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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dusty on shortstop, leadoff

I asked Dusty Baker about the great Jeff Keppinger/Alex Gonzalez debate. He stopped short of the calling Gonzalez his shortstop but said:

“Well, you don’t get any better defensively than Gonzalez. Keppinger’s a good player. Gonzalez has more range. Gonzalez is one of the top shortstops in baseball to me. Keppinger did a fine job. You like have a guy like Keppinger on your team. Keppinger’s working out at first base, third base, shortstop, second base.

“I know he can hit, and he knows he can hit.”

Baker said he doesn't have a number of at-bats in mind for Keppinger.

"Not really,” Baker said. “It works itself out. You’ve got help stay ready. It’s up to me play everybody enough to keep them ready. So they’re ready when they have to play everyday.’

When Baker was asked who would hit leadoff when Ryan Freel and Norris Hopper aren’t playing, he said: "I hope one or the other is in the game."

That would appear not to bode well for the Jay Bruce's chance. But it should be noted that not one game has been played. Josh Hamilton went from an after thought an everyday player with a great spring.


at 8:41 AM Blogger Dan H said...

All of the educated guess work will play itself out once the ST games begin. Injuries, possible trades, poor performances, exceptional performances will factor into the CF,bullpen, and rotation finalists. Hamilton was a surprise from spring last year as was Victor Santos. Where is Santos now? ST performances can also be very misleading. The players will decide who goes where based on performances and more importantly performances once the season begins.

at 8:48 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

I once was a Ryan Freel advocate, yet after watching him closely for an entire season, or I should say for the games he actually played, my opinion of him has changed.

He really is not that good a hitter, hes not a good baserunner and even with all his hustle , he still does not make the plays in the outfield that others do on a consistent basis

This team is getting more talented and frankly it would be best if they could work out a trade of Freel

at 9:01 AM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

Jack, I tend to agree with you on the Ryan Freel front. I think its common knowledge that people in Cincinnati like hustle from their players, which is why Pete Rose and now Ryan Freel are so highly regarded with the fans.

BUT, Freel is consistently injured because of "over-use" of that hustle. Freel can hustle (that's for sure), but what is the point when you aren't contributing because you're hurt 1/2 of the season or out months at a time?

Freel is not a good lead off hitter. Sure, he has speed, but that's not what makes a good lead off hitter. Average and OBP is what makes a good lead-off hitter. Which is also why Norris Hopper wouldn't make a good one either. He gets a lot of hits, but rarely walks, which brings his OBP down drastically.

As far as range, I disagree with you on that, Jack. Freel and Hopper have the best range of any of our outfielders, and probably some of the best range in the league.

at 9:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack in Blue Ash you just hit the nail on the head. I'm glad another Reds fan sees the inability of Ryan Freel. While Freel plays hard (and sometimes too recklessly), he cannot consistently get on base to be an effective leadoff hitter. I'm all for giving Bruce more time in AAA but the Reds should seriously consider signing Lofton (thus cutting Juan Castro to open up a 40-man spot) or trying to pull off a trade for Coco Crisp. I have to believe the BoSox might have some use for Ryan Freel plus a lower prosepct.

at 9:07 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Rob ..good post.. but watch Freel closely in the outfield when you get a chance.. he runs hard but misses many opportunities. I guess I got spoiled with Hamilton out there

I still think chemistry is important and with players like Keppinger on the field the team did better than with Freel

at 9:22 AM Anonymous redfuture said...

I know it's going to be difficult for Bruce to impress enough to get the call because of built in biases that exist as to the need for a 'true' leadoff hitter. In a perfect world you would ask for one of those. The game of life is not that way. Poker is an example. You're enter the game hoping to get a royal flush. You want to lead off a '10' followed by a 'jack', 'queen', 'king', and 'ace'. But instead you get 4 aces. Are you going to fold? No, you're going to play the very strong hand you've been dealt. Yep, you have to play the big slugger you got instead of the wimpy old 10 you were hoping for.

at 9:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole last week feels like classic Dusty Baker...

- Stud young arms? No thanks I prefer Josh Fogg. Did I mention how good Majewski and Mercker looked?
-Stud young outfielder? No thanks we'll platoon Hopper and Freel.
-Stud young 1B? Nope, I really like how Hatteberg approaches the game.

It's this simple, if Bruce and Votto and some subset of the young pitchers (Volquez, Bailey, Roenicke, Affeldt, et al.) don't get significant playing time and have a material impact on the team, we won't contend. Period.

The Walls

at 9:28 AM Blogger jdeezman said...

If anyone is foolish enough to think that Keppinger will start over Gonzo, then they just want arguments and not real baseball talk.
Thanks for attempting to clear that up for the rest of the zoo John, perhaps some common sense will seep through now that some reality has been thrown into the mixture.

I doubt it though.

at 9:39 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I too basically share in the same opinion that you have Jack. 2 years ago Freel seemed to be exactly what we needed on this team and was by far the best option to leadoff. 2 years later the holes in his game are more evident and there are other, better options for leadoff in my opinion.

Freel is a good guy to have in a utility role but not an every day player. For one thing, his reckless all out play will not allow him to play every day and for another he strikes out way too much for a leadoff hitter. Now when he gets on base he's excellent and does a super job for this team but when he goes 0-4 or 0-5 he really hurts the team and it seems you get that more times than not. Freel's OBP is just too low for leadoff on an everyday basis.

So who is the leadoff hitter on this team? Keppinger? Where would he play, 1B in front of Votto? I don't think so. SS instead of AGon? That's not going to happen either. So how about Hopper in CF? I can see him playing there some but Bruce should get his chance. I don't really see what Bruce has left to do in AAA this year. Unless he has a horrible spring he should get the chance up north. Hopper could also play some for Jr in RF to give him some extra time off. I think what we are likely to see though is a mix of guys leading off for the Reds this season. We'll see Freel do so sometimes when he is starting either in CF or subbing for Dunn or Griffey to give them a day off. I think we'll see the same thing for Hopper. But when Bruce is starting and neither Hopper or Freel are starting then I wouldn't be surprised to see Votto leadoff some for us. He is capable of a respectible OBP and has hit for Avg also.

I don't think we'll have a true leadoff hitter on this team until Griffey is gone and more playing time can be made for some of these guys. If that's not until next year then the Reds will certainly suffer as a result. Perhaps Seattle will be ready for Griffey to DH by the trade deadline and will take him off our hands then.

at 9:40 AM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

Jack I hope you realize that Keppinger played two games in the outfield last year. Kind of blows up your argument that The Reds where a better team on that point. If that's the point you are trying to convey.

As far as the Bruce thing, I am semi-tired of watching aging veterans play where the Reds need to play and develop the younger guys. In reference to redsfuture,it's time to play your cards and see what you got.

Yes with the right breaks and a few career years for the older guys,it's a possibility they could compete for the division. But to me it's like buying a lottery ticket instead of paying your bills.

at 9:58 AM Blogger Dan said...

Agree on Freel. Hopper/Keppinger combo as OF/IF backups is better, younger, cheaper...

I'll stand by my Freel trade idea (since the Cubs seem to be hung up on getting another infielder and can't finish a deal for Roberts)...

Freel for Murton

Murton can HIT and he is beyond undervalued in Chicago. We need another RH bat with pop. He could be our 4th outfielder this year and then next year if Dunn or Griffey aren't here he could be a very respectable starting LF or RF.

And Murton's price tag seems to be so cheap now... He's was the Cubs 4th outfielder LAST year and then they signed Fukodome!

Murton (minors) - .312/.384/.467
Murton (majors) - .296/.365/.455

at 10:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES, Freel does hustle, and that is admirable in any player, but hes hustling to make up for lower talent level. Last year when Hamilton was in center he made some great plays, and sometimes they looked easy for him. In the same situation Freel may have made the plays, but by diving or running into the wall. I belive Bruce is a player just like Hamilton, probably better, bigger, stronger, faster. (Which is wy WK traded Hamilton)Hes not a lead off hitter, but face it, neither is Freel. I think the future has us getting a lead of hitter out of another posistion like middle infield. If Bruce produces what Philips has at the plate. Maybe Philips could trim down / speed up and take that leadoff job. But right now we need him in the middle of the lineup driving in runs.
-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 10:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freel and/or Hopper, if healthy, will be fine for leadoff. Freel had a bad year for OBP last year but has proven in the past that he can take walks. Hopper's OBP is much a function of his higher average so he will have to keep it up. They're the only real option. Sorry, but with Griffey, Dunn, Votto around, it's gonna be hard to put another lefty (Bruce) in there just yet. When JR is gone in 09, he can step in.

at 10:18 AM Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

Freely is not a great hitter, but I think one of his problems could be easily corrected. He takes way too many pitches. Especially 1st pitch strikes. He basically takes the first pitch every at-bat, no matter what. That is not a recipe for success. Doesn't he realize that starting pitchers get scouting reports, and if they read that you take the first pitch every time, they're just going to groove a fastball and get ahead in the count? Now, I agree being down 0-1 is not the end of the world, but you're digging yourself a hole every time and it makes it harder to sit on pitches. He is a terror on the basepaths, pitchers constantly have to throw over and I think he's disruptive in that capacity. Unfortunately, he's just not an everyday player at this point.

at 10:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norris Hopper should be the centerfielder. He reminds me of Ken Griffey Sr. from the Big Red Machine days. Sr. always batted over .300 and had 30 or more infield hits every year. Hopper would be the leadoff hitter with his on base percentage.

If we could work a deal from Freel, I agree with the others we should do so.

at 10:40 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

woody ..I have no idea as to what your are referring to regarding Keppinger playing in the outfield..

Gonzalez was considered to be a decent shortstop with good range defensively..yet very streaky.

I saw a real spark in this team with Keppinger and others playing on a regular basis..thats all

Interestingly, I get knocked for being realistic about the team. But when I comment on something that is positve, such as what happened when Kepppinger played, people like Woody get offended .

Ok.. Woody lets go back to defending mediocrity and making excuses for the Reds when they were playing 20 games under 500 with Gonzalez as the starting shortstop. You seem comfortable with this. Talk about being negative dude

I will not debate anyone posting on this blog that has not actually seen a Reds game in person in 25 years and/or lives 600-700 miles away.

Ryan Freel is not a rookie and you are not going to correct anything at this point in his career. he just is not a very good hitter

at 10:41 AM Blogger NJReds29 said...

After the first inning, when is it ever guaranteed that the leadoff hitter will ever leadoff another inning. The lead off hitter is way overated in my opinion.

at 10:47 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

NJ REds..that brief but simplistic post was one of the best I have seen

Yeah Bob..Ryan Freel was a real terror on the basepaths and his running kept us from sinking any lower than playing 20 games under .500..Too funny

at 10:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I dont see trading Freel for another outfeilder. I dont think Griffey is gone after this year. I think he wants to stay, and without him / Dunn we have NO scary hitters to force pitching changes late in games. I agree that both Griffey and Dunn wont be back, but I say let Dunn go, or trade this year @ deadline. Keep Grif as the marquis player / face of franchise, and as the deep threat.

I do agree its time to trade Freel as his value is declining, but trade for more pitching prospects.

2009 OF
Hopper Left
Bruce Center
Griffey Right
Keppinger 4th

-Kevin in FM

at 10:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who plays where, another losing season for the Reds. Opening day is just the start of another six months of frustration for fans of the Reds. With the current brain trust, the Reds have no chance of making the post season. Soon into this season, Reds fans will have to come to the conclusion that yet again, we have to wait until next year, and the year after that, and the year after that . . .

at 10:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

....i get that the Reds have alot of talent in AAA... but wouldn't an outfield of Bruce, Hamilton, Hopper (building for the future, you know) be soo much better than Dunn, ??? and Griffey? I'm still mourning the trade of Josh Hamilton. Can someone explain why you would trade a "5-tool" player like him? Was there more to the reason of "needing pitching" than meets the eye? Was Hamilton's past (and now Johnny Narron in the clubhouse) a bigger problem for the team than what has already been said? By the way, Ryan Freel drives me crazy. Big heart, great hustle but what good is he when he's flat on his back for 1/3 of the season due to self-inflicted injuries? Hustle is one thing, kamikaze is quite another.

at 10:55 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Kevin..Griffey is not a scary hitter..not even close..maybe at one time in a distant galaxy far far away

Ken Griffey actually playing at the end of a regulation season Kevin? When will that happen?

The Reds have a plethora of good hitters such as Votto, Bruce, Dunn, Phillips, Keppinger, etc

at 10:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Traded 5 tool Hamilton because of 5 tool Bruce

-K in FM

at 11:03 AM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

1.Phillips 2B RH
2.Votto/Hatty 1B LH
3.EE 3B RH
4.Griff RF LH
5.Dunner LF LH
6.A-Gon SS RH
7.Bruce CF LH
8.Ross C RH

Looks realistic in my eyes.Some would say we should not have BP at the top of the lineup,but being a 30-30 player, why not.Look at Soriano he's a very similar type of player to BP and the guy has had results.

at 11:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack, I know you go to / watch ALOT of ballgames, Griffey always forces a pitching change in mid-late innings in close games, which means getting into the bull pen earlier. I cant tell you he'll be injury free, but can you tell me anyone else will be? He needs regular rest yes, but can pinch hit even on his day off. Maybe not scary to Beckett or Santana, but to Zambrano, Oswalt, Sheets, ..he can still beat them regularly.

Griffeys not done, well agree to disagree. -K

at 11:15 AM Anonymous BigRedOne said...

I have to agree with most everyone else. If Bruce and Votto are not in the everyday lineup and two of our three young stud pitchers are not in the rotation, the Reds will not contend this year. They won't even have a winning record.

at 11:16 AM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

People tend to forget that Votto can play outfield if needed.Is he that good at outfield,well he couldn't be worse than Dunn. he could develop into a solid OF if needed.

The reds have alot of depth with alot young players that can do alot of different things.

That is a good sign with all these different options, makes the decision making easier in some stances & harder in other's.But it does open more door's for blockbuster trades to happen.

at 11:19 AM Anonymous wanderinredsfan said...

Interesting that most of us wanna-be GMs on this board think Griffey will be gone by '09. Are you so sure? He is beloved by many in this town, this organization and this sport. It seems to me that many people want him to retire as a Red. It wouldn't suprise me if big Bob felt this way. Plus, I'd be willing to bet a hefty chunk of change that Dusty would want Griffey around as long as Griffey can get out onto the field. I think it is much more likely that Dunn gets traded first, but I am not so sure that Bob wants that either. Not so sure that any Reds fan should want that, considering the numbers that will walk out the door (OBP, HR, RBIs). By mid-season, if Dunn is playing at the same frenetic pace (20+ HRs, 50+ RBIs) with above-average averages (~.280 BA, .400 OBP), then it will be extremely difficult to pull the trigger. Plus, given the state of the game, it will be nearly impossible to pry away aqual value in pitching. I think the most wise approach is to offer Dunn a long-term contract weighted by current market value and hope he bites. If not, I reckon a trade will have to be made for some lesser quality, greater quantity pitching. Personally, I keep both on board and sub for Griffey liberally, while convincing Phillips to give up a little power for more OBP.

at 11:19 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Stats say teams still fear Griffey: Seventh in league in intentional walks, 10th in the league in walks, 8th in home run percentage.

He's not what he once was but if take a survey of hitters pitchers least like to face he's going to rate No. 1 or 2 on the list of hitters Jack in BA mentioned.

at 11:20 AM Blogger jdeezman said...

After watching the MLB Direct TV package since it was available, so that I could watch my Reds, it's evident to anyone who has any baseball IQ whatsoever that Gonzo is the best bet at SS for the Reds.

Watching them both play when they were at the Nationals was also enlightening... Gonzo is the better defensive player without a doubt.

Anon @ 10:52, you asked about Hamilton and why he was traded/was there a bigger problem than meets the eye.

Hal McCoy wrote about an incident that happened in the clubhouse when Jerry Narron was let go... it went something to the effect of Hamilton snarling "They better NOT touch Johnny. or else".
If true, I can see that a whole clubhouse of veterans might get a little upset with that kind of prima-donna attitude from someone who wasn't a proven major leaguer.

That and the fact that Hamilton will ALWAYS be a question mark due to his physical problems brought on by his reaction to his addictions.

Such as the long recovery time due to the "stomach ailment" because he wouldn't take prescripted drugs because of his addiction.
You can see both sides of the story there, but there was a lot of things that obviously made it the smart chice (as far as the Reds were concerned) to sell high on Hamilton and get a couple of pitchers.

Herrera is like Freddie Norman clone, doesn't throw hard but just keeps getting guys out and Volquez looks to be really good.

That's what Mario Soto has said this year... and I'll take HIS opnion over ANYONE on any blog/newspaper out there.

at 11:20 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

kevin..I simply disagree and it has nothing to do with my ability to see alot of games

First of all ken Griffey is rarely around at the end of a season as you have suggested

Please don't defend Griffeys injuries..thats ridiculous..he missed approxoimately 50% of games played the last 7 years

Any pitcher can get Ken Griffey out with regularity..dont confuse him with the player he was 10 years ago. We have not had a winning season since hes been here..he has not made a diffrence

Finally, Kevin.. Enjoy Ken while you can.. This is his last year as a Red. Griffey was done many years ago Kevin..we are only seeing a shell of the former great player he once was

at 11:24 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Freel can't hit, runs the bases like a Sunday softball player (run til you are out), is adequate at best in the infield and is grossly overpaid thanks to Wayne Krivsky. He can make the spectacular plays in the outfield. Good, but expensive guy to have on the BENCH.

Hopper doesn't hit the ball hard, he hits it where they are not and utilizes his speed very well. He has hit in the minors and he hit well over 300 in 300 ABs in th majors last season. He plays a very good centerfield and he hustles. I see no reason that he should not have a shot at starting in CF and batting lead-off.

I want to see Bruce in the line-up everyday (RF would be ideal), if he shows that he is ready. I have no faith in Krivsky's handling of young players (Bailey, Cueto, Hamilton, Livingston last season are prime examples). But I will at least give it a couple of weeks before I set the line-up for Baker.

at 11:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 11:35 AM Anonymous Rick D in Chicago said...

A couple things...

1) The Reds will inevitably need 4 or 5 outfielders throughout the course of the year. Someone will get hurt or struggle. The season is longer than April. Both Dunn and Kearns broke in with the team near or after mid-season. Both had contributed greatly.

2) Does Ryan Freel have any trade value? I think not. You aren't going to get Coco Crisp in return. You aren't going to get a pitching prospect. I think he has more value as a utility player than in a trade.

3) Baker is a player's manager. Of course he is going to say great things about everyone on the roster, especially the veterans. Let's see home ST goes and then evaluate his decisions on April 1st.

4) Baker will get booed out of town if he doesn't give the youngsters a chance. I live in a town where that's happened.

at 11:36 AM Anonymous wanderinredsfan said...

That rant at 11:27 came out of nowhere! Anyone else laughing...while locking the house-doors?

at 11:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hal McCoy made the comment specific to one player regarding the Hamilton situation, not an entire team. Most players on that team were in awe of Josh Hamilton and respectful of his effort both personally and professionally. Only time and prescribed antibiotics would heal gastroenteritis..I agree with the aforementioned blogger( I think) pain killers or not taking pain killers were not an issue. It is really a shame that someone has to diminish a very courageous person by posting remarks that are simply not accurate

Ross Smitson
Fairfield Ohio Family Practice

at 11:42 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I believe that the Reds have been trying to dump JR for the past 3 seasons. There are no takers at his salary and his propensity for injury.

Next season they will finally be free to unload him. He was a great player BEFORE he came here. He is NOT a good outfielder anymore, he doesn't play in September and he is worthless off the bench. This is NOT his home, he gets the hell out of town ASAP at seasons end and is one of the all-time WORST pinch-hitters. Not to mention his salary. Why would they keep him next year?

at 11:44 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Griffey's played in 843 games of the 1296 since he's been here. That means he's missed 35 percent. The Reds won his first year here. He's played in 76 percent of the games the last three years.

He hit .277 with 30 HRs, 93 RBI last year. Tony Perez got in the Hall of Fame by averaging those kind of numbers.

I'm not defending his play. But if you're going to rip the guy get facts straight.

at 11:49 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Ross.. good post I agree. Whether or not Hamilton took painillers had no bearing on the course of his illness ..furthermore, and as you well know..because of Hippaa regulations..absolutely no one having intimate knowledge of Hamilton's injury would ever make public such information specific to medications..just nasty rumors

There may have been a couple of players that were annoyed by the attention that Josh received..but I have to agree the tone and tenor overall was of deep respect for Hamilton, his lovely wife and great kids.

at 11:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey in 1995 wouldnt of made winners out of the schmuck players and managers weve had here during JRs tenure.

Jack, Im starting to wonder if you (Mr "Ill beleive when I see it) will have a different attitude even if/when Reds start winning. As far as that goes..

I'll beleive THAT when I see it!

-Kevin in FM

at 11:58 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

John I notice you post Griffeys numbers for last year..what about the previous 6?

Hes played in 76% of games the last 3 years? Wow john thats great..

Why dont you show up for work 75% of the time and see what happens?

And what about all the other games he has missed prior to the last 3 years?

John..Griffey is a shell of what he once was. I agree wholeheartedly with Cheviot

Kevin here once again, I would love to see the Reds improve to .500. I will be at the ballpark between 30-40 times a year supporting my team ok? Do you understand? By the way, I dont think Ken Griffey made much out of the managers in Seattle either Kevin

at 12:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice reply John. Now don't get me wrong, no one here thinks JR is the same player he was 10 years ago but fact is he is still a dangerous hitter. You can't call .277 avg, 30+Hrs and 90+ RBIs someone that is not dangerous. I am probably one of the biggest JR supporters around but even saying all this I don't think he will be around next year and it would be smart by the Reds to just let him walk. I think a outfield of Dunn(LF), Hopper(CF) and Bruce(RF) next year would be just fine. Also, like everyone else is saying, Freel is no more than a utility guy at this point and should be used as nothing more.

at 12:04 PM Anonymous Scott Botkins said...

Good post John Fay about Griffey, the fans still play the injury card with Griffey even though he has done great in the last 3 years. I don't believe people give Griffey the respect he deserves, the guy is approaching 600 homeruns this season and has done it clean but yet I don't see any articles on any websites mentioning it, it's all about the negative things going in baseball. Griffey played the game with class, and with injuries or no injuries the guy in my eyes is the best to ever play the game.

at 12:06 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I know that you are a Griffey supporter and that's fine. Sometimes season stats do not tell the whole story. How about his stats from the ALL-STAR break to the end of the season last year? Or his stats as a pinch-hitter (some have suggested that the Reds keep him around as a part-time player and PH next year). He had a great 2 months last year (May-June) which padded his stats, other that that he was a liability.

We obviously do not share the same opinion of Ken Griffey Jr. I sincerely hope that that is acceptable.

at 12:09 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

So, to summarize:

Jack disagrees with John Fay's facts about Griffey

Jack disagrees with Dusty's assessment of Gonzo, and Kepp

Jack disagrees with any positive or hopeful post regarding the 2008 season

Jack agrees with himself, and his other selfs...
does that make him selfish?

Come on Jack, join the team. we are not apologizing for the last 7 years. Go read Giamatti's poem about spring and baseball, and get happy. WE ALL WANT TO SEE THE REDS WIN IN 08

at 12:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everone seems to be comparing JR to what he used to be. I think we need to compare him to what we have or what we can get. No player in the orginization, or who we can afford to sign can do what he does NOW, let alone 15yrs ago. Mabye, one of the prospects can be as good as he is now, but not this year, or the next. Reds should sign him for 2 w/ option for 1, he can stay at home in Cincy, get to 650 / 660, and retire a Red. At any rate, he is NOT the weak link on this club or in the lineup. The price has to be right, but to just want him gone is rediculous.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 12:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 12:19 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

I think Griff is a threat at the plate & in the outfield.He made some great play's in the outfield last season,hit with prowess, & made the all star as the lead vote getter.I think that should get some sort of respect.

Now, on the other hand,can he stay healthy,will he be more of a clubhouse leader, can he interact with the fan's without being an arrogant (bleep),will the reds let him go to open cap space(I hope), to make room for younger,talented players waiting patiently in the wing's.Griff would make sense as a DH somewhere else.Maybe Tampa,Close to his home(lol)

I do root for him to hit as many HR'S & stay healthy ,maybe get a second wind in his career & break Bonds(tainted) record*.Then baseball's (sports) most coveted record could become clean & respected again.Remember Griff is really the ONLY player to put up big numbers without EVER cheating.He's the REAL DEAL & The real HR hero!!!

at 12:26 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"Remember Griff is really the ONLY player to put up big numbers without EVER cheating.He's the REAL DEAL & The real HR hero!!!"

Hank Aaron and many, many others just might disagree with that statement.

at 12:26 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

reaganspad..this is where you and I differ.. I think john is a good guy..but he aint my god nor does he think for me.

Yet, if John Fay or anyone else can suggest that paying Ken Griffey 12 million a year for ten years was a good move on the part of the Reds..then I , and many others, disagree

I dont agree or disagree with any assessment Dusty Baker may make after 3or 4 days of spring training

reagans.. read my posts..and as I am sure John Fay would agree, for a team like the reds to go from 72-90 in 2007 to 81-81 the following season , this would be an exciting accomplishment.. most importantly, a realistic one.

keep paying attention to my posts reagan. i am glad ya noticed

at 12:30 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Enough of the Ken Griffey is a good guy thing. There have been many good guys in baseball and many players that did well without drugs.

My God..quit making excuses for the dude

at 12:31 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I don't support him or not support him.

I feel obligated to jump in when people my cases with facts that are wrong. I'd do that with any player.

at 12:32 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 12:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much longer do we have to tolerate jdeezman?

at 12:38 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Ill tell ya what John Fay you take the Ken Griffey Reds..

Had last year been his last year, we now could have an outfield of Dunn, Hamilton, Bruce, and Votto on 1st base.. Thats pretty darn impressive and I dont give compliments that easy.

Then you throw in the 12 million in saved money and some further expenditure by the club, you have another quality starter for 8 to ten million and another quality reliever for 4 or 5 million

Throw in Cordero..you have one heck of a team

at 12:41 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 12:43 PM Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

Wow. I posted a harmless comment about Ryan Freel's approach to the plate about 2 hours ago, had to actually do some work, came back and found that Jack had attacked me. I apologize, Jack, for living in Raleigh, North Carolina and being outside the sphere you deem appropriate for Reds fans, although I am barely clocking in under the 600 mile radius you so clearly stipulated. I usually come back to Ohio 3 or 4 times a year, and ALWAYS catch Reds games during the summer when I'm home. Is that OK? Can I still be a fan? PLEEEASEE?? Everything I said about Freel is true, including him being a terror on the basepaths. For you to dismiss that statement just because the Reds were 72-90 last year was a brilliant retort. He was injured most of last year, so he obviously wasn't the same. Nice try though.

at 12:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

at 12:48 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Bob he was injured the second half of last year .

I would suggest to you Bob that Ryan Freel is not the player you make him out to be and many feel the same way that I do if you read the post

I have not attacked anyone Bob. I may not agree with what you say but I certainly have not called you any names and /or threatened you in any way. Quit crying

sorry deezman.. that is not adjacent to or close to

at 12:53 PM Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

I wasn't trying to make Ryan Freel out to be any kind of player, Jack, I was just stating 2 simple facts that could be corraborated by anyone who can watch television or live games. The fact that your retort had, once again, something to do with the Reds record last year only exemplifies your narrow-mindedness and your penchant for thinking won-loss records are the only thing that matters. You are the front-runner for Imbecile of the Year. Congrats.

at 12:53 PM Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

I wasn't trying to make Ryan Freel out to be any kind of player, Jack, I was just stating 2 simple facts that could be corraborated by anyone who can watch television or live games. The fact that your retort had, once again, something to do with the Reds record last year only exemplifies your narrow-mindedness and your penchant for thinking won-loss records are the only thing that matters. You are the front-runner for Imbecile of the Year. Congrats.

at 12:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster to leadoff B Phil and play Bruce in center. He is too good to play behind Freel and Hopper.

at 1:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack loves to remind us of the Reds record for 2007, but when John gives Griffs stats for 2007 he wont accept it as a legitimate argument and asks about the previous 6yrs. Its just funny.

at 1:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was initially happy over the Hambone trade because it assured me two things: 1)Bruce is ready to be an everyday player and 2) Volquez will be in the starting rotation. Because we would not have made the trade if those two things were not accurate right? Now I am wondering if any other fans will be as mad as me if neither bruce nor Volquez play.

at 1:04 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Bob..it appears that you are the one doing the attacking. Please dont call me names Bobby

I would suggest to you Bob the bottom line is the record of the team

Bob and Id betcha that if every single blogger on this board were honest they would agree with me

Bob .. and regarding your post on Freel..again there appear to be many others that share my feelings, Your long distance critique of the Reds shows a player that hustles.

For those of us that follow the Reds closely and actually see the team playing on a regular basis..we see that Ryan Freel lacks the talent that many other players such as Hopper and Keppinger have.

I dont know if Freel will even be on this team when it heads north

at 1:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To make the Reds a true contender now, and well into the future, I think there is one card that has been held and needs to be dealt. Edwin Encarnacion is a valuable commodity that could be traded for yet another strong arm or a much needed catching prospect. The third base slot gets filled by Keppinger with Freel filling in, as well as filling in at second, and in center. Bruce starts in center and provides the power lost from Edwin.

What do we lose? Average defense, average obp, good power and rbi production. What do we gain? A leadoff hitter who knows how to get on base and sets the table. Fewer holes in the batting order.



at 1:10 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

anon 1pm..I followed the team last year.. Griffey had a great 1st half ..he stunk the second half..and once again did not play a full season.Yeah so what?

We have been paying this guy 12 million dollars a year for the past 7 seasons and if you are suggesting that those years I commented on dont count or should not be considered..thats you opinion. The Reds could have been building a much better team with that money

by the way anon..with that great year Griffey had..did ya notice we went from 80-82 to 72-90?

at 1:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with keppinger @ third, and he could make a good leadoff man. During a broadcast last season, Marty B came right out and said he would play Kepp over EE at third, and Brantley agreed. As far as trading EE, I think most teams will feel the same about him as you do. Im sure WK has considered it.

-Kevin in FM

at 1:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baker is wrong. Keppinger should be our starting SS. Gonzalez in the field last year stunk, and Keppinger is the future...I'm sick of the Reds' continual attachment to INFERIOR AND OLDER PLAYERS.

Especially fat slow older ones. How can Fatex's range be better than Jeff's when Gonzalez is slow and can't steal a base. I hope Keppinger works his butt off this spring and steals the starting SS job.

RUN RUN RUN, Jeff. That's one thing Gonzalez can't do better than you--along with hit for average!

at 1:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any post that automatically includes Jay Bruce in the OF is uneducated at best. He has zero major league ABs. Please stop writing him in as the OF when we have no idea how he will hit major league pitchers. Stop handing out jobs based off of minor league stats.


at 1:19 PM Blogger Matt said...

I can't really argue with Gonzo/Bruce starting over Hoppinger. Still, I think their accomplishments should let them off the hook from their supposed limitations. No way can Hoppinger do this or Hoppinger will never do that. No way would Kepp have an .877 ops or hit his minor league average in the majors. No way can he play a respectable ss. 28 year old career minor leaguers don't _fill in the blank_.

Another point that is trumped relentlessly is Hopper's low obp (relative to his average). Have you ever considered that pitchers throw him STRIKES. He isn't feared like Dunn and of course this is a factor not to his credit but it will take more than a glance at the numbers to gauge his plate discipline.

I don't think he has Dunn's discipline but let's look at the k's too. 33 k's in 307 ab's. Kepp had 12 in 241. Gonzo has had 100 k's in every year that he's had 500 or more at-bats. I'm just suggesting that having two guys that don't strikeout and hit for nice averages in between the power hitters is attractive. We will see some scary strikeout numbers with Ross, Dunn, Gonzalez, possibly Votto/Bruce, and to a lesser extent Phillips (109 k's) and Griffey (99 k's). This is why Hoppinger seemed to spark some success.

My answer to the problem wasn't to forsake Bruce but to trade Dunn last year for the best offer and push the youth movement forward. The move not being made has now caused people to say things like we can't replace 40 hr/100 runs/100 rbi so easily. Time will tell with Hamilton and Bruce whether that was true. I like what Gonzo did last year offensively through his troubles and I think he will be good this year, but let's not consider it so radical to consider Keppinger as a starter. Let's at least see him fail at something first.

at 1:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genius post of the day:

Jack in BA - "Any pitcher can get Ken Griffey out with regularity"

2007 stats and NL rank:

on-base pct - .372 (24th)
ops - .869 (25th)
hr's - 30 (tied for 14th)

Maybe Jack was talking about Ken Griffey Sr. - he's probably lost a lot of bat speed by his age

at 1:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES Jack,

With Griffey's good year the Reds were 72 and 90. Jack Have you looked back at the Rangers record some of the years during ARODs tenure Jack? Jack, is he a bum Jack? Jack How about the Cards on 07 Jack? 78 and 84, so Pujols' number are irrelevent Jack? Jack, a teams record is not a guage of an individal players ability. ITS A TEAM SPORT JACK!

at 1:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keppinger not Gonzo, Votto not Hatte, Bruce not Hopper or Freel, PERIOD.

Anything else and it's dumb management.

I detest Dusty, Gonzo, and the Reds' Front Office. I admit it.

But this team is going to be a last place team in 2008. 70 wins will be a tall order.

Wait and see.

at 1:27 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I gotta agree with Jack. 72-90 IS the bottom line. LOL.

I am still optimistic about this season. I have an open mind about Dusty Baker. But we have got to have at least two of the young guys step up in the starting rotation.

The fact that Krivsky did not call up Cueto and Bruce in Sept is disturbing.

If they open the season with a rotation including Fogg, Belisle and Afeldt then that will be the time to start bitching.

What they are paying Gonzalez dictates that he will start at SS (right or wrong). I personally like Keppinger and if Gonzalez hits like his past record indicates (last year was surprisingly good) and if his fielding isn't a helluva lot better than last season then Keppinger should get a lot of playing time at SS.

at 1:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Fay,

Why did you delete Deezman's comment?
You seem to let this Jack personna post whatever they want and when someone exposes him for the fool he is, you defend that by deleting the comment?

If you're going to let Jack post, you should let Deezman.

Both are idiots as far as I'm concerned, but be fair at least.

Concerned in Ky

at 1:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much longer do we have to tolerate Jack in Blue Ash and his multiple personalities?

at 1:36 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

cheviot..thanks..i dont mind if people attack or disagree . Sports fans do get attached to individual players and theybecome very defensive

There was nobody in this town more excited when Griffey came on board
Now, I feel differently. Hes old, slow and often injured .. he needs to retire

Freel hustles like a Pete Rose, but the guy cant hit like Pete Rose..thats the big difference

anon 1:23 mr deezman..as I conveyed to you I wont debate the Reds with someone living 700 miles away..my option

at 1:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with bringing Bruce up last Sept if nothing else for at bats, but not Cueto, a rookie starter call up last year with that bullpen, no way, would have done more harm (to Cueto)than good.

I hope Dusty doesnt go with all veterans, I know hes the manager, but Im sure when he was hired it was made clear that these prospects need to play. Maybe not all, but at LEAST Bailey and Votto.

-Kevin in FM

at 1:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you debate with yourself and lose, do you get mad at yourself and go away?

How does that work when you have more personalities than Jerry Narron had line-ups?

Seriously Mr. Fay, how long do we have to put up with Jack in Blue Ash and his multiple personalities?

at 1:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you debate with yourself and lose, do you get mad at yourself and go away?

How does that work when you have more personalities than Jerry Narron had line-ups?

Seriously Mr. Fay, how long do we have to put up with Jack in Blue Ash and his multiple personalities?

at 1:41 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I try to delete comments that spur poster-to-poster fights. but i clearly can't keep up.

We're going to a new system shortly when if any two posters object to a post it will be taken down. And you will need a real e-mail address to post.

In the meantime, try to get along.

And Anon, 1:24: You detest Gonzalez and Baker, and the front office? It's probably time to find a new blog to post on. I'd rather keep things a bit lighter here.

at 1:44 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

John ..as I am sure you have noticed deezman has disappeared and this anon has appeared. It is a shame we cant have constructive debates without this nonsense . The guy obviously has some serious mental issues

nice debate gang have a great day I gotta pretend to work for a couple of hours

at 1:45 PM Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

OK, so now you're excluding me as a fan that watches and follows the Reds closely? I dished out 180 bucks for the MLB package last year, just to watch Reds games, since I do not get Fox Sports Ohio down here. Trust me Jack, if everyone WAS honest on this blog, you'd hear alot more than what I've had to say about your negativity and holie-than-thou attitude. How dare you question my fanhood or knowledge based solely on the fact that I don't live in Ohio anymore? It is starting to get personal now, Jack, and your off-base comments and arguments carry little weight with people who have REAL baseball knowledge.

at 1:45 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

John... Anon 1:24 IS Jack/CSA/anon supporting Jack...etc.

It's pretty obvious.

at 1:49 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I'm not going to make excuses for guys just because I like them. I do like Ken Griffey Jr and I like Freel also but we have to look at their BIG picture here guys and Jack is correct on a number of items.

Here's Jr's stats from the second half of the season last year: He played in 62 games, BA was .266, 7 HR, and 34 RBI with an OBP of .350 and slugging of only .411. That's a very below avg. I know he overall had a good year but the reality of it is that the second half of the season was much worse than the first half. The last month that he actually played he looked very bad at the plate. His bat speed was down considerably in Aug and he just looked tired. He also hit into more Double Plays the second half of the season while playing in 20 fewer games. I like Jr, I just think it would be better for the Reds if he were not here next year so that the young guys can play and I also think it would be better for Jr if he could play in the AL where he could DH half the time and potentially not tire his body out as he did last year. He could play another 5 seasons if gets to spend some of it at DH. I was happy to see the Reds sign Jr when they did and I didn't think they were overpaying for him then. But this team would be far better off not picking up his 16 Mil option next year. It's time both he and the Reds move on and part ways. If we can work out a trade mid season all the better but the chances look slim.

Freel, well I don't see him getting traded and I don't see him being the Leadoff hitter we need on an everyday basis. I like his hustle and what he does on the basepaths (most of the time) but getting him on base is the difficult part. Perhaps he should take some bunting lessons from Hopper.

at 1:50 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

Bob... don't worry, as John Fay pointed out, the system will be changing soon and you'll have to have a real e-mail to post. That will cut down on at least some of the multiple Jack/CSA/Anon postings.
It's long distance fans that support our Reds in any way that we can that seem to appreciate them more than the people living locally. All of my brothers and sisters who still live in the Tri-state region agree.

BTW - Jack, I post ONLY under this handle, jdeezman@yahoo.com if you'd like to discuss this further... coward.

at 1:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Im not 700 miles away, im 1200 miles away, and would debate you anytime on Reds or baseball in general, even WITH your obvious advantage in geography. Even if you slept on home plate you would still have below average baseball intelligence.

By the way, TV coverage is actually quite good, with stats, replays, and interviews, I would argue you can understand more aspects of the game or a situation than you can sitting in GABP, not to mention closeups on pitches. Do you sit behind home plate in the first row? Didnt think so. Going to games is more fun, but LESS informitave than TV coverage. (How do you think TV / Radio analysts do it?)

ANON 1:23

at 1:56 PM Anonymous Jack's Head in His Ash said...

The thing that kills me, is that Jack's posts get ripped apart, he is proven to be wrong time and time again, yet he still fires back with this garbage that doesn't make any sense. If I was getting schooled on message boards, I doubt if I would be the most frequent contributor. I think most of the stuff we're saying goes over his head, so we might have to dumb it down a little.

at 1:58 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Bob I really have to run but will keep this brief.

I could care less about you or anyone else on this blog. In fact, you were the one doing the name calling.

Bob I dont question your "fanhood" and passion. But without reservation, and regardless of your TV Packages, I can say you simply do not have the feel for the Reds as someone that lives in the town and actually attends games

This is not personal.. and making threats on the net Bob if anything shows how weak you are. You say that you get to Cincinnati occasionally, let me know when ya are going to be in town..Ill take ya out for a beer and you can complain to my face

personally i think ya are just as nuts as that whacko deezman who has been unemployed for the past seven years and lives off disabilty .And Bob..Ill tell ya the same thing right to your face dude

quit crying bob

John delete away

at 2:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacks Head is in his Ash

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 2:01 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

anon 1:23 please provide me the record of the Cincinnati Reds or the past 7 years and show me where I have been wrong

at 2:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 things:
Ryan Freel sucks. He's always diving around for balls b/c he gets a terrible read. Secondly, he's a terrible leadoff hitter, his OBP is low and he gets picked off and caught stealing way too much. Does anyone here actually watch the Reds games?

And Coco Crisp? You guys are talking like he's some kind of god, please I wouldn't give up anything of value to get him.

.268/.330 6HRs, 28 steals

Wow, let's run out and get that guy to bat leadoff.

.271/.363 8 HRs, 37steal for Freel in '06.

We want Crisp for what reason?

at 2:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack, disagreements and opinions happen and today has been a good debate. I don't agree with some of your stuff but that is your opinion and dosen't anger me. It's called life but this radius of a fan thing is not smart. I grew up a Reds fan and still am. The military has sent me to California where I still live, does that make me not a fan? Anyways you are entitled to your opinion but the radius thing just baffles me.

at 2:08 PM Anonymous Bob Loblaw said...

The only reason I am crying Jack, is because of laughter. I don't have the "feel" for the team since I don't live in Cincy? Like you have some sort of preternatural connection with the Reds? Can you, in turn, "feel" their injuries when they happen, sort of like those twins from GI Joe? I haven't made any threats, by the way. If you want to play tough guy on the side, be my guest, but I won't waste my time with it.

at 2:14 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Cheviot-I was talking about the players of today's era,the steroid era,not the REAL great players of the past when baseball was still a game with integrity.

John Fay-I think fans like anon 1:24 should be allowed to post anything he/she want's to say about any player,manager, or front office personnel as long as there isn't cursing,death threats, or any thing way out there in left field.

You wanna keep thing's lite on your blog,come on it's a newspaper blog with a wide variety of opinions.Do you seriously think things will stay "lite"?Fan's should always have the right to voice their opinion of displeasure with anyone(Player,Manager,or FO personnel) anytime,as long as it is done with class & respect.

This is the USA not china.

at 2:15 PM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

The way you worded your post sounded like you were campaigning for Keppinger to play CF. It was your post about Freel. Oh yeah if you read the post it said "if that's the point your making". I guess you missed that

I have week days tickets to the Reds so that knocks out your theory I don't know as much as you.But I think the difference between you and I is I will not claim it gives me an authoritive voice on the Reds like you do.

I think I can be open minded to look at things at different angles than just a record. I will not apologize for my opinion on the Reds. You should respect other opninions as they shoud respect yours.

If people can't comment if they don't live in the city,this blog would be an absolute bore.

at 2:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think jack in blue ash was talking about people loving or not caring about the team if you lived far away. I have readv the paosts and he was telling that other poster that he could not have the same feel for things as someone living in the city and I agree with that.We jusrt moved to Columbus Ohio (Dublin) aftre living In Cincinnati for 8 years and I dont feel like I am in toiuch with things like i was and I have found that it is better to see things close up trather than relying on sportscasters for everything.Maybe you are jealous becaus ehe gets to see so many games and you guys do not I dont know but can we disvcuss something else this is getting old

at 2:18 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

John Fay,
And I wanna thank you again for the great Red's reporting & this blog to voice our OPINIONS with other loyal Red's fans. Reds.com reporting is biased & you give that outside perspective while being on the inside too.


Reddlegg in Colorado

at 2:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack, we all know what the records are, noone is debating that. You have an inability to make evaluations based on baseball intelligence and apply that evaluation to THIS SEASON. You MUST be an accountant, because if its not in black and white in front of you in print, you cant see it. Seriously man, your new nickname is "Mister Yesterday".

This is NOT last years team, if to a man this was the same team, from Narron on down, I would agree with you 100%

Last year is over, if the REDs are 62 and 100 its NOT because they were 72-90 last year, if they go 100 and 62 it has nothing to do with last year. Even if they go 500 which is your hope or prediction, it has nothing to do with last year!

You just cant apply previous seasons to the Reds right now, not with the # of changes being made on a regular basis.

You are probably the same guy that never knows who dunnit until you read the last page of the book.

at 2:25 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

woody i have never worded any post in a way that would suggest play centerfield. I think the team is better when he plays on a regular basis, I stand by that

I am not diminishing the love and passion that anyone may have for our team, no matter where they live. What I did suggest is that when you have the opportunity to live in this town and actually attend games..that you are going to have a much better feel for things tyhan someone that lives 700 miles away and that has not attended a game in 20 years.

Please dont embellish or take my words outta context I really gotta run dude you all have fun

at 2:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Run Fry Guy, McDonalds hates lateness and pays by the hour!!!


Jack has his head up his Blue Ash id a McDonalds Fry Guy!!!

at 2:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Run Fry Guy, McDonalds hates lateness and pays by the hour!!!


Jack has his head up his Blue Ash id a McDonalds Fry Guy!!!

at 2:32 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

anon: 2:24..again I have posted repeatedly that I hope this team improves to .500 and it will be a remarkable achievment

yes i can apply past records to expectations of this year. If you dont like it too bad. When they actually play some games and prove you right and me wrong, we can have that discussion ..by the way
this pretty much, in total is last years team

we have a good closer now..I hope

middle relief aint much better

we added a .500 pitcher to our
starting pitching

we have no catcher


at 2:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this connection Jack?

Do you have clubhouse credentials? Do you play golf with Castellini? The only thing you have a better feel for is where bathrooms are at GABP.

at 2:36 PM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

I don't embellish Jack,your words are there for everyone to read. Be a man and stand by your words.
Have a great day!

at 2:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baker, Cordero, Affeldt, Fogg, Votto, Bruce, Volquez, Bailey for a full season.

IDENTICAL to last year!

at 2:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANNONYMOUS 2:37 HERES JOHN FAY I just finished up my notebook for tommorow. The lead is on the lineup. My best guess (provided Jay Bruce doesn't win the center field job):

Freel/Hopper CF
Hatteberg/Votto 1B
Griffey RF
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Gonzalez SS
Ross/Valentin C










at 2:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are Milton, Lohse, Elizardo Ramirez, Jorje Cantu, Eddie Guardado, Coats, and Josh Hamilton doing this spring?

at 2:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not even close Scott, John never uses CAPS in hi posts.

at 2:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...




at 2:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...



at 2:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

BAker - Prior and Wood busts, D Lee injury.

Affeldt- Better than Milton

Fogg - Better than Lohse

Bruce - #2 prospect in all of baseball (LINDY'S)Better that Freel / Hopper

VOTTO - Hatte is 38 votto is future future is now

Bailey - groin strain in 07

at 3:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

projected lineup is for spring training.

An opening day lineup projected before 1st spring training game?
This is your "fact"?

Kevin in Ft Myers, Anon when trying to post quickly

at 3:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...





at 3:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished up my notebook for tommorow. The lead is on the lineup. My best guess (provided Jay Bruce doesn't win the center field job):

Freel/Hopper CF
Hatteberg/Votto 1B
Griffey RF
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Gonzalez SS
Ross/Valentin C

at 3:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jahn Fays lineup, I know, but unless Votto, Bruce, Bailey, Volquez, dont go north, opening days lineup is not the lineup for the entire season. I stand by my statement, ITS NOT THE SAME TEAM, unless you bring back the other bums.

at 4:05 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Jack Logic:

Griffey had a down second half in 07 and the Reds record was better, so that means that Griffey should play worse all the time.

Griffey plays well, is an All Star, and the Reds are 20 games under 500.

He slows down, plays through pain, stats go down, and the Reds are 12 Games over 500 in the same season.

When he is out the last games of the year, we lose almost all

pretty simple Griff, for the sake of the Reds under "JACK LOGIC". Don't take games off, but play through your injuries as the Reds PROVED in 07, we are a better team when you are at 70%

at 4:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

is kindergarten still open?

at 8:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

.....people, can we all stop scratching in the kitty litter and get along? it's only a game.

at 8:52 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

reganspad.. i love your logic hunnie cept for one thing..you are missing the big picture here.. it dont matter what old kennie does or does not do..the reds stink..and have stunk regardless

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