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Friday, September 21, 2007

That's hot (updated version)

From the Reds:


.415 (54/130) Norris Hopper (CIN)
.415 (51/123) Jack Wilson (PITT)
.382 (42/110) Chone Figgins (LAA)
.381 (45/118) Howie Kendrick (LAA)
.377 (61/162) Moises Alou (NYM)

110 AB minimum

Footnote: Hopper reached on a bunt single to start Friday's game. But he was called out by home plate umpire for being out of the batter's box. It looked like it was a bad call. Hopper certainly thought so. He argued from the top step of the dugout -- to the point that Davidson ejected him during Jeff Keppinger's at-bat.


at 7:54 PM Blogger Barry said...

I don't think the Reds need Ryan Freel any longer.

at 8:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopper is frickin awesome! Wah wah he doesn't have power, he compliments the lineup. No, keep Freel as the bench player - who also sees a lot of time at infield. Keep Dunn and Hammy in the OF. Give Hopper right until Bruce is ready. Griff should be traded or something. How many more injuries will he live through? When Bruce takes Hopper's starting job, you can still circulate Hopper enough playing time in the outfield. Freel is the backup behind Hopper.

I'd guess Lopez and Castro will battle for the last infield spot, so Freel can play backup with them as well.

I agree with many others saying trade Gonzo; we don't need him; he's not part of the future. Kepp should be there. EE, mr. clutch again, should get thrid. Cantu also rides the bench.

Ross and Valentin catch.

at 8:43 PM Anonymous jordan said...

ryan freel? Who?

at 9:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this guy isn't in the plans next year (as a starter) why?

Griffey or Dunn. Can't have both.

at 10:26 PM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

i believe everyone is right here...ryan freel's injury has basically cost him any sort of playing time with the reds...we liked your hustle while you were here, but hopper is the same way and hits for a better average...plus he is a spunky guy...just got thrown out five minutes ago against the giants in the first inning

at 10:52 PM Anonymous George Hale said...

I don't think the Reds need Ken Griffey, Jr. any longer. How are you going to deal him now? The club waited too long. This day was inevitable, as I predicted weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Griffey Jr. is no longer marketable, and it's likely no club will pick up an aging, no hustle, player like Griffey, Jr. We're stuck with him as there are no incentives to play in his contract. If I missed them, that he doesn't get paid for not playing as many games as the next most productive star. Wait! I haven't missed it. Griffey, Jr. has no chance of catching Adam Dunn in playing time, because Dunn shows up every day. Woody Allen said that is the key to success. So, heaven forbid that the Reds trade away your only star, Adam Dunn, because he is the definition of success. Griffey, Jr. is not.

I predict, once again, the Reds front office will predictably peddle future stars for short term gains. And, you won't like it.

Griffey, Jr. stays. Sad.

at 11:36 PM Anonymous cheviot sports authority said...

George Hale is absolutely right.

at 12:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey has no trade value? What general manager wouldn't want a .277 avg, .496 slg, 30 HR and 93 RBI from his right fielder. Not to mention the outstanding plays he has made. OK, too many home run trots. Almost all MLB players do that now. It's not unusual to see a guy on first who should be on second. At least he doesn't point to the sky (which Pete started).

at 12:59 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have 3 catchers.

Javier Valentin just ran for himself after a double.

If that isn't enough to tell you Mackanin doesn't "get it" then what is?

8-7 game if Mackanin wasn't incompetent.

at 1:24 AM Blogger John Fay said...

If Mackanin runs for Valentin, who eventually scored anyway, Ryan Hanigan is leading off the 10th, instead of Valentin. Provided the Reds get through the ninth.

at 10:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way Dunn has really improved this year, there is no way you trade him. With overloaded talent in the outfield, Junior is expendable. You couldn't say that at the beginning of the year, but the really good (non-pitcher) moves by Krisky, and good drafts the year few years (a shout out for O'Brien evem?) has set this scenario up.


at 12:30 PM Anonymous ADMS said...

This season has shown that we actually do have a decent chance to compete...except our relief pitching. Brace yourself for a possibly painful off-season. We have so much young talent in the dugout right now and not enough positions and playing time. You know we'll have to chuck someone with an upside like Votto or Hopper to even scratch the surface of decent relief or starting pitching. I've been following the Reds and blogs this season, and in reading between the lines, I think there is a very sinking feeling that it will be Dunn (deserved), Hamilton (deserved), and Junior (we'll get back to you later) in the outfield.
I'm curious (and not in a negative way) - what kind of player can we get for Gonzo without including other young talent? With the kind of decisions made by the powers that be, a certain sinking feeling starts to take over.
The fact is that we can hit, we can homer, and we can put people on base. We just have problems holding a 9-2 lead in TITSRU and bringing in the guy on third to home.
I believe with one more decent starter, a decent mid-innings relief pitcher, and if we never see Coffey and Stanton on the mound again, we'll compete.

at 12:50 PM Anonymous tony tony tony said...

The people who are down on Griffey, 144 games, not bad. He's 37. He hurt himself over the years playing balls to the wall for the Reds. He's 7 away from 600 with no *. He got injured the other day, season ending, there's 10 games left or so, who cares? He played in september.
I plan on going to just about every game in the next week, I love the Reds, they came close. We have a crappy division. When did they get eliminated, last week?
I invite you all to sit with me in the bleachers. Let's go watch the Reds mess with the Cubs.

at 3:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey, Freel, Mackanin, Stanton

It would be nice to see the first two traded for pitching, the third replaced with a better game-strategist, and the fourth traded for his weight in Cheese Coneys.

at 11:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

From George Hale: "I predict, once again, the Reds front office will predictably peddle future stars for short term gains. And, you won't like it."

What future stars are you referring to? Konerko, Cameron, Trevor Hoffman and BJ Ryan come to mind but Hoffman is the only one who can be considered a star and those trades happened in the '90s. I'm not sure what you are talking about.

at 11:57 AM Anonymous Cheviot Sports Authority said...

The fact that Hopper was called out for being out of the batter's box would never be known if all you did was watch the game on FSN and listen to White Noise and the Creeper. They said he was out for running out of the baseline. Stuck with that stupid story the entire game and to my knowledge never corrected it last nite.

The games are almost "unlistenable" anymore when George Grande is in the booth. FSN does that damned delay so you can't turn on the radio and listen to knowledgeable professionals and watch the game at the same time. Do you know if the Reds are phasing George out? Thank heaven, he is not on every game anymore. I usually have to turn it off and listen to the radio after a couple of innings of George's ramblings about everything from what Pete Smith had for breakfast in 1986 to what a great guy Larry the ticket taker is.

at 6:41 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

Friends, when I say the Reds will predictably trade stars for short term gains, you must realize I go back to at least Frank Robinson who went to Baltimore only to become a league MVP. Whoever it was mentioned a few more in between and there are others, and other baseball teams do it as well. The Reds are not the only guilty ones. By the way, I don't get paid to make these mistakes, only Krivsky does. ;) But......I know quality baseball playing when I see it: That goes back 52 years. And, you don't want to talk to my Mother about it! She's 91 and loves Brandon Phillips. I'll leave it at that. You know the rest of the story, Jr.

at 5:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

George, you named one star that was traded for a short-term gain and you had to go back 40 years to find on. That does not sound predictable to me.

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