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Monday, July 2, 2007

More on Mackanin

Pete Mackanin will not be introduced until a news conference at 4 p.m. tomorrow, but he's already at work.

Just spotted the Reds' interim field manager in the home dugout at Great American Ball Park. The coaching staff is meeting here this afternoon.

Mackanin joined the Reds' organization in February 2006 as a Major League advance scout. I asked Wayne Krivsky about the chain of events that lead to bringing Mackanin on board.

"I wanted Pete to be a part of this organization in one way, shape or form. There was not a major league coaching opening. There was not a managerial opening. Gene Bennett relinquished the advanced scouting duties and I gave Pete the opportunity to broaden his resume, so to speak, and do something that he hadn’t done before and that was be our advance scout and be on the other side of the screen.... He’s done that for the last two years and done a good job. I think if you ask people, ‘What is Pete Mackanin?’ He’s a field guy. He’s a field guy who was open to a different type of job altogether.... He embraced that, wanted to do it and until another on-the-field position occurred with us or somebody else, I think he would have been content doing that."


at 2:58 PM Anonymous Jon in Louisville said...

Jerry Narron was not the entire problem, nor will MacKanin be the entire solution. Narron did have his faults. Some of his decisions were to say the least disputable. He wore out Arroyo, and Bronson is just now regaining his arm. Regardless of who manages the team, until the bullpen gets straightened out, the defense improves, and the Reds excel at situation baseball, there will be little joy in Redsville.

at 3:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the song that never ends...

The Reds bore me to tears. Glad we could help this guy broaden his resume though until he moves up to the big leagues.

at 3:50 PM Blogger woodrow said...

Fine, the guy who is responsible for this train wreck, Wayne Krivsky, fired Jerry Narron. Who put together this bullpen? Wayne Krivsky. Go back to last year- he exited Josh Hancock, offered a minor league contract to Ryan Franklin, traded Justin Germano for Rheal Cormier, who they could not give away before leaving camp this year. Need some good setup guys for David Weathers? How about those three. And what in the world is Juan Castro still here for when Keppinger is hitting .360 at Louisville with 12 strikeouts in over 200 ABs? This is the worst team in baseball. It will not improve until they hire a GM who can evaluate talent. For those Narron haters, tell me who can win with this team?

at 5:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great the Reds finally got around to replacing Narron and a few to many weeks late it was. Problem is not only did they replace Miley with another Miley, surprise they once again replaced a Miley clone with another Miley. My only hope for the future is that there is some truth to the LaRusa rumors or Girardi is brought in. I've given up hope that Selig lets the All Time Hits King back in.

at 5:31 PM Blogger docproc said...

I don't mean to be snotty, Woodrow, but if you're telling my that YOU knew that Ryan Franklin and Justin Germano would post good numbers this year, then you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. And are you really making a case that we should have kept Josh Hancock? Tell me you're kidding.

Having said that, I'm with you entirely about Castro vs. Keppinger.

at 5:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks Krivsky and Castellini are nothing but a couple of meatheads? That press conference looked like a couple of dudes sitting on barstools crying about the loss of a drinking buddy.

at 6:06 PM Blogger jcampbell16 said...

I love the Reds and I've stuck with them through thick and thin, but it is time to clean house. The team is becoming so irrelevent that the media isn't even reporting the firing of Narron. It's time to get young and build for the future rather than continuing to put 40 year old relievers and utility players on the roster.

at 6:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Am I the only one who thinks Krivsky and Castellini are nothing but a couple of meatheads?" Anon 4:09

I believe your sentiments are shared by many. I characterized this as a circus and woodrow aptly described the situation as a train wreck.

at 6:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite fashionable to rip Krivsky, but the guy has done a decent job. Let's not forget he picked up Arroyo, Philips and Hamilton for Wily Mo and a bag of chips. he's hardly an idiot. This Reds team is failing because of the bullpen and Krivsky certainly has tried to shore it up: Cormier looked like a good signing at the time (albeit two years on him was optimistic) and the wheels fell off. If Majewski and Bray had worked out, that trade would have been great (there's no aguing that Gonzalez and Hamilton are better than Kearns, Lopez - and cheaper too). Stanton has been a bust and Guardado was effective until he got hurt ... If just half of these guys panned out, the Reds would be in it. In short, it's not an inability to evaluate talent, Krivsky has had terrible, terrible luck. That happens sometimes in baseball. I for one, think it'll eventually swing the other way.

at 6:52 PM Blogger docproc said...

Agree with 5:24 Anonymous, completely and entirely.

Check out Frank Robinson's glowing assessment of Majewski and Bray on Lonnie Wheeler's blog. Who knew that Maj was injured and that Bray would join him on the DL? Kriv traded half-rate players for promising players and it hasn't worked out--yet. It still might. That's the risk you take when you need middle relievers to right the ship.

And who cares about Lopez and Kearns? Two-bit players playing for a two-bit team.

at 8:34 PM Anonymous mikec said...

I agree. Bashing Krivsky may be fashionable but any real baseball fan can see he has just had bad luck. Look at the future nucleus of this team: Phillips, Hamilton, Harang, Bailey, Arroyo. Krivsky brought in three of the five. Two of which he got for nothing. Arroyo he might as well have gotten for nothing (unless you're Justin Fernandez and think the Reds would be better off with Wily Mo and these stellar numbers: 50 games, .224, 4 HRS, 24 RBI).

Last year Cormier had an ERA under 2 when the Reds got him. Stanton was stellar last year. No one anticipated they're collapse. You expected to have a healthy Bray too. With those guys pitching the way you would expect this is a .500 team at least.

at 8:35 PM Anonymous mikec said...

Oh and as for Keppinger over Castro, it depends upon what you think this team needs -- a Gold Glove SS or a guy who hits a little better but is a dropoff defensively.

at 11:06 PM Blogger robby said...

The two bit team you refer to has a better record than the Krivsky led Reds. The bottom line is wins. Individual stats of Phillips, etc. are irrelelevant. Krivsy has managed to take a mediocre team and make it an awful one. The only stat that matters is wins. To say he is unluckly is silly. And yes he does get paid to know that Hancock, Franklin and Geronimo are better than Salmon, McBeth, etc.

at 2:48 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

Pete Mackanin's resume includes a previous assignment with the Reds then AAA affiliate Nashville Sounds. He took the team in 1990 to a 2nd Place finish at 86-61, but that won't win the National League Central. The next two years he had something like 60 something wins and 75-80 loses both seasons. The Nashville Sounds promptly affiliated themselves with the White Sox. Don't forget that he closed out the Pirates one year at 12-14. So how is this guy a winner? Did I not dig deep enough into the resume. Are there any winning teams he's managed? The only other thing of note: He's been considered as a base coach for some other teams. Billy Hatcher was clutch as a player but can he pass that on to his players? Don't know. Hey, Dusty Baker is available:)!

at 9:35 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

MikeC, Arroyo for Wily Mo was made by the Red Sox (who have proven to be infinitely smarter than the Reds with trades during the past decade, though not infallible either) for good reasons, they didn't get fooled by Krivsky! Just the opposite. Look at David Ortiz's first SIX years at Minnesota! He put up early-Wily Mo Pena type numbers! Eventually Wily Mo will be hitting 40+ HRs and driving in 130+ runs and hitting .300 for the Sox and Boston KNOWS THIS. Arroyo had a mediocre 05 and a very good 06 but the former was boosted by the 05 Red Sox slugging machine and the latter was just a freakish "career year." I doubt that's the "real" Arroyo. He's proving it's not, this year.

I don't think he was worth Pena and I don't think he's got the talent to win 20 games, like a Germano clearly does!

The Reds could have had a Pena, Hamilton, and Kearns outfield (better than one with DUNN in it any day) and Germano in the rotation but at least Krivsky gets an A+ for Hamilton. Ditto for getting Phillips here.

I've already explained on this blog why Felipe Lopez is a superior leadoff guy and player to A-GONE. You are apparently okay with the Reds serving as the Red Sox's "junkyard." Krivsky needs to do better than that and I don't think he will!

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