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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lineup v. Cards

Corey Patterson cf
Jeff Keppinger ss
Ken Griffey Jr. rf
Brandon Phillips 2b
Adam Dunn lf
Edwin Encarnacion 3b
Joey Votto 1b
Paul Bako c
Johnny Cueto p

v. RH Joel Pineiro


at 4:50 PM Blogger Kenworld said...

Patterson again?!?!?!

oh wait.. one of Bakers boyz. gotcha.

at 5:03 PM Blogger Jason said...

Patterson again? Really? Ugh!

at 5:43 PM Blogger Brendan T said...

Please tell Dusty "Back of The Baseball Card" Baker that the numbers don't lie.

Freel's career against RHP:
.277 BA with a .361 OBP

Patterson's career against RHP:
.263 BA with a .305 OBP

Not that I think Freel's the answer at CF, but this obsession with Patterson is crazy. I'm sure Patterson will now go 4-4 and make me look like an idiot, but oh well.

at 5:49 PM Blogger Mike said...

Patterson again...... give freel the job for goodness sakes. NO hairston either.... looks to be a rough night before it begins.

at 5:50 PM Blogger NVreds said...

I'm surprised freel isnt in there, but maybe its because he missed the hit and run sign when bako was running yesterday, because I highly doubt baker had bako straight-stealing against one of the better throwing catchers in baseball, I dont care what the scouting report is for the pitcher and his delivery and the element of surprise isnt good enough to explain it either.

at 5:51 PM Blogger BATSFAN said...

Im ready, LETS GO! Well last night the Bats went 17 innings lost 5-2 to Columbus. Pettyjohn only gave up 2 runs in 7 innings. Majewski had 2 scoreless innings (good for him). Kevin Barker pitched the 17th inning it didnt go very well. But tonight they play division leader Toledo.

at 5:51 PM Blogger dwr said...

How much rope does CoPat get? He's not getting on base. Period. End of discussion. Does Dusty not see this? Ryan Freel is not the only frustrated party here. It doesn't taken a wise and seasoned baseball person to know that a lead-off man (or any player for that matter) with an OBP under .300 is a huge detriment to the team. How can this possibly keep going?

at 6:10 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Patterson... friends who are Cubs fans are starting to tell me that we should get used to ex-Cubs players getting starts. Loyal to a fault I guess. Give the starts to Freel already.

at 6:25 PM OpenID eastsidemarker12 said...

J Fay,

Could you have a little Q & A with Kyle Lohse? I'd be interested to see if he considered signing cheap with Cincinnati again when he didn't have a job when spring training started and also why he couldn't pitch like this more often in Cincy. We say flashes of his stuff at times. I wonder if it is the Dave Duncan magic he seems to always have on certain guys.

at 6:47 PM Blogger Craig said...

Hey Dusty....Corey Patterson sucks

at 6:48 PM Blogger Mark T said...

Three holes in the lineup - Dunn, Griffey and Patterson. At least he spreads them out to be sure to kill any possible rally anytime.

at 6:50 PM Blogger Ken said...

I just don't understand the obession with Corey Patterson. I would have though Hopper (even though he's been hurt) and Freel would be seeing much more playing time with Patterson struggling as he is.

at 6:56 PM OpenID davisbm49 said...

I'll add to the fray. I can't believe Patterson continues to get these chances. Get Freel or Hairston in there!!!!!!

at 7:05 PM Blogger Branden said...

why do you guys hate patterson so much? He plays smarter better defense than freel, can hit for more power than hopper (not to mention hit the ball out of the infield), and doesnt strikeout like freel. Out of freel, hopper, patterson id take patterson everytime. For crying out loud the guy has 4 hrs already. btw freel was given the chance to start everyday and struck out almost as much as Dunn.

at 7:18 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Get off the sauce guys, we have won three in a row.

Patterson, bad average and all has scored more runs than hot hitting Keppinger... they both have created 26 runs.

They both do the little things, Patterson is much better defensively than Kepp. Freel is not Patterson in CF. Patterson cannot play 3rd like Freel.

Not too many complaints about EE anymore. Dunn hits 5 HRs in the next week and you guys will be speechless. Go Dunner!

Hate the cubs

at 7:19 PM Blogger Pat said...

3 weeks ago people were happy about Patterson and sour on EE. Now, it's the reverse. It's a long season and if you give up on your players every time a slump happens you'll be playing AA players hitting 205 at the end of the season.

at 7:32 PM OpenID jumpupanddance said...

Playing Patterson has got to stop! Is Baker just trying to justify paying him 3 million? Did Baker force Wayne to sign this guy?

at 7:33 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"Three holes in the lineup - Dunn, Griffey and Patterson."

Griff went 2 for 4 with a walk and a run last night and leads the team in rbi's.

That not a "hole in the lineup".

at 7:53 PM Blogger Another losing season said...

Jocketty, get off your rear and do something about this lineup. Patterson? EE and Votto 6th and 7th again instead of 3rd and 4th. What are you waiting for? Starting to think Baker is everything people warned about.

at 8:15 PM Blogger Pat said...

The problem I have is I don't know which of you are speaking about what's best for the real Reds and what's best for your fantasy league team.

at 8:29 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Patterson leads off with a single... steals third on a Griffey K (swings at a pitch in the dirt)... 1st and 2nd no out and the Reds walk away with nothing. Keppinger makes a horrible baserunning decision. Patterson is the least of our problems right now. At least he plays smart, Freel makes a ton of mistakes.

at 8:35 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Error on Griffey in RF. Meltdown in progress. BOO!

at 8:47 PM Blogger Aaron said...

So here's your power lineup with Griff and Dunn. Both K horribly in their first at bat. 25 million for inferior defense and poor RBI production (compared to other sluggers). Forget about Patterson, the problem is 25 million on the dynamic duo.

at 8:53 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Griffey is a hole in the lineup. #3 hitter needs to be a .300 hitter that drives in well over 100 runs. I don't think Griff can do either. Not on a daily grind. He'll have an occasional good game but it doesn't justify locking him in the #3 spot, the most important spot in any lineup. He simply p[ales in comparison to D Lee, Chase Utley, Albert Pujols, etc.

at 9:08 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Inside the park homerun (assist to Dunn). So here's what we get with Griff and Dunn. K's and bad defense. Cut em loose and blow this thing up. THis team is better without em. That last defensive miscue by Dunn says it all.

at 9:18 PM Blogger People Eating Tasty Animals said...

Umm - doesn't matter who is in the lineup when the starting pitcher coughs up 7 runs in two innings.

Guess we can put the Cueto HOF induction ceremony on hold for awhile.

Come to think of it, one more start like this and maybe Cueto and Bailey can switch places.

at 9:23 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"Griffey is a hole in the lineup. #3 hitter needs to be a .300 hitter that drives in well over 100 runs."

Griffey hit .277 with 93 RBI's with a .406 slugging in 2007, pretty close to your criteria. But I wouldnt have him in the 3 hole, I would bat Votto there.

So let me get this straight, if hes not Pujols or DLee then hes a "hole in the lineup"? Nothing in between?

Thats a little unfair dont you think?

at 9:24 PM Blogger Dave said...

First nomination for Dunn's "throw" for MLB Blopper-of-Year.

at 9:28 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

Jocketty wouldn't embrace sabermetrics in St.Louis, part of the reason he was let go. He won't be the guy to remove Patterson from the leadoff spot. Baker hasn't heard of OBP. Maybe John Fay can ask him why Patterson is leading off after explaining what OBP is.

at 9:47 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Worst defensive outfield in baseball.

at 10:21 PM Blogger Aaron said...

No your right he's not a hole in the lineup. He just has no business being in the #3 spot. .407 slugging? That is horribly mediocre compared to league average for #3 hitters. Maybe some guys have less power but make up for it with average. THis team is just as bad on paper as they are on the field and management has been very slow to make the necessary adjustments.

at 10:40 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Pineiro walking a bunch of guys and throws 7 shut out innings. I did see a bad called third strike vs Encarnacion but otherwise we just flat out stunk it up and choked a golden opportunity in the first inning. We could have easily knocked Pineiro out just as they did to Cueto.

Also, if anyone wants to go back and check my comments and my posting at red-hot-mama I clearly told everyone that Volquez is the superior pitcher to Cueto, and I didn't understand the rotation set up. So here we are, apparently I have better scouting skills than a lot of so-called experts. So please listen to me when I tell you Patterson is actually a pretty decent centerfielder and our best option right now. Dunn is the biggest problem with the team followed up by Griffey being batted third.

at 11:46 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"Also, if anyone wants to go back and check my comments and my posting at red-hot-mama"

No thank you.


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