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Monday, July 23, 2007

Reds vs. Brewers, 7-23

Freel, cf
Keppinger, 3b
Griffey Jr., rf
Phillips, 2b
Dunn, lf
Conine, 1b
Lopez, ss
Ross, c
Harang, rhp

Hart, cf
Hardy, ss
Braun, 3b
Fielder, 1b
Estrada, c
Jenkins, lf
Mench, rf
Counsell, 2b
Capuano, lhp


at 6:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say Brewers in nine.

at 6:14 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Here is one of the songs (lyrics) from the planned upcoming musical starring the 2007 Reds (topically); an adaptation from Gerswhin's Porgy And Bess (entitled Krivsky Ain't Best)

Oh, I got plenty o' losin',
An' losin's plenty fo' me.
I got no closer, got no ace, got no middle relief.

De teams wid plenty o' plenty
Gotta pay out 'til dey are sore.
'Fraid somebody's agoin' to leave `em
For a team who's payin' 'em more.
What's for?

I got no lock on Adam Dunn,
(Dat's no way to be)
Dey can steal him dat's okeh wid me,
'Cause I done overpaid him
The things dat I prize
Like cheap rookies and rule fives
All are free (well dey nearly be)

Oh, I got plenty o' losin',
An' losin''s plenty for' me,
I got my job, got my fat paycheck,
got Hebben de whole day long!

No use complainin'!
Got the press kissin' up to me, got my Lawd Bob lovin' me, got my song!

Here is the list of songs for the production:

1. "I Ain't Necessarily Slow" (duet by Hatteberg and Gonzales)
2. "The Buzzard Song" (sung by Griffey as he rolls to first base on a goat cart after hitting one in the gap)
3. "Summertime (and the Losing Is Easy)" Sung by Krivsky
4. "A Winning Streak is a Sometime Thing" sung by Pete Rose and Tom Browning with back up by Dick Pole and Eric Milton
5. "Mac, You Is My Manager Now" Sung by Castellini
6. "I Got Plenty o' Losin" Sung by Krivsky
7. "Where is my Austin Kearns" Sung by a chorus of drunk fans in the bleachers at GABP
8. Lullaby (reprise): "Summertime" sung by the Ghost of Marge Schotte as she brushes a spectral Schottze at homeplate of the old Riverfront Stadium with the 1990 World Series Banner hanging in the background.
9. "My Season's Gone (Again) Now" Sung by a chorus of season ticket holders vowing not to renew in 2008 for more of the same old, same old!

at 6:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


what does EE have to do to play everyday? he will never develop into the .300 hitting, 100 RBI machine every reds fan and announcer/analyst complains he should be if he can't get out there close to every day and battle through and learn from his mistakes. I know kepp's bat is hot but EE earned an everyday spot at age 23 and he shouldn't be in competition with a 27 yr old career sub.

at 6:30 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

EE needs to be our starting Third Baseman, Keppinger or Phillips needs to play SS, and the other plays 2B, starting all the time; and A-Gone needs to be dealt to a team that wants to pretend to improve its defense, and who wants a slow no-steal infielder who likes to eat like Miguel Cabrera.

at 6:32 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I found that a little puzzling myself. I think the Reds have to look at playing for future. And I think Encarnacion is the future,

at 6:38 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Gonzalez's situation with his son may explain an occasional lapse of concentration.

at 6:52 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

I'm sick of hearing excuses! He's not in Barry Larkin's or Davey Concepcion's or even Felipe Lopez's league and never will be, not on a consistent basis, and he's let himself get fat, and the guy is a no-steal SS who came over here touted as a great glovesman and he's had plenty of errors. If his concentration is suffering, then it's his responsibilty to tell the manager not to play him that day!

at 7:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are the Reds really thinking of moving guys like Dunn, Hatte, Conine, Lohse and Weathers and NOT getting quality or close to MLB-ready pitching in return? We do have Votto and it is about that time to see if he can hit up here, as well as seeing if Bruce can play decent defense but if you lose 100 rbi in Dunn, .400 obp from Hatte, quality ABs from Conine, you need superior pitching to offset those immediate losses, nevermind losing a feast or famine talent in Lohse (translates to a .500 record in his starts on a contender) and the only reliable arm in the Chuck E Cheese ball pen. It wouldn't seem so bad if I believed the Reds would actually call up Elizardo, Dumatrait, and Cueto at any time this year. The Braves, Twins and Tigers don't seem hesitant to get young, serviceable arms up to see what they've got. It's not the rotation, it's the BULLPEN where a gang of rookies don't belong.

at 11:11 PM Blogger anthony said...

What's with all the spasmodicated whining about EE not starting enough? Before tonight he had started 49/54 games since returning from L'ville, and I'm sure he'll be back in the lineup regularly. The guy hits .215 vs LHP, he's hitting .208 for the month of July, and he should start vs Capuano? Pay attention, people.

at 3:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

alex is not in felipe lopez's class??? when did jim bowden start posting here?

at 8:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think justin fernandez needs a job

at 12:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

AG is a nice guy but just another of a ss who can't hit, (see Felipe Lopex, Pedro Lopez, Ryan Freel)_Why not give Kepp a chance. I like his compact swing and ability to make contact. Phillips to short and Kepp to 2nd makes sense to me, although dumping EE wouldn't break my heart. Also, any word on The natural? Real concerned that his injury is worse than they're letting on. You wonder if surgery is an option but they're worried about the pain killers afterwards. I really like the kid and tracking his progress is about the only thing that makes the reds worth watching these days.

at 12:53 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

If I could name one person on this Reds team that Justin hasn't consistently degraded, I would. But the fact is, the guy comes on here and completely blasts the Reds ball club.

Gonzalaez isn't in Felipe Lopez's league? Isn't Felipe Lopez batting .239 this year with 5 homers and 14 steals? How is that even considered "GOOD?" Last year, Felipe Lopez was ranked DEAD LAST in Fielding Percentage for Shortstops in the major leagues. This year he is ranked .006 points ahead of Gonzalez and has played 40 less games. That's not saying much.

Justin...get your facts straight, or shut and don't watch the Reds.

at 1:10 PM Blogger Ron said...

Different subject. Has there ever been a thought of re-tooling Coffey to become a starter? Seems like his makeup might be better suited for that role.

at 1:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are all jumping on this Keppinger bandwagon way to quickly. He has had 1 good game and you all want to throw him in as an everyday starter. If not for his 4/5 day his numbers would be pretty bad.

at 3:05 PM Blogger ScottyJ said...

Ron, I actually asked John the same question on here about 6-8 weeks ago.

I think trying Coffey as a starter is worth a shot. He's young, and contrary to his stats right now, he's got good stuff. The Reds have already committed to him by giving him a new contract earlier in the year, so why not??

Your thoughts John? Maybe you might run that past Wayne and/or Pete and see what the reaction is?

at 4:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


When John suggested that Gonzalez might be distracted by the health problems his son is experiencing, you replied "I'm sick of hearing excuses!" You make yourself look like a real jerk when you make comments like that. No question that his defense this year has not been on par with what he's done in the past, but these guys are human beings and don't live in a vacuum. I know you think you're just being glib and clever but why don't you stop and think about what the hell you're saying before you shoot your mouth off and make yourself look like an a$$.

at 4:40 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

I'll take Felipe Lopez and his potential and upside over A-Gone any time, any place.

It's not just "facts" we're debating, it's forecasting and subjective judgment calls.

It is highly probable that A-Gone will always be a tubby no-steal SS while Lopez has a bigger upside and will likely improve quite a bit, though you're right, he's having a dismal year this year--but I'll bet 9 or 10 of his long fly ball outs in Washington would have been Home Runs at GABP.

I'm a Lopez fan. I gave A-Gone a chance, now I'm looking forward to the Reds getting a SS that can steal 30+ bases, hit at least in the .290s, and field his position well.

Sure, A-Gone has his moments. But I think the expectation was for consistency and brilliance, not inconsistency and a few semi-wow plays in half a season surrounded by way too many lapses.

The guy seems more interested in eating than winning.

at 4:58 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Hey Rob, get your facts straight! I haven't bashed Phillips or Hamilton or Keppinger, lol!

And I don't bash for the occasional mental lapse but for a pattern of laziness or stupidity or inconsistency that some players exhibit.

Most high school players know not to field a ball off the mound that is rolling towards the third base line. Do you want to give Coffey a compliment for what perhaps was the dumbest play of the year so far?

I suppose you are confused. You see, criticism is an analysis of reality. One can like the Reds, like the players, and support them, and yet still criticize them. And more than just facts are "in play." What makes Hot Stove Leaguing enjoyable is the subjectivity, speculation, and debates. Can you predict the next 20-game winner who is pitching in Triple A? Few can! I can almost guarantee you Wayne Krivsky CANNOT!

I'd love to see a slimmer A-GONE steal 20 bases a season, or a slimmer Stanton strike out the side more often than 1 every 6 pathetic outings, or a slimmer Dunn find plate discipline and his lost speed in the OF or deserving rookies START in place of Hatte and Conine.

Apart from Phillips and Hamilton, the trend is to sign washed up geriatrics and trade away talented youth with big potential, so I see ZERO signs that the Reds will start doing the things that it takes to sign the Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirezes out there, or to draft the Hunter Pences and Corey Harts instead of their annual "hey this guy might be the next Chad Moeller" any time soon.

And why Josh Hancock was too fat for the Reds, but triple-chin Stanton isn't, is a question that should be asked more often! What gives?

How about demanding a professional approach to game prep? Is it too much to ask these gluttonous millionaires to lay off a couple of servings of Biggie Fries and Bacon each week between March and November?

What's the matter? Not getting paid enough to actually exercise between meals?

No one knows whether any given player's potential "pans out" in any situation but this team needs Hattebergs and Conines and Stantons like Stanton needs another chin!

While Hatteberg and Conine are great players, thoroughly professional, and easy to respect, THEY ARE NOT STARTING PLAYERS ON A PLAYOFF TEAM. Conine is too old and Hatteberg is way to inconsistent (and slow).

But if the Reds want to sign these kinds of players, and the fans keep wanting to support them, hey, great. Enjoy more years of sub .500 baseball!

I sure as hell won't shut up about it!

at 5:39 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I don't see them moving Coffey to starting. He hasn't started a game since 2002. I think his stuff is suited for relief. The Reds last few attempts to the do that -- Graves, Williamson, Riedling -- did not work out and the guy ended up hurt.

at 7:52 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

Justin, you're basing your statements on your personal opinions. Opinions don't always state the facts.

FACT, Scott Hatteberg IS NOT inconsistent. He is a near .300 hitter almost every season. Not a starter for a playoff team? Why are the Yankees interested in trading for him? Or did you possibly miss that because you are too reluctant to state anything else but your personal opinion?

BTW, before you make a ignorant comment about the Yankees, FACT...they will be a playoff team before the year ends.

While I agree with you about Stanton, your comments about Felipe Lopez's potential is mildly ignorant. 9 to 10 long fly balls would have been gone in GABP? GABP has the most homeruns hit in it every year in the major leagues! How is that saying anything impressive about Felipe?

For the first part of his career, he played in a HITTER's BALLPARK. His statistics were inflated to his real potential, which you are seeing now.

And why are you even mentioning Chad Moeller? How many times has been DFA'd this year? Twice? The Reds keep him because they don't have any other choice. They don't have any catchers in the minor leagues to bring up if David Ross or Javier gets hurt.

I don't support all the decisions made by the Reds Front Office this year, at all. But, not EVERYTHING is bad about this team like you seem to think.

at 9:19 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Rob, oh boo hoo, I criticize this crappy team. Wahhhhhhh.

The Yankees have Cairo and Phillips, so it's no surprise they might look at Hatteberg and see an upgrade, however slight.

However, with rookie Shelley doing his best impersonation of Chris Shelton/Jack Cust, and with Giambi due back in two weeks, I doubt the Bombers are going to pony up for the Geritol kid when they've got enough "glue" at first base--besides, the Yankees need pitching not an old journeyman.

As a Reds fan, I don't want to see a 38-year old first basemen play when Votto should have been called up in May and given the full-time starting 1B job.

Hatteberg is a career .273 hitter. Gee, that's exciting! Add to that his season high 15 Home Runs and wow! I can't wait to buy a ticket to see him play!

Look, it's not bad, not great, he's no Morris or Doggie Perez in ANY department, that's for sure, but I'll give you that he's better than Cairo and Phillips. So what? YAWN.

Too bad our baseball geniuses at GABP didn't take a flier on Pena when he, clearly a huge talent, was slumping last year. Tampa Bay can pick players. The Reds are terrible at it.

Hatte is not a player to BUILD A TEAM AROUND or keep around while you're trying to BECOME competitive.

We had Sean Casey. Why did we need to get rid of the Mayor? Huh? We didn't like his batting average, his clubhouse presence? What?

If the Reds can't go out and find a First Baseman that can hit better than Hatte, then the Reds ought to go out and find new ownership because, again, you will NEVER EVER EVER see a Reds team with Hatteberg on the Roster in the playoffs.

But he's a classy player, a professional, and a hard-working guy. It's just that at the time the Reds picked him up, it was a WRONG move for this club, just like dumping Casey was another WRONG move.

Nice 2-3 so far tonight for Hatte, though. Go Reds! Go Scott!

I'd be willing to wager you a dinner at the Precinct for you and John Fay if Hatteberg has 100 or more At-Bats this season beginning tomorrow AND finishes with a .300 total season average or higher, even if he is traded.

I'm a Yankee fan too and I think the Yanks will find a way to make the Bosox sweat...too bad Petitte and Mussina are making Lohse and Belisle look like Sandy Koufax circa 1963.

Let's go Mets! Let's go Scott!
2-3 tonight so far, hit one out to win this game, and call it a career!

at 9:59 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Stanton walks the first batter, then tubby misses the bag taking the throw from second base.

And anyone wonders why I complain?

Wake up Mac, Wayne, Bob. Stanton is NOT doing the job adequately, that you pay him big bucks to do.

If you run to first base properly, like they teach you in High School, you DON'T MISS the DARN BAG taking the throw.

And if you're not a tub, you don't have to chug so hard to get there before Rickie Weeks.

Here comes Braun. He should put one over the fence off Stanton.

at 10:09 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Okay, so Braun only singled after working Stanton like a violin. Oh jeez, Marty just said that Stanton is locked up for another year. Ugh.

Fielder hits him! Thanks Stanton. You stink!

at 1:30 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

Justin, again...you're making statements based on pure opinion, not facts and not statistics.

You don't like a player...so he sucks? GREAT assumption!

FACT...Sean Casey was traded because his salary was too high for a first basemen with little-to-no power and consistently hit into double plays. WHAT?! He was the "Mayor" and his average was good, so they shouldn't have traded him?

For you, my friend...ignorance is a virtue!

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