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Thursday, December 13, 2007


From the Reds:

The Reds will not offer Major League contracts for 2008 to IF Jerry Gil or RHP Brad Salmon but have re-signed both players to minor league contracts with invitations to big league spring training camp.


at 12:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the names for the Mitchell Report come out, and just based on the leaked names alone, prior to the actual report, I can't help but note that at least 5 played under Dusty Baker.

at 12:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that anyone found to have been using performance enhancing drugs after baseball outlawed it, should have their stats for each year they were using wiped out.

at 12:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I can't help but note that at least 5 played under Dusty Baker."

I think that is irrelevant. You are going to find a bunch of names that played under a lot managers, including Joe Torre.

Basically, the Mitchell Report is going to tell us that a double secret subculture of drugs exists in baseball. Management puts their collective head-in-the-sand as long as it generates profits. Players know it's a no-no but have to do it to compete.

I don't know what the solution to all of this is. Suspensions won't do any good because everyone needs a suspension.

In a perfect world everyone (execs, mgmt, players) steps up, admits blame, and collectively decide to institute rigorous education (internal and community based programs), testing and punishment procedures. Basically, put this type of behavior in the past and do what you can to prevent it. Personally, it will be hard to take the sport seriously if the inkling of this culture continues.

Do you toss out records? Hard to do so with such a culture existing. Like I said, everyone seems to be to blame.

at 1:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm skeptical of the Mitchell Report because none of it is based in fact. There will be no evidence of use through drug tests or admissions from the perps. It is all speculation. We need facts.

at 1:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiopefully this will be the end of people screaming about gil being on the 40 man

at 1:26 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...

If only 5 people under Baker did steriods during that era of baseball then he would have ran the cleaniest clubhouse in the MLB. Some people are saying up to 60% of players used performance riods.

at 3:21 PM Anonymous CHEVIOT SPORTS AUTHORITY said...

Mike Stanton very obviously took something to enhance that gut. He should demand his money back from who ever sold him the fat pills. Perhaps now Krivsky can save a little face and weasel out of the last year of Fat Mike's contract.

By the way, whatever happened to the grievance against Jimmy and the Nationals?

at 12:08 AM Anonymous ADMS said...

CSA - Krivsky actually answered this question during the Q&A session at RedsFest. It was one of the first question asked of him and Dusty Baker. In the typical Wayne way, he said a lot and very little if you know what I mean. Basically (very long Wayne answer made short) no progress has been made and "they are still working on it." Are these guys just waiting for it to go away on its own?
Show of hands - how many of us were either laughing until passing out or just staring at the screen in disbelief when Stanton's name was on the list? Hey Stanton - one word: "Refund"
If baseball has anything that resembles brass ones, they'll treat these cheaters like they treated Pete Rose...throw them out and lock the door. Pete cheated with money and taxes and broke the rules of gambling. These drug users cheated the drug rules of baseball to gain an edge and I'm having a hard time seeing how that might be better than what Pete did...if anything what they did was far worse.
Clemens makes sense - compare 1986 to 2006. Ouch.

at 1:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Akinori Otsuka is non-tendered now. Why don't the Reds get him? He would recover from his injury until upcoming season. Japanese relievers could help our bullpen.

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