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Monday, July 2, 2007

Krivsky: We haven't talked to Girardi

I just spoke with Steve Mandell, Joe Girardi's agent. He would not comment on the report that Girardi had interviewed with the Reds.

Wayne Krivsky said the Reds have not spoken to Girardi or anyone else, other than Pete Mackanin about the manager's job.

"As you know, he's broadcasting with Fox and the Yankees," Mandall said. "There's a lot of speculation out there. It's not relevant."

Would Girardi be interested down the line?

"If the opportunity presents itself, he'd look at his options," Mandell said.

Girardi is the hot name. But three guys with World Series rings as managers -- Bob Brenly, Tony LaRussa and Ozzie Guillen -- figure to be available after the season. Joe Torre could be on the list as well.

I don't think money will be a problem as far as Bob Castellini is concerned when hiring a manager.


at 10:49 AM Blogger Dan H said...

Doesn't Joe Torre have some type of connection to Cincinnati? If so, he may be a candidate for 2008.

at 11:01 AM Blogger John Fay said...

His wife is from here.

at 11:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this forebode a firesale?

Richmond, VA

at 11:07 AM Anonymous Brendan said...


Were Castro and Moeller up because Narron wnated them up, or is that Krivsky's doing?

at 11:09 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Roster is GM's call.

at 11:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the fact that the Reds' advance scout is the interim manager indicate that something big is already in the works? Seems to me that, at a minimum, this suggests the Reds are prepared to spend money on a big name, rather than simply promoting from within once again. Perhaps a trade with the Yankees...Dunn for Torre and a prospect??? OK, that was a bit tongue in cheek, but why not?

at 11:15 AM Anonymous Brendan said...

Any word on what kind of a manager Pete Makanin is? Are you shocked that Bucky Dent wasn't the interim manager?

at 11:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Reds will hire somebody who doesn't set a lineup by picking names from a hat and who knows that Conine is not a cleanup hitter.

at 11:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John is drinking the Koolaid! Money not a problem? Then why was Narron hired in the first place.

Castellini is getting off scott free in this. HE hired Narron. HE hired the GM. HE put this team on the field. Very few decisions were made without his approval, and most of the time they were HIS ideas.

So,what happened to all of his "Cincinnati deserves a winner" speeches? Remember he promised and The Reds have NEVER been worse. Come on...put the blame where it belongs, if you got the guts! Or, does "Mr. Castellini" frighten you?

at 11:27 AM Blogger armoderate said...

Narron should have been fired ,but let's not forget who makes the decisions on who's on the roster. It's the GM. It doesn't matter who you get as a manager. With this group of players, the same result will occur. The product the GM constructed could not be "sold" by the manager. Narron was given a 1980 Chevy Vega and was told to win the Indianapolis 500. Unless the decision making improves by the GM and the owner realizes how much you have to pay to get dependable talent, nothing will change. No Torre, La Russa, the reincarnation of Casey Stengel.. no manager will change the outcome.

at 11:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would someone educate me as to why Girardi is such a hot commodity? I mean, is this guy being built up or what?

Give us a manager who can whip the players into shape. Only hire this wunderkind Marlins castoff if he really can right the ship. Don't do it because everyone else says he's the bee's knees.

at 11:37 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Girardi had a very talented Marlins team to work with. Joe Torre would be great but he might be exhausted and take a year or two off to recover from being in the crosshairs of the NYC media and Stalinbrennar (who nevertheless is a great baseball man, so far Castellini is proving to be as clueless as Lindner was).

Larkin, Conine, Torre, Girardi, probably dozens of other names out there worthy of consideration.

Sabo would be a fun manager to try out, wouldn't he? Especially if he wore goggles whenever he came out to argue with the umps.

But if Mackanin gets the Reds to play the second half 15 games over .500, don't you give him 2008 to show it wasn't a fluke?

at 11:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a former d-back fan, i've been on the bob brenly train for awhile. he is 303-262 for his career and 274-212 if you take away the firesale season of 2004. he's from ohio and has that WS ring. i bet if you ask thom (his former broadcast parter is bob) he'd say he's all for mr brenly.

at 11:46 AM Blogger Leisure Suit Larry said...

I'll be upset if the sticking point for Girardi was the coaches - the only one worth keeping is Hatcher

at 11:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girardi is a hot commodity because he was NL Manager of the Year last year. He would be an excellent choice to manage the Reds. He is a former catcher in the Yankees' organization, and the disciplinarian the Reds desperately need. LaRussa's going to be the manager of the Cardinals as long as he wants. Torre's a good manager, but he's a player's manager. That's what Narron was, and we've all seen the results. Brenly's a great announcer, but the Reds already have one (and only one by the way), Marty's son. The best news I've heard all day is that Pete Mackanin is the "interim" manager. Translation: give us some time to get Girardi signed, or, Mackanin's the interim until the end of the playoffs, after which the Reds decide on who they want based on who's available. The problem with that approach is that by then, Girardi will be hired by someone else, and the Reds will be fighting with teams with deeper pockets to hire the guy they want. Timing is everything. Hire Girardi now, tell the fans this year's a bust, and start laying the foundation for 2008.

at 11:53 AM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Don't be a fool and bite into this Girardi stuff. Steve Mandell is a smart guy and what he's doing is due diligence to anyone who calls about his client. They have a standard set of questions and if the team answers them agreeably, they proceed. If they don't, they move on.

And still, they might move on even if the questions are answered agreeably.

Girardi has made it crystalline clear he does not want a rebuilding project, he does not want to be in a small market, and there will be some attractive jobs to open this winter. He'll have his pick. Jobs much more attractive than Cincinnati. So what's the hurry?

The Orioles offered $1 million and his own coaching staff, with the exception of pitching coach Leo Mazzone. The Orioles have exciting young pitching and some talent on the way. Still, they play in the AL East and Girardi saw no way they could compete with the Yanks-Sawks.

I very seriously doubt the Reds "interviewed" Girardi twice, or even once. Do not confuse feeling-out conversations over the phone with the agent with an "interview." The Orioles had a sit-down interview once. So the Reds interviewed him twice?

Not very likely.

at 12:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy that should have been fired is Bob Castellini - he didn't deem it necessary to sign free agent pitchers of note but let Krivsky try to roust up another winner from the cast offs.
As far as I know, Narron, Bob Boone, Dave Miley don't PITCH but are easy to fire as a sop to the frustrated fans. <4>

at 12:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Managers when maybe 5-8 games a year. Enough too matter, but save your money, and spend it on pitching. We have a pretty good starting rotation going, it can improve, but right now - we need A CLOSER!!!!

at 12:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me- Rheal Cormier for Justin Germano, offering Ryan Franklin a minor league contract., not to mention cutting Josh Hancock last spring training. Keeping Keppinger at Louisville hitting .360 (with 12 strikeouts in 207 ABs) instead of Juan Castro on the big league roster. Go ahead, fire Narron. The real problem is Krivsky. This will remain the worst team in baseball with this GM.

at 12:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of you people are ridiculous. If we go around firing people because of one bad season we will always be bad. Yes, Krivsky and Castellini deserve plenty of blame, but it takes time to build a winner and they haven't even been in charge for two years. Narron may not have been the greatest manager, but this team stinks because of the bullpen and lack of passion. Changing the manager may lead to a few more wins this year, but unless they hire someone like Girardi or another big name this season the Reds will still lose a minimum of 90 games.

at 12:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with armoderate.

No manager is going to change the outcome of a poorly-constructed team.

The root cause of the team's problem is still sitting in the GM chair.

at 1:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is wheree we learn that it wasn't Jerry's fault after all. The next time we blow a lead late in the game (Tuesday), we'll realize that nothing has changed.

I appreciate Brantley's comments the other night that this is a young bullpen being baptized under fire, and we really don't know how they will pan out in the future. There might be a reward for patience right now.

But firing Narron was certainly not the answer.

at 2:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not give Hatcher a shot? He admitted on T.V. in Oakland that he would ultimately like to manage some day. I dont see why you let Hatcher be the interim manager and see what he can do. Don't get me wrong if Giradi or Torre want to come and manage the reds let them.

at 8:54 PM Anonymous mikec said...

Rheal Cormier for Justin Germano: Let's see Cormier had an ERA under 2 and Germano had stunk in two spots starts, plus Reds were in a pennant race and needed bullpen help.

Offering Ryan Franklin a minor league contract: Reds had picked up Franklin on waivers. The Phillies didn't want him. He was decent for a month. Scott Schoenweiss was lights out and he's got an ERA near 6 this year. Should the Reds have given him big bucks? Plus, a rational mind would have thought Bray would be healthy and Coffey, Stanton and Cormier would pitch like they did last year.

Cutting Josh Hancock: Not to be crass, but he's dead now. So from a purely baseball perspective he's not doing much in either team's bullpen. Plus he showed up overweight to camp and Krivsky was trying to send a messsage.

Keppinger: Castro is better defensively and is a veteran. When you have a player like Encarnacion on your infield a guy like Castro is an asset to plug in late in the game to protect a lead.

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