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Friday, August 24, 2007

Livingston on DL (update)

Bobby Livingston today went on the 15-day disabled list with a torn in the labrum of his left shoulder. He'll be checked out in 10 days to decide if he needs surgery.

Livingston, understandably, was devastated.

"I can't tell how upset I am not to be able to pitch the rest of the year," Livingston said. "It's just depressing."

The odd thing is he felt fine in his last start. He played long toss the day after.

"I woke up the next day and couldn't lift my arm," he said.

If he needs surgery, it would probably mean missing all of the next season.

Livingston was 3-3 with a 5.27 ERA in 10 starts for the Reds.

Todd Coffey was called up from Louisville to fill Livingston's roster spot. Coffey feels good about the progress he made at Louisville. He threw a lot of sliders and sinkers there.

"The slider was real good, short and sharp," he said.

The Reds will need a starter for Sunday. Michael Gosling? Johnny Cueto? Cueto is scheduled to start tonight in Chattanooga. If he's pulled, he's the guy.


at 3:44 PM Blogger Laura said...

Oy. Neither of those are good things. Although it's good to hear that an injury may have caused Livingston's troubles of late.

at 4:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A left-handed starting pitcher goes on the DL and the Reds recall a right-handed relief pitcher who has been scored on more times than Paris Hilton. Can you explain the logic because I am not getting it?

at 4:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that Coffey was chosen to come up. He's had his chance many times this year. Let's see if someone else can get it done.

at 4:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Shearn's last six starts:

3-2, 2.74, 36.1, 33, 11, 29, 8

at 4:46 PM Blogger Ray Kinsella said...

Oh, no! God have mercy on us!

at 5:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know it won't happen, but the best free agent move the team can make this offseason is to push the fences back 10 feet from the foul pole to the power alleys.

Jason in Charlotte, NC

at 5:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Jason. Use Milton's salary to push back the fences.

at 5:17 PM Blogger John Fay said...

They've look at moving the fences back. It's not feasible because of what is behind the wall.

at 5:18 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

There's no bright side to this at all. We lose Livingston most likely for next year too and now Decaf is back with the big club. Oh the Misery, Oh the humanity. I'll have a break down just watching Decaf enter his first game. I just can't take it.

at 5:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you are saying that in the year 200x, with all of today's technology, all of the ways new stadiums are being built, all the way baseballs were being crunched those 5-7 years ago, no one, not one, stood up and said, you know what, we should leave some room for error in the development of this fence. Instead they built them in such a way that they could never be moved. If I may, that's just STUPID.

at 5:39 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

the fences don't seem to bother Harang. The main reason for all the home runs is the bad pitching, especially from the Reds. There are a few major league parks giving up even more homers than GAB and that is without the Reds pitchers.

at 5:45 PM Blogger starbuck said...


Why would the Reds do this? Is it because they have a) no left-handers who are worthy of an opportunity at this level, or, b) is Coffey the ONLY right hander at any level who has any chance at all of getting batters out in the Major Leagues? I'd be curious to hear the Reds explanation for bringing Coffey back up for another round. What's your take on this?

at 6:08 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The Reds actually were going to build the wall closer -- 320 down the right field line. But MLB wouldn't let them.

I actually don't think 5 feet would make a tremendous difference. I haven't kept track, but it seems to me a very small percentage of the home runs land in the first three rows of seats.

at 6:31 PM Blogger Tyler said...

OK, here's a crazy thought, if we can't move the fences in, why not move home plate back? Get rid of some seats down the line to accomodate the new foul lines. While we're at it lets get some real foul territory too. If the Reds don't like the idea of losing seats, they can always add another party tent or riverboat deck!(sarcasm) It's not like we sell out all the time anyway.

at 6:36 PM Blogger Grizzlyfox said...

If they can't move the wall back, why not just raise it?

at 8:26 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

The Reds need a starter. The Dodgers just DFA'd Brett Tomko. I know, I know. He's 2-11 this year and if you can't stick with the Dodgers, that says something. But he's 91-91 lifetime with a career ERA under 5.00. He won't blow anyone away, but everywhere he's gone, he's been average enough to stick for a while. The Reds could get him cheaply for the rest of the season, and throw him into the mix next spring.

He was also on the last Reds team that really contended. There aren't many current players with that profile. I'm not idealizing the guy, but I think with Livingston hurt, Lohse gone, and the rotation full of question marks, maybe.

Just maybe. That's all.

at 8:42 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

For the record, moving the walls back wouldn't have helped tonight.

at 9:00 PM Blogger RickNMd said...

The Reds' excuse for not moving back the fences is complete BS. They moved the fences back in Philly's new park. The cheap-ass Reds just don't want to lose revenues for a few rows of seats behind the wall--nevermind the place doesn't sell out anyhow so it's not like they are losing anything--except pitchers who don't want anything to do with that bandbox.

I'm shocked when the media buys that line from the Reds, hook, line and sinker.

at 9:17 PM Blogger Redsheart said...

Tomko was called "Bomko." He is just HORRIBLE. I don't want to see him in our team...

at 11:18 PM Blogger dmiller9500 said...

Well, it won't be Cueto on Sunday, he threw tonight for the Lookouts.

at 11:24 PM Anonymous ADMS said...

Coffey? COFFEY? COFFEY??????

My head hurts...

This is such a Reds' move. We start playing the best baseball in the division. Our bullpen is starting to gel with some fresh players. Fans are getting excited again. And now...like Jason in the Friday the 13th movies - Michael Myers in the Halloween series - the evil and misery has returned for one more go-around.

It's probably too late to put up the detour signs on 71 to guide him towards the deepest, darkest swamp somewhere thousands of miles away.

Pete - he might be back in the bullpen, but you don't have to pitch him, right? Remember his disaster of a track record!

Oh yeah - I've had the exact injury of Livingston only I shredded my shoulder serving a volleyball. Even after a rather difficult surgery and rehab that seemed to go on forever, I was still out of anything overhand for about a yaer. Best of luck to him - this can hurt like hell....

at 11:50 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

LMAO. Sign Tomko, that's a good one.
They could start Tomko, bring in Coffey and close with Stanton.

at 1:19 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Wow, I'm speechless. This team is still in the pennant race and Coffey is back?

PATHETIC Too bad about Livingston. He looked like a good (enough) pitcher when he first came up. Hopefully he rehabs and comes back stronger.

A large losing streak LOOMS. The Fish are going to snap out of their slump and HAMMER the Reds today and tomorrow.

I hope I'm wrong about that. But the "smoke & mirrors" pitching act of late simply cannot last, and without trying new young arms, we're going to have the old arms return to their baselines.

Isn't it better to at least give a Shearn or Cueto the ball once and see if he can't WIN or HOLD?

Why bank on guaranteed mediocrity?

Why, Wayne? Why?

at 1:22 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

TOMKO? I was harassed on here for suggesting we sign WELLS! Too funny! Glad Krivsky is not a Tomko fan...

Ridiculous idea to consider bringing him back here. Monroe could pitch better. Heck, Bellhorn could pitch better than Tomko!

at 5:21 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

LOL, signing David Wells would have been almost as ridiculous as signing Tomko would have been. Unless of course the K-man could have signed him to a 2 year deal!

at 9:53 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Seriously, guys. I know Tomko isn't Cy Young. But other than making fun of the suggestion, you haven't given any reason why he wouldn't be worth a flyer, and you guys apparently don't know your stats. His numbers are comparable to what we've had all year out of this rotation.

Tomko: 2-11, 5.80 ERA.

Kyle Lohse: 6-12, 4.58 ERA
Arroyo: 7-13, 4.55 ERA.
Belisle: 6-8, 5.40 ERA.

Livingston and Bailey both have 5.00+ ERAs in limited starts.

In fact, Tomko's career numbers are comparable to (if not better than) Arroyo's. Look it up.

I know Tomko's not gonna bring them a pennant or something, but look at the numbers before popping off.

Don't get me started on the bullpen, either.

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