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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Live from Clearwater

I'm coming to you from beautiful Bright House Field, spring home of the Phillies. This place is the jewel of the Grapefruit League. The Reds had visions of a place like this when they started to push to rebuild Ed Smith. That's not going to happen -- at least here in Florida.

Bright House has luxury boxes, the outfield berm, a tiki bar in left, spacious offices. And a $60 million price tag. The stadium in Goodyear is similar.

By the way, it's bone-chilling 56 degrees here with whipping winds.

Here's the lineup for today's tilt:

Ryan Freel CF
Norris Hopper LF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Joey Votto 1B
Jay Bruce RF
Jeff Keppinger SS
Paul Bako C
Andy Green DH

Jeremy Affeldt P

That top six might be very close to what you'd have next year if Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn leave via free agency.


at 10:23 AM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

Huh. We have been debating the merits of this year line up and now you're gonna stir it up with the future line up? Awesome! Don't let anybody knock your blogging/reporting skills.

at 10:23 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

hi john .. its 18 degrees here and snowing so don't complain. But we are ok.. julie stopped at Marx Hot Bagels and we are having raisin bagels with tuna and coffee.. My brother is flying down next week..he will introduce himself to you by the way.

I hope Adam Dunn does not leave, I could care less if Griffey left yesterday. Stick Bruce in right field, Hopper in center and use 12 million on pitching..

But if we ever have Ryan Freel as our starting centerfielder, we got problems

Have a nice day,,..stay warm

at 10:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


To be honest the top two of that order won't win AA games. And if Bruce has a shot at winning the CF job why isn't he playing CF and Freel in right.


at 10:38 AM Blogger Redzman said...

Who else is scheduled to pitch today?

at 10:58 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Jack, your post is right-on brother. This team needs to keep Dunn and let Griffey extend his career by playing some DH in the AL. We need to work some speed and BA into the lineup.

John, excellent, excellent job on the blog yesterday keeping us up to date on the game. I appreciate it immensely.

Does anyone know if you can steam the WLW broadcast over the Internet?

Jack, give nurse Julie a big kiss for me, she's a heck of a woman.

at 11:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, just out of curiosity do yo know what that buy out option is on Griffey? I remember reading somewhere it would cost us uupward of 4MM to buy his contract out and like 16MM to keep him....so it would be like costing the reds 12MM to keep him?? that may be totally wrong, but thats why I'm asking

at 11:05 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Jon Adkins, Jim Brower, Jared Burton, Todd Coffey, Jon Coutlangus, Gary Majewski,Marcus McBeth, Adam Pettyjohn, Brad Salmon and Tom Shearn are on the trip. Hopefully, all don't pitch because that would mean extra innigs.

at 11:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

All three potential starting centerfielders are in there today just thought i should throw that out there

at 11:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha yes...and if we look at it in HS baseball standards.....baker's prediction of where the guys' chances are of getting it are...

Freel in CF (his job)
Hooper in LF (he's number 2)
Bruce in RF (#3)

at 11:17 AM Blogger Aaron said...

OK, Hopper batted .326 last year and while don't expect a repeat of that to say that he and Freel couldn't win in AA is an absurd exaggeration. If you have a valid complaint make one, but to just make such a ridiculous over-the-top statement is not contributing to the debate.

We are facing Brandon Webb on opening day. That's a tough match up. We will probably need to manufacture a run somewhere, and that is why a guy like Hopper at the top of the order could make the difference. You want Bruce and Votto getting schooled by Webb or do you want Hopper laying down a drag bunt, and Hatteberg giving you professional at-bats?

I am not saying the rookies should be banished forever but there is no reason to throw them directly in the fire unless they prove themselves this spring in a big way.

at 11:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will we be able to listen online on 700wlw?

at 11:31 AM Blogger Brendan T said...

Good points, Aaron.

I like to see all of the CF options playing. Let them sort out this debate on the field.

at 11:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you can listen online because the broadcast are actually owned by MLB not WLW. That is unless you buy the season pass from MLB.com

at 11:37 AM Blogger John Fay said...

The game is on WLW. From here until March 15, they do only do Sat. and Sun. game. After March 14, they'll do all games.

at 11:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If our regular, everyday OF ever consists of both Hopper and Freel starting I think I might throw up.

at 11:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

80 degree's and sunny today in Phoenix. See ya' in 2009!

at 11:47 AM Blogger Bruce said...

For those who want to listen online you can buy the game day audio for $14.95/year from mlb.com:


It will allow you to listen to any team and any game all season long.

at 11:49 AM Blogger Bruce said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 11:52 AM Blogger Seth M. said...

I like Palm Beach better than Clearwater...both are good though.

at 11:56 AM Anonymous Jeff said...

Bright House Field is like Goodyear's Stadium. Big Whoop!

at 11:59 AM Blogger Bruce said...

Wow I didn't realize the MLB audio subscription included archived games. I'm wasting time until the game starts by listening to the Pete Rose 4192 game. Classic Marty and Joe :) It's awesome that it's the whole game and not just a clip.

at 11:59 AM Blogger Aaron said...

I went with MLB.TV for $14.95/mo which includes Game Day Audio. You will also get to see two Reds spring training games with that package.

at 12:55 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Thanks for the update on the audio package Bruce. I buy the MLB.com audio every year for the past 3 years I guess and I absolutely love it. I get to hear a lot of games while working at the office that way, especially the businessman specials. $14.95 a year is a steal but don't tell MLB that.

at 1:10 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Yes sir, I've got Marty and the Cowboy streaming over the MLB.com audio feed right now. Best $14.95 you can spend for ANY subscription anywhere. For those not familiar with the service you get to choose from either the home team or the away team broadcast crew for ANY MLB game. Not every game will have both options but I've never seen a Reds game in which the WLW feed was not available.

Too bad I'm considered part of the Reds TV market and can't view the MLB.TV video feeds or I'd subscribe to it also. I guess I'll just have to hook up a slingbox and watch the games from my home cable box that way while at work.

First pitch, gotta go. Enjoy the game all.

at 1:20 PM Blogger Bruce said...

Agreed. Possibly the best $15 I'll spend all year. Can't beat sitting in my cube and listening to the Reds! During the year I even listen to other teams, makes you appreciate the Reds broadcasters they are some of the best in the business!

at 1:22 PM Blogger Grizzlyfox said...

Can't wait to hear this Bruce AB...

at 1:23 PM Blogger BATSFAN said...

You going to give us play by play John?

at 3:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I had the pleasure of hitting all the ballparks in Florida during last year's spring training. You are right on the mark regarding Bright House. I would even dare to put it up against GABP. Even with a new deal with Sarasota, I can't imagine Ed Smith coming close in terms of the accommodations. Move West young man . . .

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