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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Krivsky on no trades

Wayne Krivsky downplayed the fact that the Reds made no trades on the day of non-waiver deadline.

“This is just the non-waiver,” Krivsky said. “It doesn’t mean that there still can’t be trades in August. There wasn’t anything out there today that was suitable for us, so we passed.”

“I’m always looking to improve the team. There wasn’t anything out there today that improved the team. We’ll stand pat and go with what we have right now.”

Disappointed? “No, not at all.”

Are there players in the minors ready to help the cause soon? “You never know about minor leaguers and how they develop. Everyone develops differently. I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you who’s going to be ready and who’s not. We give them to opportunity to play and give them the best chance to have success. Their performance dictates who moves up to next level.
“You can’t get too far ahead of yourself there.”

On the timing of Chad Moeller-Mark Bellhorn transaction: “We felt like we’d go with Bellhorn instead of Chad for the time being. That decision was made this afternoon.

Are there any deals still in the works" “You’ve got to get waivers on players. Until you get waivers on the players, there’s no sense talking about that. We’ve been talking about guys without waivers for months now. Everybody’s going to take a deep breath.”

On the TBAs in the rotation for Thursday and Saturday: “We’ll figure it out. We’ll let you know as soon as we notify the player. Someone will pitch Thursday and Saturday.”

Again, you're not disappointed: “No, not at all. We’re real happy about the trade yesterday, acquiring Matt Maloney, and we’re happy to acquire Jorge Cantu and Shaun Cumberland. We’ll go forward and continue the process of improving out inventory of minor league players and try to make the major league team better. The only restriction we have in August and September is we have to have waivers in order to trade a player.”


at 5:21 PM Blogger docproc said...

Okay, maybe Wayne's not disappointed--but I sure am. This was a great opportunity to clear out some big contracts, lose some over-the-hill veterans, snap up a few good prospects, and give some AAA youngsters a chance to play. Instead, we're stuck with the same old, same old.


at 5:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a reason that nobody is lauding the Cantu acquisition? They gave up nobody who was going to help this team and picked up a guy who is young and has had big time numbers in the past. Seems like a low risk, high potential move to me.

at 5:56 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

John, I've thought all along that Conine would be a player we'd see go through the waivers and wouldn't be traded until sometime in Aug. Who if anyone else do you see as potential waiver deals?

at 6:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Wayne isn't disappointed but I sure not either. A voice sayign that we did npt have to blow this team up to be a playoff contender next year and for years to come.

Wait to trade Dunn or Griffey until next year if the plyoff run doesn't happen. Wait and see what the Reds can do without Conine and Milton's salary.


at 6:32 PM Anonymous Schlemmer said...

John Fay, if the Reds don;t trade players like Conine or Hatteberg or even Dunn, and those players leave during the offseason, don;t the Reds get "Sandwich" or "Supplemental" picks in the draft. If yes and those picks are at the end of the first round, were the Reds smart to not trade and get more early picks?

at 6:56 PM Blogger John Fay said...

They'd get picks if they leave as free agents. They wouldn't if Conine retires.

at 7:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will go to WAR with what we have, a great losing Bengals motto. Sounds good, eh Wayne.

at 7:59 PM Blogger tennesseered said...

I'm not too concerned that no deal was made. However, what everyone needs to understand is that all the statistics everyone keeps throwing out about why to keep or not keep Dunn or anyone else is not the point. Statistics only tell half the story and maybe less. What have you seen so far tonight? Griffey striking out since he's in one of his down streaks. Dunn begging to be walked because he's in an RBI situation. The Reds leaving the bases loaded when they could blow open a game early. Ryan Freel making a mental error in center and then striking out as usual with men in scoring position. Most of this doesn't show up in the statistics. It's all about winning attitude, hustling on every play, knowing how to win, knowing how to stay alive without striking out, moving the runner over, hitting with men on base, not running yourself out of an inning, getting a bunt down (yes, even Adam Dunn when you're down 4 to 0 against the Cubs when you need base runners not homeruns). This team has absolutely no leadership, no one who knows how to win (including Griffey). Yes, the bullpen stinks and the starting pitching is inconsistent, but its the intangibles that will bring the winning to Cincinnati.

at 9:13 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

back to the season:


at 7:29 AM Blogger Scott Evans said...

Docproc, there is no real need to clear out big contracts despite what some in the media claim. The Reds will already clear out 18 million just by trading loshe, losing Milton, Cormier, and Conine. Make it 19 million if Saaralos isn't on more than a one year contract. Assuming reports are correct that the payroll is going up to around 80 million, then the Reds will have 29 million to play with in the offseason for raises and bullpen free agents.

at 8:53 AM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Scott, remember that some of that extra money will be lost to salary bumps and arbitration. When ownership says the payroll will jump to about $80, that's taking those figures into account.

So, does that mean the Reds will have about $20 million to spend on players? In today's game, that's not all that much.

To make a dent in your roster with that kind of cash Krivsky will have to find more low-risk players that he's shown to excel. But the conundrum is the Reds will always have to pay much more than market to lure pitchers to that ballpark.

at 12:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im neutrol about this whole thing, the reds can still trade players in August or September, especially people like Jeff Conine or Scott Hatteberg.Those are players that a contender would love to have. As for a person like Dunn though, I dont think that he will be able to clear waivers. I think the reds should definetely try to trade Coffey, Stanton, and Belisle in this month and get some young guys in return.

at 12:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Krivsky didnt trade because he thinks the reds can still make the playoffs this year. Its not out of the question though, they just need to get on a winning streak and have the teams in front of them lose.

Playoffs 2007 wooo

at 2:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the definition of hilarious is Reds fans whining about how much everyone on the team stinks and then whining that the GM is an idiot because he doesn't turn around and trade those guys for top of the line prospects ...

for the sake of mercy, has Krivsky even been here 2 years yet? He inherited one of the worst farm systems in baseball. It's gonna take some time to turn it around. Unless the owner coughs up 100 million a year in payroll, it's going to be a few more years before this team rises above mediocrity. Get used to it.
- Monroe.

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