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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Giants 2, Reds 0

Bronson Arroyo's presence on the mound has a strange effect on the Reds' offense. Saturday night was the 14th time, they've scored two or fewer runs for him.

“This is the first time all year I've put up all zeros and gotten snubbed,” he said. “But it's one of them years, man. It’s hard to get wins.”

Arroyo remained 9-14. He says the big difference between this year and last year – when he went 14-11 -- was two bad starts against Washington. He gave up 13 runs in 3 2/3 innings in those starts.

“I've said for awhile now that other than the two outings against Washington, I had close to same year,” he said. “Last year, I had 23 quality starts. This year, I've got 21.

“The first half killed me. I wasn't able to build up wins when I had those good outings. If you get five, six wins in the first couple months, you can ride it out.”


at 7:37 AM Blogger Redsheart said...

Why don't they make a score when our good pitcher pitches? This is beyond pathetic. It's unlikely to be coincidental.

at 9:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Arroyo improves just a little next year, he'll be in line for 15+ wins. But he's got a short and convenient memory regarding early this season. He gave up 4 earned runs in a loss April 4 and between May 21-June 17 he gave up 6 or more earned runs 5 out of 6 starts, so five of his six losses before June 17 were due to crappy Bronson, not crappy offense. His control this year has also not been very good. Bronson, if you want to be a superb big league pitcher, put down the damn guitar for an entire off-season and focus on pitching, conditioning, and getting better, because you could stand some improvement, and if you continue to divide your time between music and baseball you'll continue to be so-so. You've had five mediocre outings since August 1st, winning one of those games (apart from the good outings sprinkled in during that time period). If you insist on playing music in the off-season to the point of replacing your baseball training, then please ask to be traded. I can't stand a 4.20+ ERA pitcher who seems more consumed with music than baseball complaining about the team's offense. Get that ERA down to 3.20 or better and THEN complain about giving up 2 earned runs and losing. Last night your offense let you down but your job is to improve yourself, and next year will say a great deal about whether you're just a 4.20+ lifetime ERA hack with spotty control and a fluke season (2006) or a real quality starter who can be relied upon to shut other teams down week in and week out.

at 10:47 AM Anonymous Gary214 said...

His past starts notwithstanding, the reason we put up 0's last night for Bronson had everything to do with the lineup. Those clammering to dump Dunn and Griffey need to take note...this is what kind of offense we have without the two. Phillips has no 'protection' in front and behind him...and there is no 'pop' in the lineup. And before you say, "but Hamilton was not there, there is our power source", get used to him being on the DL on a regular basis...the guy is injury prone! Like them or not, JR and Dunn produce runs...either directly, or indirectly!

at 11:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John I want to respond to your article in Sundays paper..Have you lost your marbles? Hitting and hitting with men on base has also been a very significant problem with this team.

With Hopper and Keppinger u have changed the chemistry of this team and hitting and smallball has improved dramatically. John u have lost sight of the "trees in the forest" I am afraid.

Trading Freel would be a good idea. He hustles but severely lacks talent. We do much better without him.

Why the heck would you want to trade Hamilton who may well, in fact, be the cornerstone of our outfield for many years to come. You dont think ahead John. Bruce is unproven and Griffey is nearing the end of his career

I agree with you, one or two more decent pitchers, in addition to keeping Keppinger, Votto, Hamilton, Hopper, Phillips and Encarnacion on this team would make us contenders.

Too bad they cant get rid of Griffey and dont tell me because hes had one halfway decent year he should stay.

at 2:56 PM Blogger Mark T said...

Missing JR and Dunn? They hit 'em high,, far, and seldom. Nice to have them, but we can win without them too. I seem to remember 26 hits being banged out in the previous two games.

It could be that last night's game was just baseball, not being able to win every game, and having opposing pitching outperform our hitting. Happens.

at 7:13 PM Blogger Redsheart said...

If your boss give an order you to stop spend your free time on hobbies, you'll improve the efficiency of your job? Really????? I guess you'll be rage at such a irrelevant order.

His ERA was 2.86 in April. It got further since NARRON let him throw 129 pitches. He should have 7 more wins and we could win more games if the team fired Narron sooner...

Well, we lost today, too. I wanted this run support yesterday.

at 8:14 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

"Hamilton could well be the cornerstone"...well, I agree with part of that statement...the "stone' part...as in sitting around on the DL like a stone on the ground. The guy was on the DL 6 times in the years he was ACTIVE before his 'vacation' from the game, and the things he subjected his body to while not playing have taken a toll. Sure the guy is gifted, and I admire his turning his life around...but you can't undo that kind of damage. He's been on the DL this year 3 times (I think)...including once for messing up his wrist SWINGING in the ondeck circle...Hopefully we keep Hopper as my money is on that kid playing in more games next year than Hamilton.

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