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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Riding with Bob

I had computer problems before the game, so I walked back to office to get it fixed for grab a spare. I'm waiting to go up on the elevator when Bob Castellini gets in. He has an office in the Enquirer building.

He was remarkably upbeat. Winning three of four and averaging 35,000 does wonders.

"When we get Eddie (Guardado) and (Bill) Bray, it moves everyone else back," he said. "Things line up."

He's a glass half-full type of guy. You've got to admire his enthusiasm and think a fire sale isn't just around the corner.

By the way, my computer is toast. I'm using a backup. Wish me luck.


at 6:27 PM Blogger Dan H said...

I just hope they don't mortgage the furture for a quick fix this year. Looking at the NL Central the reds aren't buried yet although they're not just a couple games out. Sort of in no mans land at 9 1/2 out. I just don't see a sreak of 7-8 wins in a row coming soon. I'd rather they not rush Bray back and the same for Guardado. Eddie needs a bit more mph to about 88-89 to be effective in my opinion.

at 6:28 PM Blogger Luke Dooley said...


If the powers at be at the Enquirer (or whoever controls what kind of work computer you use) will allow you, I strongly encourage you to purchase an Apple Computer. I've sort of become an Apple Evangelist since I became a user... you'll love it, and the switch will be extremely easy (assuming you use Windows now). Not to mention you'll instantly become the coolest writer in the booth!

at 6:38 PM Blogger John Fay said...

It would take a lot more than that for me to qualify as cool. But I'm ready to make the Apple switch on my personal computer. Windows is driving me nuts. I did buy some Apple stock. Best move I've made lately.

at 6:43 PM Anonymous Sam in Va. said...

John, regarding the Dunn trade, I agree with something Marty Brennaman said last year that it would have made more sense to trade Dunn a year or two ago, like after he hit 46 homers in 2004. Now he won't fetch enough to make it worthwhile. Wouldn't the Reds end up in a situation like when they traded Sean Casey and got an awful pitcher in return, and doesn't Dunn have more value to them as a losing team by drawing people to the park with his home runs? I don't see trading him bringing the type of return needed to make this team a contender, so why not keep him because people like to watch him either strike out or go yard?

at 6:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John, check this out:

WFAN in New York is reporting Griffey has been sent to to Braves or is about to be sent to the Braves. He has agreed to waive his no-trade clause to go to Atlanta and has already signed off on paperwork to do so. Details to follow as they become available, but it may be part of a huge fire sale in Cincinnati as there are also rumors out that Adam Dunn could be sent to the Dodgers.

at 6:45 PM Blogger Don said...

Castellini's hope is working off big assumptions...that Bray will be the old Bray and that Guardardo will be the old Guardardo. In his mid 30s, Guardado's chances of being really effective after a major elbow operation are not exactly stellar.

They were stoked about getting Majewski back too and we see how that has turned out so far.

I don't know where Castellini is going to find his optimism if Bray and Guardardo return and the Reds still finish upteen games under .500.

at 8:20 PM Blogger Antonio said...

Castellini's unfounded optimism is similar to that of his idol, W.

His "with Eddie and Bray" smile is just dumb. Has the bullpen hurt the team? Absolutely. Are Eddie and Bray the difference between the Reds and the rest of the NL, no way.

I really, desperately hope that he doesn't think that's all that is standing between this team and contention. Because if he does, we will never see Dunn moved, etc.

Keep smiling Bob. We're not.

at 8:36 PM Blogger John Fay said...

That W. reference threw me for a second. Was thinking baseball, not politics. But I see your point. I think both Castellini and Krivsky are convinced that this team is better than it's record. That's not necessarily a good thing. And it would have to be a whole lot better than its record to get back into contention.

at 8:38 PM Blogger John Fay said...

To the previous point, ESPN.com has a ranking of the top 100 players in the based on this years starts. The only Red on that list is Aaron Harang at 68.

at 9:13 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

First, ESPN's ranking system is perhaps the biggest "junk stat" I've seen in years. It's just a jumble of crap thrown together in some "secret recipe." Like everything else on ESPN, it's designed to do one thing - start conversations.

Second, I agree with Don - "optimistic" is a kind description of a guy who thinks that Guardado and Bray are going to come right back and make a difference with this team.

at 11:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if the Griffey and Dunn trade rumors are true, but I hope they are. The sad, but true facts are these. The Reds' management has been awful. Anyone who saw Homer's debut knows the Reds delay in calling him up is inexcusable. Had they called Bailey up in the stretch run last year (as Narron was undoubtedly begging for), Reds' nation would likely be talking about the Reds' amazing run to the 2006 World Championship, instead of lamenting the teams' run to the 2007 World Chumpionship. In any case, he's here now, hopefully to stay. If the rumored Dunn and Griffey trades are true, it may be good news, but given the fact that Wayne Krivsky devised the second-worst trade in Reds' history, I'm not holding my breath. I generally feel sorry for Jerry Narron. Every day, he seems to have to choose from bullpen options that range from bad to worse. However, the thing I find really hard to understand is how he and Reds' nation continue to defend David Ross despite his consistently horrible hitting and leaky defense. I'm willing to concede that we will likely never see in our lifetime a guy make catching look easy again like Johnny Bench. But Ross misses pitches right down the middle and his batting average resembles a bowling average. Does anyone, besides me, remember that Javy Valentin is still on the roster?

at 11:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

>given the fact that Wayne Krivsky devised the >second-worst trade in Reds' history

Just out of curiosity, anonymous 10:32, what would be the worst trade in Reds history? Tony Perez for Woodie Fryman & Dale Murray? Paul O'Neill for Roberto Kelly? Bret Boone for Denny Neagle? So many from which to choose!!

at 11:41 AM Blogger Tyler said...

By far the worst trade in Reds history was Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas

at 11:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to decide on the worst trade ever:

Christy Mathewson for Amos Rusie

Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas

at 12:15 PM Blogger cincikid said...

I don't think you can really debate recent trades. There is so much more involved in the trading process today. With the way contracts are set up, and the amount of money being spent and the gap between large market teams and small market teams and most importantly the contracts of some of these players. Trading is no longer, "I'll give you this talent for this talent."

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