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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On the manager process

I talked to Wayne Krivsky about the process of hiring a manager. Let's just say he wasn't very enlightening.

"I said all I'm going to say about," Krivsky said. "It's not something I want to take daily calls on."

Krivsky did tell Pete Mackanin they are going to look at outside candidates.

"I talked to Pete obviously," Krivsky said, "just like we communicate on every player move."

Krivsky has no timetable, but it sounds like he prefer sooner over later.

"I have no way of knowing how long it's going to take," he said. "You don't want to put people lives in limbo any longer than you have to."

Krivsky would not say whether there's committee to help with process.

"That's for us," he said. "We're trying to get the best person. It could very well be Pete Mackanin."

How Tony LaRussa delaying his decision about whether he'll return to St. Louis affects all this is hard to say. I'd be surprised if Bob Castellini filled the job before he knows if LaRussa is a available or not.

Another factor in this now that they've decided to go outside, the Reds are pretty much obligated to interview minority candidates. That's a mandate from MLB.


at 12:36 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Joey Cora.

at 12:44 PM Blogger Phill said...

Ahhh gotta love that. Obligated to interview someone based on their race. Awesome.

I really don't care if the next coach is white, black, brown, asian whatever. It's about what they bring to the table not what ethnic group they belong to.

at 1:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet. being forced to interview someone because of their color. love the double standards of our country.

at 1:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah it does not make a difference what ethnic group a person comes from as to how good of a coach they will be.. The worst part of that is when there is one obvious guy for the job and they have to bring in people to interview just to meet an MLB mandate.. Its a waste of time for the organization and the people coming in for the interview at that point..

at 1:45 PM Anonymous jc said...

i think bobby valentine is now japanese.

at 1:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

phil, you just don't get it. the statute is in place to challenge how society works, not to hand minorities a job. most managers, scouts, GMs and high ranking officials associated with MLB are white and may naturally be more familiar with white candidates, know colleagues who may be more familiar with white candidates, or just flat out feel more comfortable with a white candidate. the statute is meant to get the guy in the door. it's on him (and the front office of that club) from there. now you can either believe what I am saying is true or believe that due to the statistical evidence that shows whites are, and have always been the overwhelming majority of managers of MLB clubs, they (whites) are more qualified.

at 1:56 PM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

I personally dont want Pete back as mangager. Although the Reds wins correlate with Pete as manaager Pete not necessarily the cause of these wins that correlate with his tenure at interim manager.

Yeah maybe Narron wasnt the best manager, but it is for sure that I would want to be the manager of a team in the latter half of a season of a young team for the following reason: chemistry is better, talent is more developed, and the young guys get used to the league.

So, we won more with Pete, but dont give him all the credit. Lets try out some more guys and then you can call me wrong.

at 2:05 PM Anonymous Marc said...

I think it's a good idea to bring in as many candidates as possible. Whats the big deal that they're required to interview a minority candidate? That could end up resulting in finding a great guy for the job. Maybe this minority candidate will give the best interview. The season just ended and there is plenty of time to undergo a lengthy manager search. I say explore every option and quit worrying about whether it's a double standard or not. People try to stir up trouble all of the time and they need to shut up. It's a rule. We'll follow it and hopefully make the best decision for the Reds. They are the issue at hand, so don't blow it out of proportion.

at 2:21 PM Anonymous Will said...

I don't think you have to bring a big name manager to win. It will be hard to bring one in here because IF you do, its not just about paying him the 3-ish mil per season he would command. Its about also not taking the job unless ownership agrees to committ a certain amount to payroll. The 2 issues go hand in hand for a big name manager. Then add in the notion of decision making power. Would Krivsky relinquish enough?

at 2:35 PM Anonymous davemarlin66 said...

I say take LaRussa if he is available. He is a proven manager and he may rise to the challenge of coaching this team. He has to be somewhat interested with the youth, power, and speed of the team - knowing a couple starting pitchers could be all it takes to win a terrible division. LaRussa comes in - then maybe he will bring Duncan with him (pitching coach).

at 2:48 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

In short, the interviewing of minorities mandate is to make sure qualified minorities are not purposefully overlooked because of the "Old Boy" network.

at 2:55 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I agree. Remember, Castellini is open-minded on these things. An interview can lead to the job. Beatty was the favorite for the GM job; Krivsky got the job.

at 3:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

While we are living in fantasy world we might as well trade for Miguel Cabrera.

at 3:10 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

They really shouldn't need urging to be interviewing minority candidates, in this day and age. There are plenty of good ones - among any list of the top ten managerial candidates, there are naturally going to be a couple of Black or Latino guys on there.

Anon 12:45 explained it pretty well. There was an anonymous interview over at Prospectus a couple weeks back, where a pair of "insiders" explained things in essentially the same way -- hiring practices are driven not by racism, but by comfort and familiarity. Or, as Mr. R says, guys hire their buddies.

at 3:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can only assume that Krivsky has already guaranteed a spot for Mackanin somewhere in the organization for his efforts. Otherwise, Mackanin would already be chasing the Pirates or Royals opening, or a spot on someone's staff. If the Reds are keeping him "hanging" until they bring in all their candidates, then Mackanin is "handcuffed" while all the other managerial spots, and the staffs, are filled throughout the league. If Krivsky plays any games with Mackanin, it would speak volumes of his character.

at 3:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may sound stupid but i would like to see Bobby V

at 4:22 PM Blogger BRG99 said...

Even though this season is finally over, Krivsky still
has to be defiant, defensive, and patronizing when a beat reporter asks him a question. As the GM, he represents the team and he does a lousy job of it! No matter what his answer may be, Krivsky needs to be told to respect the audience ~
because without the audience, there is no need for a Krivsky!

at 4:23 PM Blogger Duke Danbury said...

Seriously, is anyone surprised that people in Cincinnati would bring up the MLB policy on interviewing minorities?

Too bad Willie Randolph looks to be headed back to the Mets.

I don't want LaRussa and I don't want Mackanin. Not sure who'd I want at this point. I'm more interested in hearing how much Castellini is going to spend and whom Krivsky is going after this winter. They need pitching bad.

at 4:39 PM Anonymous DougD. said...

I think the Reds should cast the net as wide as possible and select the best person that they can get. I think that certainly includes minority candidates. I think the discussion has to include Pete Mackanin. But I don't think the Reds should foreclose any possibilities until they've looked under every rock.

at 4:45 PM Anonymous jc said...

fredi gonzalez's team.... and manny acta's team played a lot harder down the stretch than pete mackannins team. i knew gonzalez because i live in atlanta.... but guys like acta....maybe they get interviewed.... maybe not.
lots of retreads out there. who did showalter make mad to get blackballed or he is somewhere and i am missing it.
valentine is my choice.... have i said that a million times yet.... but i have no problems with a wide ranging search. i still would like castellini to meet with macha and brenly. perhaps jim tracy though pittsburgh might have been career suicide. torre will return so mattingly might be available. lets get on with it.... have to think castelllini and krivsky have a short list.

at 4:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure having to interview minorties is not an issue for Wayne or Bob. Only a reason for the press to stir up crap from a bunch of knuckleheads.

at 5:35 PM Blogger Phill said...

I hope nobody took my initial comments as saying I have problems with bringing in a coach who happens to belong to a minority group. I just sometimes feel like society may be getting past that point. I understand it's a getting a foot in the door but you would think that a GM would look at a guy and go this guy has the stuff regaurdless of the color of his skin.

Maybe my issue is more of the cause for the mandate than the actual mandate itself. It's just such a stupid thing that it has to be said "don't forget to look at possible black managers or asian managers"

at 5:39 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

The job done by Manny Acta in Washington raises a lot of eyebrows. He's young, smart, intuitive and respected, and that team should have been 30 games worse than it finished.

With the majority of today's players now Hispanic the work of managers like Acta, Gonzalez and, before them, Felipe Alou, should start gaining attention.

That's why I mentioned Joey Cora at the top of the thread. Other than the same retreads people keep mentioning--Bobby Valentine? Buck Showalter? Ken Macha? Three of the most hated managers in the business--look for someone young, in-touch, progressive and who will grow with the young nucleus of the organization.

As Washington proved with Acta, it wasn't the biggest name, but the right guy for the job at the time.

at 6:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christ, after a couple weeks of the Bengals I can't wait until pitchers and catchers report. Compared to the Bengals, Krivsky and Castellini are top-producers. Compared to Marvin Lewis, anyone for Reds manager will do. Just get some pitching and fast-forward the calendar. Enough with the local NFL (NO F---ing Linebackers) team already!

Go Reds!

at 6:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My feeling is that the new manager will be someone most people haven't heard of but that bona fide baseball people would agree that it is a good choice... or it will be Mackanin.

Big name doesn't necessarily mean big success. Larussa may or may not bring winning, but he surely would bring resentment the way he did in St. Louis and Oakland (towards himself, that is)

at 6:06 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Even though this season is finally over, Krivsky still has to be defiant, defensive, and patronizing when a beat reporter asks him a question.

The difficulty of the beat reporter's job is irrelevant. Journalists on every beat have pricks they have to work with, and around, on a daily basis. Readers don't care. They just want the story. The beat folks—cops, city hall, business, sports—still have to do their jobs. Rest assured, the politicians are far more difficult than the sports people, yet you still see the stories in the paper each day. Otherwise, they wouldn't be on the beat.

Seriously, is anyone surprised that people in Cincinnati would bring up the MLB policy on interviewing minorities?

Completely shocked it took 17 posts for this to (rightfully?) surface.

I'm more interested in hearing how much Castellini is going to spend and whom Krivsky is going after this winter.

Now this is ridiculous because a.) you base the expenditure on the player who is a fit, not some arbitrary number, plus you have no idea of the ceiling of your arb-eligibles and annual raises until later in the year; b.) they have this naughty little no-no in baseball called "tampering," so you're not going to hear a team ever come out and say who they are pursuing.

Then add in the notion of decision making power. Would Krivsky relinquish enough?

Why would Krivsky have to relinquish power? He's the GM. What other manager has more power/influence than his GM?

Not La Russa, not Cox, not Torre, not Sciosia. So you'd expect otherwise . . . ?

If you're talking about the lineups and roster, GMs who mettle too much with the manager's decision-making don't last very long as GMs. Managers won't work for them either. Obviously there has to be a balance struck on some issues, like roster. In this aspect managers and GMs have been chasing their tails for decades.

The worst part of that is when there is one obvious guy for the job and they have to bring in people to interview just to meet an MLB mandate. It's a waste of time for the organization and the people coming in for the interview at that point.

Truthfully is the farcical element of the process, but we're starting to see some slow progress on solid minority candidates getting serious interviews instead of token appearances, especially in the NFL and coordinator positions.

at 6:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best manager period. If Joe Torre wanted teh Reds job, do you really think the Reds would interview anyone else seriously? I have many stories on minority coaching canidates over the years and the thing they seem to hate the most is being interviewed just because.

I would actually search for coaches from a non-MLB experience just to hear them talk. Someone from Japan or central america (imagine if you bring an experienced coach from Cuba). Sure the language barrier is there, but I think that would truly be ground breaking. Sort of like bringing in the spread offense into college football.

I wouldn't just interview the same re-treads everyone else interviews... that is how you get Norv Turner of the MLB.


at 6:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should trade for Miguel Cabrera....

at 8:24 PM Anonymous sneezy b said...

reds need to sign andruw jones a proven winner and 30 30 guy would be great addition and joey votton at first base...reds need a top manager who can light a fire under thier beep to make them play hard everyday not once a week or every other day...if they play hard and not half a** it they will win 85 plus games....the reds top 3 pitchers will win qo plus games next year and thats a fact bailey will win and bronson will pull it around...

at 9:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davey Johnson

at 11:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Def. don't want Andruw... we need to spend on starting and middle relief pitching.
I think we should look into managing spark plugs. Coming to mind... Phil Garner, Joe Girardi, maybe Brenly, and of course LaRussa if available (doubtful at this point).
The only thing about the minority hiring is that it's just interviewing so it's not as egregious as other businesses where you have to hire certain amounts of minorities. In 2003, the Cubs were going straight for Dusty Baker... the Mets in 05 went straight to Willie Randolph. It's not that big of a deal in this case (i.e. does not speak to other cases of minority-based hiring).

at 11:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Race should not matter in this country, but it does. It should not make a difference what color the manager is, it should be the best candidate period. But this country should be about equality and not a double standard. It is terrible to think, but I am the worst thing-A white male. I do not get grnats, special loans or things handed to me. I did not choose my race at birth, GOD did. So why does it play into our everyday lives? I hire the best people for the jobs with my company, regardless of race. The REDS should do the same. Whether it is LaRussa or whomever. Maybe one day this country will get things right. I doubt in my lifetime, but I would love to see the REDS win again, that is for sure. I grew up with the BIG RED MACHINE and this team has alot of good players coming up through the system. When was the last time we had that? Thank you to Castelllini and Krivsky! Rome wasn't built in a day, They will win or Castellini will roll heads until they get it right. I like the young guys they brought up at the end of the year and look forward to Bruce and Votto joining us next year for a full season. I will buy tickets next year and sit through win or lose. Wake up Cincinnati, if we sold out games for the Reds like we do the Bengals, then maybe there would be more money to spend and a better team on the field. I want my kids to see games like I did when I was young. The memories last a lifetime.

at 12:27 AM Anonymous redifil said...

Good to see someone mention Davey Johnson. Is he still around (or even alive)? If so, he deserves a look just for the way the management at the time booted him out after two good years -- for Ray (Not-so-good) Knight. Then again, someone who's actually been in baseball the last 12 years would probably be a better choice.
The thought of going after A. Jones also came to me, then I thought I'd rather have Tori Hunter. I agree, of course, with the poster who mentioned that what the Reds need (mostly) is pitching, but a good right-handed bat also would help -- and make it easier to part with one of our lefty-hitting outfielders in a trade for pitching.

at 8:43 AM Anonymous mikec said...

Thanks Mr. Redlegs. This comment is dead on.

Other than the same retreads people keep mentioning--Bobby Valentine? Buck Showalter? Ken Macha? Three of the most hated managers in the business

Bobby Valentine, etc. would be terrible ideas.

Does anyone know if Davey Johnson is looking to get back into managing?

Also, I too would rather have Torri Hunter and Andruw Jones. But do the Reds need an outfielder at all?

at 9:02 AM Anonymous Denny Crane said...

Mr Redlegs seems to have an answer for everything. I would suspect that he is an elite combination of ex-politician, lawyer, professional sports team owner, writer, college professor, foreign ambassador and broadcaster. Either that or just another Cliff Claven with too much time on his hands.

at 9:41 AM Anonymous Carlos Moreno said...

I personally want Barry Larkin as manager, I would love to see the REDS win again and Larkin is a great baseball person, he know the city and players, he is a winner!!!!

at 10:22 AM Blogger Mark said...

One name that I HAVE NOT HEARD and I think would be a good one for the Reds:


This guy has more baseball knowledge than most anyone, is very well respected, and has deep Reds roots.

Why not????

at 10:32 AM Blogger Ron said...

I'm curious as to why Krivsky seems to be so negative in his relationship with the press. Given his personality, I think the best match for manager is Bobby Knight.

at 10:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

New manager should be Marvin Lewis. That addresses several issues (across tow teams) with one move

at 11:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Redleg I believe reads all the online stuff he can and that lifts portions of it into his post. That he's pretty great at overstating the obvious.

at 1:36 PM Anonymous T-Mac said...

I thought Davey Johnson was the answer to the trivia game/question Dead or Canadian?

at 2:46 PM Anonymous jc said...

as i said before.... being hated by owners is not necessarily a bad thing. valentine won in america and he won in japan. we have had nice calm guys for years now.... and our results suck. why the fear about a guy who is no nonsense.
joe morgan is a great name.... but he has a child who is a nationally ranked gymnast and i have heard him say that it is the wrong time for him.
this is not a bad job. there is a lot of young talent on this team.

at 5:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all in Redsland... just read a report that the Cardinals are announcing that general manager Walt Jocketty is leaving. Might that push Tony LaRussa toward leaving as well, and increase the possibility he takes the Reds job? We'll see.

at 8:29 PM Anonymous AReds said...

There is absolutely NO WAY the Reds end up signing Andruw Jones OR Torii Hunter. They're not spending that much money on another outfielder when they have to find a way to play Dunn (assuming they pick up his option), Griffey, Hamilton, Freel, and Hopper. Not to mention the fact that Bruce is close to being ready. Why in the world would any sane Reds fan want Jones anyway?? He barely hit .200, he's not as good on defense as he once was, and he's still after 20mil per year. Keep Dunn. Save 7 million.
The thought of them trading for Miguel Cabrera is also laughable. They don't need ANY POSITION PLAYERS. They need pitching, pitching, and more pitching. The Reds will probably either trade some of the surplus of position players for pitching, or do nothing and have some unhappy guys on the bench with only a couple sure things on the pitching staff.

at 10:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony LaRussa will be a great manager for the Reds...As long as you have short traffic lights in the immediate area....Pete

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