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Friday, May 16, 2008

Reds 4, Indians 3

The Reds have won four in a row.

Adam Dunn got the winning run home with a bases-laoded walk in the eighth.

"Any way you can get that run in," Dusty Baker said.

Francisco Cordero struck out the side in the ninth to save.

"A lot of people were here to support us," Cordero siad. "You want to send them home happy."

Johnny Cueto did not given up a hit through five innings, then gave up three home runs, including back-to-backers, in the sixth. Cueto's line: 6 IP, 3 hits, 3 runs, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts.

The Reds led 3-0 early. Brandon Phillips followed Ken Griffey Jr.'s walk with a drive in the second deck in left for his eighth homer.

Dunn hit his eighth in the second.

Cueto retired the first eight batters he faced before walking pitcher Jeremy Sowers. He got Grady Sizemore to pop out to right to strand him. Cueto went 1-2-3 in the fourth, then struck out the side in the fifth. He went 3-0 on Ben Francisco to start the inning. He then struck out Francisco on three pitches and Ryan Garko and Asdrubal Cabrera on total of seven pitches.

Casey Blake led off the sixth with home to center. Pinch-hitter Travis Hafner follwed with a shot that just stayed fair in right. He got an out then gave up one Jhonny Peralta.


at 8:19 PM Blogger People Eating Tasty Animals said...

Really? Krivsky brought Phillips into the organization? That's Amazing!

I thought surely that must have been an O'Brien trade.

And Dunn with a RBI in five consecutive games. Impossible.

at 8:21 PM Blogger ST fan said...

Reds' offense needs to be geared more for playing with a solid pitching staff. Blow outs are not needed.

at 8:46 PM Blogger Jeremy said...

My biggest question is why in the world they would send Hairston in with no outs and Brandon Phillips coming to bat. It should be a 4-3 game right now. This is ridiculous.

at 9:03 PM Blogger Showtime said...

As much as people dog Griffey and Dunn, and even EE for their defense, my god, Votto has been awful tonight. Looks like he is totally disinterested out there. I'm hoping this is an aberration and not the rule with him.

at 9:04 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Berry wanted to get Griff an RBI that's why. It was a dicey choice but lets face it Griff has been slumping so they wanted to pump up his stats.

Also why can't Votto field a groundball suddenly? I expect some erratic performances at the plate but he needs to make the routine plays and the erros are starting to mount up on him.

As for Dunn its nice he can produce in the #7 spot for 5 days. Do we need a #7 hitter for $13 million? No we do not.

at 9:19 PM Blogger JerBear said...

Good game tonight. Cueto had a rough 6th inning, but if he goes 6 innings giving up 3-4 runs on most nights that would be pretty good for a rookie...or for any pitcher these days for that matter!

I'm rooting this group of Reds on, but boy I don't know about our offense for the long run, especially with Keppinger out.

Freel and Hairston Jr. are streaky hitters. If they go into one of their bad streaks, and if Bako starts slowly going down to his career average...and if Encarnacion and Votto hit in the .260's like they are now...wow it could be a rough time for the Reds offense in the next month or so.

I'm not one clamoring for Jay Bruce to be brought up...but it might make the lineup better if he starts in the outfield every night with his bat in there.

Freel is doing a nice job, and Hairston Jr. is doing well also...but looking ahead a month or so, Bruce's time may come.

at 9:57 PM Blogger Showtime said...

Top of 9, we're up 4-3... let's go Coco, earn that contract! :)

at 10:07 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Bako calls a good game. He's the one guy I'd vote for as an all-star and I am not being sarcastic. Good to see w inning streak, but lets get greedy we need several more to turn this season around.

at 10:22 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Great game, I wish Cueto didnt give up those dingers, but the bottom line is the Reds won, 4 in a row now, starting to look like a ball club.

I cant wait to see what negative things JBA / CSA have to say.

What am I thinking, the only thing that matters is wins and losses and this is a win, so whatever happened that may be negative shouldnt matter, right?

Nah, theyll still rip someone.

at 11:07 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

yep good win. I'll take 6ip and 3 ER from any of our pitchers but especially the young guys. Wish you could have gotten the win Johnny but nice outing none-the-less.

Boy did Cordero look like a closer tonight or what? The crowd sounded awesome on tv I'm sure it was even more so sitting in the stands. I have tickets to Sunday's showdown and can't wait. Good luck scoring runs for Harang tomorrow guys. Go Reds.

at 11:20 PM Blogger Reds Fan of Toledo said...

Great game tonight. The team has been playing really well 5 of the last 6. Got to give it up to Dunn...6 rbi in last 5 games. Kevin I hate to admit it but you are exactly right. They don't look at the positives even after wins. They watch the bengles too much.

Go Reds

at 11:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the game. Great win for the club. Excellent relief pitching by Cordero and Weathers. Terrible decision to send Hairston on Griffey's hit, with no outs and Phillips coming up. And Griffey should have been at second base on the throw, but he was loafing to first base. Cueto really had them fooled for 5 innings, wonder what happened. Jay Bruce should be playing every day in CF.

at 12:11 AM Blogger BATSFAN said...

Hey glad the Reds won, just got in from the Bats, first game went tot he SWB Yanks 4-0 Homer gave up 4 runs, HE SUCKS!!!! I was down there watching him warm up and before he did there were these kids were like "HOMER YOUR THE BEST, YOUR MY HERO," He ignored them all didnt evan look at them. Then in the 2nd game he leaned over got a ground ball and he didnt evan throw it in the stands when every other player does. I yelled "keep it homer and maybe you can learn how to throw." Anyway Bats won 2nd game Bruce hit a homer

at 1:09 AM Blogger Dave said...

Bako's already sliding back to his career #s, at .290-something tonight. Who cares? It's not .200, and he's solid behind the plate, I'll take it. We beat a good team tonight, and one that's been hot (8 outta 10, 50 straight scoreless innings by the starters). We did it with He-Man Phillips (2nd upper-decker in about a week) and Dunn going yard, but we played small as needed (and got a bit lucky). We also held it down on the mound - nice flip from last year.

For as stupid as everyone on here seems to think Dusty is, he's right that this team will turn it around and make a run, and he's done a good job working the right pitchers on schedule (ever notice Miley and Naroon, et. al left Belisle/Fogg/etc. types out there every 5th day to get slaughtered?). He's also starting to work the hot bats in (Hairston, Freel, Patterson of late, Votto taking a while to replace Hatty)...he wins because of the little things, and he'll win here, too.

at 1:20 AM Blogger ADMS said...

Finally created an ID so I'll start by letting KevinFtMyers know that I love his part of Florida down there but post-Charley, we purchased on Marco...Captiva never fully recovered so we had to look south.
If we call can agree that the three solo homeruns back to back to (almost) back we one strange moment, it looks like Cueto is back. I love his emotion on the mound, his fastball, and his lack of fear on the mound. If this stands, we have three amazing starting pitchers and hopefully Arroyo can keep his turnaround going. Every baseball team would kill for four solid starting pitchers.
I have to agree with others with Votto. Something has been looking wrong with him lately. It's a total guess but my impression is that he looks overmatched or unsure out there. I think with more playing time, he'll be fine.
I've had a similar injury like Kepp and if he's back in 4-6 weeks, he's Superman. The rehab alone can make a grown man cry.

It also looks like I'm not the only one who noticed when the Reds are winning, the comment count is down due to the lack of posts by certain "glass is not just half empty, but let's blow it up" commenters. Does this mean that if we keep winning, this might actually be a site for actual fans who can write more than "blow up the team, trade Junior, dump Dusty in the river," and do on? If so, that works with me. Real fans don't just dwell on the negative unless you're from Philly.
Also, doesn't it seem like Freel has some kind of spring-loaded knees or shoes? That was one major center field leap. It was also great to see Cueto and Bako on the same page. Maybe the meeting earlier in the week worked.

at 1:59 AM Blogger will said...

some just dont have much to say when the reds win

at 6:59 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

The team is starting to look good maybe they will reach .500 as I suggested they would

Hamilton had 5 hits last night and five RBIs... but we have Ken griffey

That riverboat in centerfield does look god awful ugly on TV


at 7:49 AM Blogger gm said...

we win and out of the first 9 posts 5 of them are negtive or has a dig involved...will some of you ever be satisfied?did your mothers ever tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say........go reds let's look good on national tv today !!!

at 7:54 AM Blogger pootyhead said...

Weird.....no one bashing and down playing the good win or a four game winning streak?

at 8:19 AM Blogger Steve said...

Aaron said...
Berry wanted to get Griff an RBI that's why. It was a dicey choice but lets face it Griff has been slumping so they wanted to pump up his stats.

Chris Speier was coaching 3rd, not Berry. The latters Father passed away and he hasn't been here since the Mets seris. Pumping up Giffey's stats wast the last thought on anyone's mind but yours.
Hariston should NOT have been sent. Nobody out with runners at 1st and 3rd is what should have happen.

at 9:47 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Heres something for us glass half full guys:

As John mentioned the Reds have a 4 game streak, but they are also
7 and 3 in their last 10
and 12 and 9 overall at GABP.

The problem?

They are 7 and 14 away from Cincy.

John, could you ask Dusty about this and what they might try to do differently on the road to improve that half of their record?

There is a saying in football:
Win all your home games and go
.500 on the road....

If the reds can continue their W/L ratio at home, and improve to .500 or just below on the road, they may finish in a respectable slot (3RD).

At this point I would be pleased if they finished above 4th.

at 10:44 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...


I work on Marco on a regular basis, last job was in Hideaway Beach, super nice in there.

Sanibel / Captiva just isnt the same, its getting much better but so much of the islands draw was the natural unspoiled foliage, and that more than anything else took the brunt of Charley. I would say about 99% of buildings are back to normal, but the vegetation will take years.

My wife and I got married at Tween Waters on Captiva, so that area will always be special to us.

Sorry to he other posters for non Reds commentary...

back to baseball....

at 10:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Dusty was watching when Dunn walked in the 8th? It seems to me like that walk unclogged third base.

at 12:02 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Finishing in 3rd place and $1.25 will get you a cup of coffee at BP.. a small cup


at 12:54 PM Blogger redsfan8557 said...

I wish I could have stayed at the game last night,a huge crowd. I got hit with a homerun ball in the bleachers boy it still hurts. GO REDS

at 1:15 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

Finishing in 1st place and $6.25 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, a Grande.

at 2:14 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Steve your wrong, it was Berry. The announcers mentioned that he was back and yes they mentioned his father's illness, and my comment had nothing to do with his personal life. He sent that runner because it was Griff who hit the ball, that is my opinion. Speier was on the bench next to Dusty. I watched the game and I don't miss important details like that. THank you.

at 2:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, get off the whole Hamilton daily stat line, he's not here anymore! Thats like telling everybody constantly about this girl you used to date who was pretty good looking back when you dated her but now shes just unreal, unfortunately shes dating a complete d-bag. Your friends are sick of hearing your constant whining about what might have been, move on!

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