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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Braves 9, Reds 1

Dusty Baker shook it up:

Tonight’s lineup includes Ken Griffey Jr.'s first start batting second in the order since 5/3/05, Joey Votto's first career start batting cleanup, Adam Dunn's first start of the season batting sixth and Jeff Keppinger's first start of the season batting seventh.

The new lineup finally produced a run in the sixth. Brandon Phillips drove in Ryan Freel with a single. But the inning ended with Adam Dunn striking out with runners at second and third.

The run ended a 21-inning scoreless streak for the Redlegs and made it 2-1.

The bullpen, specifically Mike Lincoln, Jeremy Affeldt and Jared Burton, got lit up for six runs in the seventh. And that, as they say, was that.

Matt Belisle had his best start since coming off the disabled list. He went 5 1/3 innings, allowing tweo runs on seven hits. He walked none and struck out two.

The Reds could little against the incomparable Jo-Jo Reyes. He also went 5 1/3, allowing one run on four hits. He walked three and struck out five.


at 8:53 PM Blogger Ray Kinsella said...

Adam Dunn looks totally lost at the plate. Couldn't hit it if you set it on a tee for him.

at 9:02 PM Blogger doerr906 said...

Let's see--two out and the tying and go ahead runs in scoring position for Mr. Dunn.
The K was a sure thing before the at-bat began.
What a pathetic waste of $13 million.
What a pathetic waste of a baseball team.
I think the description Hal McCoy has been using is spot on.
This is a moribund baseball team, a moribund franchise.

at 9:06 PM Blogger redfuture said...

Valaika just hit another HR in Sarasota.

at 9:27 PM Blogger KingsPoint said...

Fay, you owe Brandon Phillips a public apology. If you're going to call the guy out publicly by saying he's not driving in enough runs than you better be right.

It's not his fault that Corey Patterson can't get his butt on base.

Phillips is hitting around .350 with RISP. That's as good as you can hope for from anybody. It's Dunn and Junior that aren't hitting runners in when given the chance. It's Dunn and Junior that turn outs and singles into Singles, Doubles, and Triples. It's Dunn and Junior that are being paid handsomely to drive in runs and aren't doing it.

You owe Brandon Phillips a public apology.

at 9:40 PM Blogger Lets Talk Reds Blogger said...

This is pathetic. I'm fed up already.

at 9:44 PM Blogger rb said...

things i suspect the red lead the majors in:
singles off the wall

three runners reaching base in an inning withou scoring

striking out to ene an inning with the tying and or go ahead run in scoring position

playing the righty lefty game and consistnetly being out managed while doing so

making the double switch, which is certainly the most overused, overrated and worst bit of stategy in all of baseball. nothing like telling the opposing manager in advance which pinch hitter is coming up so he can have his pitchers ready.

is is so frustating whatching ( in order of importance) the ownership, the coaches, and the players screwup this franchise.
oh well there is always the bengals for comic relief.

at 9:50 PM Blogger Scott said...

Ken Griffey is as relevant these days as Frank Thomas. Toronto released Thomas -- the Reds should consider the same with Griffey & call up Bruce. The only reason not to release Griffey is because they have Dunn...he is worse...

Adam Dunn -- thank goodness that he was not signed to a long term contract. I bet his numbers would be similar to Kearns if he played outside of Cinci. He has career .222 BA or thereabouts with runners in scoring position...

It is the beginning of May & I am going to likely stop paying attention to this team. Too bad -- because the owner wants to win -- but this is too much.

at 9:53 PM Blogger Ray Kinsella said...

It really doesn't matter where Dusty puts guys in the lineup since no one is hitting.

The Reds now have the worst record in baseball. Congratulations!!

at 9:57 PM Blogger gannfan said...

Good thing we can use our $46 million closer in the 8th inning.

at 9:57 PM Blogger icee82 said...

This is truly sad. The Reds are in major need of a roster shakeup. I hope that Jocketty begins to make a move sooner than later. The move of Coffey to Louisville is not going to shake up the team. I really hope that he can make a trade and bring some more new talent into the fold. I am a Dunn fan but I really believe that the Reds need to move him now for some talent.

at 10:02 PM Blogger Rob said...

At this point I am numb to the terrible play of this team. Just background noise now. Time to build for the future again again.

at 10:04 PM Blogger rb said...

i think you all are wrong in assuming this ownership has a commitment to winning. it's not that they dont want to win, they are just unwilling to do the things necessary to win like invest in real starting pitching and trading for proven veterans instead of junk heap retreads. i think if you pull the masks off their faces you'll find mike brown.

at 10:09 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

I'm so Glad that Griffey gave Dusty permission to bat him 2nd. Give me a break. Ken, you need to be batting 7th as poorly as you are playing right now and if Dusty doesn't have the baseballs to do it then neither one of you should be in uniform as far as I am concerned.

I'm sick of watching the pathetic mess of a baseball team that should be much better than they are. Freel basically manufactured our only run all by himself and yet Patterson still gets more playing time. Here's a headline for you: Patterson isn't good enough to start for Louisville much less Cincinnati.

Can I get a refund on the remaining tickets of my 20 pack PLEASE. I'm not going to drive 3 hrs to watch us not score ANY runs. This is a Major League disappointment.

Please, Please, Please just go ahead and blow this team up now it's excruciating to watch.

at 10:12 PM Blogger redfuture said...

Is Dick Pole really Bob Castellini in a uniform? Has anyone ever seen them at the same time?

at 10:15 PM Blogger redfuture said...

I miss Pete Mackanin. They wouldn't have signed Cory had he been there and thus Wayne may have saved his job.

at 10:17 PM Blogger reds fest said...

Worst record suits for them. They don't play as they win. When is the future? In 30 years? No future, if they can't win now.

at 10:21 PM Blogger redfuture said...

The Braves are pretty good at hitting the ball where it is pitched. That's a novel idea. I wonder, if Dunn thinks the defense is stupid to over-shift on him? He must think so, because he goes months without ever just laying the bat on the outside pitch to just put it on the left side. He can do it because I've seen him purposely do it a few times including in spring training. Where is the switch that turns Dunn's thinking around?

at 10:26 PM Blogger Ron said...

A general question that has specific implications for the Reds. When a player throws right and bats left, his dominant side must be the right side. Why can't that player hit from the right side? They must have learned to bat left at some point in their career. Why can't they go back to their dominant side?

at 10:27 PM Blogger LongTimeRedsFan said...

I suppose we can give Dusty credit for trying....shaking up the lineup and all...until Sunday's lineup has CP back batting leadoff and Griffey back in the 3 hole. Anybody want odds on this?

at 10:28 PM Blogger JF said...

Is the honeymoon with Dusty Narron over yet?

Nice 3-7 start for the Jocketty era.

Oh but we don't need Jay Bruce...no, of course not.

You know who and you know who are losers, they're not baseball men, and they're dreaming if they think they can bring winning baseball to Cincy.

Next owner, please!

at 10:29 PM Blogger Charlie said...

This game convinced me Baker may not be responsible for all the talent on hand, BUT...he sure needs to make up some other lineup.

at 10:31 PM Blogger LongTimeRedsFan said...

Why should Griffey or Dunn care at this point. I mean, if they got traded they might actually be held accountable for their play or lack thereof by the manager on another team. God forbid they might have to hustle, or make a play to throw a runner out.

at 10:34 PM Blogger JF said...

With raised expectations this year, and a better closer, and at least one better starter (Volquez), this season is even worse than last year.

Notice how I didn't say better manager?

It's because Baker = Narron.

at 10:36 PM Blogger ST fan said...

I don't care how bad Reds ownership is, likening it to Mikie Brown is an insult no one can ever deserve. Milie's years and years of complete incompetence far surpass Cal Ripken's record of true competence. No matter how bad the Reds are we should never even hint they are as awful as the Bungles of Mikie Brown.

at 10:39 PM Blogger Charlie said...

As far as a lefty/righty lineup goes, I like that idea but ...not batting Griffey in the two hole. Did anyone read his comment today after finding out his was batting second. He said, and I paraphrase, I was hoping to bat first so I COULD HIT A HOMERUN TO LEAD OFF THE GAME. He has homeruns on his midn rather than batting first and getting on base or while in the two hole moving the runner(s) up so they could get into scoring position. He seems to be strictly a pull hitter. I truly b elieve he is employed by the Reds to hit homeruns...rather than employed to win games. Dunn is similar to this thinking rationale also. They are both being paid to WIN

at 10:39 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

The only thing stinking as bad as the Reds is the TV broadcasting team. I did have to snicker tonight though, when The Creep couldn't get George to shut up long enough for him to read his commercial. Maybe when they unload Dunn, George will go with his idol.

at 10:47 PM Blogger BubbaFan said...

Where's Jerry Hairston? Haven't seen him in awhile. Why not put him in the lineup against a lefty, instead of Patterson?

at 11:12 PM Blogger Clinton said...


I love the radio team better.

Marty tonight: "Griffey is looking old right now".

God bless Marty for breaking balls.

Dunn/Griffey can't hit. Time to unload them. I don't care about the huge HR total anymore. The way he is going, he'll never reach 762 anyway.

at 11:14 PM Blogger anthony said...

It's a cliche, but "shaking up" the Reds' existing lineup actually *is* like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. Why? Because here's what we've got:

* a rotation with only ONE reliable starter -- and by "reliable," I mean one pitcher who has a winning record for his career and has at least one full season as an MLB starter under his belt

* a non-sensical post-ST lineup which has featured (at different times, and sometimes simultaneously) three center-fielders, three catchers, and two left-handed first-basemen (seriously)

* millions of dollars in salary tied up in re-tread players of no significant value to the team -- you know the list

* an offense with all of the same weaknesses as last year's (too many Ks, no situational hitting, not enough chances or hits w/RISP), and one made even weaker without Josh Hamilton -- this is not a criticism of the trade (welcome, Edinson), but a statement of fact about how the offense is currently constituted; and

* a salary structure that makes it politically "impossible" to bench the players who are chronically under-producing (since they're making the lion's share of the budget on offense, and we sell high-profit-margin jerseys with their names on the back).

The core of this team may well win some games a few years on, but how anyone (esp. ownership) could have expected a big winner here *right now* is absolutely beyond me.

Love him or hate him, the firing of Krivsky at 9-12, based on such ludicrously inflated expectations, is only going to prolong what was/is an ongoing re-building process.

at 11:14 PM Blogger Charlie said...

Can we possibly unload both Griffey and Dunn, bring up Bruce, leave Freel in centerfield, and put Keppinger whom I love to watch bat, and play him in left and bring up Valaika to play short or keep Keppinger at short and play Hairston in leftfield.
That would give ua a lineup of either Freel or Hairston leading off, batting Keppinger in the two hole. Following in the three hole would be Phillips, followed by
Votto and Encarnacion in the 4 and 5 holes (they could be resersed depending on the pitcher pitching). I'd bat Bruce sixth, followed by either Freel or Hairston, followed by Reed and the pitcher.

"Everyone" in that lineup would play team ball. Everyone in that lineup would try to either get on or move runners up depending upon the situation. What say you folks? Oh, yes, dump patterson or use him as a pinch runner late in the game when the situation arises and you need to put pressure upon the opposing pitcher while trying to steal a base when called for.

at 11:15 PM Blogger Charlie said...

I have read with interest each of the comments posted tonight and really agree with most of the frustration I am reading. I am frustrated, too.

While frustrated though, I try to leave food for thought and wonder if any of this is read by the owner, the GM, the Manager, or any of the players.

I have my serious doubts,...what say you on this matter, Mr. Fay?

at 11:41 PM Blogger Art said...

I can't stand Grande either. Those obscure facts he spouts nonstop...ughhh. And if he says "Our best wishes go out to so-and-so, what a great buncha people!" one more time, I'm gonna hurl. Stick to baseball George; stop getting so personal about players and their families or whoever. He should just yell repeatedly, "I'm tight with all the players! I'm tight with all the players!" He loves to call them by stupid nicknames so that we'll all know how 'close' he is to them - even though you know they go in the other direction whenever he comes near. He calls Brantley "Cowboy" at the end of *every sentence*. Don't you imagine someone would've told him by now how annoying that is? If so, then why does he KEEP DOING IT?! Can he honestly think it's hip to call a Texan 'Cowboy' in this day and age? It seems so!

I'll give him credit for one thing though: he maintains a positive attidue desite how pathetic the Reds are playing. It makes me keep the TV on longer than I would if he had a negative attitude. It feels genuine, as compared to Welch's phony optimism just because he's a broadcaster and won't get too negative on the air, even though off the air he probably vents by writing nasty stuff on this forum (lol).

at 12:15 AM Blogger Another losing season said...

Why say anything when my screen name says it all.

at 12:18 AM Blogger robby said...

Why should John apologize? Brandon Phillips is part of the problem. But in his defense he just follows the Reds team approach to hitting. Swing hard and hope you make contact. Way too many stikeouts, by Phillips, Dunn and Griffey and it is killing the offense.

Sure am glad the Reds went out and signed a name manager to light a fire under this team.

at 12:40 AM Blogger robby said...

Seriously for all those that have defended Krivsky during his two year's as GM, how can you defend or support the job he did when you see how poorly this team is put together. Krivsky may be a good scout, but his inability to effectively put the pieces of the puzzle together will guarantee another horrendous season.

Two left handed first baseman 3 or 4 center fielders, none of them good enough to start on any other major league team, 3 catchers again, with the only one who can hit, not being able to catch, 3 guys in the middle of the line-up whose approach at the plate is swing hard and pull the ball no matter what the situation, no team speed, and awful defense.

Mr. Casellini, hold a press conference, admit Dan O'Brien was right that this is a five year process. Tell fans that the organization is going to go the player development route and start the process this year.

at 12:47 AM Blogger pottedmeat said...

Has anyone mentioned canning the hitting coach Brook Jacoby????? He was basically brought in to straighten Adam Dunn out. Sometimes a new perspective can change things. He wasn't exactly Don Mattingly in his playing days.....

I do think it is time to blow this thing up. What makes me feel good about 2009 is that Dunn and Griffey both come off the books. I'm not opposed to trading Brandon Phillips either. You could get quite a bit for him and you look at the depth the Reds have in the minors for middle infielders...Janish, Valaika, Turner. Makes sense to do it. Frees up even more payroll.

I'd like to see B.J. Szymanski brought up from Chattanooga. Switch hitting outfielder with power and looks to finally be healthy. He's 25, so it's not like you'd be rushing a youngster.

at 12:57 AM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

Has anyone seen another team underperform as this one? There is something really rotten at the core of this team and this goes back years and it goes beyond statistics and slumps. It's not Dusty Baker's fault, just as it wasn't Dave Miley's, Jerry Narron's or Pete MacKanin's. This entire roster is in need of a turnover. I also believe Brook Jacoby should be fired. If I was so unsuccessful at my job as Jacoby, I would've been fired days ago. I don't understand how no one is holding him accountable.

at 1:09 AM Blogger jnkclass said...

Just think the Braves offered us Jo-Jo Reyes and Yunel Escobar for Bronson Arroyo at the trade deadline last year! We turned it down! LOL.

at 1:10 AM Blogger anthony said...

I fundamentally agree with Charlie's suggestions. I think the team will be *better* in August and September (after the trade deadline), esp. if we can unload some big-salary/low-production players for a few good prospects. Just a few days back, we blew out the (admittedly understaffed) Giants 10-1 with Griffey and Dunn on the bench (vs LHP). These two went 0-for-7 tonight (vs. LHP) with 4 Ks.

Ultimately, I think Jocketty's approach at the moment is the right one: talk to as many people as you can, and take your time. Where's *this* team going (see 11.14 post)? As John has pointed out in previous entries, there are actually very few roster moves that can realistically or sensibly be made between now and the trade deadline.

This team's going to scuttle a lot between now and then (and maybe beyond), but in the meantime we can at least take some pleasure in watching the development of several promising young pitchers (and even position players like Votto, Encarnacion, and eventually Bruce), and the consolidation of a decent bullpen anchored by Cordero. We *do* have some talented, motivated, disciplined players on this team -- players WJ is likely to build around -- so I'm trying to focus on enjoying their work, even if it doesn't add up to a bunch of "W"s.

at 1:29 AM Blogger jnkclass said...

I have been a diehard, lifelong Reds fan and I can honestly say, I hate this team now. This current version of the Reds has managed to destroy all the greatness the Big Red Machine built. This team is so bad our city is the laughing stock of Major League Baseball. The Cincinnati Reds! One of the most storied franchises in baseball, a laughing stock! Every player on this team should feel embarassed and publicly apologize to all the fans. I disagree with you John Fay, this roster is in serious need of a turnover, not as a quick fix, but to get players that play with heart and emotion and who actually want to win ballgames for the Cincinnati Reds and who know what it used to mean to wear the Reds jersey representing greatness.

at 1:38 AM Blogger Jeff said...

The Reds are obviously struggling in the early going. I haven't heard much talk about actually bringing up Jay Bruce from the minors. When, if ever, will this happen? Will Baker continue to be so stubborn as not to allow this kid to play? My bet, is that the new G.M, will eventually have a say in this matter. Opinions, anyone?

at 2:34 AM Blogger BATSFAN said...


at 3:58 AM Blogger NVreds said...

while grande is probably a great man and very genuine type guy, he is the worst play-by-play announcer I've ever listened to. He calls players from different opposing teams by their nicknames, like they know him or something.

This team is almost laughable how bad they are, I am actually laughing while I say this. might as well just accept how bad they are and laugh at them as much as other fans laugh at the reds. there is no line-up/player/manager/owner that would make this team instantly better, so might as well just sit back and hope they try and rebuild, eventually they will start playing like the dbacks or a's or cards or marlins or rays. Dusty is sucking right now too because he's pressing just as much as the players are, and its not helping.

at 6:48 AM Blogger Reality Czech said...

It is amazing how far and how fast this team headed South....

The TV team last night said that Jocketty has been successful trading multiple guys for one. Here is one for "The Jock;" trade Dunn (or Griffey, Jr.), Bailey (or D. Thompson), Gonzalez (or Janish or Valaika) and of course some cash to the Marlins for their SS, Hanley Ramirez. He is a stud who plays hard and does it all. This strengthens the Reds up the middle as Bruce also can be called up and start in CF. The Marlins are probably too smart to take the deal without Volquez or Cueto. I would not trade either of those guys. Catcher is still a problem and so is RF, but we can't work on that later.

I like Keppinger, don't get me wrong, but I like him more in the sub/platoon/injury relief role (400-500 AB) that Aurilia was in for a couple years.

If Castellini wants to save this season, then one or two blockbusters have to happen soon. This team will be 20 games under 0.500 by the end of the month easily if the team is left as-is.

at 7:02 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Managers and/or players should not be bringing their kids to the dugout when the team is playing so poorly

I dont think many still care about Griffeys homeruns..homeruns that took both Seattle and Cincinnati nowhere may I add

Bullpen appears to be getting back to normal

Freel is all hustle no talent..he should have made that catch

I sure hope that the youngsters like Votto, Bruce and others dont go sour when playing around complacent players like Griffey and Dunn

Looks like Narron was not such a bad manager after all

It also looks like Pete Makanin was a good manager

Keppinger sure looks good defensively

Josh Hamilton was just voted American League Player of the Month. I bet his team mates cant stand the attention he is getting..that clubhouse must be a mess

Mr Castellini..we still are losing

at 7:47 AM OpenID RcZook21 said...


When is the ownership gonna realize that Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey are the cancer of this team? Dont get me wrong I have all the respect for Griffey hes had many injuries and has done so much in his day...but hes no longer the scary number 3 hitter that he once was...and Dunn is an absolute joke...i say we eat Dunns contract and call up bruce...this team wouldnt miss him and we'd have plenty of happy reds fans.

at 7:52 AM Blogger Jonesz said...

Some of you wonder why Krivsky was fired? Two great moves -- picking up and then dealing Hamilton for a future ace and acquiring Brandon Phillips for a bag of peanuts. On the flip side how much did we pay for Cormier, Stanton, Clayton, Majewski, etc...

*Why wasn't Griffey traded at his highest value during last year's all-star break? Who cares about 600 -- I would have been happy to watch him do it in Seattle!

*Why is Dunn (Rob Deere in a Reds uniform) a part of this team? He has never fit in; we can attest to this as he has hit everyone from leadoff to seventh.

*Why was Hatteberg not traded in the offseason when he had good value and Votto was waiting in the wings? A left handed first base platoon -- ingenious!

*Why weren't Freel and/or Hopper traded in the offseason when they had value and Bruce was waiting in the wings? Two right handed leadoff (?) guys platooning in centerfield - ingenious!

*Let's not forget our 3 man platoon of catchers while the Brewers sign Kendall and he hits over .300, calls a good game and throws out runners -- ingenious.

*Why is Corey Patterson and his .200 average not in triple A?

Every player we have as trade bait has a substantially reduced value due to lack of playing time: Hatteberg, Valentin, Freel, Hopper (I know he's hurt), A-Gon (AWOL), etc...

It's sad we have the two best rookie pitchers in baseball and fans are tuning out because of the pathetic offense.

I'm a big fan, but this is far too frustrating!

at 8:19 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

good summation of the reds problems anthony...

the attendance thing came up in a previous thread. show me that there is some direction, some plan that is being followed to build a winning franchise, and be honest about it instead of this "we're not going to lose anymore" BS. and even more importantly, show me that the prima donnas on this roster are being held accountable for their horrible play and lackluster attitudes and i'll be back. till then, it ain't worth the trip from columbus.

seems to me the more they lose, the less quotes we get from the players in the paper, anyone else notice this? all we get now is the same thing from dusty windbag everyday, and maybe a little something from the starting pitcher.

do they even stick around the clubhouse anymore, or is it a race to the showers and back to the hotel?

at 8:29 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

jorge cantu update...0-3 last night, now batting .275, slugging ..450, 2 HR, 10 RBIs and a robust .331 obp...

he'd fit right into this lineup with those numbers

at 8:47 AM Blogger anti-media said...

Jack,CSA,I and a few others had it correct in ST !! That we suck..we took flack for it but now its clear to all !!Getting W.K.out is a great 1st step,now Dunn & Griff must go, they are Losers !!Give them away if needed,get Bruce up now !!

at 9:25 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

I would gain alot of respect for Dusty if he sat Dunn, JR, Paterson, and Ross, indefinately. At this point they are just hurting their trade value, I would put Dunn on the 15 day, hoping maybe the perception will be that he hasnt hit because of a minor injury. Bring up Bruce. Everyone knows who / what Griffey is, so it doesnt matter, and Ross and Patterson just dont belong on a major league roster. (Ross couldnt even hit in the minors)

But Dusty could show everyone (fans, management) "I aint runnun these schmucks out there anymore, so you better get me some real ballplayers!" And if Im Dusty, if that gets me fired then I DONT WANT THE JOB!!

Trade Dunn first offer, make Griff a bench player / pinch hitter. He could at least walk, and then pinch run for him. Maybe get him a start once a week so he gets to 600 in Cincy. At least get that shred of publicity out of him. Thats all hes good for!


at 9:29 AM Blogger Steve said...

Adam Dunn is totally lost at the plate and Griffey's playing old because he is Old. Our ROI with these two is worthless. We're not winning with them in the lineup so get what you can, trade 'um and go young. It can't be any worse.

Seriouly, when Dunn steps up, there are runners on and the game is close, does anyone have faith he'll deliver? Srikeout or double play---like clockwork. Awful!

at 9:29 AM Blogger Mark T said...

I wonder if they threw all the players into a room and left them without owners or management, who would emerge as a leader. There seems to be a vacuum there.

at 9:47 AM Blogger keepinitreal said...

Prior to this year, the Reds were a top 5 offensive team. Right now, they're 13th in runs scored. Over the last three years they've traded away a lot of offense attempting to improve the pitching staff. The pitching staff has improved, but only a little. Overall, the pitching staff is 11th in ERA and 13th in runs allowed. Contrary to what some folks claim, the decrease in offense compared to the increase in pitching is a net loss for the Reds.

at 10:31 AM Blogger kmitch218 said...

It's already at the point where I've stopped watching or listening to the games, just waking up and seeing how few runs they've scored in another loss.

Griffey is done - he shows no energy or determination to finish his career with a flourish. Dunn just doesn't seem to care and the two are pulling players with potential like Keppinger down with them.

Griffey and Dunn are doing more damage than good so eat the salaries and bring the young guys up and start the future now.

at 10:37 AM Blogger nhelmstetter said...

Wouldn't it have been possible for the Reds to offer to eat Adam Dunn's salary and trade him to Texas for Edinson Volquez instead of Josh Hamilton? Guess we'll never know...

at 11:03 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

no offense..but I am trying to focus on getting some wins after seven terrible losing seasons in a row.

focusing "on their work" is about silliest post I have ever seen

Volquez is not a rookie and Cueto certainly does not look like a "best"

at 11:05 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Ill take a Cantu batting .275 any day over Adam Dunn and an aging Kennie Griffey

at 11:20 AM Blogger Another losing season said...

Wouldn't it have been possible for the Reds to offer to eat Adam Dunn's salary and trade him to Texas for Edinson Volquez instead of Josh Hamilton? Guess we'll never know...

NO...Texas wanted Hamilton. No one else. Period. They knew what they were getting.

at 11:58 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

show me one stat that says the reds were a top 5 offensive team prior to this season

at 11:59 AM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

The truth of the matter is the Reds still haven't replaced Rich Aurilia's bat after 2006 or Josh Hamilton's after 2007. We are a significant bat short. Oh, Griffey and Dunn need to go too. How can the owners, management and players not expect the fan reactions I read on here after this poor season? People say the fans in St. Louis and Boston are great and always supportive. I say, up until recently, neither franchise ever had a dynasty. The older Reds fans like me remember the Big Red Machine and maybe it has spoiled us, but I say it simply has raised my standards for my boyhood team. No, I will no longer buy tickets or merchandise until this franchise makes the important and necessary steps to build a winner.

at 1:14 PM Blogger anti-media said...

For those who wondered why Cluless was fired....look at the record!! Worse team in MLB ....the incompetent misfit turned this team into a disgrace !!Dunn & Griffless need to go ASAP...1 bum & 1 has been !WALT get rid of these 2 pigs & bring up BRUCE !!

at 3:49 PM Blogger keepinitreal said...

Top 5 stat:

Let's go back 3 years and move forward:

2005, the Reds led the NL in runs scored with 820, that's 1st, not 5th. They were 4th in MLB in 2005 behind Boston, The Yankees and the Rangers. 2006 they were third in the NL until the all star break, trailing only the Mets and Dodgers. They fell apart offensively after Kearns/Lopez. I'm not saying they shouldn't have made the trade, I'm saying it hurt them offensively. 2007 they were 4th-5th in the league in runs scored until September when they slumped badly and slid to the middle of the pack.
My point is this. If you're going to trade away a bunch of offense, so much that you slide to 13th in the league in runs scored, your pitching staff can't just move from 15th to 13th in runs allowed.

at 3:49 PM Blogger keepinitreal said...

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at 9:36 PM Blogger Ron said...

Does anyone remember when Ken Griffey Jr. won the MVP in the American League, and his dad said, "That's nice but call me when you have one of these." and he held up his five world series rings. Maybe Senior was saying something then about Junior.
It's a commentary on the sad state of baseball today when a career .247 hitter with over 1100 strikeouts is paid 14 million a year.

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