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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wrapping up Day III

It's looking like the Reds are going to leave here without adding a starting pitcher -- or at least a No. 2 or 3 starter type. Asked how it was going in his session with the scribes, Wayne Krivsky said:

"It's going."

That doesn't sound like a guy on the verge of landing Erik Bedard. You have to read shades of gray with Krivsky, but he seemed pretty confident and upbeat yesterday. Today, not so much.

The difference between getting Erik Bedard and a third-tier free agent is huge. Krivsky talked about bringing in "competition" for rotation spots. That smacks of Victor Santos and Kirk Saarloos.

Last-minute deals happen, and we're getting down to the last minute. The Rule 5 Draft is at 9 a.m. tomorrow. That's end of the meetings.

As for the Rule 5, the Reds have targeted "three or four" guys, they pick seventh, so they'll probably get one. That's why they released Jorge Cantu.

Speaking of the Rule 5: Look for Carlos Guevara to go. He was 1-2 with a 2.32 ERA and 16 saves at Double-A Chattanooga last season. The Reds left him unprotected. Why? He's only 5-11, 25 years old and he's had some injuries.


at 9:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like good news to me John. You can't mortgage the future for a chance to win the Central. This team will be in great shape for a deep run next year when Cueto and Baily have a year under their belt.

at 9:30 PM Blogger Phill said...

Sounds like maybe Krivsky was down that he couldn't obtain the D-Train.

at 9:51 PM Blogger cincikid said...

From reports from mlbtraderumors.com he may still be able to. The Tigers are apparently dangling D-Train infront of the Mets tonight. I don't thing D-Train is worth a Baily, Cueto, or Bruce. But maybe acouple other prospects and Votto.

at 9:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Krivsky and/or Baker really want Willis badly, don't give up hope, its only December. Get involved in a 3-way deal with Chicago and Minnesota that would get Santana to the White Sox and Willis to the Reds. There will still be a lot that will happen this winter, even if it doesn't happen at the Winter Meetings.

at 10:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Willis is not on Chicago, Minnesota, or Cincinnati.?.????

at 10:54 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...

I couldn't believe how cheap Detriot got Cabrera and Willis. You would think they could've gotten that for just Cabrera.

at 10:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget Willis. A flaky flyball pitcher with bizaare mechanics that are going to lead to shoulder problems----just what the Reds need. And don't forget, Dick Pole is our pitching coach. Sounds like a winner to me

at 11:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about we shouldn't mortgage the future. We have been building for the future for a long time. It's time to win and now and bring in a proven starter. Nobody knows if Homer Bailey or Johnny Cueto are going to be good major league players. I hope they are, but its a crap shoot. We all know Don Harren and Eric Bedard are proven major league pitchers. Just win baby. We are so used to hearing from everyone about a 3 or 4 year plan. No more, I'm ready for the 1 year plan and lets make a run this year.

at 12:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you know John (and you may already) but Guevara is a one trick (and I do mean trick) pony. All of his stuff is fringy-avg. except one and that's the ever famous screwball. Most think that if he had a future he would have to have at least one more good pitch. I know Mariano Rivera get's by with the cutter, but when you toss the screwball that arm turns over and the palm faces out & away from the pitcher. Perhaps that's a (poker reference here) tell when he throws it and AA minor leaguers and below cannot figure it out/lay off it.

That would be the reason for not promoting him to AAA when his #'s say he earned it last season. Guys in or close to the bigs don't fall for a guy with one pitch, especially that one. My guess is that someone takes him and later ends up sending him back, which should result in an easy 25K for us.

at 5:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am ready to make a run this year, not in 2 -3 yrs...trade Bailey, Votto, maybe even Hamilton if you have to to get Bedard...but not Bruce! I would trade Hatteburg for a middle reliever, and sign Sean Casey to come back! Could you imagine trading for a Bedard, and bring the Mayor home...??? What a sweet Opening Day this would be! Heck, maybe even bring Aaron Boone back to platoon at first and play a little 3rd too while they are at it!

at 6:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, it's Dan Haren, but no big deal. I'm a little disappointed that Krivsky didn't land Bedard or Haren, but I can also understand his not wanting to part with Jay Bruce. I'd much rather see him hitting 40 HRs a year in Cincinnati than I would in Baltimore, though Camden Yard is closer to me than Great American....

at 6:50 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

And at the end of the day..
Castro,Freel and Stanton are still on the roster.

at 8:07 AM Anonymous brick said...

Here, Here, 11:37. Here, Here!

at 9:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are probably closer to winning than most people think. We cannot run the route of The Bosox and Yankees an trade away the future form a one year run.

We do that and we will be back to sqaure one again next year.

Better to build strength of the farm sysytem and add free-angents/trades wheni t won't set the team back as much as it would now


at 9:36 AM Blogger Dave said...

Have patience folks - here's what we'll have in 2 years...Krivsky willing...

8 Hopper (young, 30 steals guy)
4 Phillips (young, 30/30)
9 Hamilton (young, 30/30 potential)
7 Bruce (young, 30/20 potential)
3 Votto (young, 30 homer potential)
5 EE (20/30 hrs., big RBI guy)
6 Keppinger (contact #6 guy = RBIs)
2 Ross (good D, at least)
Dunn/Freel for another #2 level
Harang, Bailey, Cueto, Arroyo, Trade
Pen = Bray, Coffey, Burton, Belisle setting up Cordero
Lot of K's in your top 3 or 4 (Arroyo is a decent K's guy) and the pen...Stubbs will be moving up to be a fourth outfielder around that time, as well (maybe in 3 years)...don't trade, just stay on track to build a team that will contend for years to come.

at 9:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will ESPN be televising the Rule 5 Draft? ;)

at 10:00 AM Anonymous Ben said...

Can't understand those who wish to hold on for future "prospects" to get us to the playoffs? Believe Castellini whom is very familar with St. Louis Cardinal operations is following the same blueprint. Win now and win consistently. The Cards mortgaged their future 6 years ago and haven't looked back since. With a perenial winner comes attendence, with attendence comes payroll. All of which leads to a winning team and winning atmosphere which top tier FA's want to play for. Win now and ride the momentum for the next decade! Teams such as the Rockies only come around once in a blue moon, homegrown talent makes for a great story but I'll take a winner year in year out.

at 9:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the Cardinals had a great year this past season. The reason they had their run is because of thir farm sysytem and got guys in their prime.

Now they are old and have no replacments ready for the holes.

Plus having Albert Puljos helps a little.

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