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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reds 11, Cubs 9

My game MVP for this one is Bill Bray. The way he pitched the sixth and seventh turned the game around.

Josh Hamilton is 4-for-7 since coming off the DL. His two-run homer was the game-winner.

“I calmed myself down,” Hamilton said. “I over-swung on the first two strikes. I got in a good hitting position and reacted to it. It was up and away – probably would have been Ball 3 if I hadn't swung.”

And then there was Ryan Jorgensen. All he did was hit a two-run homer for his first big league hit. He fouled off two 3-2 pitch and then sent one out to left off starter Ted Lilly.

“It was like a fairy tale,” he said. “Something you see in a movie.”

Jorgensen was hitting .229 with two home runs in 236 at-bats in Triple-A. He jokingly text-messaged his buddies back in Kingwood, Texas, that he was going to go deep in his first at-bat.

“I've probably got 1,000 voicemails,” he said.

Adam Dunn on his tomahawk home run: "I was trying something new. That pitch would have probably hit a righty in the head."


at 2:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the winner of the NL Central will have a losing record?

at 8:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those baseball "experts" who have been chattering to bring up these AAA kids... check Dumatrait's stats.

at 9:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the guy has given the Reds the last few years, it hurts to say this... I don't think the Reds need Ryan Freel anymore. as much as trading Dunn would get us, if (big IF) Hopper can continue to produce like he is and with Kep showing that he is a major leaguer everyday he plays, why not trade Freel to a team for more prospects and maybe a bullpen guy? Maybe if Dunn is traded then you need Freel... I don't know. Tough line of thinking...


at 9:06 AM Blogger Gregory said...

Someone posted earlier something about Krivsky putting our best team out there to be fair to the teams in the playoff race. I really hope the Reds front office doesn't think like this. We can't be concerned with other teams at this point. If I were the Reds GM, which i'm clearly not for many reasons, I would bring up Cueto, Bruce, and Votto for atleast some at bats and for some innings. These are good prospects and they could very well be immediate improvements over who we are putting out there now and worst case scenario they aren't and we lose a couple more games. Mackannin doesn't get the job probably but we get a top 3 pick. Reds fans complain about the Reds not drafting well. Well how hard is it to choose the Delmon Young, Justin Upton, Alex Gordon of the world. These are no brainer picks and I want the reds to have one this year. The 9th, 10th picks are much less of a lock and that is what we get by keeping our old guys in the lineup. I really think this team is a Justin Upton/Alex Gordon/Delmon Young away from being one of youngest and most talented teams in baseball. We might want to take a pitcher though.

at 9:22 AM Anonymous gmirones@yahoo.com said...

John Fay:

I watched the two innings that Bray pitched and I agree. Bray looked as if he was in charge and Burton pitched like he was showing the Cubs that he had Brays back. Good game to win. Could this be the beginning of the “Stinging Bee’s” out of the bull-pen. Sometimes, with certain players on the field, I wonder, “Just how can this team be 15 games under .500? Tuesday’s line up looked tough.

at 9:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double switch - Griffey

I would actually like to see Junior pull a Tanner. It would prove to me that it is all about Junior, he, with his seven (7) errors in RF.

Check his strikeout per AB ratio since the All Star game along with his BA - up on the KO and down on the BA.

Jeff Hagen
Scottsdale, AZ

at 10:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody want to win the NL Central? This could be the year a sub-.500 team takes it. Could the Reds still be in the hunt at 9 1/2 games back???

at 1:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now its down to single digits.... 9.5 games back of first... If we win Thursday and St. Louis can beat Milwaukee again, it's 8.5 heading into Miller Park where we have a chance to come hom to Cincinnati 5.5 games out of first with OVER a month left in the season.


at 2:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay before we get too excited about the offense (impressive as it has been lately) what are we going to do about the starting pitching? Clearly Dumatrait is not the answer and I don't think Santos is either.

Pat K

at 2:15 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Strange Summer in Torturing-The-Reds-Fans Central:

May 15:
8 games under .500; 9.5 games out;
June 1st:
12 under .500; 9.5 out;
June 15;
16 under .500; 11.5 out
July 1st:
20 under .500; 16.5 out;
July 15:
18 under .500; 14.5 out;
August 1st:
18 under .500; 13 out.
August 16:
15 under .500; 9.5 out.

But are the Reds in contention?

NO WAY!!! Not even if they played half their remaining games against the Hamilton West Side All Stars!

Plenty of good stuff on this team recently though (Bray, Harang, Kepp, Ryan "Bench" Jorgenson's first hit wonder, and Hamilton) makes all the bad pitching medicine and lack of an All-Star caliber first-baseman slightly less bitter.

The lineup today at Wrigley gets an extra loud Borat-voiced:


Hamilton leadoff, followed by Kepp, Griffey, Phillips, and Dunn. That is a powerful front five and the best lineup the Reds have fielded in quite awhile (hopefully in the seasons to come we won't give up on Hammie and Kepp when they slump the way we gave up on Felipe Lopez...)

No stupid lineups vs. the Brewers this weekend please!!! We need Kepp and Hammie and Dunn and Phillips in the starting line-up EVERY DAY, NO EXCEPTIONS! We don't need Conine starting or batting 4th, even if he did move to within 545 career home runs of Barry Bonds the other day...

Obviously, if the Reds were to somehow win the Central this season, it would be the most sensational "comeback" (er, collapse by an entire division) in baseball history.

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