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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The games have begun

The home white team beat the visiting gray team 8-2 in the Reds intrasquad game. Drew Anderson was the star. He went 2-for-3 with a three-run homer. Paul Janish looked good. He had a hit and made three sterling plays at short.

"I saw good things," Dusty Baker said. "Jerry Gil looked good. Anderson looked great. (Chris) Dickerson looked good. Janish made the three nice plays. No missed signs. That's what I like."

Johnny Cueto looked very good in an inning of work. He struck out two.

Here's Jeff Brantley scouting report on Cueto: "He looked great. He was 92 to 96 on the gun I saw. But you can throw out all the things good and bad physically. I look for mound presence. I saw that big time."


Gray 1st (Aaron Harang pitching): Norris Hopper hit a high hopper to third Edwin Encarnacion made a strong throw to get him. Jeff Keppinger followed with a double down the line. (I know give him the job). Jay Bruce followed with 4-3. Joey Votto struck out.

White 1st (Bronson Arroyo pitching): Ryan Freel flied out to left. Juan Castro walked. Scott Hatteberg singled. BPhillips hits in 5-4-3 DP.

Gray 2nd (Matt Maloney pitching): Maloney throws pretty hard. There's no radar gun at the Ed. Jerry Gil singled. Javy Valentin struck out -- Gil stole second as he did. Gil went to third on a wild pitch. Jolbert Cabrera grounded out. Andy Green reached on an Edwin Encarnacion error. Gil scored. Andy Phillips flied out to center. 1-0 Gray.

The crowd's a bit sparse. It wouldn't fit in my Cobalt rental, but I'd guess under 1,000.

White 2nd (Johnny Cueto pitching): Cueto brings it. Encarnacion 5-3. David Ross struck out. Chris Dickerson took a called third strike. Pretty impressive debut for Cueto.

Liberal substitions. Andy Phillips of Grays goes in for Brandon Phillips of the Whites. The question is is he still DHing for the Grays.

Gray 3rd (Richie Gardner pitching): Hopper took a called third strike. Keppinger walked. Bruce hit into a double play.

White 3rd (Alexander Smit pitching): Drew Anderson struck out looking. You might have heard the call in Cincinnati. The ump's a tad vocal. Ryan Hanigan singled to center. Hanigan stole second. Freel grounded out, Hanigan to third. Paul Janish walked. Hatteberg flied out to right. YMCA, an Ed tradition, is playing. The grounds crew will spell it out as thgey rake the field.

Gray 4th (Josh Roenicke pitching). He pops the old mitt pretty good. Votto grounded out. Nice play by Janish. Gil smoked one into the gap. He scored on Janish's throwing error. 2-0 Grays. Gil is talented guy. He can run. He has the best arm in camp. He's got power. But he is .250 lifetimne hitter in the minors. Craig Tatum was hit by a pitch. Cabrera flied out. Andy Green struck out.

White 4th (Daryl Thompson pitching): Andy Phillips singled to left. Adam Rosales executed perfectly on the hit-and-run. He grounded a singel through the hole at second. Paul Bako grounded to first into fielder's choice, scoring Phillips. 2-1 Gray. Dickerson reached when Gil misplayed his flyball left. Drew Anderson singled in Bako. Hopper threw Dickerson out at the plate -- easily. Tied, 2-2. Alvin Colina grounded out.

Gray 5th (Tyler Pelland pitching) Chris Kroski hit one to wall in right. Nice play by Dickerson. Hopper grounded out to short. Nice play by Janish. The kid is smooth. Keppinger popped out.

White 5th (Sergio Valenzuela pitching): Freel grounded out. Janish singled. Janish moved up on a wilde pitch. Hatteberg walked. Andy Phillips singled. Bases loaded. Rosales hit a sac fly. White team 3-2. Bako doubled in two runs. White team 5-2. Not a real good debut for for Rule 5 guy. Dickerson reached on Votto's error. Drew Anderson hit a three-run homer to right. 8-2. Not a real good debut for the Rule 5 guy at all. In fact, that ended the inning. He reached his pitch count. "He'll get better," Baker said. "He struggled with his command."

Gray 6th (Ramon Ramirez pitching) Bruce singled to right. Votto stuck out. Gil stung a line drive that Janish made a diving stab on. Third nice play by him. Tatum flied out.


at 12:44 PM Blogger Sultan of Swaff said...

What kind of crowd is it today?

at 12:55 PM Blogger Bruce Almighty said...

John, Can we listen to the game on the radio? If so, what station?

at 1:02 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Sorry for yesterday (stir crayz in February), THANK God for Baseball.

I do have a question for you about the bullpen coach after last year. Maybe you could focus on what is different there.

at 1:04 PM Anonymous Matt in WC said...

I'm refreshing every few minutes to keep tabs on the game. I'm extremely excited that baseball has begun and am looking forward to an exciting Reds season.

at 1:12 PM Blogger Will T. said...

Just like everyone else, I am so excited that the games have started. I really hope that Bruce is the starting CF and Roenicke makes it in the bullpen. Those are the two rookies I am pulling for.

at 1:14 PM Blogger John Fay said...

No radio. No internet boxscore.

at 1:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurray it's begun!

The end of Clinton

The end of Gonzo as "starting shortstop"

The end of Stanton's Cincy career.


Can't wait to listen to the game tomorrow on WLW...but will be a little tough w/o Nux

at 1:19 PM Blogger Brad said...

what should we be happier with? Hitters hitting or pitchers pitching well?

at 1:20 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

there is absolutely no one more excited than me after suffering through that terrible season last year. I just can barely wait to get down to GABC with nurse Julie and take in some more games

We bring our own water and snacks and we are all set

at 1:23 PM Blogger matt in wc said...

Sounds like Cueto was solid. Is he that good or could his success be because he played winter ball and he was facing guys who had just started training?

at 1:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Mlb.tv be broadcasting the Reds spring training games this year and if so how many? I went onto the site but couldnt find a broadcast schedule.
Thanks for the help

at 1:25 PM Blogger Will T. said...

Encarnacion played winter ball and so did Dickerson. Cueto sounds as good as advertised.

at 1:27 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

This game is sampe #1 of a BP ground into double play. That is the primary reason I want BP hitting 2nd rather than 4th. I know it was Hatteberg (another slow runner) on base in front of him, but normally it will be the slow sliding-averse Griffey. EE should hit 4th, BP should hit 2nd. Enough said.

at 1:33 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

we used to buy water and food at the games but that became very expensive so we started bringing our own water.. nurse julie likes the mildly flavored water you can buy at Krogers.. And if we have extra we give it to the homeless

I wonder how Keppinger did today..he is one of my favorite ballplayers what a natural hitter

at 1:39 PM Blogger redsfan8557 said...

I know I'm very exited about this season. I myself enjoy going down to the games with my kids and wife. I think there is nothing better on a hot summer day watching a reds game with a cold one.

at 1:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idiot posting stupid comments under Jack's name should just get the hell out of here. Sorry John, Its the only non baseball post that I will make.

at 1:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being one of the homeless always sitting outside the stadium, I'm always happy to see Jack and especially Nurse Julie when they have an extra water. Thanks a bunch guys! Can't wait for the season to start.

at 1:48 PM Blogger matt in wc said...

Fair enough, I didn't realize EE and Dickerson had played winter ball.

It will be really interesting if Volquez, Cueto, Bailey and/or Maloney have huge springs. If two or more have big spring trainings what will become of Fogg, Affeldt and the others vying for a bottom of the rotation spot.

at 1:48 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

redsfan we love going to the ballparkk we like all the seats even the cheap ones..but julie and I especially love the SunDeck seats even though it gets a little hot

I am very grateful to be able to attend games ..we love that park..we even took our dog on dog day..extra water also

at 2:09 PM Blogger Will T. said...

Let's face it, Sergio doesn't have a realistic chance of making the roster so just send him back to the Braves (if that is where they got him). Give his innings to Maloney and Cueto.

at 2:09 PM Blogger 24/7 said...

i can't believe the gonzales-keppinger thing made it to the papers. as long as he's healthy and not on the bereavement list, gonzales is the reds' shortstop.

he plays excellent defense at the most important defensive position. he is not a 28 year old utility player. kepp has a bat, but that won't save you at short. it's funny that the same folks who complain about eddie's defense at 3rd (though he was lights out after louisville), want keppinger, someone LESS proven at ANY position, playing short. SHORTSTOP. can this conversation rest for good, please?

at 2:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to get off topic, but with all the talks about Bonds not having a team yet, what about the Reds? Move Grif back to center, can you imagine the power potential of that OF in Great American Smallpark...

at 2:16 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

I never complained about EE and I like Gonzalez..

lets see..keppinger hit for a much higher average, made fewer errors and team played better. How dare we consider success.

Anyway regardless Nurse Julie and I will be at the ballpark enjoying our team regardless of who is playing. As a matter of fact we probably will ask Cheviot to join us at a number of games.

We also go to Lance McAllister Homer outings they are a great deal of fun

at 2:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, maybe we could sign George Foster while we're at it! I don't think he has a team right now either.

at 2:17 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 2:19 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Ah, when you are the number one utility guy like Kepp is at this time your gonna get a ton of ABs and as soon as someone goes down your a starter, so I really see no reason to debate it. Kepp will work his way into the lineup and if he produces they will find more ABs for him.

I wonder if Votto can unseat Hatte though? Today an error + strikeout, meanwhile Hatte is gonna be steady and super productive vs righties.

at 2:20 PM Blogger jdeezman said...



Playing for the Reds?


no thank you...

24/7... if it weren't for multiple personalities, the subject wouldn't have made it.
There's something about a 28 year old being called "the future" for the Reds at SS that is inherently wrong. Especially when the 28 year old couldn't make it with the other couple of teams he's been with.

I would hope that the ridiculous idea would die down, but Mr. Fay gave it legs.

God forbid that it walks for more than the 15 minutes it has already seen... which was 15 minutes too much.

at 2:22 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

aaron..I think they will find a way to get Keppinger plenty of bats.. For some reason I have a feeling that Freel will not be coming north with this team.

Nurse Julie and I really enjoyed watching the Reds play when Keppinger was in ..they were winning. But I see both Hopper and Keppinger getting plenty of playing time.

I know we are very excited

at 2:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened jcheeze man? forget to hit the anonymous? or JFBA or one of the other AKAs. LOL. What are you trying to prove? I don't think you are fooling anyone.

at 2:34 PM Blogger Aaron said...

THis team doesn't have a whole lot of speed so I think Freel will make this team, especially making the salry he is making, unless they trade him. Gotta remember Griffey is always iffey so outfield depth is a concern, especially since Craig Wilson is out of the mix (he could have played a bit of RF). Its only gonna take one injury to free up enough spots for everyone on the bubble and many of the youngsters will start the year in AAA.

at 2:38 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Aaron I dont know I just dont see them keeping Keppinger, Freel , and Hopper..I think they can trade Freel.

Regardless, we are psyched and looking forward to opening day. Nurse Julies parents gave us their tickets because they will be in London..we are sitting 4 rows behind the Reds dugout

at 2:45 PM Anonymous Heisey fan in Hershey said...

Kepp played shortstop in College, again, why people keep forgetting that he made LESS errors. The thoughts about Kepp not being able to play for other teams, can you say Brandon Phillips.

at 2:45 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Craig Wilson not making it was a blessing to this team. He would have only taken playing time away from Keppinger.

Saw Cueto pitch some in Louisville last year which is a lot closer to home for me than Cincy unfortunately. I've been saying all off-season that he's the real deal and will likely be the Reds Ace in 2-3 years. And that's counting Harang still being on the team. But - I just have this feeling that he won't make the squad out of spring and is going to start in Louisville again. I think he'll have to have a perfect spring in order to have a shot. Not that I don't think he would deserve it, I just don't think the big wigs will put him on the roster opening day. Too bad, he's that good.

Not a lot of wasted pitches with the kid, his control is excellent. Brantley is correct about his presence. Some guys just have it and this kid has it. And boy do the Reds need it. Now mind you I'm not going off one inning of work this spring but from watching him play last year, I know it's AAA but if you watch enough of these games you'll notice a diamond in the rough when you see one.

I'll just have to make the Bats opening day to see him pitch.

at 2:56 PM Anonymous DARWIN HARDING said...

Perhaps I will start posting again after the trash is taken out.

at 2:59 PM Anonymous www.LetsTalkReds.com said...

Does anyone remember what the FSN schedule is for the spring?

If so, can you post it? Thanks.

at 3:00 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

red faced.. looking forward to Cueto making the big team, and I think htat at some point this year he will be up to stay.

With Mario Soto saying he likes how Volquez looks, it makes me feel better about that trade than I already did.

Could be very interesting to see if we cut the vets and let our young guys grow... all contrary to the myth about Baker of course, but only time will tell.

at 3:03 PM Blogger John Fay said...

FSN sked:
Yankees 3/10, 7:15 p.m.
Tigers 3/17, 1:05 p.m.
Blue Jays 3/24, 7:05.

at 3:03 PM Blogger 24/7 said...

Keppinger made less errors...in half of a season. Gonzales has been doing this shortstop thing for awhile. Kepp is the flavor of the month, but give Gonzales a chance to get back to being better than some big name shortstops and getting robbed for the Gold Glove (Jeter, 2006). The trio of Phillips, Gonzales and Encarnacion may very well be airtight this year. Votto was much better defensively than advertised. Don't mess with it.

at 3:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Summer, ball games, women in little clothing, hot dogs, and marty and son on the radio while i chill in the pool with a beer and not a care in the world (until monday comes back around). Ahhhh... thats what i am talking about. (just think about that and dont look outside for five minutes. I promise those will be the greatest 5 minutes of this winter)

Mike in his own little world

at 3:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently talked to a former scout for the reds this fall who told me Cueto will be better than Bailey and has a shot to be an ace. He thought Bailey will probably end up the 3rd man.
He has been right before. He told me Dunn would be better than Kearns.

Dan L

at 3:32 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Just got back to CO,ST is happening in full force, & Yes, the sun is shining in CO.So no closing eye's.Fresh powder here I come.Just so everyone know's a blanket of fresh powder all over the state

Cinti snow-No Good

CO snow-Very good


Looks like the Great Kepp/Gonzo Debate might solve itself.

at 4:08 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

Please some of you educate yourselves about the relative importance of errors versus range and arm for a short stop. 24/7 is absolutely right.

at 4:11 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

What happened to Jack in Blue Ash? Is that someone else posting or has he had psychosurgery or something. Very strange sounding posts with the Nurse Julie references and all. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

at 4:15 PM Blogger Chris in Venice said...

I wouldn't want Bonds even if he was guaranteed to hit 70 HR this year.

at 4:15 PM Blogger Jon said...

Dammit Redlegg in CO, stop it with the gloating! We know CO is better, fresher, funnerer, and super fun! Leave us to Perfect Nothing and get on with it! Grrr.

I'm happy for you. Not jealous. HAPPY.

at 4:21 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

24/7 we will be happy just to be able to go to the ballpark and take in our games.

Regarding the SS debate, I keep hearing about the "sports experts" that all consider Keppinger just to be a untilty guy. Are these the same sports experts that said cassius clay would get knocked out by sonny liston?..the same experts that said the Patriots would kill the NYG?, the same experts that said tony romo would only be a backup qb?...and I could go on and on

Sports experts are wrong much of the time. And God forbid we go with success. Keppingers arm was fine, he hit much better, and the team played better..am I missing something?.

Regardless nurse Julie and I will support our team no matter whom is playing SS. Cheviot get in touch with us we would love to take in some games with you

at 4:23 PM Blogger BATSFAN said...

MR.FAY did the Bats get Kevin Barker somebody told me that but im not sure?

at 4:27 PM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

hugh I am sorry I did not see your post..There are people on this blog that hijack names and cause trouble as I conveyed to John Fay. Unfortunately, someone has been doing that to me.

its a shame because this is a really good blog. regardless as I conveyed, those of us that live locally should get together and take in a game sometime. that would be alot of fun. nurse julie will bring the water

at 4:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John, do you think if Cueto keeps this up, he could end up being the # 4 or 5 starter?

at 4:54 PM Blogger John Fay said...

It's possible. He and Volquez are the talk of the camp. Cueto's got a little flair. He jumped his fist on the second strikeout.

Remember, cueto, volquez could be used in the bullpen at the start.

at 5:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys: What lineup will give us more contact when a ground ball or fly ball will score a run or move a runner?? Can anyone besides Hopper bunt? This area needs to improve greatly along with the pitching!! Please give a lineup that gives us that improvement !! MAD IN DAYTON

at 5:33 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

John, I think it is very likely that Volquez does indeed start in the bullpen for us and does some spot starting when we need that extra guy because of someone missing a start here or there, which we all know will happen sooner or later. I also think that it is very possible that Affeldt also works from the pen. That would leave us a rotation of:


in no particular order (at least the last 3)

This leaves no room for Cueto on the Reds' roster in my opinion and so I just don't see him really having a chance to make the team this spring.

Now if someone struggles then I can see Cueto coming up at a later date but let's also remember the brass may not want him with the big club all season for financial reasons long term either. Because of his age and experience I think it'll be an easy sell to keep him in AAA much it Bailey was handled last year. I don't see Cueto given much of a chance this year unless we see two starters having rough stretches at the same time. Say if Belisle and Bailey are both struggling and are sent down to AAA.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to make this sound like a complaint. I think it's great to have too much pitching talent it's just not always a decision that is based upon who is more talented or is playing the best. It's too often more about $$$'s.

I personally think the best thing that this organization could do this year is to rotate pitchers from the starting rotation to the bullpen and from the bullpen to the starting rotation and not so much from the rotation to AAA and back. For instance, if Stanton or Coffee isn't cutting it this year then they should be released and the young guys given a chance to pitch from the pen. Then when a starter is struggling you move him to the bullpen and pull one of the young studs out for a start. Keep the guys all in Cincy working with the big club. It just seems to me this team has worked pitchers from AAA straight to the rotation and then back and the young guys never work through the bullpen first or from the rotation to the bullpen when struggling. Doesn't this seem like a more logical stepping stone for our young pitchers?

We need to stop giving some of these guys who keep failing in the pen 8th, 9th, and 10th chances to blow games. Most fans would rather see Volquez and Cueto give up a lead in the 7th than Stanton or Coffee. At least we can say they are young and learning instead of just flat out ineffective.

at 6:26 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Why would you release Todd Coffey Red Faced? That makes no sense, the guy has options.

The guy was our second best pitcher 2 years ago... 81 games 3.58 ERA and you want to release him?

David Ross had a great 06 and a bad 07. You want to cut him to?

Or, if heaven forbid, Keppinger hits .247 this year, is he still our starting shortstop?


at 6:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bull pen pitchers need to be able to pitch every day, if Cueto is as good as he his he should never come out of a bull pen, it could do him harm. Same holds true for any of our prospects slated to be starters. Start them in Cincy, or start them in Louisville, but dont force them into everyday throwing.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 6:36 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Thanks Jon for not being jealous.I rather be in FL anyway,but after 10 day's in The jungle,I'm happy to be home.

And yes I was rubbing it in.Cincinnati is so gloomy these day's.All that pollution from the factories causing acid rain is playing a part in that I think.

I'm so excited about this season,The red's are trying real hard to contend without spending.It worked for Colorado & WK was part of building the twins over the years without big market money.

I still think too many RH pitchers compared to LH pitchers in the rotation & I'm not putting any money an Affeldt to win a job in the rotation.Kepp is a solid ballplayer and I think time will tell with this guy.Reds look good so far,but they haven't even gone anywhere yet,time will tell.

Very Optimistic this season,I'm hoping BC cares as much as we do.Cincy really needs a winner more than ever!!!

at 6:40 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Just curious,Red faced & kevin:Do you guy's ever see the outside?

Just an observation,not a diss.

at 6:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way either Cueto or Volquez starts the year in the bullpen....they are projected as starters and will be in AAA starting as opposed to filling a spot in the bullpen.....


at 7:06 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

OK, sorry reaganspad, then please use Coffee's options if he has them. I'm afraid I don't keep up with everyone's options. But to be honest, if he's as bad this year as last I don't know that he's worth keeping. The names I through out were really examples more than anything as far as the current bullpen guys are concerned.

Also, bullpen pitchers don't pitch everyday so that is a poor excuse not to put someone in the bullpen. The bullpen has a number of guys down there for that very reason. At least the young guys would be facing Major League quality hitters when they pitch and getting guidance and feedback from Major League coaches and players instead of dominating AAA and not learning and growing from it.

I work 80 hr work weeks by the way for those of you asking. I just spend a lot of it behind a keyboard.

at 7:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


That was my first post today!

Anyway, I'm self employed w/ an office @ home, so I keep an eye on all things Reds (espescially this time of year) By the way, Im in Ft Myers, ST home of Red Sox and Twins. Just 1:45 down I-75 from 'Sota. Love this time of year down here, both because of weather and ST. Ill get to 2 or 3 Twins games, usually 2 vs our Reds and another random. Cant get Sox tickets, just like @ Fenway.
I also go to the Ed for the last ST game when ALL merchandise is 50% - 60% off. Wouldnt trade it for Colorado as I like to fish, but come April I wish I could go north with my team!

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 7:16 PM Anonymous Red Faced. said...

Sorry Redlegg in Co, I didn't mean for the 80 hr workweek comment to sound so snippy but when I re-read it, it sure does. To answer your question, no I don't see the outside very often. At least not while it's light.

Can Not wait for the game tomorrow guys.

at 7:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are so much into the reds how many go to the games more then once a year

at 7:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work down at the ballpark every game. I wish you guys would shut your traps and start going to the games

at 7:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, how did Jay Bruce look in his first action, i know he grounded into a DP and had another groundout, i also see he had a single, but i mean were you impressed? Did he show you any reason why he should start opening day?

at 7:27 PM Blogger Grizzlyfox said...

Barring injuries, here are the 12pitchers I am hoping show Dusty something big this spring and break camp with the team-SPs-Harang, Arroyo, Bailey, Fogg: RP/SP Affeldt, Cueto, Volquez, Belisle RP Cordereo, Weathers, Burton, Roenicke
Affeldt then would seem to make more sense in the pen as a lefty, with Volquez/Belisle/Cueto as the #5 guy, and then one of those three guys as the long guy, I myself would like to see Belisle in that role. Out of these 12 guys, 5 of them can hit 96. I don't think they keep track of this stat, but when was the last time the Reds had that many guys throwing that kind of heat?

at 7:30 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

red faced. thanks, I understand.

Here is an exercise for you. Go look up David Weathers numbers for his first 7 Seasons. We had him in Cincy for his 8th season, much like the previous ones and then release him.

Check out his last 10 years.

Compare Todd Coffey with a young David Weathers, then lets chat.

I understood us giving up on Ryan Wagner. I even kind of understood giving up on Chris Reitsma (KIND OF). Coffey is better than both those guys, and well as cool a guy as Trevor Hoffman is, I hate hearing his name. That is what I fear with Coffey, the blog runs him out of town and he goes on to be Trevor Hoffman. the blog is all powerful

at 7:32 PM Anonymous Mike The Pharmacist said...

I'm hoping someone will start working on Keppinger's future plaque that will doubtless be hanging at the hall of fame someday. In the meantime, the National League MVP will have to be re-named the Jeff Keppinger Award.

at 7:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18,

I love the Reds, but I dont decide where to live based on that, my carrer oppourtunities are much better in FLA and you can be outside 365 days a year.

I grew up a Reds fan and played baseball myself into early adulthood (never proffesionally) so both are in my blood.

If the situations were reversed and you were 1200 miles away, would you just forget about your redlegs? Stop following them?

If you would then you're not a fan.

I will not appologize for where I live, but you should apologize for stupid posts.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 7:51 PM Blogger BPhil4Prez said...

I disagree on using one of our young guys as a RP and not having to pitch him everyday (and thus risk injury). I think one RP that pitches every 3rd day or so for 2 IP (every 4th day with 3 innings) is a great way to bring along a young pitcher (see Roy Oswalt, Johan Santana, Adam Wainwright before he was elevated to closer). It seasons them but in a lower-pressure situation and protects the arm. I personally think we bring one of our Big Three along this way, one as a starter in the majors and one in the minors. Harang, Arroyo, Belisle, Bailey and then Fogg as the fifth (and skipping him only to keep Harang on schedule) is the way to go with Cordero, Weathers, Burton, Bray (if healthy), Affeldt, Coffey and Volquez in the pen. Cueto is the first starter up when needed and Majewski/Sauerbeck wait in the wings for relief. Eat Stanton's contract (why justify a spot in a competitive bullpen because we are paying him; we pay him regardless, so let's better compete).

at 7:59 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Anon 7:18-I go to all the red's games at Coor's field.I usually splurge & by tix's right behind Homeplate(Look for the handsome guy w/ a smokin hotty & yes Sherlock You found me,Pure elementary),then I mix it up and buy seats along 1st base & third base in a 3 game stand(Always lower level),If a 4 game stand comes to Coor's field then I might sit behind homeplate for two games,but than can be expensive,but I can't remember a 4 game stand in Coors field since I move to CO 5 years ago. I usually take my 3 yr. old daughter down for atleast one game in the series,she loves baseball.Go Figure.I do buy the Mlb package,so plenty of baseball games are being watched.We also go down to about 15 or so rockies games during the season.I went to all three yankees games last season & watched then get sweep by the rocks,IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!I usually fly home to Cincy during the summer,where my family has had season tix's for more than 30 years,So I catch a few games at GABP too.Trust me, I have seen some reds games in my short lived life.4192,The 90 NLCS & WS,The 88' all star game,Tom Browning's perfect game.Yep I was there buddy!

Red faced-I didn't think you came off snippy & didn't read it that way.You work 80 hours then you work 80 hours,Point made.I was just busting chops in the 6:40 post,I work from home too.Therefore I blog !!!

Kevin in FL-Your lucky!Florida is awesome.I was just busting your chops.You have informative things to say about the reds,I appreciate that.

Make sure you guy's don't get lazy behind a desk,make time for fresh oxygen too.

at 8:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

jack - why do you keep bringing up nurse julie? we dont know who she is, dont care what her profession is, don't care who your going to the park with, and dont care how much water you bring...

why do you keep bringing it up?

at 8:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your plan is not bad and could work, but unless you have a solid 5 (minimum 4). You cant have guys in the pen that cant pitch whenever you want. Imagine being in a close game and needing situational outs, but saying
"well we cant pitch so and so cause he threw 2 innings yesterday, and we cant throw whats his name cause he pithed 4 innings 2 days ago..". Its a managers nightmare.

If 2 of the younger starters get knocked out of games w/ any regularity, you're going to need guys who can pitch 3 or 4 every other day regularly.

-Kev in FM

at 8:13 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

I agree with bphil4prez, No reason a young arm can't pitch Relief then become a full time starter.Look how the yanks handled the Joba Chamberlin situation with the MUST rest him for a set amount of day's before he pitched again last season.The way the bosox are handling Papeblon is a little different,but he was orginally was being groomed to be a starter,turned out to be a stud closer.So I think If Dusty can do something like that,you never know who could emerge as a stud RP.

Not to mention guys Like John Smoltz,prove both can be done.Goose Goosage doesn't have a plaque for being a starter.Pitchers like D.Eckersly also should get mentioned for being able to start & do relief also.

Redlegg in Co,exit stage left

at 8:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to look back at the teams all those guys played for that Colorado mentioned.

My hunch is, in most cases, they had good starters, or probably lost alot of games.

Again, a hunch, (Sorry John Fay no facts here.)

Those guys are all GREAT pitchers though and it may have worked for them because they're great.

-K in FM

at 8:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just an add on to my last post,
the Reds need starters sooner rather than later, and the fastest way to get these guys ready is for them to pitch 6 or 7, every 5th day, at whatever level.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 9:01 PM Blogger BPhil4Prez said...


Actually, I think it works even better. Volquez pitching 2-3 innings every 3-4 days gives the bullpen more of a break that day. Harang/Arroyo are as dependable as they come for giving 7 innings, so we really have three "bullpen days" and one of those three gets more absorbed by the youngster. It's been proven to be a great way to ease a guy into the bigs and think it serves as a great way to rest the rest of the bullpen regularly.

at 9:07 PM Blogger BPhil4Prez said...


That's the beauty of setting up a starter's schedule out of the bullpen. You still keep him at least somewhat extended by pitching him multiple innings at a time. Oswalt, Santana, Wainwright, Joba, Mo Rivera back in the day when they were actually grooming him to be a starter. I actually wouldn't be able to name a single instance where an up-and-coming starter was groomed in long relief (but still in critical game situations) and it stunted his long-term growth as a starter.

at 9:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not saying it cant or wont work, I just dont know if its the best plan for the Reds.

We need legitimate 3,4, and 5 for 09, and any guy thats in the bull pen this year, likely wont be ready to throw 7 every 5th next year.

Kev in FM

at 9:31 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Hey Kev, I understand what you are saying also man. And I'm not sure that I don't agree with you on some level. I think we have so many young potential starters though that we could work some through the bullpen also. We will of course have some still in Louisville who could come up and will get more productive time pitching on a rotation basis of 6 or 7 innings an outing. But I have to wonder if a guy like Cueto or Volquez might not be better developing in the Bigs from the bullpen if there isn't an immediate place in the rotation? I think that might be the case for guys who basically have not much else to prove in AAA.

at 9:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah absolutely, somebody can go that route.

My train of thaught about the 7 every 5th is rooted in the beleif that starting is about the arm strength and durability as much as control and stuff. A guy with great stuff is still ineffective if fatigued, and we need guys who can last through September (and hopfully into October) I would bet in none of the instances you mentioned, the guys came out of the bull pen 1 year, and threw 180+ innings the next.

Anyway, your point is valid, rooted in practical baseball intelligence, good posting.

-K in FM

at 10:17 PM Blogger jdeezman said...

K in Fm, BPhilPrez, Reddlegg... excellent points and conversation.

That's why I come to Reds blogs.. and to Anon @ 7:18, that's what being a true fan is all about... living and dying with your team, no matter how far away you are.

I see Cueto making the starting rotation, like Brantley said... he just has IT.

at 10:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santana in his 4th year pitched in 45 games, 18 of those were starts, for a total of 158 innings. In his 5th (2004)he started all 34 games he pitched in, won 20 games, Cy Young, we all know the story.

Worked great for Minnesota / Santana.

But, took 5 years. Tell the Reds fans 2013 and theyll go apesh!t.

Not to mention, I'm not sure any of these guys will ever be a Santana.

We need Bailey, Cueto, and Volquez in 2009.

Put Maloney on the 5 year plan.

-Kevin in Ft Myers

at 10:30 PM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

Wow! What a nice surprise to see all the civil talk today. Hopefully the blog is moving onward and upward. Brought a tear to my eye, or maybe that was the wife's cooking coming back to haunt.

Certainly enjoyed the chatter between redsfuture,reaganspad,jdeez,redfaced, Kevin in Ft M, and reddlegg, and others. This is how the blog should be most of the time. Plenty food for thought.

Redlegg, if you do sit behind the plate when the Reds come to town, you must come up with a way to make us see you there....and no it cannot be a wave. Just don't get yourself arrested.

at 10:31 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Kevin, was that Santana's 5 season overall or his 5th in the big leagues? I guess I could just look it up couldn't I?

Just wondering since Homer is basically in his 4th season and thought he might be a good comparison model for us.

at 10:38 PM Blogger BPhil4Prez said...


Let me start by saying I enjoy your posts immensely (and thus on my first blog posting night ever I am by no means trying to negate what I think are very valid points on your part). But Johan, although it took 3-4 years to develop, went from pitching the 2-3 IP's every 3-4 days that I mentioned for 27 relief appearances one year to pitching 228 IP the next year. Oswalt went from pitching 8 long relief appearances one year to starting at the end of that year and then 237 IP the next year. Wainwright went from all relief work in '06 to 202 IP last year. Three examples don't make it a definite, but three of the top pitchers in the game (ahead of myself just a little with Wainwright and I hate the Cards, but I think he's as good a up-and-comer as they get) at least justifies it in the situation where we are in where we have three big ones and maybe not the right timing to put two in the rotation and definitely don't want them wasting their talent in AAA where they've proven they have handled.

at 10:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...



Cueto and Volquez @ Louisville starting, September call up or earlier if 345 struggle.

Affeldt in the Bullpen.



Maloney in bullpen as long relief.
Belisle in the 8th

Kev in FM

at 10:43 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

OK, I see you are looking at Santana's time with the big club now. It is nice to see Bailey's numbers better than Santana's when you compare their first year of big league experience. Now I know this comparison doesn't really prove anything but none-the-less it's something to look at and discuss for us. Makes me wonde why Santana was moved along so slowly, he actually pitched less his second year in the league than he did his first, especially when you factor in the number of innings he threw in the minors that first year of big league experience also.

at 10:48 PM Blogger BPhil4Prez said...

Also, may as well come out swinging and pipe in on the Gonzo/Keppy debate. I have absolutely loved the points on both sides the past two days, as I think it's very intriguing (albeit just us internet folk debating what isn't a debate in management's eyes). Here's how I see it, though. I don't simply look at those two versus each other (somewhat close on offense vs. defense) and rather also add in what the other would add if they weren't the starter. Gonzo will be a suitable hitter and I definitely think will have a much better year defensively (his worst defensive years were in Florida and we have to weigh at least a little with his personal dilemmas last year). The key with Gonzo at short is what a HUGE chip Keppy plays in the utility role. I really like the idea of a strict platoon at 1B to ease Votto in and thus Keppy get the starts at 1B vs. LHP's (about 40 per year). I also see him giving EE and Gonzo a start off per week or so (20 per year). That's 80 starts for Keppy right there. I obviously am not naive enough to sit here and be able to predict exactly how things will go, but injuries only add to Keppy's value. I just see Gonzo starting and Keppy getting 80 starts elsewhere and keeping everyone fresh and help ease their progression (Votto) and get better defense in the process as a much more sound plan than Keppy 140 games at SS, Votto as an everyday 1B and Gonzo disgruntled and playing 20 games (and a much less productive PH, albeit a defensive replacement, than Keppy).

at 10:59 PM Anonymous Z in Oxford said...

John, excluding Fogg, Affeldt, and Volquez from the equation, after much comparison and speculation, would you say Cueto or Bailey has a better shot of making the rotation out of the gate?

at 10:59 PM Blogger redfuture said...

Here is a good read on Florida Govenor's concern over spring training losses to Arizona.

at 11:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woody, the blog is much better tonight. Wheres Jack?

Kev in FM

at 1:38 AM Blogger Josh said...


at 8:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2000, the Reds won 85 games and Jack McKeon was fired for a bad year. We have suffered through losing seasons ever since with inexpensive, no name managers. This year will be no different even though some money was spent to bring Dusty Baker to town. The Cincinnati taxpayers built two new stadiums on the riverfront for two losing teams.

The Reds are well on the way to challenging the Bengals streak of losing seasons.

at 8:15 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

I have been the most adamant about the Reds losing anon..but lets give the team a chance this year.. lets not be so negative.

Regardless, nurse Julie and I certainly will be at our 30-4o games this year enjoying our team.

We do have one darn complaint..the pretzels at the ballpark are overpriced and stale at times

at 9:12 AM Blogger flard said...

I think nurse Julie is a psych nurse who takes Jack out for his daily constitutional.

at 9:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

kindergarten is OPEN!

at 9:49 AM Blogger Brendan T said...

Grizzlyfox at 7:27pm-
While it would be great to have that many guys throwing heat out of the bullpen, that staff would never work because you would only have one lefty reliever (Affeldt). We'd need at least one more situational lefty.

at 10:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a reds fan is one thing hut being a knowledgeable reds fan from 1000 miles away is a different ballgame.All you can do is surmise what you hear from sportswrters or from the tv which aint doo doo. anybody that has any sense knows that with anything in life up front and close is better than far .You cant go to reds games .. I dont care thats your toughluck

at 10:13 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...


Todd Coffey stinks..and you have absolutely no proof that he will rebound and get better dude

everypost of yours is filled with "what ifs or just wait"

But you know reagan.. nurse julie and I will be at 30-40 games this year enjoying our team..how bout you ? We would be more than happy if you join us or anyone else for that matter. Bring your own water

at 12:57 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Jack, based on your logic, Keppinger wouldn't play last year because.

Be consistant would you. Coffey was a great ML reliever in 2006, 81 games.

The difference is Coffey and Keppinger? Age and Options. You better hope your boy doesn't David Ross on you because a 220 hitting Kepp ain't with the Reds no longer

I really wish that you were a Reds fan. I am sure the games you go to your wear your Cubs jersey. I am really not used to a Reds fan being so NEGATIVE about Reds players

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