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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talking to Wayne

I talked to Wayne Krivsky this afternoon about free agency. Let's just say I didn't spent a lot of time transcribing quotes.

“We’ve had lots of conversations with a lot of agents,” Krivsky said. “But I’m not going to get into specifics.”

Is the depth pretty good as far as relievers?

“There always good players,” he said. “It’s up to us find a match.”

I mentioned that the Reds got of out the gate quickly last year, signing Alex Gonzalez on Nov. 20. So have the Reds targeted anyone this offseason – not naming names, of course?

“I’m not going to say. We’ll see,” he said.

I'm doing the Hot Stove League with the Steve "The Bad Boy" Stewart tonight from 6 to 7. I'll be able to share all that Krivsky told me with the vast listening audience.
There you have it.

My educated guess is the Reds are targeting relief pitchers. I think they'll at least find out where the bidding starts on Francisco Cordero. But, as you might guess, Krivsky wouldn't say whether they'd be in the market for a free agent closer.


at 5:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's got to be rough interviewing Krivsky.

at 6:01 PM Blogger SL said...

Not a big Wayne fan but in this case he is correct. There is no reason to share anything with anyone until something is signed.

at 6:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, he really sounds like a joy to work with.

at 10:37 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

I don't think anyone in the media is going to miss that guy when his time is up.

Krivsky's secret agent man act is awfully tired. It's not necessary to do his job, and showing outright contempt for everyone ignores the p.r. aspects of his job. Krivsky may not like it, but he needs to play nice. Win a few titles, and you can act like Bellichick. When your team is 20 games under .500 in your tenure, you need to be out there selling.

And it's hardly necessary to pretend you work for the CIA to run a ballclub - even a successful one.


at 10:49 PM Anonymous Trev said...

Do the agents keep the "who" and "how much" to themselves when they're jockeying back and forth between all the GMs trying to get the best deal they can? Is that part of the ethics of being a player's agent? Is that why Wayne keeps his lips zipped about these matters not wanting to divulge any tidbit to a rival GM? Are the GMs as a whole so dumb they can't figure out who they're bidding against?

at 10:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you ask Wayne and/or Bob when the team will go on record outlining what the Reds' "plan" is?

In a recent interview on SportsTalk with Paul Daugherty, in consecutive statements, Wayne asked for patience from the fans for the plan to work and then said the Reds are trying to win now.

And can you ask that age old question, "How many outfielders do one team need?"

at 11:36 PM Anonymous JB said...

According to Ken Rosenthal,
"A Mystery Team has already made a four-year offer to Francisco Cordero."

Any chance that it is the Reds?

at 7:30 AM Blogger PabloPicasso said...

Krivsky: "I have no comment on whether or not there is anything to comment on, and no comment on the fact that I have no comment."

Fay: "Oh, come on, Wayne, just throw us a bone? Work the room a little? Just a teaser or two?"

Krivsky: "But they'll see the big board! We can't let them see the big board!!"

at 7:53 AM Anonymous Trev said...

Do the agents keep the "who" and "how much" to themselves when they're jockeying back and forth between all the GMs trying to get the best deal they can? Is that part of the ethics of being a player's agent? Is that why Wayne keeps his lips zipped about these matters not wanting to divulge any tidbit to a rival GM? Are the GMs as a whole so dumb they can't figure out who they're bidding against?

at 8:25 AM Blogger kingseyeland said...

FAY: "So, Wayne, are you a baseball GM?"

KRIV: "Well, I have a job, but I'm not going to be specific."

FAY: "Would you say you have a role in player acquisition?"

KRIV: "There are players and there are GMs. I'm not going to get into specific roles."

FAY: "What is your middle name?"

KRIV: "I don't have a comment on that. We'll make an annoucement at the appropriate time."


at 9:24 AM Blogger Hey Barry Larkin! said...

Yeah, I don't expect to hear anything until someone is actually signed. I can pretty much understand the secrecy in free agent talks, but just curious, have other Reds GMs in the past been as secretive as the Kriv-dawg?

at 9:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do the Reds not see how the best bullpen in the league was constructed? Why not take a page from the Padres book and build a bullpen with good scouting, instead of throwing big money at guys on the downside of their careers, like the Orioles did? For every David Weathers, there are at least a couple of Mike Stantons, Rheal Cormiers, Chris Hammonds...

at 9:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he provide any updates if Mackanin will return to the organization ?

at 10:23 AM Anonymous monroe said...

I appreciate much of what Krivsky has done with the meager payroll he has to work with, but evaluating relief pitching seems to be his blind spot. Maybe the law of averages will start to work out in his favor, but it's probably best to keep Wayne out of the market altogether. When JC Romeros snags a 12 million / 3 yr deal, you have to worry about what damaged goods Wayne will bring home (again).

Ideally, you develop the pen through your own system. And while not a long term solution: Bailey should have pitched from the pen last year and Cueto ought to break in via the pen when he comes up. That's the way the big boys do it. The Reds may not have the "luxury" to do that with their embarrassing # 3-5 starters, but they also don't have the luxury to mismanage the few assets they have either.

at 10:35 AM Blogger Scott in NC said...

Words don't mean much anyway. We've all heard enough of those, like "I want to win now" for example. Now that a high profile manager has been hired, one who is also anxious to win now, we fans are all sitting back to see what real actions will be taken to accomplish this. Show us!

at 11:42 AM Anonymous Joe said...

I don't envy you in your 'Wayne interviews'. Seems like talking to the wall. The guy just has a dry personality - a far cry from 'personality plus', which would be nice to keep the fans interest in the long off-season.

at 12:33 PM Blogger Phill said...

To a point I can understand not laying his cards out on the table but the other half of me goes...where is the harm in saying "we're looking for relief pitching" or "we're looking to try trades or the free agent market"

Everyone's looking for pitching and if a GM said they weren't they'd be lying. Wayne needs to realize it's not that big of a deal to admit you are looking for certain positions. Naming names...I can understand not doing.

It makes you wonder how many other GM's are this tight lipped. Trades, hirings,firings,promotions demotions, etc etc you don't know what's going on until like the day of.

at 1:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's great how our g.m. treats the media and fans.....the reds are all his, no one else will understand, it's all so top secret. maybe if he had some success on his resume, i could buy this. but his act has wore plenty thin.....you'd at least think he'd be coridal with the media/fans since he has no other successes to show for himself.

at 2:42 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Twice in one week I can't argue with one syllable from Chris at RLN.

It's just absurd--the way Krivsky and the Reds handle really, really easy pr . . . and me having to agree with Chris.

This must be pre-Groundhog Week or something Hitchcockian.

at 2:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John now you see what the players and coaches have to deal with on a daily basis, a non communicative individual lacking social skills to effectively work with his team and the press as well as the ticket buying fans.Bob needs to make a change and send him packing.

at 3:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ol' Wayne sure is a charmer, isn't he? Jeeeeeez.

at 4:04 PM Blogger hotsaucenchickin said...

I think the Reds should do whatever it takes to sign a closer this offseason (Cordero). Does anyone know what kind of contract he is looking for? And then turn around and trade for a third starting pitcher.

at 5:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy, is it time for the Reds to go out and sign another fat slow player?


at 1:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oscar Villarreal is 23-12 with a
3.71 era in 5 MLB seasons. The
Braves traded him to the Astros for Josh Anderson who had 67 AB's in September. Why didn't the Reds get Villarreal?

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