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Thursday, September 20, 2007

High praise for Bruce, Cueto

Rick Sweet, the manager of Triple-A Louisville, joined the Reds as a coach for the four-game series in the San Francisco.

Sweet had some very high praise the young players who came through Louisville.

"Jay Bruce is special," he said. "I had (Ken Griffey Jr.) his first year. I'd put Bruce in that category. Johnny Cueto is special. Josh Hamilton is special. We've got some people."

Sweet knew exactly what he was saying when he made the Griffey-Bruce comparison..

"He's 20," Sweet said. "He makes mistakes -- base-running, throwing to the wrong base. He's learning. He likes playing. He's going to be around a long time."

Sweet knew what Bruce could do because he worked with him through spring training.

"I had to beg Wayne (Krivsky) to let (Bruce) come up," Sweet said. "We were short outfielders. I was playing two infielders in the outfield. I got an e-mail that said he's coming "FOR ONE WEEK ONLY" in big letters."

Bruce, of course, never went back to Double-A because he played so well in the Triple-A.

"He's going to adjust to whatever level he's at," Sweet said.


at 8:33 PM Blogger JerBear said...

That is good to hear the positive comments from Rick Sweet.

I just hope the Reds can surround these youngsters with the right mix of veterans over the next few years so that this team can compete in the division.

It also kind of makes you wonder how the Reds could enter next season with both Griffey and Dunn in the outfield, while you have Jay Bruce waiting in the wings, Norris Hopper proving himself as starter material, and Ryan Freel coming back from injury.

at 9:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I can understand the economics of not bringing Bruce up to the majors this year (though I don't like it and now with injuries to Hamilton and Griffey he'd be getting a ton of at bats too), but please explain to me why there would be an adversion by Krivisky to bring Bruce up to AAA. Seriously what harm could come from that move? Does Krivisky think that every time someone moves up a level that they will fail and it will forever ruin their confidence?

Look at how well Votto has done in the majors and now this about Bruce. Can you explain this to me John? What am I missing?


at 9:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may seem like a strange question, but what uniform numbers do Donnie Scott and Rick Sweet wear?
You were always quick with the uniform numbers before, so I thought you might know.

at 9:46 PM Anonymous Tre said...

Are we supposed to read anything into the fact that Sweet never mentioned Bailey while he was waxing eloquently about Bruce, Cueto, & Hamilton?


at 10:02 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Sweet is No. 67. Scott is gone so I don't know what he wore.

I wouldn't read anything into him not mentioning Bailey. He was talking about players who are with the Reds currently.

at 8:22 AM Anonymous Allan said...

I am a Junior fan and was sorry to see him injured. I was hoping that he would finish the season stronger to improve his trade value. Though I am a fan of his, I do think the team improves and builds for future contention (maybe even next year?) with an outfield of Dunn, Bruce and Hamilton, with Hopper the fourth.

I say trade Freel too, with Keppinger the super utility guy. Memo to all Keppinger fans (I am one too) He is not a major leauge shortstop. Just because you make all the routine plays doensnt mean youre the best option. Stealing hits from the other team and not giving extra outs is really what decides games. He might be an adequate third baseman, but I dont see trading EE to open up time for Kepp.

at 10:14 AM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

That email thing makes me laugh. I can imagine Krivsky gets sick (in an amused way) of the minor league coaches begging for the studs to be promoted/retained at whatever level they're working. ("But Wayne, Homer needs another few starts here at Sarasota.")

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