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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sweep: Reds 6, Indians 4

That's six in a row, all against first place teams.

First 6-0 homestand since 1995. Seven straight home wins overall, tying a Great American record. First sweep of the Indians.

Adam Dunn is a on a big time roll. Home runs in four straight games. The Reds gave up a total of the nine runs in the series.

The most impressive thing to me was four straight two-out hits to chase Cliff Lee in the fifth.

Has your impression of this team changed over the last six games?


at 4:39 PM Blogger Da Phoenixx said...

I feel good about em, but if they go out and get drubbed on the West Coast like usual it will be all for naught. Have a winning West Coast swing, then all bets are off for the Central. Ask us again in 2 weeks.

at 4:40 PM Blogger redsfanwoody said...

As quick as it seems to have truned around, it could turn back just the same. But this has been a great week to be a Reds fan.

I thought this team could win in the beginning of the year and still feel the same.

at 4:42 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Somewhat. Freel is still diving for balls he can't possibly catch. Phillips still has no plate discipline. Griffey is literally hit and miss. The bullpen is a thrill-a-minute.

However, Votto really has emerged as a legit threat, and Valentin played a more than capable 1B today, turning that slick 3-6-3 -- and defense isn't his thing. And Janish...it's like Kepp never left so far.

They're playing better, that's for sure, but both of these first place teams have struggled lately. The real test for the Reds will be this west coast trip, which is tough every year no matter how those teams are playing or where they are in the standings.

at 4:43 PM Blogger Daniel said...

From pessimistic to skeptically optimistic.

This team has really stepped up their offensive production and if they can get Griffey going then they'll be a high-level team between the quality pitching and the offense.

What remains to be seen is can the Reds win the games they're supposed to. They've been respectable against high-level competition (opening series vs Arizona, recent two sweeps), but have struggled against the weaker squads (Pitt, Hou). They'll need to keep the focus on this run out West.

Let's talk next Sunday and we'll know if this team can contend.

at 4:43 PM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

I'm witholding my judgement on this team until I see how they perform on their upcoming west coast road trip. A traditional pit for the Reds.

at 4:46 PM Blogger HoosierVirg said...

I went with the grandson yesterday to the game, great game, outstanding starting pitching for both teams. I have always thought the talent is on this team to be a major force in our division, haven't changed that opinion at all. To be a good offense two of our big three, (Junior, BP, Dunner), have to come through in each game. Yesterday Dunner and BP did and we won, Dunn's catch was great along with BP's. It is no coincidence that we are go on a winning streak when Dunn's bat comes alive, he is a major force in this offense. I for one think he should be kept. This winning streak helps to illustrate how valuable he is.

at 4:50 PM Blogger Aaron in Orlando said...

Has my impression changed? Hmm...yes, in the sense that I'm glad we're winning but, in the long run, I still think our roster is imbalanced. I still trade Griffey, if we can, and bring Bruce up. And, if Dunn stays hot and we could get a really good player or players in return, I still trade him after June 15. However, if Griffey is gone, perhaps my view of Dunn changes as I don't think they are good in the same lineup. I'm happy for him lately, that he has really contributed.

at 4:54 PM Blogger CoachD178 said...

My attitude has not changed. Over a week ago I called for Dunn to be moved down in the lineup and just let him hit. Stop asking him to carry the team. When he's hot he will, when he isn't he's your 6 or 7 hitter.

The approach of the players at the plate hasn't changed much. The difference is they are actually making good contact on pitches and getting key hits. Phillips and Dunn are starting to drive in runs and Griffey even had a few key RBI hits in the last week. He's still on top of the ball (why he's not getting any lift). He has gone through stretched like this in past years (not the HR drougth, but the hitting everything into the ground spell). When he has come out of it in past years he comes out with a vengeance and goes on a HR tear. Hopefully that holds true.

I'm still a bit concerned, however. Up to this point the only big time pitcher the Reds faced in this week streak was Fausto Carmona, and they couldn't hit him. The Marlins thew a rookie and two average pitchers at the Reds. Jeremy Sowers hasn't done much the last two years and the Reds have punished him in past games. They hammered Cliff Lee today.

I'd have to say today was the best offensive game of the season for the Reds....for the most part. The fact they battled Lee and came up with so many clutch 2 out hits is encouraging.

I'm optimistic about the team right now, but still have reservations. We'll all know whether this is legit or not after they return from their west coast trip. If the Reds can win this week's series against LA and San Diego they will not only be in good shape in the standings, but should have developed enough momentum to carry this club through the summer. My thoughts.

at 5:00 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

+ As I have said all along, Dunn is a lot of fun to watch when he is going good. Young guys like Votto, Janish, Volquez, Phillips seem to inject some energy into most of this team.

- Griffey on the other hand continues to crawl along, showing little interest, no emotion and contributes nothing. Eventually even HOFs become part time players or retire (no hope for trading this guy).

Jay Bruce in RF and somehow finding a way to get thru the 4 & 5 starters could keep the team competitive. I guess thats a lot to ask though.

Always fair & balanced and never ripping other posters,

at 5:08 PM Blogger Joe said...

CSA always fair .... never ripping the other posters! Good one.

Great homestand, makes you wish the 3rd game with the Fish had not been rained out.

Got a tough road trip this week, the test of the season to date in my mind. It would be nice to win a couple more than they loose on this on come back home at .500.

at 5:13 PM Blogger redsfaninoregon said...

the amazing thing about this turn-around is they're doing it with essentially NOTHING from griffey. baker should have had grif bunt in the 9th a few days ago, instead did nothing, then phillips hit into double play with runner stuck on first. imagine what the reds could do with bruce starting in right. DUMP grif Now PLEASE.

at 5:14 PM Blogger ADMS said...

I just got back from the game - loud fans, charged atmosphere, what a game! It felt great to sweep 2 series in a row and to send the AL's best pitcher to the showers early.
Sometimes when we watch it on TV or just type about it behind a monitor, I think we forget what it means to actually be there (never mind the money involved!) There were countless scores of kids in baseball uniforms, kids with parents in Griffey and Dunn jerseys, parents and kids cheering when Dunn hit another one deep into the cheap seats and watching the 95mph fastballs from EV striking out the Indians.
Honestly, it felt like a playoff game. It is so rare to have a pitcher matchup like we had and we won.
Yes, Freel needs to rethink when to let one bounce and to dive for it and Griffey is REALLY looking painful at the plate, but Janish, Votto, BP and others had us screaming all nine innings.
It's that simple. We play good baseball, we win. We win, we fill the stands.
I'm trying to buck the typical Cincinnati negativity and I'm stating here in writing that the Cincinnati Reds we saw these past six games are the "as advertised" Reds with the young bats, exciting pitchers, and improved bullpen. The jury is still out on the bullpen but wow...what a week of baseball.
OK...one round of Cincy-neg. Why do these west coast trips turn into nightmares???

at 5:15 PM Blogger pootyhead said...

To think they have ran the tables this week with two dionsaurs and no Hamilton or Cantu is just unimaginable!

May it be the beginning of better ballplaying by our beloved Reds.

at 5:20 PM Blogger Steve said...

John from Cincinnati said: I'm witholding my judgement on this team until I see how they perform on their upcoming west coast road trip. A traditional pit for the Reds.

100% Agreement! Plus we're still two games under .500! At least we're pointed in the right direction but until a team climbs 10 games over .500, it's tough to take them as a serious contender.

I like the pitching but offensively, Griffey's lost it. His bat speed is gone. Move him along and pencil in Bruce.
Look what Janish has done since being called up. That's the kind of "team" effort we should focus on.

at 5:20 PM Blogger ADMS said...

Also, there isn't a whole lot that I agree with/follow what the saga of CSA and rest go on with, but there is something that I agree with.
I really want to get to the bottom of what is going on with Junior. His average is down to .240 and he didn't start that strong to begin with. If he's hurting or just not with in any longer, stop taking the at bats and let Bruce come up and Freel can move over. Even some kids no older than 10-11 around me noticed that he just looked old out there.
We've seen Griffey go on power trips before and act like he's 10 years younger. This season seems different and I'm thinking that run isn't going to happen this year. Regrardless of what might be going on in his mind, his image among the fans is slipping, the media is walking away, the chase to 600 is a non-story, and his trade value is nil. Just get out of this slump...

at 5:22 PM Blogger Chillicothe redfan said...

BLUF NO, it doesn't change until this team hits on the road. But to echo some of the entiment expressed above, it sure does feel good to be a Reds fan this week! Best of luck on the road trip gents!

at 5:25 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Reds have been good at home all year (14 and 9), on the road...7 and 14.

They are playing better overall,
but will they continue their losing ways on the road?

They have got to be even or 1 over on this trip or they are just robbing peter to pay paul.

at 5:41 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

went to the game..love the new ballpark clock

Griff does look bad at the plate

nice win


at 5:45 PM Blogger Tom & Shelly Hehenberger said...

Let's say I feel better about the Reds today than I did a couple of weeks ago. I will gladly eat my words that the Reds would not reach 20 wins by June--but before we start popping corks, let us see what they do on the West coast-.500 or better and maybe we got something here!

at 5:52 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

So it looks like Volquez now leads proffesional baseball in ERA (1.33). Lee drops to 1.37.

John, when was the last time a Reds pitcher lead the majors in ERA?

at 5:55 PM Blogger Pokey Reese said...

My impression of this team hasn't changed. Even the Pirates won like 7 games in a row and I still think that they are a bad team. The Reds will eventually get on a 4 or 5 game losing streak and everybody will be back to complaing again.

at 5:55 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I heard AGONs fracture has not healed,,still visible on his MRI

Team is playing better..no doubt about it. I may have to revise my prediction of .500 baseball..especially when you figure our best hitter will be back in a month..go Keppinger

Freel is a liability in center..seriously


at 6:03 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Me, I am excited because this team is getting to where it should be. I said 3 weeks ago that we were a 7 game win streak away from making doomers like jack leave this blog.

The Reds are playing OK. Down a starting shortstop and his ever so capable backup. But the pitching, for once in May is not a mess.

The bullpen works very well. Cordero is flat out a stud, and Weathers and Affeldt are getting the job done.

As far as Bruce goes, Dunn was a better minor leaguer, he had 52 HR's at multiple levels remember with a very good average when he was promoted. now everyone complains about his poor fundamental baseball skills. Let Jay just play the game. He will be here when he is here. Not before

Me, I just want to see this team with all the guys healthy, and see what they can really do.

The guys who believe this is a 500 team at best are still trying to figure out what went right....

at 6:32 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

Just hoping we can go 3-4 on the upcoming trip. This team is not built for those large west coast ballparks where homers are harder to come by. They'll need to rely on putting some rallys together with hits and they're not very good at that. However, if they can get good starting pitching, it might go alright.

at 6:38 PM Blogger Santa said...

I do believe I am correct when I say this.....

Drum roll PLEASE!!!

CONGRATS to the new MLB ERA leader:

E. Volquez (7-1) 1.33

Reds' fan in East Tenn..

at 7:00 PM Blogger Scott said...

After reading fan reactions from some blogs and message boards, it appears cincinnati is indeed a bandwagon town. Almost a week ago people were stating 60 wins or trade Dunn, now its "keep dunn and trade Griffey only" or "the Reds might actually be able to win 85 games".

You can't judge a baseball team on one month (April). Baseball is a streaky sport which is why guys make millions to hit the ball 3 times ouf 10. Once mid July comes around and if or when the Reds are 15+ games under .500 then you can bash them.

Say all you want about Griffey, but if he doesn't get that 2 out rbi today then were talking a different outcome.

at 7:11 PM Blogger ADMS said...

John Fay - I have to ask a hopefully simple question.
Are there days, especially ones that are made worse by the deeply personal loss you shared with us not that long ago, were you just get fed up with a lot of the childish (four letter word deleted) actions and posts by certain people on the blog? What is happening with these people with the constant made up "facts," worthless points and posts that attempt to drive to us rubes that they are the experts and we are at home drooling over our keyboards waiting for their next bit of expert knowledge, and act like we give a flying (another four letter word deleted) about who and what they are?

This is out of control and sharing opinions...the true point of a blog...is getting ruined by people that think they should be running the Reds...or why stop there....maybe they should run the world.

I enjoy visiting blogs and opinion sites because I like reading the opinions of Reds fans from both long time and new fans from all over the place. I like your feedback to some of the posts since you are on the inside and can answer a lot of our questions. But to be honest, if I had to play blog babysitter like it seems you have to do at times, I'd shut this down in a heartbeat. Yes, a few bad apples ruined the whole bunch and it is a shame.

Real fans don't wait for losses just to flood your blog with dozens of pointless and repeating posts.
Real fans don't harass other bloggers when their opinions might not match.
Real fans support the team through the lost cause seasons all of the way through seasons like 1990.

Real fans don't scoop up the past and keep asking the same "what if" pointless questions and comments. Real fans, and the unwritten rules of the Internet, don't have to play classroom bully each and every day.

What do some of these people do for a living? How do they spend their days and who are they given their attitudes to others? Why is it, when you check timestamps, that the second anything posted that they might disagree with, their flood of "expert" knowledge railroads the blog within minutes? I cannot imagine a life where it seems they live at their keyboards just so they can put down others to make themselves feel better about themselves. THERE CAN BE NO OTHER REASON than that!!!

Pathetic. It's pathetic that someone gets their jollys just to show everyone how "right" they are when most of us have seen through the lies and smoke.

I just want to yell GROW UP to them. I could care less about the recent seasons. This is now and the now is starting to look like better baseball against good teams.

As a long-time fan, in regards to this season:
1. I think Arroyo can continue to turn things around.
2. I think EE can and will continue to improve.
3. I think Votto will continue to grow into a major league player and future All Star.
4. I think Harang will win at least 18 games especially if our bats keep hitting.
5. I think Adam Dunn will be a Red next year while Junior will not.
6. I love watching Dunn's moonshots.
7. Hands down, I believe this season is not a lost cause and the callup of Homer and Bruce will continue to help us win.

Sorry for dragging this post on, but I'm tired of reading the same-old from the same "fans" screaming LOOK AT ME - I CAN RUN THE REDS BETTER THAN ANYONE. I love when they get called out by others and then within milliseconds, yet another truth warping in the form of a "positive" post comes out to try to place the halo over their heads again. You know who you are - your constant negative blasting and fantasy managing has worn out its' welcome and I do wish the couple of you would set up your own blog where you can to feel important somewhere else. The act has worn too thin over here.

John - you must have the patience of God because this form of babysitting "grown adults" has to make you wonder about the future of certain aspects of the human race.

To the rest of you - thank you for posting your opinions from the fan's point of view as I for one enjoy reading them and sharing my opinions with others.

at 7:16 PM Blogger Middie said...

With the starting pitching giving us at least six strong innings, there's nothing to complain about and Cordero is a great addition. With Belisle, it's keep the long relief ready. But hopefully, Bailey will soon be able to take over the 5th. starter position. I like the way the Reds have scratched out some runs with bunts, singles and doubles and some speed with Freel, Hairston and Patterson. That's my kind of baseball. Home runs are great, but for me it's small ball that takes the tight games that good teams win.

at 7:43 PM Blogger Jeff said...

I agree that Freel has made some bad errors in judgment this year. I think he might be slowing down and has not yet adjusted his decision making to his reduced speed. Not sure I’d call him a liability yet.

You have to give him his props for getting in Cliff Floyd’s head. Floyd seem to really come unglued after Freel messed with his rhythm.

at 8:05 PM Blogger Aaron said...

I'm calling Griffey out. He needs to go on a big time tear to get this record over with and to bring his numbers to a respectable level and to contribute to this team as a legit middle of the order player. He should be moved down until he heats up ala Dunn but really Encarnacion and Votto might not be ready to bat in the heart of the order either. If Griffey truly wants to make the playoffs this year and I really think he does its time for him to show everyone why he is a hall of famer. I know his body isn;t what it once was but he's got to summon that energy and willpower and just do some magical stuff to win games. I believe he has it in him. I think he has led the good life for so long he doesn't really know how to play with a chip on his shoulder but he's gotta find a way to elevate his game somehow someway. This season is gonna come down to him, that's what I think. Dunn is Dunn and he will be streaky but at the end he is gonna have the same numbers he's produced nearly identically for the past 4 years. Griff is the wild card in the equation. If he can't get it done or goes down with injury again then it all comes down to Jay Bruce and how he performs on the big league stage. Pretty sure he will get the call in June because they will need another big bat for a stretch drive if they are in the hunt and you need to give him time to adjust his game at the higher level.

at 8:10 PM Blogger Pat said...

It's always nice to see a team play up to their potential. Hope they keep playing well. I'll go to 2 or 3 games in SD, wish I had the time to see them in LA.

at 8:13 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

I love it, jack admits he is wrong. finally. He may have to change his prediction because the team is much better than he thought " I may have to revise my prediction of .500 baseball."

talk about the warmest of weather fans.....

Just go away and boo somebody else

at 8:17 PM Blogger Joe said...

ADMS: What were you thinking, or what weren't you thinking in that epistle of a blog you wrote?
Better ways to get your valid points across, but the length of your post won't get it read here.

Great home stand...I'll get excited if we come back .500 or better from the West coast trip.

JBA - heard the same on Gonzo. I hope he plays sometime this year if for no other reason than to prove he is healthy. Bad deal for Gonzo and the Reds.

at 8:34 PM Blogger Edge1970 said...

a week ago i wanted the reds to trade Adam dunn, i was wrong trade griffey and get Jay Bruce up here and NOW!!!!!

at 8:52 PM Blogger Santa said...

John Fay - why was my post rejected?

1) it was not copied from any other web site.
2) it was fact as far as I understand. If not is it not the bloggers whom should point that out?
3) I am a real blogger. Not one of these alt accounts which are used on here.

4) Yet you let some of these other antics go on in this blog. At least mine was saying congrats to EV and constructive.

I would like to know why. You have my email address if need be.

Thank you,
Reds' fan in East Tenn.

at 8:54 PM Blogger NVreds said...

two JBA quotes from a past posting:

"I don't see where I have been wrong about anything" that doesnt mean it hasnt happened, in the same post:

"Paul Janish cannot flat out hit thats the problem"

this was before his game winning single. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not saying janish is going to hit .300, but once again you make negative assumptions instead of waiting to actually watch a player. and form a good argument to back up your pessimistic doomsday opinions. and again you were wrong.

Another example is how much you shoved volquez's past record down our throats prior to the season like he was a terrible player. Pretty sure you were dead wrong about that. It would be a waste of time to list all the other stuff you've been wrong about because i dont have the desire to post on here.

I'm not right about everything, I'm happy to admit that.

at 9:01 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

I dont think Freel is an everyday center fielder either.

Center field is not just about being athletic and hustling. You have to be smart.

Center field in any park is too much ground for anyone to cover, so you have to position yourself correctly for each batter, your positioning dictates the positioning of the corner outfielders. Once you are in position you have to play balls correctly, know when to take chances and when to not because when it gets buy you its going to roll a long way.

I just dont think Farney has the head for it.

What I do like about him, and Griffey and Dunn could learn from him is that he always comes up throwing, and gets the ball in. It really seems like he absolutley will not let a runner take a base un-contested.

Sometimes with the other guys its like once they do get to the ball, they have to take a look, then rainbow it in to the cut off man.

This is on the scouting report.

That is why Hafner ran on Dunn today, and what happened? He decided to come up throwing and gunned him down. This needs to be the rule, NOT the exception.

at 9:05 PM Blogger Dude said...

If Griffey comes around, watch out this time is gunna be dangerous.


On the radio today I heard Marty and someone(maybe you I caught it late.) say a reporter asked Homer Bailey if he has learned anything in this stint in the minors and Homer said "No" and walked away. I'd heard Homer was difficult to teach in the past, is this still the case?

at 9:07 PM Blogger redfuture said...

This year's draft will be interesting. Baseball America reports that the rumor is the Reds are planning to take Pat Kelly's son. Pat served as Mackanin's bench coach last year. BA says the kid would be a reach at that point. I'd like them to take a pitcher or catcher first. It looks to me that catcher Mesoraco is a bust already from last year. He had a terrible short season last year and was held back for extended spring this year. They finally put him at Dayton where he is 3 for 22 with 9 strikeouts. Three good catchers are out there this year: Posey, Skipworth, and Castro.

at 9:10 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Freel is a liability on defense

I am correct this team is still under .500

I think lost in this little blip of improvement is the fact that this is still WKs team

Maybe Castellini was somewhat premature in making such a major move

Reagan ..you and 99% of all bloggers were ripping this team a new one for the past month.

CSA and I have been consistent and even keeled


at 9:11 PM Blogger TheNaturalMevs said...

Jay Bruce should have been up here on opening day. He homered again today and had another hit.

Why can't they (the organization) just come out and say that it's about the money? Everyone knows that they're incapable of making the best decisions.

If WINNING was really all that mattered here; as it is for winning franchises, the Reds would have Bruce up here and playing, either to compete this season or beyond. Somehow that got lost in the shuffle didn't it?

at 9:13 PM Blogger redfuture said...

I wish the brass would just come out and say that Bruce is being held back long enough delay his arbitration clock. I suppose they think it may mess with the mind of the youngster and if there is any chance of that I guess I can see the deception. Still it seems 100% obvious that is the reason. Bruce hit another HR today to make him 10 and he has 9 doubles, 5 triples and 8 stolen bases. Wow!

at 9:15 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

aaron...the season is not going to come down to Griffey..he sorta is playing his way into insignificance..dont ya think?

bad ending for a great player and overall good guy


at 9:17 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

I don't think Griffey's done yet. How does a casual fan know his "bat speed is gone"? He is of course not what he once was but I think he can stil play along the lines of last season when he had a good year.

at 9:27 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

As a long-time fan, in regards to this season:
1. I think Arroyo can continue to turn things around.
2. I think EE can and will continue to improve.
3. I think Votto will continue to grow into a major league player and future All Star.
4. I think Harang will win at least 18 games especially if our bats keep hitting.
5. I think Adam Dunn will be a Red next year while Junior will not.
6. I love watching Dunn's moonshots.
7. Hands down, I believe this season is not a lost cause and the callup of Homer and Bruce will continue to help us win.

Arroyo is essentially a .500 pitcher

EE is just fine

Votto is a major league player as we type

Harang will not win 18 games this year

the reds will hover around .500 and that is a major improvement over last season.. Homer Bailey is having serious issues at Louisville. Bruce may ...or may not do well..


at 9:33 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

ADM is Kevin Ft Meyers.. John in case you did not notice


at 10:22 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

The team still needs Bruce/Bailey/Phillips up and Arroyo back to his form of the end of last year to move to challenge for first. The team (with roster tweaks) can win the division but the Cubs will need to falter/choke (which they are great at).

The team is playing great. Almost like late August of last year being replayed. Can they stay hot against the Pirates? Lets hope so.

at 10:40 PM Blogger Dave said...

Go Reds - there's still hope.

Just one question -- how can Dunn go from a clueless/hopeless hitter/fielder to a major leaguer, in one week???

He's NEVER made that foul-line catch in his Reds history. What woke him up??

at 10:53 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Lots of big money veterans released lately. Could the Reds be ready to add one to the list?


at 10:56 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

If I want to read a novel I will join the Book of the Month Club.

at 10:58 PM Blogger ankurv5 said...

Free Free needs to be in the lineup everyday. Sure, he shouldn't have dove for that ball today, but you know what you get from him. He goes balls to the wall on every play, and that type of attitude is contagious. Plus, he's been getting on base, which is way more than Corey Patterson can say.

at 11:02 PM Blogger Dave said...

This is the same team that Krivsky got fired for assembly.

at 11:11 PM Blogger JerBear said...

I'm a little skeptical about whether the Reds have turned it around, but man it was nice to see that 6-0 homestand! Really exciting games, and the Reds looked like a completely different team.

As others have said though, I think the West Coast trip will give a little better idea as to whether this team has turned things around for real and ready to be at least a .500 team (an improvement from past years!)

Gotta give Dunn credit for how he's been playing...I also think they should keep Dunn in the 7th spot in the order. He may not like it, but I think he's better down there where he isn't expected to carry the team...funny thing is he has been sort of carrying the team from down in the 7th spot.

If Dunn is your 3rd or 4th offensive option then you've got it made. It's when he's expected to be the main guy or the second guy that I don't think your offense is going to be very good.

Finally, Francisco Cordero has been really good. I guess when you pay a guy as much as the Reds paid him you kind of expect it! But I just think he's made a big difference so far. Our bullpen is shaky, but I think most bullpen's in baseball are.

One big advantage I think we may have over some of the other NL Central teams is Francisco Cordero...Having Cordero over Gagne, Wood, Isringhausen, etc...could help out in the long run.

at 4:12 AM Blogger lumpy said...

this is still not a great team.

Can you imagine going into the post season with Dunn, Griffey, Arroyo, Belisle, and Patterson?

think back to the reds V braves when reggie sander struck out a million times in a row with the bases loaded.

this streak is nice but its just a blip, soon we will be back to winning 4 out of 11.

Dunn will be in a 3 for 23 drought, griffey will merely hit 242.

There is a certain makeup for post season players, and we lack that for sure. Do we even have a captain? Griffey won't do it, Dunn can't do it. Harang is our only chance for true leadership but he only plays once a week.

the trip out west will show our true colors. I predict one win in SD, and thats it.

at 5:36 AM Blogger Bill said...

I don't know what "turned it around" means in the case of this year's Reds. The main thing that this streak has shown is that the Reds have turned their pitching around. That was true at the beginning of the season.

Until this past week, with a few exceptions, the entire team was in a hitting slump. What the past week has shown is that with good pitching, you don't have to hit five home runs a game to win.

Offensively, as many posters have pointed out, there are still several holes in the Reds lineup. With Janish hitting, how is Hairston going to stay in the lineup? Why is Hairston sitting and Griffey playing? Yes, Bruce is tearing up AAA ball, but there are several outfielders on the Reds now that are out-hitting Griffey.

The question about Dunn is not whether he can hit home runs. The question remains: Is a few home run streaks a year, without much else, worth $13 million?

It has been fun to watch this team in the last week. Their pitching is strong, and they are starting to play major league baseball. If they are at .500 by the end of the season, I'll be satisfied.

at 6:12 AM Blogger reaganspad said...

wrong again jack. I don't rip the Reds. that is not my bloodsport, but it sure is yours.

In the last month I said that they would go on a 7 game win streak and marginalize negative posters like you.

I was wrong in that it only took 6 wins for you to change your tune.

Dunn heats up and we win 6 in a row. He only has about 35-40 more HR's in him this year.

at 7:09 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

like many others, i'll say ask me again when they get back from the left coast...

how much better would this roster look if you subtracted jr and valentin and added bruce and a. phillips?

doubt big bob has the appetite to swallow those contracts though so the crawl to 600 continues...

at 7:33 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

maybe the real key to the 6 game winning streakwas...matt belisle. as in, he didn't pitch.

at 7:58 AM Blogger ADMS said...

...and if I wanted fiction or "expert opinion," I'd read Penthouse.

Nope - I'm not Kevin from Ft Myers. As much as I like it down there, there are moments (like when trees are no longer vertical and the neighbor's roof is on top of yours) that make me like Cincinnati that much more.

at 9:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey is still a problem - move him down, sit him out more, respect his aging body.

Interesting - this is still Krivsky's team. He's due a little credit at this point.

at 10:02 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

You know, thinking about Griffey and this 600 side show (or lack there of)the Reds are really in an unfortunate spot.

Griffey has certainly earned the right to try for 600, and the only way hes going to do that is by starting and getting 3 abs against a given pitcher. I for one dont think hell ever do it in a bench / pinch hit roll. He needs 4 abs a game to get hot.

Unfortunately, right now, this is not what is best for the team. He is sub-par defensively and is the weak link in the heart of the lineup.

The Reds cant and wont bench him, it would basically be taking away his opoutunity to go for 600, a PR nightmare (nationaly).

But to continue to bat him 3rd is really a head scratcher for me.

Many posters have suggested dropping him in the order, (I think we all agree), it has been good for Dunn. But it doesnt solve the playing time issue for Freel / Hirston / Bruce / Hopper(forget CP). Only one guy can play center, and if its Bruce, (it should be) then we dont have a leadoff guy.
I know some have suggested Bruce in this role, but you just dont bat a rookie leadoff, he just wont have the OBP (doesnt BB enough) and we dont want Bruces first experience to be failure.

So it looks like between Bruces Super 2 BS, Griffeys "crawl to 600", redundant players like Hairston and Freel and "why are they on the team" players like Patterson, Valentine and Hateberg, Jocketty has a big mess.

I still maintain that overall Krivsky did a good job, but I dont think he planed the transition of the prospects too well, (the roster isnt ready for them).

The majority of this wont be straightened out until 09

Best case scenario for 08
Dunn Hopper Bruce full time

Likely scenario for 08
Patterson / Hopper / Freel / Bruce
Griffey / Bruce / Freel

In that scenario, with so many guys for 2 positions, either noone will get enough playing time or someone wont get any (waste of roster spot)

Alot of "fat" on this steak.

at 10:12 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Someone said this is still Krivsky's team. Absolutely right and they will finish 10 games below .500 unless there is some sort of miracle. They are hot now, it happens every year, to every team at some point.

What happens when Bako reverts to form and Dunn goes back to sleep? Patterson and Freel are both bench players. Freel is hot, won't last. Griffey is awful and should be replaced now (That could be part of a miracle).

They have 3 starting pitchers. Arroyo will throw a few good ones and more bad ones. The bullpen is back to normal. Lincoln has worn out his usefulness already, Bray stinks and everyone knows about Fogg/Belisle. Mercker won't be much help if any and Weathers is nothing but a mop-up man. Burton a question mark.

Good god y'all. Enjoy it while it lasts. Unfortunately I don't think it will last long. Other than Jay Bruce and contrary to popular belief, there is NO HELP on the immediate future.


at 10:22 AM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Padres not Pirates... No idea where that came from.

Read where Peavy might miss a start...

at 10:27 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

1/4 and yet another error for the Great Cantu yesterday...now leads all 3B with 9 errors on the season

at 10:27 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

WK took out a cigar , smiled ,and sent Castellini an email this past week

I agree with CSA these posts are getting way too long


at 12:12 PM Blogger Joe said...

I heard the conversation Marty and McCoy had yesterday about Homer Bailey not being a real nice guy. There were rumblings of that last year when Homer was up. I have nothing against the guy wearing or carrying a knife, that is a non-baseball issue. (be smart Homer, cover it up if you think you have to wear it) Homer appears to have some maturing to do that has nothing to do with throwing a baseball.

I'm more interested in seeing how Daryl Thompson does against AAA hitting than seeing Bailey in the Reds dugout right now. I think he has similar potential, he has better stats for similar starts and innings, and a better attitude.

at 12:25 PM Blogger Joe said...

I would bring Shearn up before Bailey right now. Give Homer more time to get his head right.
Shearn may not have as much upside, but he is a gamer and comes with a positive attitude.

at 12:26 PM Blogger Daedalus said...

both of these first place teams have struggled lately

boy, that's as uninformed a comment as i've ever heard.

florida went into the reds series on a tear, having won seven in a row. the indians had just gone through a stretch where their starters gave up no runs through 51 innings. the entire pitching staff went 43.2 scoreless innings, more than four games worth of shutouts.

at 12:38 PM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

Two things:

1) I have always been a Griffey supporter since he came here. It wasn't his fault the Reds lied to him and failed to build a team around him. However, this season, if Griffey is complaining about not playing for a contender he only need to look in the mirror why he isn't. His outfield range is gone. He can't hit, but he wants to play for a contender. Newsflash, the Reds would probably be over .500 if Griffey was playing like last seasons version.

2) Gotta love the approach Paul Janish has at the plate. He looks like the most professional hitter on the Reds. Love his glovework too.

Go Reds!

at 12:40 PM Blogger MJ said...

I think how the team fairs on the West Coast trip will tell whether or not this has been a mirage or the real Cincinnati Reds we've ben seeing over the past 10 days. 8-2 over the past 10 games is pretty good baseball but they'll need to sustain it on the west coast to quiet the critics.

at 1:09 PM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

Griffey should retire. It's telling that the only franchise interested in their "homegrown" hall of famer, took a pass on him after scouting him in New York. I'm a Griffey fan but it's apparent he is just a shell of what he once was. It is painful to watch him bat, it is painful to watch him field. He should save everyone the embarrassment and just retire after hitting 600. Then the Reds can call up Jay Bruce. Griffey can sign a one-day contract with the Mariners and retire there. It might be painful to think, but I think if everyone considers it, it is the only reasonable thing left to do. Go out with class and save himself some dignity.

at 1:41 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

kevin...this is the same team you had going to the world series when the season began..

if I wanted to read a book I would go to Barnes and Noble



at 1:47 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

ADMS - I liked your post and mostly agree with you. How some people are blasting you for a long post yet they are the same ones posting 15 short posts with little worth reading is beyond me.

Enjoyable week. I can only hope the next week is just as enjoyable. The pitching in LA looks very hittable for us so let's hope we back our bats for the trip.

I feel that Freel is pressing too much on defense right now and is trying to hard to make the spectacular play but Marty said yesterday if I'm not mistaken that Freel has hit gotten on base safely in 17 of his 18 starts and had 10 multi-hit games in those starts. This is head and shoulders above Patterson and tells me Freel should be getting more playing time in CF than Patterson.

And I agree with a handful of you that Griffey looks very slow out there with his swing. It looked the same way the last couple of months of last season and I just thought he was tired from playing all year but what's the excuse this year? I know I'd rather have Bruce out there right now at least platoon him some with the three outfield spots we have.

Lastly, saw this article online Sunday and it was an excellent read. For those pushy for Griffey or Dunn to move on here's more fodder for you: http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/AB/20080518/SPT04/805180425/

at 1:51 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Lets stop dissing Griffey and let Mr Jocketty do his job. Focus on the good things about this team and remember.. Kepp will be back

bring Shearn up?...one chuckle

CSA and I will handle the Cantu/Hamilton updates Doom

thank you


at 1:54 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

It's too early to write Griffey off. To the poster who suggested just writing in Hopper full time, why? Look at his stats. Griffey's batting average with no power whatsoever. Even at Griff's current pace, he would have 16 HRs and 80 RBI this year. Not great numbers for a corner outfielder but not terrible either. Besides, he'll be back.

at 1:55 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

DUMBEST QUOTE (and worst spelled) OF THE DAY (Taken from the midst of another novel)
"The Reds cant and wont bench him, it would basically be taking away his opoutunity to go for 600, a PR nightmare (nationaly)."

......the Reds at this point should be concerned about winning games. When Griffey owns the franchise is when the Reds can't bench him. PR nightmare? No one gives a damn about his 600 home runs. So if he rides the bench and plays part time here or somewhere else what is the difference? It can't take a whole a lot longer to end the crawl to 600 than it is already taking, can it? What a joke. You live in dream world young man.


at 2:15 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

red faced..Mr Fay instructed us to keep our posts short..if you have an issue with that take it up with him


at 2:20 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

- Yes this is still the team that The Amazing Krivsky put together. Bako and Ross will wind up hitting .220. Dunn will go back to sleep again and Freel will cool off. Patterson and Griffey are useless and there is no RH hitting on the bench. Hatteberg and Valentin are just taking up space. The bullpen still stinks with the exception of Cordero and we have 2 very suspect starters in the rotation. All teams have hot streaks at some point and this team was fun to watch last week. However, barring a miracle this is not even a .500 ball club, AGAIN!
+ Griffey out, Bruce in could provide part of the miracle.


at 2:33 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Too early to write Jr off? Look up his stats for the second half of last season. Combine them with the first 1/4 of this season and let me know what you come up with. I am just a lazy fan so I ain't doing it. But I know the numbers are terrible. Maybe John can come up with those numbers for us.

at 2:37 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

sorry jba, but i know i was dying to see how he'd been doing since that scintillating peformance in cincinnati, and figured that most others on the board were also curious.

another topic....will the red's recent success prompt you to stay up until 1:00AM to follow the team on the west coast this week?

at 3:02 PM Blogger suter51 said...

"maybe the real key to the 6 game winning streakwas...matt belisle. as in, he didn't pitch."

My thought exactly. We need to bring someone up from the minors to fill the 5th starter's spot. While everyone talks about Bailey, Thompson, and even Shearn it seems that Matt Maloney has been forgotten. He was the IL pitcher of the week and has rebounded from a rough start to the season. This rotation sure could use a lefty.

Also, if Griffey plays 130+ games per season he could hit #600 by 2010.

at 3:13 PM Blogger NVreds said...

One long post is better than 35 small posts using two different IDs. I would much rather read one solid intelligent post than a bunch of weak arguments split up.

JBA/CSA you have no right to accuse others of using two IDs. talk about hypocritical.

Also I'm sure john Fay would really prefer you left his name out of your posts, you are not a spokesperson for his feelings or opinions.

I agree the crawl to 600 is boring, its too bad the reds didnt trade griffey last year when his value was higher.

at 3:17 PM Blogger NVreds said...

people do care about 600, just not as much as we should. personally i think the seattle fans would appreciate it more so I would trade him prior to him hitting 600, but it sounds like that wont happen.

people are just waiting for him to hit 599, then you will see how much people care. no one wants to see his 598th hr, thats why there isnt any excitement.

Your wrong about people not caring.

at 3:21 PM Blogger krivskywasgood said...

JBA/CSA-I think that John asked people to keep posts short was to keep senseless things that people say to a minimum. I would think that he would be completely supportive of the logical longer posts that some have put up.

I'm feeling pretty positive about this team, as it is going into LA on a high while LA hasn't been too hot lately (3-7 in their last ten-now that's a real stat and not someone just making something up), and the reds are able to pitch Matt Belisle in two pretty pitcher-friendly parks (especially Petco). The Padres are also 4-6 in their last 10, and though I don't know how their rotation would have lined up for the series against the Reds, I know that Peavy is having elbow issues, and while I feel bad for him for that, I'd like to see the reds win. However, this west coast trip has been traditionally a killer (as in 2006 when the Reds came off a hot homestand and did very poorly in LA SD and SF)

at 3:42 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...


Griffeys splits

first half:
ba.286 23hr 59rbi

second half:
ba.266 7hr 34rbi

This year looks alot like his second half of 07 - mediocre

at 3:43 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

Selective memory, we only remember what we want it appears.

at 3:52 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"Reagan ..you and 99% of all bloggers were ripping this team a new one for the past month."

Did they not deserve it?

The difference is, when they do better we are happy, not still pessimistic and over critical.

Its like your wife, you may get upset and angry if they do or say something you dont like, but then when things are good, you are happy. You cant go around dwelling on the bad when its good. It just makes for a miserable life.

at 4:23 PM Blogger Joe said...

Lots of books being written and some are even getting read.

Reasons to be positive:

Votto - contributing big time and getting better every week.

EE - cool right now, playing excellent defense - he'll get hot

Phillips - better when he isn't pressing and he's due to get hot

Dunn - out of the coma - takes pressure of everyone else

Hopper if he's' back soon, provides some options

Starting pitching overall - better than last year.

We've got a legitimate closer - if we can get to him.

Jay Bruce - "he'll be up soon"

Homer Bailey - has competition for that rotation spot with the Reds

at 4:29 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

The majority of fans in Cincinnati don't care about Griffey and 600..maybe the fans in Nevada do

dont read my NV Reds..easy

I am going to get a Skyline 4 way


at 4:39 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Just a thought,

Dunn is playing much better this past week, (middle of may).

Remember back to spring training whent Jr and Dunn didnt get any playing time (to speak of) until 3rd week of spring?

Makes you wonder if Dusty would have let these guys get their work in all spring instead of just a little at the end, if Dunn would have been hot 2 weeks ago.

Hopefully Jr will come alive soon, last year he did squat in April, then in May/June hit 20hr and had 41rbi.
Just thinking maybe him getting hot is delayed too because of a late start in spring.

Big mistake by Dusty if my theory is correct.

In his defense, he knew almost nothing about the 40 man besides Jr, Dunn, and BP, so he had to play others to get to know them, not to mention fill SS and center field holes and fill out the rotation. He was thinking (and even said so) that he didnt have to worry about those guys.
Maybe he should have.

Would have been nice though for both these guys to have had their May 07 numbers this May

at 5:01 PM Blogger mentalmidget said...

I, for one, had a major meltdown regarding Dunn and Jr. a couple weeks ago. Glad to see Dunn play well lately and EARN his paycheck!

Congrats to our beloved Reds!!

at 5:42 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Jack was wrong again. I don't rip the Reds. Nor did I change my prediction for this team like Jack is. whatever

CSA seems to want Dunn to "go back to sleep" Why would you say that? Is CSA really a cubs fan? hard to believe he is a Reds fan

Jack and CSA refuse to get off the sauce even in a winning streak

at 5:43 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Hey JBA/CSA... if John Fay wants to enforce the rules... then let him. It's HIS blog... remember?

This is NOT your blog or social calendar.
This is for REDS FANS, talking about REDS BASEBALL... not Josh Hamilton/Jorge Cantu manlovers and multiple personality disorder hug-a-thons.

If you can't take the heat, get the heck out of the kitchen.

at 5:48 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

"In his defense, he knew almost nothing about the 40 man besides
Jr, Dunn, and BP, so he had to play others to get to know them",

chuckle/chuckle..what is this knothole baseball?

"Makes you wonder if Dusty would have let these guys get their work in all spring instead of just a little at the end,"

next year maybe Griffey and Dunn should report to spring training two weeks earlier than everyone else

Griffey stunk after the allstar break last year

the skyline was excellent


at 5:53 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

reagan..you had the Reds winning the division..you had Affeld and Fogg as two signings equal to Koufax and Seaver

you suggested that Juan Castro should be starting over Keppinger

at 6:03 last nite stated that Weathers and Affeldt were "getting the job done" a mere couple of hours after Affeldt got yanked after not retiring a batter..hmmm

1 chuckle cause I like you


at 6:02 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I said Dunn will go back to sleep. No where did I say I want him to go back to sleep. I try to keep my writing comprehensive to a sixth grade level. I guess I need to even lower it further for reagan to understand.

at 6:59 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

JBA dont know if your ripping me or just commenting on the subject, everything I wrote is right on according to comments by Dusty in spring training. Do the research if you think im off base and well have an intelligent debate, instead of you just "sniping" from the bushes.

If you are ripping me, fine, free country, you seem to be able to take it as well as you dish it out.

Just make sure you are informed when doing so.

at 8:42 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

CSA, don't be an idiot. Saying Dunn will go back to sleep is an insult. Why you think that of a guy who averages 40 HRs, 100 RBI's, 100 Runs, 4 years running, who knows. But that is you.

You could cheer him to 40, 100, 100 or you can boo him to 40, 100, 100

6th graders know where you stand

at 8:54 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

jack, 17 innings with 22 Strikeouts is good in this game, as is a 3.71 ERA even after an off day.

Cordero 23 Strikeouts in 19 innings with a 2.33 ERA is also very good in this game. I know that you were against both signings, but the bullpen is much improved regardless of your blabber

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