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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It won't be Santos

Saturday's probable starter, Victor Santos, has entered the game. Phil Dumatrait was pulled after walking the first two hitters of the third. The Reds had just given him a 6-3 lead with a four spot in the top of the inning.

Your guess is as good as mine for Saturday. I'd think they'd have to bring someone up from the minors. Johnny Cueto?

Santos, by the way, walked the first batter he faced. Bases loaded, no outs. We're looking at long night.


at 11:17 PM Blogger crombiepunk said...

It will not be Cueto as he was sent down to be on the Lookouts playoff roster if they make it. My guess is either Belisle or Gosling get the nod.

at 11:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am dumbfounded as to how Victor Santos is still on this team. When a guy is Pittsburgh's garbage, why the hell did we even pick him up? He's awful and doesn't deserve to set foot on a Major League field, let alone a Minor League one. He's a guy that can never in a million years help a (winning) team, so I say, as fans, we break his legs and put him where he deserves.

This is more evidence that Wayne Krivsky needs to be fired. The guy just doesn't get it. Sure, Phillips and Kepp were great pickups, but Ross, Lohse, Santos, and many other clowns that Krivsky picks up (Bellhorn, Castro) just go to show that he should be sent to baseball hell.

at 12:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John, any word on the unsigned draft picks yet?

at 12:08 AM Blogger OhioJim said...

Saturday is Lizard Ramirez's next regularly scheduled day to start. It would be one day long for Cueto.

I'm guessing they either wimp out and use Gosling or bring up Lizard.

After tonite you'd think Santos is done for good.

Maybe Krivsky should troll the waiver wire.

at 12:14 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Good call on E.Z. He hasn't been great in his last two starts, but the Reds don't have a lot of choices.

No word on the picks.

at 12:59 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would rather see Elizardo Ramirez than Gosling or Saarloos.

at 1:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why send Cueto, who is obviously pitching with confidence, back to AA instead of Saarloos, who has pitched like an AA pitcher ever since the Reds got him?

Mark Sheldon at mlb.com has the following quote from our player development director:

"With [Matt] Belisle and [Kirk] Saarloos, we had six starters," Reds player development director Terry Reynolds said. "Cueto was the most logical guy to go back."

What kind of logic is he using?

at 1:03 AM Anonymous MIke - Reds fan in Chicago said...

It's nice to see Bray come in and do well. 16 consecutive strikes to start without a ball. If he can keep that up, I can forget about Kearns and Lopez. Burton had another nice outing as well. He's starting to string together some good outings. Now if we can trim the retreads and sign some capable arms, we might have the makings of a good team. A good solid right handed bat wouldn't hurt either.

at 1:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon at 12,

I'm not positive but I believe they moved Cueto not so much a demotion but to help bolster the Lookouts as they advance into the post-season. It's not a punishment and I doubt it's bothering him mentally.

As far as the next starter, I think it'd be nice to see The Lizard get a crack at getting back into the rotation.

at 1:41 AM Blogger Grizzlyfox said...

It'll be the Lizard, and the Reds will be trying to get within 6.5 games of first on Saturday, and he'll bring home the W. At least its a possibility.

at 10:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now its down to single digits.... 9.5 games back of first... If we win Thursday and St. Louis can beat Milwaukee again, it's 8.5 heading into Miller Park where we have a chance to come hom to Cincinnati 5.5 games out of first with OVER a month left in the season.

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