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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On the manager front

I told been told this much on the manager front: The Reds have made at least preliminary contact with Joe Girardi. Bob Brenly is on their list but he has not been contacted.

As Bob Castellini said on FSN money is not going to eliminate anyone from the the list. Obviously, the list could expand after the season when the really big names come available.

Brenly, two firsts and a third in his three full seasons in Arizona, is very intriguing -- to say the least. His Ohio ties give the Reds an in.


at 12:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I know it's only one game but I am impressed with the guy. Not only did I love his introduction press conference, but I also loved the postgame press conference. How about the move he made in the 6th? Harang had 109 pitches and it was 1st and 2nd 2 outs and he pinch hits for him with Hatteberg. It was the smart move, and the move worked. You know Jerry would have let Harang hit for himself. I was very impressed with Pete, but it's only one game.

How about the emotion for BP on his grand slam? You'd swear we were in first place.

Today felt like opening day again. Screw out record, lets go get another one tomorrow.

at 8:37 AM Anonymous jc said...

i am the least negative person that is out here.... i actually think we have some talent. but please do not let the emotions of a couple of wins change the cold facts. this team will show an improved win-loss record in the second half. count on it.... but we have let that fool us twice.... and ended up with miley and narron. clones in the way they carried themselves. there are a couple of keys now... how does pole handle bailey. he has looked absolutely lost but says that it is mechanical. and can we pick up some depth players for some of our guys.
every great lohse start ups the ante. i really think he has a ton of talent and i hate to give up on a young pitcher who some nights just is dominating.
hatteberg is one of our most professional guys... but we have to see if votto can bring it. same with keppinger. castro has two years but is an anchor. livingston deserves to be here. a great start.... then shipped out....now pitching great at louisville after a couple of starts when he was obviously angry.
one more thing.... brenly is an interesting choice.... but they need to at least explore bobby valentine.

at 8:54 AM Anonymous trevislunsford@yahoo.com said...

It's obvious to me that Krivsky's fate is tied to McKanin's, and it should be. Castelini said, "I may have to fire myself someday if we don't get this thing turned around." You can read between the lines of that and other comments. How can any owner feel less contempt for the costly moves Wayne has made when compared to the personnel limited moves that Jerry had to make. Krivsky is left in place at this point to conduct the critical part of the trade season, but he better get it right or he will be gone. They have gone out of their way to say that Pete won't be back barring a miracle. This is so that the new GM can make the final decision in naming his choice for manager. It needs to be done and its just too bad. Krivsky has made 2 or 3 good moves opposed to 10 or 12 bad ones. Wayne is the real culprit in this whole mess. The bits and pieces we have gleaned over the past few months gives the impression that he is arrogant, cliqish, and exclusive. Several Reds officials who were here to establish the 1990-95 teams have just simply resigned rather than put up with it.

at 9:08 AM Blogger Shawn said...

Brenly is an idiot. Hiring him would be a serious mistake. He won in Arizona for two reasons: Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling.

at 9:20 AM Blogger RickNMd said...

Bob Brenly?

Stick to broadcasting. There's a reason why he didn't have a job before the Diamondbacks or one afterward.

Everyone and his dog knows they won because of Randy Johnson and all that expensive talent they bought. Then, when it came to building through their system, he had no acumen.

Pass, pass, pass.

at 10:10 AM Blogger Don said...

Girardi is unproven. He had one season with the Marlins and finished in fourth place, six games under .500. I would like to see the Reds go after someone with more of a track record instead of getting caught up with what may be the flavor of the month.

I think there may be better options.

at 10:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, as clueless as Jerry was, he too would have pinch hit for Harang in that situation. 109 pitches with a RISP? Come on.

Krivsky actually hasn't had a lot of bad moves. Go look at what Kearns and Lopez are doing for Washington. Other than that, Cormier was bad (still not sure why he was released so fast with THIS pen), Stanton wasn't meant to be in the role he has been in, but Bray was hurt. Majewski's lack of success had no warning as he was good in Washington.

That's about it. Ross, Phillips, Arroyo, Hamilton, Hatteberg and Conine were all good moves. And so was firing Jerry Narron.

at 11:14 AM Anonymous mikec said...

jc: Bobby Valentine would be a HORRIBLE move. He's a jerk and very overrated as a manager. Brenly would be a great choice. Ken Macha would be outstanding. Tom Kelly would be good. Go for LaRussa. Heck even make a run at Girardi. Or try Davey Johnson. But not Bobby Valentine, not Dusty Baker either.

Any chance Sparky pulls a Jack McKeon and comes back after being retired for a few years?

at 11:34 AM Anonymous mikec said...

You know the Krivsky bashing is funny. It still all goes back to that trade with the Nationals. Funny how Brendan Harris (.304, 8 HRs, 34 RBI) has better stats thatn Felipe Lopez (.303, 3 HRs -- two agains the Reds -- 30 RBIs) yet that's still a horrible deal.

Now maybe the Reds should have kept Harris.

But come on let it go. Lopez and Kearns (.253 5 HRS, 27 RBI) are pretty much worthless. Only bad luck has kept Bray from being a star in the Reds bullpen. And Majewski, well he was damaged goods.

Let it go folks.

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