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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Reds 4, Dodgers 0

Bronson Arroyo said his stuff was much better in his last start in Washington.

That night, he went 1 2/3 innings and gave up seven runs.

Tonight, he went 6 2/3 innings and gave up no runs.

Go figure.

The Reds have won three straight.

My last words (for the night) on today's moves: This all could have been avoided by simply sending Todd Coffey out instead of Jon Coutlangus. It's a minor note if they do that. Instead, the club got ripped up and down talk radio and on the Internet. I know teams can't be concerned with making moves to please fans. But why unnecessarily tick them off?


at 11:30 PM Blogger Marie830 said...

From a PR stanpoint, this was a titanic disaster. WK quotes only made it worse. But I would rather WK be terrible at pleasing fans on a day to day basis, then be terrible at building this team into a contender.
Whatever moves were made today, no matter how unjustifiable, would have little effect on the long term health of this organization, so really no need to get all that upset.

at 12:34 AM Blogger Scott in NC said...

And why tick off your manager? It's obvious from Mackanin's comments that he was not happy with the decision to send down Coutlangus instead of Coffey.

Unbelievable comments by Krivsky. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

at 1:58 AM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

I know teams can't be concerned with making moves to please fans. But why unnecessarily tick them off?

It's not even that difficult. Just avoid making blatantly unsupportable moves and you'll generally avoid having to explain yourself.

at 6:55 AM Blogger George said...

Wayne is a weirdo. Sometimes he makes brilliant moves, he seems to have good scouts, and seems to listen to them. Then this. The only possible explanation is that Wayne feels that after the Brantley thing with Coffey, if they send him down, they'll lose Coffey mentally for good. I can see that. But I find Wayne keeps the fans in the dark over nonsense, like the rotation, and we keep hearing that the Reds have a plan but he steadfastly refuses to articulate it. THAT'S what ticks me off. I think his persona with the press is kind of laughable, with his fake macho way of speaking and talking about "having a scotch" after getting offered the job at his first press conference. C'mon man. If I owned a business and my top manager was talking about hard liquor in front of the press for the first time, I'd be a little worried about his judgment. Either that, or I'd think he's a little loopy.

at 7:13 AM Anonymous Lefty Bob said...

Since Reds can't seem to find place to play Keppinger on full time basis, why not send him to Instructional League and make him first baseman? He may not hit with power (can you say The Mayor), but should be able to field the position and doesn't seem like Conine or Hatteberg are in long range plans. Thanks. Lefty Bob

at 7:17 AM Blogger LeftyBob said...

Since Reds don't have first baseman for next year, why not send Jeff Keppinger to Fall League to learn first base? He could handle defensive end of it and great way to get bat in lineup. May have similar power #'s to The Mayor, but great way to get bat in lineup especially if as many holes in Votto major league potential bat as rumored. Thanks.

at 8:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it has gotten to the point that every time Krivsky opens his mouth he sounds even more stuipid if that is possible. Now he is talking about how some pitchers will only be used when we are losing? Boy that is a good way to build confidence. And even then Stanton is on the "winning" group of pitchers? What an idiot.

at 12:51 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Its no wonder that Wayne Krivsky doesn't want to say much. Every time he opens his mouth, he makes himself sound like a complete nincompoop. This guy needs a PR man all to himself. I consider Overmatched Wayne to be the worst GM since Dick Wagner personally dismantled the Reds. I also think that he is the MOST DISLIKED ever!

at 1:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todd Coffey.... Gas Can or Kerosene Bomb... you decide!

at 2:24 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

You think Krivsky is the most unpopular Reds GM of all time?

Did he purposefully dismantle the second-greatest team of all time?

Did he knee-jerk fire a Hall of Fame manager who went to the World Series four times in eight years?

Did he allow the most popular player in the organization's history to walk away over a mere $800,000 annual salary?

Did he trade George Foster (221 homers in seven seasons) for Jim Kern, Alex Trevino and Greg Harris?

Did he actually build a team off having the best record in baseball with a washed-up Clint Hurdle in left, a washed-up Cesar Cedeno in center and an overhyped Paul Householder in right?

Did he systematically remove each plpayer who was entering free agency because he was convinced the system was a lark?

Did he make his first free-agent binge the signing of Larry Biittner while Dave Collins and Ken Griffey were shown the door to New York?

Did he wake up one morning with a photo of himself hanging in effigy blaring in the Enquirer?

Does Wayne Krivsky in 18 months hold any semblance whatsoever to the ludicrous reign of Dick Wagner?

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