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Monday, May 19, 2008

Greetings from L.A.

Saw a gas station on the corner of Olympic and Beverly, where regular was $4.15 and premium was $4.55. I think it was full service.

Anyway, if the Reds are really to turn it around, they're going to have to do better out here. They are 9-19 on the left coast since 2006:

0-6 in L.A.
5-5 in San Francisco, including 2-1 this season
2-4 in San Diego
1-2 in Oakland
1-2 in Seattle

It's delightful here in Dodger Stadium, a bit warm but nothing but blue skies.


at 6:23 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

54 degrees and raining here

they should do better this road trip..I hope so


at 6:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Got a lineup yet? This is trip we need badly, let's go Reds!

at 6:29 PM Blogger John Fay said...

No lineup yet.

at 6:34 PM Blogger Stephen said...

0-6 in LA? Wow.

at 6:36 PM Blogger Lego Man said...

What's the over/under on the number of Dodger Dogs Chris Welsh will consume over the next 3 days?

I'll say 5.


at 6:36 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I wonder if 3 hits and an .800 batting average will earn Yanish a seat on Ol' Dusty's bench?


at 6:40 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Maybe Dunn third and Griffey seventh, at least until Dunn goes back to sleep or Bruce finds his way to the lineup.


at 6:55 PM Blogger Kevin said...

Thats cheap John, regular in Chicago this week in Wrigleville is 4.22 to 4.45 at one station.

Cheers to a rain moving west just in time for Belisle's next start.

at 6:57 PM Blogger Kevin said...

John, did you hear Marty and Hal discussing Homer Bailey on Sunday.

Marty has a pretty negative opinion of his attitude and dealings with the media. He basically said at one point, the kid has to grow up.

Any personal thoughts on Homer's attitude from your experiences? Maybe Homer has been hanging with Chad lately.

at 7:09 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Lets just hope the 2006 home run hitting, complete game pitching, Arroyo shows up and not the JTM killing, knocked out in 3 innings, "I feel fine" Arroyo.

If he gives us 7 ip and <3 run I think we can get it done.

at 7:09 PM Blogger Steve said...


Welcome to sunny California! I have news for you: that's not Full Service. Hardly anybody does that anymore. Fill 'er up! Have fun in LA-LA!

at 7:14 PM Blogger Pat said...

So, I'm going to be in the right field seats for the final three in San Diego. Jr., of course, will get 1 or 2 homers in LA and will be getting 600 in SD. When I catch it, how much will the ball be worth?

I was in Chicago to see Pete tie Ty, eventhough my wife wanted to go home during the rain delay. I just know I'll get to see Jr. hit 600 in person.

Yeah, I know. My optimism makes some of you puke. Sorry.

at 7:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does the long flight have anything to do with the western woes? In 2001 I was in Seattle. The Mariners won 116 games that year, but almost always lost the first game of any given trip east. Jet lag.

Would be interesting to see how other teams do on the first game of a multi-time zone trip.

And as Jack in Blue Ash said, it's a fine Seattle day here. 50's and rain.

at 7:17 PM Blogger T-Mac said...

Going to the game tonight, first opportunity for me to catch the Reds . . . very excited!

John, if you get the chance, head over to Pasadena and grab lunch at Pie-N-Burger (California & Lake) . . . best hamburger you will ever taste.

Go Redlegs,


at 7:19 PM Blogger cinredlegs4 said...

is there a certain amount of time before the first pitch that you get a lineup everyday? you going to be hanging out with hugh hefner this week?

at 7:35 PM Blogger ADMS said...

Doubt that was full service gas. Some friends of mine from the SF Bay area e-mailed me not that long ago and mentioned they were paying up to $4.40/gal for the cheap stuff.
On a side-baseball note, from my Los Angeles days, I can say that Dodger Stadium (thankfully no corporate name has blemished the stadium with their name on a classic place - Rogers Centre my ***) is one of the pure gems in MLB. Tickets aren't as expensive as one might imagine, the Dodger Dogs are as excellent as you might have heard, the fans really don't show up in the third and leave in the seventh, and just the sight and feel of a Los Angeles evening with the mountain breezes combined with the sun reflecting off all of the Dodger blue makes for an experience that many of the new "retro" parks just can't fake. Of course with it being an older park, the seats and legroom are borderline torture and just forget about wandering around the stadium during the game. It's also surrounded by acres of parking so you have to sit in traffic for any kind of after-game entertainment.
PETCO in SD is nice also. There's just a sinking feeling when you wander around the stadium and see the billions of dollars of redevelopment around the stadium and then look at GABP and wonder what might have been if we built the stadium at Broadway Commons. Oh well. I don't think our dirt pit next door passes for entertainment.
Back to baseball - if they win tonight, I think it becomes a lot clearer that the Reds really are undoing the disaster of the first quarter of the season and maybe we can finally pull out a decent California series/vacation.
These west coast trips are one of the reasons why the DVR should be considered a great invention...late nights ahead.

at 7:37 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

John, whats the latest on Keppinger?

A certain poster seems to think hell be back in weeks, all the while being VERY pessemistic about Agon returning at all. Arent these similar injuries? (or even Keppingers being slightly worse?)

Just wondering if some FACT could
be injected instead of Dr Blue Ashes long distance diagnosis.

For the record, I want him back yesterday, although I love Janish, he just wont hit this well over the long haul. And if the Reds want to be relevent in August / September, they will need him.

at 7:38 PM Blogger Joe said...

I,m feeling this road trip...it's gonna be a good one for the Reds.

Gas in CA is not much more expensive than Ohio...something just does not seem right about that?

at 7:45 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

A certain poster seems to think hell be back in weeks, all the while being VERY pessemistic about Agon returning at all. Arent these similar injuries? (or even Keppingers being slightly worse

no profanity please

Hal McCoy feels Keppinger will be back in 4-5 weeks

Agons injury is entirely different and is not healing that well

I am not pessemistic..thats redeculous


at 8:11 PM Blogger Another losing season said...

I love this Reds team. As I've said all along, just give them some time.

at 8:18 PM Blogger Joe said...

JBA - Apparently that non-reference - pessemestic comment was about you?

I've been following this blog for several weeks now, you've never come across as pessimistic to me. Angry a time or two, antagonistic nearly always, hard headed occassionally.

But, I don't recall seeing a pessimistic post from you. Those usually come from the alter ego.

at 8:20 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

There is no 'O' in redeculus.

at 8:21 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Still not seeing any information from his doctor.

Or is Hal moonlighting as a Doctor of Orthopedics?

"Agons injury is entirely different and is not healing that well"

Please doctor, elaborate.

And Im not talking about the way the injury was sustained, how is it entirely different as a diagnosis, and is treatment / rehabilitation different?

Although the sarcasm you are detecting is genuine, I really am interested in the whole picture, not just what Hal said.

Maybe John cant answer this on the road, unless he gets Kepps Doc on the phone.

I do realize the original report was 4 - 6 weeks, but Agons original report wasnt worth the paper it was written on, I hope Kepp is not going to be the same way.

at 8:35 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I think four to six weeks is realistic. The biggest thing is Keppinger is not in a immobilzation brace, so he's able to rehab. I think we'll know a lot more in a week.

They never put a date on the Gonzalez's return. He's going to have to be able to run without pain before you can even talk about a return.

at 8:37 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Thanks John, YOURS was the only answer I solicited in the first place.

at 8:42 PM Blogger Joe said...

John is not in a position to share Gonzo's or Keppinger's medical/injury information unless it comes from the player or the Reds with the player's permission to share it.

Privacy laws folks, privacy.

My guess is we are not going to get much information. Gonzo may have financial reasons for not sharing the extent of the injury.

at 8:53 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

my understanding is that alex has a microfracture injury, which is really not at all similar to a fracture of the knee cap. i fractured a kneecap wrecking a scooter, drunk, on vacation in the Dominican years ago...still hurts, but i was fully functional in about 4-6 weeks. microfacture injuries i believe are much tougher to recover from....amare stoudamire took at least a year, i think chris webber had one and was never the same.

i wouldn't count on alex for anything this year.

-Dr. Rabbit Angstrom

at 8:54 PM Blogger Joe said...

I hate these late games. This game can't start soon enough -

K@FtMeyers and JBA can't entertain us much longer.

And, I've read all of Adms's post. What to do, what to do?

at 8:56 PM Blogger flard said...

pessimistic, ridiculous.

at 9:04 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"I am not pessemistic..thats redeculous"

Yes, Yes I know, my spelling, it is only since I have posted on this blog that I have realized my spelling sucks, Ill work on that.
I do have a good vocabulary, and would rather take heat for spelling than limit my ability to convey ideas by limiting my vocabulary.

Im a man, I can come to terms with my shortcomings, how about you?

Not that we have seen so far.

at 9:20 PM Blogger Joe said...

Doom and Gloom - was the vacation worth it?

ETOH + scooter = fx patella

Hope you got a nice tan!

at 10:09 PM Blogger flard said...

kevinftmyers, sorry dude. I have plenty of faults, we all do.

at 8:11 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Under Hippaa.. doctors will not release detailed medical information about any player

microfractures like Gonzos can be career ending. they also can be indicative of the weakening of ones entire bone structure..bad news for someone participating in sports for a living

John Fay Knows as much or as little as Hal Mc Coy regarding injuries..no offense John

just redeculous

at 11:53 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"I have plenty of faults, we all do."

....speak for yourself.

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