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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Astros 7, Reds 6 and Stormy Weathers

The frustration finally boiled over in the Reds clubhouse. David Weathers took it out on the media a bit after the Astros beat up on the Reds bullpen for two in the seventh (Lance Berkman's two-run homer off Brad Salmon) and one in the ninth off Weathers.

“We know we’re blowing games," Weathers said. "It’s frustrating to all of us. You guys (in the media) act like it’s more frustrating to you. You all don’t put on the uniform. It hurts us personally.”

Weathers apologized for snapping and basically called out bullpen.

“We've got to stop all the talk,” Weathers said. “It’s got to start tomorrow. If we go out there with a lead, somebody needs to get it done.”

I can understand Weathers' frustration. But it's pretty hard to ignore the fact that the bullpen is imploding on a regular basis. The club is 14-19 and further under .500 than it was all of last year.

It sounds like it's going to be up to current corps of relievers to get it done. Jerry Narron said he and general manager Wayne Krivsky talked about bringing in new arms before the game. But other than Jared Burton coming up when he's ready, nothing is going to happen.

“We’ll try these guys and give them an opportunity to pitch . . . we’ll stay with these guys,” Narron said. “They’re very capable of getting outs. That’s what we expect out of them.”


at 2:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Burton is ready then you might as well bring him up and hope he finds the strike zone.

at 5:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It hurts us personally? If the bullpen did well, they would say nice things. That's nonsense.

at 7:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you say bengals/1990's? c'mon - this can't be fair to the position players - soon it's just going to be about individual stats -these guys have to know that no lead will ever be safe with this bullpen so why focus on the win - just go for stats. this stance ownership has taken has produced a breeding ground of apathy for reds fans.

at 8:10 AM Blogger Don said...

They are going to try these guys and give them an opportunity to pitch? John, did Narron say that with a straight face? "They are capable of getting outs". In case Jerry hasn't noticed they are also very capable of giving up runs. There are 10 pitchers in Louisville with sub 4.00 ERAs and Krivsky and Narron want to stick with what hasn't and isn't working as if to suggest there are no other options at all. Of course to make matters worse, we have a sub-MLB standard pitcher in Eric Milton who could easily be replaced by a good hunk of those sub 4.00 ERA hurlers in Louisville. I guess they will stick with him too.

Would someone please e-mail these guys a link to the MLB standings. They don't seem to have any urgency in fixing an obvious problem.

I am not one of these fire Narron, fire Krivsky guys, but I simply do not get what is going on here...at all.

at 8:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We (Narron & Krivsky) talked about bringing in new arms, but we're not going to do that." Why not? Seriously, how much more do they have to see before it hits them. It's as clear as day. It's happening EVERY SINGLE GAME. And for them to decide not to change anything. Ridiculous! It's so bad, it doesn't really matter what your options are - try SOMETHING new, ANYTHING! Idiots!!!

at 8:25 AM Anonymous Flash said...

I think it was the losing that is hurting them personally, not what the media is saying about the bullpen.

at 8:33 AM Anonymous ADMS said...

I mostly agree with what Don wrote except for keeping Jerry off of the hook (by not releasing him.) Every night the bullpen is used, we see the rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic like putting the trainwreck Coffey in the 7th inning instead of the 8th is going to do anything different. We've dressed up last years disaster bullpen in a new uniform this year and hoped for the best. We might get all giddy when EG is able to pitch for us again, but how far out will we be? Will he have a chance for a save after our middle relievers blow another game?
I've seen previous postings from recent articles where people have asked why we are angry and can't understand why we can't accept what is happening - to them, Exhibit A: We can score 5-8 runs a game with an amazing combination of the longball, doubles, and baserunning. (After all, we are third in the NL in stolen bases.) Most teams WIN THE GAME when they score 8 runs. Reds fans have to look away because they know what will happen.
When Weathers is the angry voice of the locker room, and Jerry wasn't next to him to talk about what he plans to do, that (to me) reeks of very poor leadership. I don't think it is Jerry's constant changing of the lineup card that is causing problems - it is Jerry's passive attitude towards the complete and total collapse of our bullpen and the seeming lack of focus and fire to pull a Sweet Lou, get all red-faced to ownership, and demand some fresh blood from the minors or some extra cash to be freed up to try to make a trade. Heck, at this point, some fast-pitch softball pitchers might do better!

Also, can someone in the Reds clubhouse please explain to the rest of the free world why on April 27, Coffey got a one year extension? This was still during his ongoing meltdown and he gets rewarded.

I also want to put in a request to whatever bank handles the Reds payroll to stop payment on any future checks to Eric Milton. 9+ million dollars. I thought only ancient potato salad caused nausea that is felt when the number is said over and over again...9. Million. Bucks.

at 8:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stanton is throwing batting practice. Coffey doesn't have an out pitch. Weathers is at best a set up man.
What are we waiting for? Eddie? He might not be ready until after the All-Star break..grrr

at 8:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Any chance they would consider moving Milton to long relief since he isn't able to pitch six innings in a start this year? Since the bullpen is what it is, the Reds need starters who can go at least 7 innings if not a complete game now and then.

at 9:32 AM Blogger Mark said...

Glass half full or empty? Hmmm... lets see. Look at the bright side in all of this.

The odds of getting fall balls hit into the stands will increase exponentially now. In fact some of those balls hit in the seats may lay under an empty seat for a minute or two before a fan finally reaches that deserted section to retrieve the ball.

Also know you can yell out "Hello Marty!" and may even hear your voice on the radio during play by play.

When vendors come around to the seats you will feel very important as it will seem you have personal caters or like room service.

It may get bad enough that Jerry will be so exasperated by the failed moves, he may turn to you and ask, "Well, what should I do now?"

at 9:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one thing I just can't understand is the pitch selection with these guys. Hasn't anyone told these guys that major league hitters can hit a fastball? There is no way I would groove one for Bergman or Scott with an open base!

at 10:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

<< It hurts us personally? If the bullpen did well, they would say nice things. That's nonsense. >>

I think Weathers was saying that it hurts the pitchers personally when they blow leads, not that they are hurt personally when the media writes about it.

Someone should suggest to ownership the idea of having a "fan appreciation" giveaway at the end of every home game. You know, something for the die-hard fans who sit through the Blundering Bullpen night after night.

at 10:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reds bullpen is the sorriest excuse for a major league bullpen I have ever seen.

It speaks to the professional of the rest of the team to keep from mailing it in each day knowing that no lead is safe. And, .... guess who's backs Narron has got, the bullpen's, not the the rest of the team's who are being let down daily by these clowns.

at 11:31 AM Blogger Brendan said...

I thought that the turning point of the game last night was when Narron pinch-hit Hopper for Saarloos. There were two outs with no one on in th 6th and I thought it would be better to forfeit the at bat (we were up 6-5) and keep Saarloos in. I felt more comfortable with Saarloos throwing the 7th than bringing in someone else. As it turned out, Hopper singled and stole 2nd, but still didn't score. Then Salmon gave up the two-run dinger in the 7th. I know it seems like hindsight, but I was mad about the decision at the time.....it's continous micro-managing from Narron. Who knows, maybe Saarloos woiuld blow it in the 7th also?

at 12:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Someone" needs to get it done? I'd rather see each of them say "I" have to get it done.

at 12:39 PM Anonymous Doug said...

If you are a general manager and you have players that can't play, you are kidding yourself to think that you can run the same guys out there every night with better results. The bullpen cannot be worse so it is time for major shake ups. Bring in the young arms and find someone who can pitch.

at 8:44 PM Anonymous mikec said...

"Glass half full or empty? Hmmm... lets see. Look at the bright side in all of this."

Maybe Narron gets fired and the Reds can deal some of these 40-year-olds for prospects at the deadline. Someone took Stanton last year at the deadline...

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