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Friday, November 9, 2007

Spring home update, free agents . . .

There seems to be some sentiment out there that the Reds should try to stay in Sarasota. That's not going to happen unless someone from Sarasota makes the the first move.

"That's not something we're going to actively pursue," John Allen said. "If they came to us with a package, we'd listen."

Allen said he's spoken to four cities about the Reds relocating there. He declined to name them. But did say he's talked to cities in Florida and Arizona.

As for free agents, teams can begin talking money with free agents other than their own next week. Wayne Krivsky said the Reds had contacted some free agents already.

I see their greatest need as a veteran starter. But beyond Carlos Silva, I don't see a lot of guys I'd throw money at. Silva's not Cy Young, but his numbers -- 13-14, 4.19 ERA -- are about as good as it gets on this year's list.

Josh Fogg (10-9, 4.94 ERA) and Livan Hernandez (11-11, 4.93) might be worth a look. You could hope Jeff Weaver (7-13, 6.20), Matt Clement (5-5, 6.61) or Jon Lieber (3-6, 4.73) have a comeback year.

But a trade may be the best route for finding a starter.


at 4:45 PM Anonymous Kyle said...

John what do you think of a trade of EE for Tyler Clippard of the Yankees, and if we throw in Freel maybe we could get their single A 3b propect Mitch Hiligoss.

at 5:11 PM Blogger captainbiscuit said...

If he's healthy, I'd take a flyer on Kris Benson.

at 5:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What... No mention of Gagne? In this market, he's defenitly worth a look.

at 5:32 PM Blogger Ron said...

A thought I had during the season is to try Todd Coffey as a starter. From a distance it seems that his demeanor and repetoire of pitches might be more appropriate to starting than relieving. He's a big guy and should be able to eat up some innings once he has made the adjustment. He was a starter early in his minor league career.

at 6:32 PM Blogger Zach said...

No team will give up prospects for mediocre Reds starters. There's an amazing disconnect between Reds fans' definition of value and what is considered of value by actual MLB standards. "Why don't we just trade Keppinger for Justin Upton?"

I also had a thought about Todd Coffey during the season: That he shouldn't be pitching in the major leagues.

Unfortunately, we missed the boat on trading Griffey for pitching. Same can be said about Adam Dunn, our 13 million dollar one-dimensional player. I wouldn't expect too much of a shakeup in the starting rotation, unless BC is willing to tack 20 mil. onto the payroll.

at 6:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


If Kyle Lohse is a free agent is there anny chance we see him back in cincy?


at 6:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys relax!! they went out and got baker to give them credibility with free agents paid him 3.5 mil they are planning something.

at 7:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the reds have a very solid nucleaus with votto on first , brandon on second , gonzo on ss ( i think we should trade keppinger and get something for him while he had a good year i dont think he's for real ) ee came up big in the 2nd half , we should sign dunn long term , put hamilton in center , and bruce in right and trade griffey for pitching our lineup should look like this

get a new catcher like miceal barret

sign carlos silva hes a sinker baller and thats what we need
then let cueto and another free agent signing battle for the 5th spot

belisle , jon rouch ( trade griffey to get him and another arm , weathers , bray , burton , and someone else either minors trade or free agency

at 7:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

dunn should never play leftfield for the reds again.he should learn to play first or trade him for pitching and bring up j. bruce,what ya think?

at 7:17 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Honestly, Rob, I don't see the Reds spending what will take to get Lohse or Silva. I could be wrong, but you talking a lot of money over four or five years to get those guys.

at 7:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 7:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how people on here say trade griffey for this or that and trade Dunn for this. Let me clear this up for you. Griffey is a 10 5 player so he will only go where he would want to go. Dunn can't be traded until June and then it is a list of 10 teams. So please read before you post things.

at 9:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three words about the Reds, Sarasota and possible trades: yadda, yadda, yadda. This franchise is soooooooo 2 minutes ago! Go Tribe!!!!!!!!!

at 11:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts. Baker influences Kerry Wood to Cincy to fill a needed bullpen spot and the Reds also pick up Matt Herges from Colorado. Then to fill out the rotation, trade Hatteburg, Griffey (if he was willing, otherwise Hamilton and Gonzalez) and Bobby Livingston for Eric Bedard of Baltimore. Then we've got:
Belisle (or Cueto, Shearn, Maloney...)
Thoughts? I seriously think some deals like this could really put the Reds in position for a great year.

at 12:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fogg!! Definitely Fogg; I've seriously liked him for a while now. If he could get the Rockies from last to the World Series, imagine how helpful he'd be in this winnable division.

at 7:24 AM Blogger batgems said...

No way do we want FOGG, look at his stats, and don't say it was the Rockies, look at them with the Pirates. He gives up way to many hits for IP.

at 8:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the Reds stay out of the free agent pitching market. If you look at Silva stats they closley resemble that of one Eric Miltons year before free agency. And we all know how that ended up. Plus Silva sported a 5 plus e.r.a. the year before.

Loshe is too much of a jeckyl and hyde type of guy. Figuring out a womans mood and thought process would be alot easier than guessing which Kyle would show up.

Josh Fogg would be to me filling in the rotation with a cross of Jimmy Haynes and Jimmy Anderson.

Bartolo Colon would be great if for the only reason that some of us would feel fit and trim around him.

Then you have the likes of Weaver,Garcia,Clement and assorted others that are damaged goods or run of the mill pitchers. It would take I am guessing at least a two year deal for them to sign with a team and none would deserve it I believe.

So it seems that a trade would be the only option to try to improve the staff.

at 8:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard of any pitchers that would be available through trades?

at 9:03 AM Blogger cincikid said...

Everyone is thinking we are going after top tier free agents. Just what exactly in the Reds past would make anyone think that we are going to spend money in the off season on quality relatively young talent and out bid the other teams that have money hanging out there pockets? I believe, Free Agent wise maybe look for one or two deals. Max. LaTroy Hawkins will probably be the Closer that we can barely afford. 40 yr. Old Trachsel as the 4th or 5th in rotation. They are probably going to overpay and sign Trachsel to a 2 or 3 year deal and Hawkins to a 2 year deal pushing what extra money we did have out the window, to resign the good young players we do have so that they hopefully won't hit the market (Dunn, Phillips). Cause know one else will want to come to Cincinnati and pitch in this ballpark with its small market. This players are free agents. They all have dreams off being on "Cribs" and pitching for the Red Sox and Yankees. Don't believe Cincinnati is what they are thinking, but we'll see and pay.

at 9:41 AM Blogger RickNMd said...

Hatteberg, Livingston and Griffey for Bedard?

You must think Andy MacPhail is as stupid as this proposal.

You want Bedard? Votto, Freel and Bray.

That might get it done. Bedard is a No. 1 starter. Use your head.

at 9:50 AM Blogger Al in Ohio said...

Anonymous at 7:55: Come on! It wouldn't be a Cincinnati sports blog if people looked at issues closely, did some fact-checking and background, and judged/valued their teams and players rationally! What are you thinking??

at 9:56 AM Blogger Al in Ohio said...

And Anonymous at 11:20 proves my point.

Erik Bedard is considered by many to be the best left-handed starter in MLB behind Johan Santana (and some think he's better). At the time he went on the disabled list last year, he was leading the AL in strikeouts.

Do you honestly think that Baltimore would take an older, one-dimensional player like Scott Hatteberg (when they already have Aubrey Huff at 1b), a player who would likely turn down the trade in Ken Griffey, and a completely unproven Bobby Livingston for that?? I guess they might if they WANTED to finish in last place and completely turn off their fan base, but I can't think of any other reason they would.

at 11:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Backing up my Bedard proposal, how are Votto (unproven rookie) Freel (injury prone, not every day player) and Bray (inconsistent at best) any better than the three guys I proposed. If you want to sweeten the deal add Johnny Cueto and cash. Why are Reds fans so resistant to the Reds actually going after some good players? I'm tired of being content with mediocrity.

at 12:16 PM Blogger RickNMd said...

Because Votto has major-league readiness the Orioles are looking for, and they need a young hitter, because Freel plays multiple positions and has value in the utility role, which the Orioles don't have, because Bray gives them a badly needed young lefty in a bullpen that will be missing two young stars to injuries for all of 2008, because Hatteberg isn't necessary when the Orioles already have Millar and Huff, who they want to dump for salary and age reasons, because Griffey isn't going to accept a trade to Baltimore, which says they are not interested in big-ticket players, especially geezers, and because Livingston ain't worth a crap.

Also, the Orioles don't need "cash." Their owner is one of the richest in baseball. And why would the Reds, who desperately need pitching, give up their top young pitching prospect?

But other than that, it's a brilliant trade proposal. If you're not interested in facts.

at 12:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how cute anon 11:47, you're not content with mediocrity but you see Cueto, the Reds' best pitching prospect, as a "throw in."

there is a genius in the house.

at 3:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think 11:47 proposal has a point. Besides the fact that Griffey would not accept that trade and Hatteburg isn't a good fit for Baltimore. But if you substituded Hamilton and Gonzalez in, who knows? If you could get a premier pitcher like Bedard it's worth giving up Cueto. Realistically though, Bedard probably won't happen, because if I was the Oriols he'd be the last guy I'd want to trade, but I agree that the Reds should go after someone who will actually help this year, not useless Milton-esque pitchers like Fogg and Silva.

at 5:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd do Griffey, votto, freel, hatteberg, Bray and Livingston for Bedard.

at 6:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't we just give up the whole major league roster for Bedard

at 8:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other than last year, what exactly has Bedard done in his career to justify being an "ace"?

Nothing....but, sadly, that is baseball today. One above average season, especially out of a lefty, and you command $10 million plus.


at 7:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about our entire 40 man roster AND a case of Hudepohl for Bedard.

Get me Castellini on the phone, pronto!

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