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Monday, March 10, 2008

Not a quality gag

The Yankees passed aronud a press release at the game tonight announcing the signing of Billy Crystal. Yes, that Billy Crystal. Crystal will work out with the Yankees Wednesday and then play in the game against the Pirates Thursday, the day before his 60th birthday.

Commission Bud Selig approved the ordeal, er deal. Guess he's not too busy with the performance-enhancing-drug mess.

The New York press corps was not pleased with the whole thing.


at 8:43 PM Anonymous PaulS said...

Its pre-season. This is one for the fans. Why would the NY media get upset?

at 8:51 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...

You hit the nail on the head John.....He's not busy with the steriod mess, never has been. Hear no evil, see no evil.

at 9:41 PM Blogger tom dunne said...

Riiiiight. Because the time it took Selig to rubber stamp this "transaction" might have made a real difference in the whole steroid situation. Baseball would clearly be a better sport if Selig had spent an additional five minutes fighting against drugs instead of handling this trivial bit of paperwork.

Would anyone else like to offer suggestions on the contents of the commissioner's day planner? I mean, since we're nitpicking and all? I hear that Selig sometimes takes the stairs at work rather than the elevator - that's probably ten minutes each week that he could be devoting to the steroid crisis!

It pains me that there is no word to properly describe my theatrically melodramatic eye-rolling...

at 9:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Where can we get some good info on whats going on at spring training?

TJ - Youngstown

at 9:48 PM Anonymous Monroe said...

The Pirates need all the help they can get. Every team that plays them in the regular season should have to field at least one famous geriatric.

I especially approve of this stunt if Rudy Giuliani puts on his Yankee dress, I mean, uniform, and completes the double play combo with his pal Billy.

I think I see a Depends undergarment ad coming to a tv near you soon ...

at 9:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey TJ in Youngstown: Try going to Sarasota, you'll get all the info you need. Until then, get off our beat writer.


at 10:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Papa Steinbrenner would have never embarrassed that franchise with this kind of side show. I know its spring training but this is just rediculous. Dont they have Yankee fantasy camp?

This is also disrespectful to the other team. Whats next? Team mascotts taking pinch hit at bats?

This as an isolated incident is not a big problem, but it sets a precident. (sp?) A very stupid one.

Next year,

W. in a Rangers game.
Jim Belushi in a Cubs game.
and Nick Lache in a Reds game.

What a joke!
This is almost as bad as the tie in the allstar game.
Smooooth Bud, real smooth.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 10:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see:

Tie in Allstar game,

Allstar game decides WS home field,


Opening day not in the USA (let alone not in Cincy),

and Billy friggn Crystal is a NY Yankee!

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 10:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, one more,

MLB extra innings ONLY available to DirecTV customers.


Kevin in Ft Myers

at 10:21 PM Blogger Justwinbaby said...

Speaking of stupid moves by MLB, how bout this
2008 Interleague Inequity - NL Central
Posted by: Richie Rich in 2008 MLB, Astros, Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, Reds, Stats
2008 Interleague Opponents

Reds: Yanks,BoSox,BluJays,Indians
Cubs: BaltOs,BluJays,Rays,CWS

at 10:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Scooby Doo is going to start for the Reds next week.

at 10:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Its aslo kind of funny that Tampa Bay ay be the best of the four the ChiCubs are playing!


at 10:28 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

The MlB extra innings is also available w/ Comcast cable.Atleast in Denver.

I'll stick w/ Directv.NFL & MLB packages are awesome.Strongly recommend,if you live out of market.

at 10:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My opinion on opening day,
(obviously I want it in Cincy)

but what I think would be great is OD in a new city each year, alternating between NL and AL.

Home team wears throwback unis, (not just any, but their first)
team legendary players in attendance,
TV side stories about great moments in teams history,
oh, and Billy Crystal in the lineup.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 10:43 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

The 5 minutes that Selig spent on the whole Billy Crystal debacle was about 5 minutes more than he devoted to the steroids debacle prior to 2005.

Rumor has it that the Red Sox, not to be out-done, are going to counter with Robin Williams. In order to keep the talent level/payroll in the proper proportions I suggest the Reds hire the kid who came in second in the first season of The Last Comic Standing.

at 11:14 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...


at 11:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John's sardonic observation is right on point. It's one thing if Congress turns their ivestigation of steroid use in MLB into a circus sideshow; it's quite another thing for MLB to turn itself into a circus sideshow/fantasy camp for rich and famous in spring training. Some teams and players actually take spring training seriousy.

at 11:42 PM Blogger ankurv5 said...

I think what Kevin is frustrated most about, as am I, is that baseball has become a business in almost all aspects. By avoiding the steroids thing, baseball got more exciting (more homeruns, etc.) and baseball attendance and viewership went up.

And by not having a salary cap, Major League Baseball has proven this point. It's absolutely ridiculous that small market teams can not truly compete with the big market teams unless they have young players who have outstanding seasons (i.e. DBacks, Rockies).

And what is the reward for a small market team homegrowing talent? Being forced to trade their best players before they hit the free agent market because the team knows it won't be able to pay those ridiculously huge contracts (i.e. Santana).

But I know I'm gonna keep watching, hoping somehow someone gets some sense and forces Selig out of office and attempts to return this game to the sport we all grew up playing and loving, and not into some big, money-based company that it has become.

at 11:59 PM Blogger GeneParmesean said...

i say bean him

at 1:31 AM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Kick Bud the traitor out & Reinstate Pete for the HOF.

at 2:26 AM Anonymous WestisBest said...

this is one of the more pathetic stories I've ever heard. This isn't even a bad 'joke' because its so bad you can't classify it as a joke

at 3:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Billy Crystal plays outfield, I expect Krivsky to sign him to a minor league deal by this Friday.

at 3:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Selig is a pig.

Rose should be in the HOF.

Congress should investigate what Selig knew and when he knew it--Selig must have known about Sosa and McGuire...yeah, protein powder and supplements were responsible for the Maris record chase fraud.

Bud Selig should be banned from baseball for life.

at 7:27 AM Blogger BubbaFan said...

Hey, John, thanks for today's Andy Phillips article. Good stuff.

But did you guys have to use that goofy photo of him? LOL!

at 8:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a joke this blog is. never any useful information

at 9:35 AM Anonymous Ben in Centerville said...

The first pitch from the Pirates better be high and inside. The second one should bean him in the leg.

at 9:39 AM Blogger ewad said...

Good God lighten up. No one got bent out of shape when Garth Brooks "tried out" for the Padres.
Or when Tom Seleck spent a few days in Tigers camp.... and didn't Kevin Costner do something similar?
Typical NY media types, get a grip.
I know they are the Yankees... but its still just a game.

at 10:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks ewad, you are correct. It is Spring freakin' training. Who cares? The guys are probably already bored playing these meaningless games that are basically try outs for the scrubs. How is Billy Crystal any different? The people moaning and groaning are the ones that fill the air waves on sports talk radio, which has become a dumping ground for imbreds who think they know more than the GM, manager and players. All the complainers are losers themselves! Good luck Billy, I'll watch. It is fun! Crotchety old Yankee sports writers, you are far more insignificant all the time, than Billy Crystal will be for one lousy spring training at bat.

at 7:08 PM Blogger TheJay said...

Remember when Garth Brooks was in Padres camp a couple years ago? I bet there will be the same amount of lasting indignity because of this.

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