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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Giants 5, Reds 4

When a team finishes the road schedule 33-48, it's hard to call any loss shocking. But when Aaron Harang takes a 4-0 lead to sixth on a day when he has not allowed a runner to reach second, you sort of expect the Reds to close it out.

They didn't. Harang gave up five runs on six hits in the sixth.

"It was a shocker," Mackanin said.

Indeed, it was.


at 9:57 PM Anonymous Trev said...

Sometimes we get so caught in how to 'ADD' relief pitching we forget that the right 'SUBTRACTION' could do the trick. How much better will the pen already be MINUS Coffee, Stanton, Saarloos, Santos, & Majeski. Instead rely on these seven next year: Weathers, Burton, Guardado, Coutlangus, Shearn, Bray & McBeth. I realize they have a surplus of good position players and some must be moved for the sake of roster room. Maybe its easier to use that leverage to get a legitimate catcher who can hit, throw and call a game.

at 11:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the first set of guys you names are horrible and need to be released, but Shearn has absolutely no chance of making the roster next year in any capacity. Its a nice story but he's a 30 yeaar old minor leaguer with below average stuff. 88 mph fastball and a loopy curve that's it. The league will figure that out and he gets killed next year. I hope they let him fade away with his cup of coffee and stories for his family.

at 11:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking loss, but more evidence that Jake Peavy deserves the Cy Young Award. Too bad there's no award for the best pitcher on the worst club. Harang would win hands down.

at 3:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14: I hate to tell you but you don't play 12 years of affiliated minor league baseball with "below average stuff". The league hasn't figured him out yet but the league did figure out (Dumatrait, Bailey, McBeth, Saarloos, and Santos) these guys.

I looked up a little about Tom Shearn:
1. His fastball usually sits between 89-92mph. He touched 91 against the Brewers. (I would bet that his speed is down to to the amount of innings he has thrown, he threw 99 innings last year w/Bats mar-sept06, 74 innings in Mexico for Winter ball from Oct. to mid Dec2006, went to big league camp Feb 14,07, threw 144 innings this year w/Bats, and is now at 26 innings for the Reds). That is 343 innings with 3 months off since March 2006. This would put wear and tear on anyones arm, astronomical for anyone. I have also noticed that the last 3 starts Harang has made he hasn't been clocked over 89mph. It doesn't matter how hard you throw. Look at Coffey and Homer.

2. Look at his career stats. He only allowed 9 homers in 144 innings for the BATS. Great American is a little field. Look at how many HR's Arroyo and Harang have given up.

3. No matter his age he still is a MLB rookie. He also is the only starter to record a win against the Mets or Brewers in the last 2 series. And comparing his big league stats to anyone that made their debut this year is like night and day.

4. Compare his career milb numbers to Arroyo. I know ages are different but if you recall Bronson was DFA and released by the Pirates and he didn't have a starting job with the Red Sox when he was traded. Now is having success with the Reds.

5. The reason Shearn wasn't called up earlier looks like his walks or command was shaky. He walked too many and didn't have the command he has demonstrated the last 3 months.

I'm not ready to make Shearn the Cy Young or rotation savior for the Reds but I wanted to make an informed decision before I talked good or bad about him. One thing I know is that he shows no fear on the mound. Based on numbers he looks at little more polished and ready to hold a big league job then Bailey, Dumatrait, Gosling, Coffey, Sarloos, and anyone else that hasn't stepped up this year when given the chance.

at 4:47 PM Anonymous davemarlin said...

I was at the game. I saw the first inning when the reds scored two runs and had men on third and second. A reds' batter laid down a bunt down the third base line (clearly a hit) and Dunn just froze. He didn't move until it was too late. He was thrown out at home - as he knocked down the catcher. I am a reds fan - so I was pissed at Dunn. I like the way the guy gets on base and jacks balls out of the park but the guy has no baseball instinct. He should have ran in right away or ducked back to third. Another egg laid by Dunn.

at 4:54 PM Anonymous Trev said...

Thanks Anon 2:57 for your support of Shearn. I like his command and his fearlessness, but I want him for the 6th inning & longman role next year where Saarloos and Santos failed. Trust me, a lot of games are to be won by this offense from the 6th inning onward when the opposition is held in check.

at 8:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Shearn is in the rotation next year, and deservedly so.

Dunn just gets distracted easily--I think he hears the food vendors in the stands and just drifts off...

The All-Chunker team for 2007 has to include Weathers, Gonzalez, and Stanton. Dunn will get there next year unless he does something different. He's larding up and as he gets older it's going to be a bigger problem.

Keep Dunn. Find better coaches and managers. Adam needs more discipline before he shows self-discipline...I'll bet Shearn comes out next spring and kicks ass and shows all you doubters that he's better than everyone except Harang (and hopefully Bailey although Shearn has a better ERA than Homer and Harang and IF, the big IF, he can keep his ERA sub 4.00, he'll be a big help on this laughable half-morbidly obese (in ERA and body) pitching staff.

at 10:18 PM Blogger Phill said...

Shearn deserves as much a chance as anyone to compete for a rotation spot but he's still has to earn it. Just like Belisle has to earn his spot next year in the pre-season.

The only two players at this point I'm willing to give a rotation spot for next year are the obvious of Arroyo and Harang.

The way it seems unless there is a trade made for a starter that the rotation is looking like: Harang, Arroyo, Belisle, Bailey and then a throw up spot that could go to Shearn, Cueto..maybe or anyone else. I'm taking into consideration that it looks like Bobby Livingston will be out for quite a while.

at 6:26 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

Dunn made a mental error on the bunt. Or did he? When I played the coach set the expectation for what one should do; there was no doubt; there was no hesitation in the directive. There was no thinking to do. The commitment was made before the pitch was thrown. Who is supposed to prepare base-runners for situations between outs? Who is supposed to set the table for all possible scenarios? We don't know precisely what the coach told him to expect, but we know the result of their interaction was an out at home. Nobody knew the bunt was going down? Get real. Coaching error all the way.

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