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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cubs 9, Reds 5

The Reds scored enough runs Tuesday night to win most Aaron Harang starts. But Harang gave up as many earned runs as he did in his previous three starts combined.

And the bullpen? It looked a lot like the 2007 bullpen.

"We swung the bats better," Dusty Baker said. "But our pitchers got some balls up in the zone to guys who don't miss them."

Harang was feeling a bit sick. Harang went six innings, allowing five runs on eight hits. He walked two and struck out six. All the runs scored on home runs. Harang had made a quality start in each of his previous three outings.

"I didn't feel like I had my best stuff," Harang said. "I couldn't locate early. I had a tough time getting loose. I just tried to keep us in the game the best I could."

I'll admit I was stunned to see Todd Coffey in the game. Might have been "I'm going to use who you given me" move by Baker.

And I'll close on a bit of good news for Reds fans: Daryl Thompson had another good outing for Chattanooga -- 5 2/3 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, 6 Ks. He's allowed one run and 10 hits in 17 2/3 innings. He's walked one and struck out 20. I beginning to think we may see him before the year is over.


at 12:10 AM Blogger Josh said...

Belsile for louisville 7 innings 1 ER 8 hits, not bad

at 12:20 AM Blogger robdicken said...

The negatives about this game:

- Corey Patterson and Brandon Phillips looked terrible at the plate.

- Each one of our pitchers in the game gave up 2 pitchers or more. Todd Coffey gave more proof why he belongs in the minors.

The positives:

- Joey Votto hit the ball well and seems to be seeing the ball better.

- Adam Dunn drew 3 walks, getting on base 3 out of 4 times to the plate.

- Griffey hit a 2-run homer to put us ahead by 1 run early in the game.

- Edwin Encarnacion got a clutch base hit to drive in a run.

- Jeff Keppinger was 2-4 and drove in a run.

Our pitching killed us this game, guys. The hitting was there, just not the pitching. This team is going to have to work cohesively as a unit to win ball games. Just isn't happening right now.

at 12:35 AM Blogger JerBear said...

This team is tough to get a read on. I have no idea what direction they are going to go. They could be bad again and win 72-73 games or surprise us and win 85-86 wins.

I kinda think this would be the perfect year to go with the Diamondbacks strategy and just throw all your young guys out there and see what they can do.

Bring up Bruce and play him and Votto everyday. Bring up Homer Bailey and maybe send Josh Fogg to long-relief.

It's kind of good and bad that the Reds management really wants to win right now.

They really want to win I believe, so as a fan you like that attitude in your ownership.

But odds are we still don't make the playoffs, so it'd be nice to see all the young talent and let them develop as a group.

Oh well...tomorrow is another day and another game.

at 12:46 AM Blogger Mike said...

Some please dump that Coffey out. Its old and weak.

at 2:02 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

there are no positives when a team loses..this is the eighth season in a row.. lack of team chemistry

at 2:48 AM Blogger bluegrass said...

Don't want to be ugly about it, but facts are that Dunn with his salary and having to play everyday is a very bad situation at this time. He certainly isn't the best at fielding his position. Again hitless againt a righty in this game. On base 3 of 4 times with walks is not what you want from your 5th place hitter in the lineup at all. I don't want to go into a long explaination, but drawing walks as a 5th place hitter is counterproductive. And I'm one who was blind to his libilities last year when they questioned signing him back having been such a big fan of his then. I still think that he has a great future, but not with the Reds. Also, go Votto because he appears to be a fast learner and the future of this team. Playing him everyday is a win win situation. Additionally, we can expect the pitching to break down occasionally, but I hope that it continues to stand up as well as it has so far.

at 3:17 AM Blogger Ruben Ma-Te-O said...

Ruben Ma-Te-O says...don't make the Piazza move. We don't need any more reclamation projects and/or catchers who can't catch any more but try to play other positions just because they think they have a bit of gas left in the tank with the stick. What we need is some power! Earl Weaver once said: "Team speed, hell, gimme some big SOB's who can slap a couple of 3 run homers and we'll win a lot of ballgames". I paraphrased a little, but the point is Dunn isn't doing his job in driving in runs or hitting the longball and Griffey isn't what he used to be. If we don't have power at the infield corners (at least one), and we don't, then it has to come from the outfield or catcher, and right now that's a bust. I can't believe we go 3 games in Pittsburgh without a homer...incredible.

at 6:16 AM Blogger Steve said...

Concur with Bluegrass only I'll be brief: so tired of Dunn only drawing a walk then a big-fat K when it counts. Swing the stinkin' bat! I wouldn't worry about Votto getting most of the PT. He's way ahead of Hatty now.

Coffey is still here! Why? Bye-bye. Keppinger is the only Red I have an ounce of faith in.

at 6:56 AM Blogger Jeff said...

Jack - Please explain how you measure team chemistry? Not enough high fives when someone does something good? They don't look upset enough when they lose? What?

at 7:13 AM Blogger Jeff said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 7:43 AM Blogger Gmoney573 said...

How can you say Dunn walking 3 times in counterproductive? Would you rather him went 3/4 with 3 singles? Would that make you feel better? He was the only starter not to leave anyone on base, so i think taking 3 walks is one hell of a night. And how can you say Votto is a fast learner? Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now an then. He hits one home run and your ready to make him an every day starter. Hatteberg could of easily went 2 for 4 or better last night with the wind blowing out. Keep one or the other, you don't need both on this team. I will admit with bringing Bruce up.

1. Keppinger
2. Bruce
3. Phillips
4. Dunn
5. Griffey
6. Bako
7. Votto/Hatteberg
8. Encarnacion
9. Pitcher.

at 7:46 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

that was tough to watch..especially after Griffeys homerun..we were hoping for better..oh well

we will be at the park Sat and Sunday..we usually hang out on top of Frontgate around the 7th inning ( near section 519) I think

Stop by and say hello..I am 5 '11 165 , I will be wearing my beat up old Reds hat. Julie is blonde 5' 7 and she will wearing her Bengals visor

at 7:57 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

making outs is unproductive, taking walks is not...absolutely nothing wrong with dunner taking 3 walks in any game, except he should be doing it from the #2 hole instead of the #5 spot so the walks lead to runs.


the pieces are there, dusty just ain't figured out how to put them together yet.

at 8:00 AM Blogger reaganspad said...

Rob, I am a big Todd Coffey fan. Brantley last night said that Coffey was shaking off Bako to go with his fastball. While I disagree that Coffey should be cut, this is exactly what Homer Bailey is working through, and the Reds should option him now to be consistant.

As far as the hitting, we are not getting the timely one. Even Keppinger's RBI was bases loaded, nobody out. His grounder did not find a hole. Hitting is contagious. Votto is warming, Dunn and EE will warm, and more runs and wins will be the result.

But it is time for Todd to listen to what Colina calls for a little while. Seems to be working for Bray

at 8:18 AM Blogger Joe said...

Dunn will get it going. He was very selective as evidenced by the three walks last night. Our opinions are not going to change Dunn's style or approach at the plate. He will get it together.

Coffee: I think his spot has Belilse's name on it very soon. But I've never been high on his performances except as a potential track star. Time to cut bait with Coffee.

at 8:35 AM Blogger robdicken said...

there are no positives when a team loses..this is the eighth season in a row.. lack of team chemistry

Jack, quit being so simple minded. Every game has its positive and negatives.

at 8:37 AM Blogger bluegrass said...

Things look bright for the Reds if things get managed out with the players here now. Belisle, Bailey, Bray, and McBeth are ready to step up. If Ross can get untracked there will be a great lefty/righty platoon Bako/Ross which surprisingly take care of the only mentioned problem as the season begain.

at 9:15 AM Blogger Scottyb said...

The reason Dunn is walking so much is that we have nothing behind him. I wouldn't pitch to him either!

Sigh Coffey has to go. Bring on Bray.

at 9:34 AM Blogger Scott said...

Coffey needs to be released/sent to the minors. He is picking up right where he left off last year, and we had some pretty good relievers in Spring Training that did not make the club.

EE needs to be dropped to 8th in the order. Dunn is not getting any pitches to hit, with EE behind him.

Move Votto up in the order.

The other problem with this team is that its payroll is too low. It needs to be between 80-90M to seriously compete & that extra-payroll would/could probably buy a couple of players that can hit left handed pitching.

How can the Reds seriously compete, at 74M, when the Cubs are at 118M in payroll?

at 9:40 AM Blogger jnoelhart said...

A comment for Mr. Fay: A blog should be more journal than straight up fact reporting; leave that to your articles. Give us a more personal account of covering the Reds, and maybe a little more opinion or insight that can't come out in what you send to your editor. See Hal McCoy's blog for inspiration.

at 10:15 AM Blogger redsfanwoody said...

Yeah you have to wonder if in some of the 16 walks Dunn has,if he would swing at decent pitches, what might of happened. Granted I haven't seen every at bat. But I got to think there have been pitches he could of handled that went into the catchers mitt.

at 10:25 AM Blogger Kevin said...

Heard Coffey's transitioning to become a knuckleballer. That way the homers are excused as "errant" 76mph fastballs.

at 10:30 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Time to try Hopper in CF batting first. The man only hit .329 last year. I don't care if his hits are bunts or smashes off the wall.

Patterson is Patterson nothing more. A good 4th outfielder and a bad leadoff hitter (and another bad signing at $3mil+). He looked like hell in CF last night but he is a good defensive outfielder usually. Filling in in CF and spelling the dinosaurs, especially when they are hitting like Dunn would be a good job for him although I would prefer a RH hitter. But looks like we are stuck with him now.

Freel, Hatteberg and Castro are basically useless on this team. Neither Cabrera or Hairston has the RH power this team needs, perhaps Andy Phillips since Cantu is gone. The Amazing Krivsky strikes again.

at 10:49 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

there are positives that can be found in losing if..in fact the losing is the exception not the rule

with this team.. losing has been the rule not the excepetion..there are no positives in a continuation of a seven year losing streak..that is except for losers

Hey Robbie..julie and I will be at Frontgate this weekend come introduce yourself..Ill buy ya a beer..Of course considering its a 10 hour drive I doubt its worth your time

at 10:57 AM Blogger RickDinChicago said...

John, unless disaster strikes or it's late September I can't see the Reds bringing up Daryl Thompson this year. He looks like he's come back stronger from surgery but I think he needs to give a whole season's consistent effort to really make the Red's radar.

As it stands right now, I would think Belisle, Bailey, then maybe Maloney/Lehr/Shearn get the call. The Reds certainly are developing some organizational pitching depth. It might be another year or two but things look promising.

As for Dunn, he made a terrible play on an outfield hit in the early innings yesterday. The winds at Wrigley (esp when blowing out) make good pitchers and good fielders look ridiculous. That should definitely be kept in mind when looking at the homers that were given up.

at 10:57 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

by the way this Patterson looks awful
where did he come from. I agree CSA start Hopper in center and see what we can do. Heck we cant do any worse

at 11:08 AM Blogger Tink said...

Why are the Reds paying Corey Patterson 3 million dollars to do what Jay Bruce could do (at the least) for 1/10th of that salary???? Krivsky is GONE!!! Todd Coffey???? Haven't we seen enough of this clown??? And just play Votto and let him go...........

at 11:16 AM Blogger Greg said...

Dunn got lucky to get most of those walks... there were some borderline pitches that i think could have easily been called strikes.... he needs to swing the freaking bat! he's not the highest paid red to take 4 pitches and walk to 1st.

somone posted that edwin should be put in the 8 spot... great idea... give him absolutely no chance at getting out of a slump b/c you know he won't see any pitches with the pitcher behind him...

patterson was trying too hard to make something happen... swung at everything he could reach and missed badly... hopefully that's out of his system now...

phillips... not sure what happened... but he'll have those games...

tonight should be interesting our "5th rated pitcher" (in the 4 spot) against the "big z" #1...


at 11:38 AM Blogger m2 said...

Coffee (sp) probably has the tools to be a mediocre reliever. I don't see him as a closer...his ball does not have enough movement and he doesn't spot well. For now though, his best roll is "mop-up" or minor league. He's had a long enough audition, now it's time to bring up some of the other Reds talent and give them a tryout.

at 11:52 AM Blogger robdicken said...

there are positives that can be found in losing if..in fact the losing is the exception not the rule

with this team.. losing has been the rule not the excepetion..there are no positives in a continuation of a seven year losing streak..that is except for losers

Hey Robbie..julie and I will be at Frontgate this weekend come introduce yourself..Ill buy ya a beer..Of course considering its a 10 hour drive I doubt its worth your time

Enough of the garbage, Jack. You've got an excuse for everything you write. And it's usually never worth wasting time to read. Most people could be doing better things...like sleeping.

For the 4th time, I live in Northern Kentucky...5 min away from downtown Cincinnati. Not 10 hours away. But then again, you obviously can't read, so I'm sure it's hard for you to have a sense of time as well. And besides, meeting you might not be a good idea...I wouldn't want intimidate you.

CSA needs to seriously get off the Cantu subject. Move on to brighter things, my friend. You've been proven wrong by numerous different people about the guy. No need to keep making a continual mockery of yourself.

at 12:11 PM Blogger Scott Stoffel said...

Dusty needs to shake up the lineup to give Dunn some protection. His on-base percentage is nearly .400 but he's not seeing many pitches or scoring many runs with Encarnacion struggling behind him. I'd go with the following:


This would also get Patterson and his wretched on-base percentage out of the leadoff spot. I don't care if he can run if he can't get on base consistently.

at 12:49 PM Blogger Brendan T said...

This nonsense about Cantu being some great power hitter is ridiculous. CSA, you are aware that in his career he has a .261 BA with 13 HR's against lefties, right?

at 12:53 PM Blogger Zippy said...

Dunn and all his walks should be leading off; Keppinger should hit behind him. Dunn can't bunt and you can't hit-and-run with Dunn at the plate, which makes him a bad #2 hitter. If he leads off with a walk, you can hit-and-run with Kep at the plate, and if Dunn doubles, Kep can bunt him to third. If pitchers are afraid to walk the leadoff hitter and start giving Dunn better pitches to hit, we can expect a lot of lead off home runs. I don't see the down side to having Dunn leading off.

at 1:10 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I am aware that his lifetime avg is .274 with 47 home runs in 1300 ABs. Thats about 2 full seasons. I would guess that the right handed hitters on this bench don't have half that many homeruns in their careers combined. I am also aware that he hit very well in his short stay here last season.
No one is claiming he is the next Tony Perez.

at 1:26 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

Some poor fools said:

This is the eighth season in a row.. lack of team chemistry.

Jim Leyland was asked if the Tigers had a team chemistry problem after their 2-10 start. He said chemistry is a class you take in school.

On base 3 of 4 times with walks is not what you want from your 5th place hitter in the lineup at all.

You're right. He should chase those bad pitches and make outs instead! Dunn will continue to get nothing to hit until someone hits behind him. Since only Griffey is perhaps perceived as more dangerous due to his reputation, expect Dunn to keep drawing walks unless the lineup changes. Even a hot Edwin behind him won't scare pitchers as much as Dunn, especially with a righty on the mound.

bla bla bla Cantu
Look up the stats. If you still need help, take a math or stats class.

at 1:39 PM Blogger BATSFAN said...

So far we played a lil over two weeks we are 6-8, NO TRANSACTIONS YET!! Come on Krivsky are you just going to sit on your butt as we continue to lose games, or you going to act like a "GM" and do something about it and shake things up a bit. COME ON!!!

at 1:47 PM Blogger BATSFAN said...

Ok heres my opinion, when Ross gets back option down EE, when Belisie gets back option down Coffey, to make room for Coffey on the bats "Release Majewski"(he should have been released before STONE) I should be the GM, hey Bob fire Wayne Hire me GO BATS!!!

at 2:32 PM Blogger jdeezman said...


I'm all for it.

Love the updates on the Bat's too, thanks and keep it up!

at 2:43 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

dunn has consistently posted his best numbers from the #2 hole...who the hell cares if he can bunt, do you want to sac bunt in the first inning? how many other times is the lead-off hitter actually gonna lead-off an inning?

dunn's good in the 2 hole cause he sees a lot of pitches, allowing the lead-off guy, provided it's a guy who actually gets on base, a chance to swipe a bag, and he gets on base a lot and scores a lot of runs. if dusty needs to hit and run so bad, he can do it with the guys farther down in the order like kepp and votto.

at 3:30 PM Blogger Brendan T said...

Don't forget that sweet .312 career OBP for Cantu. He had ONE home run in 57 AB's here. Hardly the power answer you're claiming him to be.

It's funny how some of you guys make these guys that are no longer here out to be great players. I'm half expecting you to start complaining about not having Chad Moeller on the roster.

at 3:44 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Ken Griffey Jr. is also an avid World of Warcraft Player. He’s been known around the clubhouse to play the game for hours on end. He’s never seen without his laptop nearby, can’t be bothered during team trips while he’s on quests, and once begged out of the starting line-up because he was so enthralled with the game.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Its no wonder this team has issues in the clubhouse and on the field

at 3:49 PM Blogger omnired said...

Dunn got lucky to get most of those walks... there were some borderline pitches that i think could have easily been called strikes.... he needs to swing the freaking bat! he's not the highest paid red to take 4 pitches and walk to 1st.
Have we been watching the same team? Dunn's been getting very few pitches to hit. Opponents are pretty much staying away from him.

at 3:51 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I have never seen Griffey on a laptop in the clubhouse.

at 3:56 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Wikipedia does not lie John

at 4:02 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

by all accounts, moeller was the nicest guy in the world...when we decide to go to the revolutionary 4th catcher, allowing dusty to use valentin as a pinch-hitter early in games w/o having to eat ross's ridiculous contract or lose bako's expertise at handling a young staff, i'm certain moeller will be fielding a phone call from the kriv

at 4:06 PM Blogger John Fay said...

So you're saying I'm lying to cover up the fact that Griffey is on laptop all the times in the clubhouse?

I'll tolderate your repeated posts on on the same subject. I'll tolerate you bending the facts. But you're treading on shaky ground here.

at 4:10 PM Blogger Brad said...

I'm looking at the Wikipedia site right now. There is no mention of world of warcraft.

at 4:10 PM Blogger Zippy said...


Yes, if Dunn leads off with a double, I'll usually ask the #2 hitter to sacrifice him to third. In the first inning, the other team is probably going to play the infield back, which means I'm pretty likely to wind up with 2 outs, a run in, and my #4 hitter coming to the plate, so a potential chance to score more. I'd take that scenario anytime I can get it.

at 4:27 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

john go to Wikipedia and read for yourself..then fight with them

John I have seen all the posts on this board ..all the repetitiveness and fighting that goes on to 12 pm every night

and yet you seem only focused on me

This is a blog John and people are gonna go at it every now and then. I dont see anyone calling anyone else bad names or threatening to hurt one another

Yet, you get personally offended anytime the subject of Ken Griffey is broached and everyone is aware of this.. And if not Ken Griffey it is someone else you are in love with

If you are gonna run a blog..
..quit taking things so personal. And if you cant handle this John..let someone else run the blog

You taking this way too personally Mr Fay..

You can attempt to ban me for speaking the truth..but John..you cant keep me off this blog.

By the way John..I can only hope that you were not threatening me with physical violence Mr Fay

Brad..here ya go straight from Wikipedia..Personal

Griffey and his wife Melissa have 3 children: George Kenneth III ("Trey"), daughter Taryn Kennedy, and adopted son Tevin Kendall. When Trey was born, then-Mariners' G.M. Woody Woodward sent him a player's contract dated 2012. Griffey switched his uniform number in 2006, from 30 to 3, to honor his three kids.

Ken Griffey Jr. is also an avid World of Warcraft Player. He’s been known around the clubhouse to play the game for hours on end. He’s never seen without his laptop nearby, can’t be bothered during team trips while he’s on quests, and once begged out of the starting line-up because he was so enthralled with the game.

at 4:28 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

i think jack was being facetious, wikipedia can be edited by anyone, and it was the last thing on the page, i wouldn't be surprised if he put it on there himself...

zip my friend, there is no longer a place for the sac bunt in the first inning, not with this lineup...this team ain't gonna win in this park with this staff scoring 1 at a time, we need crooked numbers...i prefer the scenario where hopper leads off with a bunt single and dunn hits a 2 run bomb cause he actually sees some pitches when he's got guys behind him who demand respect...they won't want 2 on and none out with bp, jr., and kepp coming up

at 4:30 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

i'd prefer the lead-off bunt by hopper and the 2 run bomb from dunn...

at 4:49 PM Blogger Gmoney573 said...


Did Griffey ever do anything physical to you? He was one of the better performers last night and you are still finding ways to dog him. Maybe you should do us all a favor and stop commenting untill next season. I think most of us could agree with that.

at 4:51 PM Blogger Gmoney573 said...

Jack whats your last name?

at 4:56 PM Blogger Brad said...

I've been to the wipiedia site 3 times now, I see the first paragraph about his number changing, but there is not a second paragraph. John I say you just ask Grif straight up about World of Warcraft, to shut jack up. Or would that just be baiting him? oh well your choice.

at 4:56 PM Blogger omnired said...

No Jack, it's not there, and it wasn't there at the time you quoted it on this blog:

at 4:58 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I like Ken Griffey..he grew up within a mile of where we lived..great family

All of you complain about all the losing,,yet God forbid Ken Griffey comes under scrutiny

This team, in fact, has stunk for the past 7 years and Ken Griffey has been a big part of it..You want a winner..get rid of the dinosaurs

money this is a blog not a chat meet grow up

at 5:10 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Jack: I'd correct any misrepresentation of the facts by any poster. I repeat I have never seen Griffey on a laptop in the clubhouse.

My guess is someone was having a little fun at Griffey's expense when they put that on Wikipedia.

Yeah, when someone basically calls me a liar, I take it personally.

I would never threaten anyone physically. And, remember, I have no idea who you are.

at 5:12 PM Blogger MJ said...

Internet rumors surfaced on Tuesday that the Reds were pursuing free agent Mike Piazza to fill that right-handed void. All indications were that the report was false and there have been no talks between the two sides.

at 5:13 PM Blogger Gmoney573 said...

I'm tired of bickering.

Anyone have any predictions for tonights game?

25mph wind blowing out!

I say Dunn hits two homers, phillips hits one, reds win 13 to 11. Fogg gets lit up and only goes 3 innings, but the bullpen prevails tonight to get the win.

at 5:17 PM Blogger Gmoney573 said...

How could Griffey be a big part of it Jack he has only played in 70 percent of the games. You say when he does play he's one of the reasons they lose, and apparently he's the reason they lose even when he's not playing. Seems like you just have a chip on your shoulder. And would you stop referring to veterans as dinosaurs. When Dunn and Griffey are gone next year i would love to see how the reds are going to score runs. Bruce, freel, kepp, and hopper are not going to get you 60 to 70 homers and 170+ rbi's.

at 5:17 PM Blogger Zippy said...


Yes, in an ideal world, Dunn would hit lots of HRs with runners on base and wind up with 140 RBI every year. And in an ideal world, the Reds would score multiple runs every first inning. But this is the real world, and the object is to maximize the players' production in light of what they actually do in the real world. In the real world, Dunn gets on base a lot and hits a lot of solo HRs, but doesn't do very much with runners in scoring position. It's time to accept that fact.

It's been 7 games since the Reds scored 2 runs in the 1st inning, which is also the last time they scored ANY runs in the first inning. In that game, Dunn did his best to end the rally by popping up with a runner on second, but Keppinger managed to get the guy in with a single. (In that same game, Rollins led off with a home run, and the Phillies went on to score two more runs in the first inning. Apparently, a solo HR to lead off the game doesn't necessarily mean you can't score more runs in the first....)

at 5:36 PM Blogger Will T. said...

Jack, you do realize that ANYONE can get on Wikipedia and update a site. It is not a reliable source for ANY information.

at 5:38 PM Blogger Al in Ohio said...

This relates more to the previous thread, but I don't think I'm too excited about a possible Mike Piazza signing. Unfortunately, once the season starts, it's tough to make a deal for a quality player.

On another note, I honestly don't understand why people keep beating the drum about people who are no longer in the organization. Just as I was getting happy that I wasn't seeing anymore daily Josh Hamilton updates, now we're on to Jorge Cantu. He's not here. He's not going to be here. What's the point of obsessing about how he's doing, or what he could be doing? It serves no purpose whatsoever.

at 6:01 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Well Al, I'll tell you. Sometimes you just wonder what the Reds are thinking. I know that all I wanted to know was why The Amazing Krivsky would trade for this guy and then after he looks good for a month, just up and give him away when he is a guy who has already shown that he is capable of being a right handed run producer. Then you get the Fantasy League geniuses quoting a bunch of meaningless stats and coming up with ridiculous reasons for letting him go. John Fay finally at least gave us the Reds explanation, which in the knowledgeable fans' opinions is just another Krivsky blunder.

at 6:05 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Perhaps after the All Star break or at least by this time next season we can discuss what would be if Dunn and/or Griffey were still here.

at 6:42 PM Blogger robdicken said...

John, you will be quick to find that Jack is always right, and no matter how many times he's been proven wrong, YOU are wrong. Same goes with CSA.

CSA consistently harps and whines about Jorge Cantu, but when presented with every statistic in the book that says that guy IS NOT GOOD, he still says Krivsky was stupid for not signing him. It's really like talking to a skipping record. CSA keeps saying the same things over and over again, and no matter how many times you put him in his place, he keeps saying the same things. Jorge Cantu sucks, CSA, get over it. Move on! Just because you play good for a month doesn't make you a good player. Heck, one good year doesn't make you a good player! Quit beating the issue like a dead horse.

And John, to get these two over-grown babies from asking you the same questions, just answer them and tell them to shut up...that's all that really needs to be done. If they don't like your answer and continue to cry about it, boot their behinds off of here!

Fact is, you can't please a person that can't be pleased. Unless you're Jeff Keppinger, of course. I'm sure Jack and CSA have pictures of him all of their bedroom walls! LOL!

Jack nor CSA want to listen to statistics from ESPN, MLB, Stats Inc, etc...but they'll believe every word they hear off of Wikipedia! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Talk about the irony in that!! You don't want to hear factual information, so you'd rather hear a fabrication..? Seriously boys....GET REAL!!!

And I love how Jack tells John he's liar about seeing Griffey on a laptop in the clubhouse. Jack, how many times have you been in the Reds clubhouse? NONE...EXACTLY!!

at 6:57 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Zippy..as always ..great post

I think after the all star break next year cheviot that the fans will be excited as to whats happening on the field without Mr Griffey Frankly Cheviot, the majority of the fans at the park don't care about Griffey

Letting Cantu go, I feel was a big mistake..the dude has potential yet they never really let him play consistently

at 7:54 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

not to beat a dead horse here but...zip, you seriously want to take the bat out of your best hitters hands, average anyway, in keppinger, to bunt dunner over when he gets on leading off the game? wouldn't it make more sense to put kepp in an rbi spot a little farther down in the order to drive runners in instead of asking him to hit and run or bunt someone over?

remember when baboone used dunn at lead off for a while? how'd that work out? got baboone run out of town and is still a punchline to this day.

fwiw, i don't think we see things all that much differently in terms of the lineup, we both agree hopper should be leading off anyway. i can't remember the last time a team won anything playing small ball like that early in games, maybe the cards with ozzie, coleman, mcgee, tommy herr and co.?

at 7:56 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Robbie Dickens, I need some answers please.

How much is Ryan Freel making this season and what was his batting average last season?
How much is Juan Castro making this season and what is his batting average?
How much is Jorge Cantu making this season?
Who would you rather have on your bench, Ryan Freel, Juan Castro or Jorge Cantu? I'll make it easy on you, pick any two.

at 8:30 PM Blogger robdicken said...

Robbie Dickens, I need some answers please.

You've had plenty of them. You've ignored them. It's like talking to a park bench with you.

How much is Ryan Freel making this season and what was his batting average last season?

Freel is making $3 million exactly this season.

He played 75 games last season and hit .245.

How much is Juan Castro making this season and what is his batting average?

Juan Castro is making $975,000 this season and batted .180 last year in 54 games.

How much is Jorge Cantu making this season?

$500,000 with a NEW team. Did you miss the 5 other times someone told you that to resign with the Reds he would be owed arbitration, which would have the possibility of being $2-3 million?

Who would you rather have on your bench, Ryan Freel, Juan Castro or Jorge Cantu? I'll make it easy on you, pick any two.

And again...for the 6th time...we would have to eat one of those two player's contracts if we were to keep Jorge Cantu.

You dump Ryan Freel, you're paying Jorge Cantu $6 million. Is he worth $6 million? No. He's really not any better than Freel. Maybe a little more pop....but it doesn't help when you're making an out 70% of the time.

You dump Juan Castro, you're still taking on $3 million. It all works out the same way.

The point is that Krivsky didn't have the money to overpay a player that's not any good. He's already done that with Stanton, Cormier, etc.

Smart move. Get over it and move on.

at 8:22 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

LMAO: It would cost the Reds $6 mil to have kept Cantu. I have read some dumb statements on here, but I think that one is the dumbest.

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