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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Griffey out for year; protest denied

The Reds announced that Ken Griffey Jr.'s injury -- a high left groin strain -- was season-ending after he was examined by Dr. Tim Kremchek. He'll be examined again in four weeks.

Also, the protest of the Cubs game was denied by MLB.

No shocker in either case.


at 5:50 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I am not a Griffey fan, that is for sure, but this injury proves that the Reds need a real manager. Griffey has been horrible for the past couple of weeks and obviously was tired. The crap about playing Griffey because we were playing contenders when he was only hurting the team (even more than he usually does)is just plain stupid. The line-up without Griffey would have been much stronger considering the funk that he has been in.

A day or two off against the Cubs or Brewers or Cards would have actually improved the Reds chances of winning and probably would have prevented the injury.

Oh Well, now we can see what Jay Bruce can do. OH NO! Where is Jay Bruce? Thats right lets see what Buck Coats can do instead.

WOW! The protest was denied? Don't give up the ship, Wayne.

at 6:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey's trade value: $1
Average number of chins per Red pitcher: 2
Another losing season in 2008: Priceless!

at 6:17 PM Anonymous Josh said...

CSA, gee I didnt know you were not a Griffey fan. I guess the fact that its the only thing you talk about didn"t give it away. I don't think he was tired just because Napoleon Brennaman said so. Griffey admitted this has been hampering him for a while. Its probably a shared blame situation where Griffey should have asked for some games off and PM should have been more proactive. I am a big Reds fan but try to be realistic. I just don't see much quality pitching on the horizon, and in 2009 when Griffey is gone (and rightfully so) you will still find a way to blame him when the Reds are still stuck in neutral.

at 6:39 PM Blogger Phill said...

Ah yes, it is Pete's fault now. Sweet.

If Griffey thinks he can't handle playing he would have said something. He's a gamer and tried to play through it. Unfortunately he got hurt. Any other manager would have played him wether they were "real" managers or not.

My god I'm getting sick of the Jay Bruce whine fest. He wasn't brought up, big whoop. We can try out Buck Coats considering they traded for him. Find out if he's got anything with some consistant playing time. Jay Bruce won't be set back by only being what 21(?) when he finally gets to the majors.

at 7:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh, Anytime you want to make a little wager that the Reds will be stuck in neutral when he leaves than just look me up. I will be waiting to show you and the other Griffey Lovers you are wrong!


at 9:28 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Note to Josh: I don't like Krivsky either.

at 10:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need a new manager because Griffey got hurt? Nice CSA! You might to check into some form of rehab because drug abuse is the only thing that could make you come up with that. Ever notice how most players go through struggles sometime during the year? So if we have Bruce intere all of the sudden the team is world beaters? Can he pitch?

If they make you so misrable why do you pay attention? Does being such a whiner make your day?

at 4:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey is one of the greats, and Cincy's been privileged to have him here and get to see him play. Not only that, but he's also one of our own, a Cincinnati Kid. I imagine he likes being "home" for a variety of reasons.

All this aside, I wish Cincy would trade him to a Yank or Red Sox team so he could continue to play for a few more years to come. I've read that he likes to play baseball and not be "just" a hitter. For my money, I'd like to see him play a few extra years, and I'd like to see him get the accolades that only those towns seem able to generate.

Too bad about the injury, Mr. Griffey. Prayers for your recovery. There are a lot in this city who see you as a great player and a fine human being. Thanks for all you've done over the years.

at 6:23 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

The "Iron Man" never asked for games off. The key to success, Woody Allen said, is to show up every day. You cannot say that about Ken Griffey, Jr. This is a man who has immense talent and has wasted it due to poor conditioning. Griffey Jr. can't hang. His trade value now is $0. He'll skate into 600 HR's probably, someday, with the Reds I'm sure. Look it up: Adam Dunn has better early career numbers than Griffey, Jr. Yet, Adam Dunn is rumored for trade. Makes no sense. How many game winners does Griffey Jr. have this year? He's a clown and a Mama's boy. Sad.

at 9:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey's injury proves only one thing, Junior felt it that it was time to start working on his golf game. Can you blame the guy? This team would be in the playoffs but for Krivsky forcing us to suffer through a season of key losses thanks to guys like Decaf, Dumatrait, Stanton, the Lizard and Ross.

at 9:23 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

To anon 9:07
I am actually enjoying this season. I made a rather large wager before the season started that the Reds would not win 78 games this year. Looks very good.

Seems like my opinion of the Reds INTERIM manager bothers you. You should not take the Reds ineptitude so seriously. Get used to it they have stunk for seven years now.

Yes, I am fully aware that players go into slumps. When they do, you give them a day or so off to rejuvenate. Thank you for reinforcing my point.

If you can't do anything about it, which I can't and neither can you, you may as well bitch about it. Seems my 'whining' does make your day miserable though. LOL

at 9:23 AM Anonymous BTA said...


Can you remember how many times in recent memory a protest has been UPHELD? Why does anybody even bother? Short of Lou Pinella running out onto the field and whacking Harang across the kneecap with a fungo bat, I doubt we will ever see any protest being upheld by the league.

at 11:06 AM Blogger John Fay said...

To George: If you look it up, you'll see the year Griffey was 27 -- the age Dunn is now -- he hit .304 with 125 runs, 56 home runs and 147 RBI and the AL MVP. He hit .303-49-140 the year before.

TO BTA: George Brett's bat deal was last we could come up. It was silly not to drop it in my mind.

at 10:33 PM Anonymous MONEY MKE said...

i have been a Jr. fan since I was 7...he was, was that is, by far the greatest player in the game...and now cincy fans still try and think of him as the greatest players, or what could have been with the reds aquiring him 99/00...bottom line is that he is not the player he used to be, I know i am pointing our the obvious here, but his talent still exist, but he is old, slow, injury prone, and most of all, he doesnt appear to have a passion for the game anymore...sorry griff, but I am now 21 and you are letting the 7 yr old in me down

at 11:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

CSA (907 Says.....
You're opinion does not bother me. It's yours and I have mine no probem. In fact I find it amazing that people piss & moan so much about the sports team. All I'm trying to do is figure how you come about your post.

Yeah there's nothing we can do about the team and its struggles. Now I understand where you are coming from.

Yes I am fully aware of these teams struggles since 95(minus the "99 sqaud). But it's still worth my time to watch and read(post) about them.

Guess I won't be sending you the Griffey jersey we all chipped in to get you.

at 11:59 PM Anonymous George Hale said...

Good research Jon Fay! It doesn't relate to what I'm talking about, though. I'm talking about the first six years in the league for both: Dunn, 198 homers; Griffey, Jr.: 182 homers. I believe Dunn will exceed Jr.'s first seven years with his numbers this year, his seventh year. I'll add it for you later. He's still playing of course, Griffey, Jr. is not.

The years you mention are the same years they accused Barry Bonds of being "juiced". Based on the evidence, Griffey, Jr. may have been juiced, too. He hasn't had anything approaching those years since. Barry, well, without steroids carries on. You believe that's a coincidence?

You neglected to report the year before your reports Griffey, Jr. played in only 72 games and hit only 17 HRs (due to injury?). You should be rooting for Adam Dunn to break Griffey, Jr.'s record of fastest lefty to 500 HR's. He still has that chance. Are you feelin' me?

Here's some more data: His dad, Griffey Sr., had 200 SBs in his career. Griffey Jr., so far hasn't caught him at 178. In fact, Griffey Jr. has only 11 SBs in 7 years with the Red! What a tribute to his conditioning, wouldn't you say, or was it just absent the 'roids? Speculation? Fine. Tell me why he's deteriorated, then. And, that wil be speculation on your part as well. Bottom line: He's no good to this team. And, that's all I care about.

Also, his dad was a lifetime .296 hitter. At .291 Griffey Jr. hasn't caught up with him yet.

at 12:02 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

Send me the Griffey jersey. I know what to do with it...

at 12:25 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Congratulations, George, you're the first person I've ever heard accuse Griffey of using steriods. You can knock the guy for a lot of things, but to diminish what he did in his first 11 years is just silly. He's a better player than his dad was and his first seven years were better than Dunn's first seven years. Dunn hit more home runs, sure, but Griffey hit for a higher avg., drove in more runs and won a Gold Glove every year.

at 10:04 AM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

no matter how much you dont like jr. george, you cant accuse the man of taking steroids...

1. There is no evidence he did steriods

2. His head didnt swell up to look like a watermelon

3. He was consistent throughout as far as his stats go

4. Everything about the guy is naturally, especially the prettiest swing of all time.

Bottom line, george should be ashamed of himself foriaccusing Griff of any type of performance enhancing drugs other than his whey protein shake. As much as Jr. has let me down over the past years I still have much respect for the guy where obvisouly george does not.

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