be shipped to Louisville with Homer Bailey.

at 4:42 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Mr redlegs tell us who you are.. no shame if you really are this resppected sportswriter u say u are

no sportswriter of any acclaim would spend 14 hours a day on a cincinnati reds blog you fraud

you have become psychotic and now believe your own lies

at 4:43 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Redleggs tell us who you are Mr Sportswriter..LOL you pulled the same crap on msn and the bengals blog

at 4:43 PM Blogger NVreds said...

please john, let this thread go and don't elimnate the blog, hopefully in a few days this blows over a little

at 4:44 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

The insepid calling the insane. The end cometh for you on this blog. Hope you enjoyed your time.

at 4:44 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

This is f$%King unbelievable!

at 4:45 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

u cant keep me off this blog sweetie


at 4:46 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Mr redleggs if you are a respected national writer like you tell us u are provide your name ..whats the harm in that..aside from getting sued for misrepresentation LOLOLOLO

at 4:47 PM Blogger smtides said...

Brilliant in Blue Ash:

I don't how you have deduced that jdeezman and I have the same IP address. But whatever the source, you should ask for your money back.

I live in Tampa and jdeezman apparently lives in Virginia. We are not the same person, but I'm sure you know that.

I'm not a tech guy (nor apparently are you) but since we're all registered with blogger, it doesn't seem like it would be that hard for John to prove you are what we all know you are.

Guys like you are a dime a dozen on the internet. You'll burn out soon enough.

at 4:47 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I see the fake Jack is here this afternoon

at 4:50 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Yeah, I have 10 posts out of 172 and only about 20 for the past week. You top my week's total in this one thread.

As for my ID, I don't answer to you, I answer to my bosses, and as someone who is active in the field and covers the NFL, my ID for enjoying the Reds on blogs is kept secret. I agree with the policy and really don't give a flying frog whether you believe it or not, like it or not, get banned or not.

at 4:51 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

John my office is on Cooper road,as I have conveyed to you before, you are more than welcome to stop by anytime when you return, I would like that.

I don't know whom that other person is but I apologize for this nonsense

at 4:51 PM Blogger redaholic said...

why do i get the feeling patterson is gonna be our center fielder?

at 4:51 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

You feeling, you sot :)

at 4:52 PM Blogger NVreds said...

so how bout those reds? bailey pitched like crap today

at 4:54 PM Blogger David Hartman said...

Sigh. Jack, Jack, Jack. I'm not pretending to be an attorney. What I am is a professional journalist. As such, it behooves me to know a little about freedom of speech and first amendment law. And I do.

I'm guessing Fay isn't the "owner" of this blog, but rather the paper that employs him. Nearly every paper/TV station has them now, so it's not new, untested territory. Think of it like the letters to the editor section of the paper itself. You can send in as many letters as you like. The paper isn't bound legally or morally to print ANY of them.

Now, under the first amendment, you're free to go start your own paper and say whatever you wish. But this blog -- and the company that owns it -- are a private enterprise, not a public trust.

at 4:54 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I think you will see Bruce make the club . What is going on with Hopper?

Yeah Bailey appears to have some serious issues

at 4:55 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"I don't know whom that other person is but I apologize for this nonsense"

uhh...what? nice try

if you want to post better stuff now with that ID fine, I 100% support it. your not fooling anyone

at 4:56 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Thanks Dave, echoing my words. And no, we don't have the same IP.

at 4:57 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

David, please lets stick to baseball. I don't know who that other person is but why even waste your time responding.

at 4:58 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

dave please lets focus on baseball

at 4:58 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Wow... what a sick and pathelic little man.

I also suggest letting this posting continue John... someone in the mental health sciences could use jack as a case study.

wow... this reminds me of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz..
"I'm melting, I'm melting, what a world"....

nv... I know your dilemna, but isn't it nice to have that problem now?

In the past we had no chance to see our favorite teams if we lived far away, technology is a wonderful thng sometimes.

at 4:59 PM Blogger redaholic said...

OK.. i'll tell u why. patt's defense over freels,hoppers,..experience over freels,hoppers,,, bruce is young and not a leadoff guy...and dusty keeps saying on base pct. is overrated!

at 5:01 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

Is this really happening? This blog is a good thing, why do some people have to always try to ruin good things?

As most have said: Bailey continues to disappoint. I feel the team may have no other option than to start him in AAA. What's he got two more starts this Spring?

I'm hoping Belisle can bounce back his next outing, looking forward to watching Ceuto on Monday. We'll talk more then.

at 5:04 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

I'm agreeing with you Redaholic. Patterson gives them the righty-lefty platoon in center they seem to want right now. I didn't feel Bruce ever had a shot at making the team out of ST.

at 5:06 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 5:07 PM Blogger NVreds said...

I'm actually rooting for patterson, i think he at least has a shot at making something good out of his career, the guys only 28 (yr older than hamilton) and his range would help dunn/griffey. .438 this spring after a late start, not too bad.

at 5:09 PM Blogger redaholic said...

harang arroyo volquez cueto belisle - fogg released,bailey AAA,affelft to bullpen

at 5:15 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Why release Fogg? He's pitched much, much better than Belisle. He's got a track record of being a very effective No. 5 starter (perhaps the best in MLB last year) and he makes only $1 million?

If anything, Belisle should be worried.

at 5:18 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

Wait there are two Jacks from Blue Ash??? Why would someone do that? Will the real Jack stand up and the fake one shut up.

Redlegs good to see you posting again on this blog. I enjoyed your posts from last season, you are one of the few who seems to have an idea about the real game and what they are talking about.

at 5:25 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Timey, I'm just an old, sick piece of bellowing fumes, a fraudulent gas bag with nothing better to do 14 hours a day (who counts?) but sit behind a laptop and eat Girl Scout Cookies dipped in Delsym. But hey, thanks nonetheless.

at 5:35 PM Blogger redaholic said...

i also like fogg better than belisle, but i think wayne and dusty think belisle has a better future than fogg

at 5:39 PM Blogger NVreds said...

their both the same person, he's also the julie, and he's posted as other names

releasing fogg would be a mistake, belisle's got options, or can be put into pen. Fogg's outpitched him so far.

at 5:42 PM Blogger Champ Summers said...

Mr R,

Why are you here? There is no good debate about anything Red's.

You have to sift through the Jack nonsense to tal Red's.

at 5:45 PM Blogger Champ Summers said...


I don't know if there is any real way to stop this BS without punishing everyone but if there is, please take those steps.

at 5:49 PM Blogger Champ Summers said...

Someone stasted earlier that they agreed with another post that Griffey is past his prime.

No kidding. Since most every players prime is about 27 to 33 I think that deduction could be made.

This is about making an effective contribution for the right value. If he renegotiates the option for the right dollars and Dunn leaves then let him stay. Bruce can play left until someone else becomes available.

at 5:50 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Wow,I see some uneasy relations on the Fay blog today,That sucks.Can't we all just get along, root for the reds ,disagree,agree,throw around stats,talk about baseball, & other enjoyable facts of life.

I'm getting tired of the negativity Jack & Mr.Redleg.I know I'm not innocent,but I'd rather get along & talk baseball, than the childish back & forth name calling

1.The name calling get's old,especially over trivial baseball talk.I do not care for the "I know more than you because" attuned either
2.I do not care what anyone does for a living on here,get over it.I will proabably never meet anyone on here,I could care less about what you do for a living.If you wanna play pretend,I could care less.
3.The reds need fan unity,not negativity
4.If you post with multiple names,that's just lame, a little weird, & you might need medical attention.
5.Don't take everything so personal,"There's NO crying in Baseball"

Wow,Homer looks horrible.Whats going on Fay????Compared to last season's ST ,what have you noticed that he's doing differently,etc...?Last season's ST he was the talk of ST, now he's just a guy with a glove,a high salary, & No results have hope for him & still think there is more upside than downside think he needs time in the show to get seasoned,not sent down.Is Dick Pole the right pitching coach or his he the problem????

at 5:51 PM Blogger Champ Summers said...

NV, that is spot on. Fogg may move on next year but he is a better fit the Belisle right now.

at 5:54 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I've turned the moderation thing on because some simply outlandish personal stuff got on the blog while I was away from the computer.

We're supposed to have the new system up by Opening Day.

I tell you how much it ticks me off when stuff like that gets on the blog.

at 6:00 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

Shamless plug. My follow Reds fans, for those of you who might have an interest, I have started a blog titled Redsspeak. I invite your comments if you so choose. First topic is Starting Rotation. Any input any have would be welcome. It's just another site to talk Reds baseball.

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