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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sarasota dreaming

I’ve decided to pull out all stops to keep the Reds in Sarasota.

I decided this during a sunset run on the beach at Siesta Key. Or maybe it was during the delightful meal at Javier’s. Or maybe it was while drinking beers served up by the lovely Mary at Daiquiri Deck.

Sarasota is a very nice place to spend six weeks. I may change my mind, however, after the drive to Dunedin on Sunday, followed by the drive to Fort Myers on Monday. But, right now, I’m solidly behind staying in Sarasota.

I'll be on WLW tonight with Doc at 8 or so. Writers Roundtable night.


at 6:32 PM Blogger docproc said...

With you all the way, John--keep them in Sarasota.

I'll be there a week from today!

at 6:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that mean you're gonna chip in for the renovation? :)

AZ weather forecast
Sat 81 sunny
Sun 82 sunny
Mon 75 sunny
tues 71 sunny
Wed 76 sunny
Thurs 72 sunny

at 7:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be there in two weeks - see ya at the Deck during the pup crawl on St. Paddy's Day

There's nothing like a good run on the beach

at 8:30 PM Blogger marshdom said...

I'm with anonymous 6:56pm ... weather is better in AZ ... drives to most of the "road" ballparks is shorter ... better/more-plentiful/affordable golf ... restaurant selections are just as good ... brand new & beautiful ballpark (with great facilities for the players) ... it's a no-brainer ... thus, the migration from FL to AZ ...

at 8:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Beach kicks the desert's butt every day of the week -- and twice on weekends.

More to Spring Training than just the baseball.

And shouldn't you AZ guys be keeping folks away to conserve the little remaining water you have left?

Just kidding, AZ is very nice, but you can't drive there in one day from Cincinnati...

at 8:42 PM Blogger redfuture said...

I really like the authoritative voice & presense of Brantley. I just heard him on Doc's show and he says that Bruce will make the team and lead off. He gave a precedent of Will Clark with the 1987 Giants as one who came up and lead though he was a slugger. First of all, 1986 was Will's first year and second of all he only lead off 9 times, he did hit second 55 times. Votto is the best choice to leadoff when Hopper is not in the lineup.

at 8:43 PM Blogger Signify said...

Forget Sarasota, the Reds moving to Goodyear is a done deal. I have two sources confirm this. Expect an announcement around the corner, maybe before the mid-March deadline.

You'll just have to figure out how to deal with perfect sunny weather in AZ. I've certainly gotten use to it. Going on my sixth year of Spring Training in AZ.

Oh, and I was pricing flights to Orlando and nothing under $500 and as high as $780. Yeah, FL is cheaper for fans alright.

People still make 14 hours drives? That would be fun with $5 gas.

at 9:13 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The last post was done somewhat tongue in cheek. I love it here. But I've got no dog in this fight. Either place is fine by me. I've got two 20 x 24 photos of Sedona hanging in living room.

Findaddy's group sandwich was outstanding, by the way.

at 10:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Year, John. But you don't have to pay your own way. I'm getting ready to retire. I could make to FL for spring training. There's no way I could make it to AZ. Thanks, Rds and Sarasota.


at 11:21 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

They have more talent,but we have a better ball team.
-Todd Benzinger 1990

Just wanted to bring up the talent over chemistry reasoning once again,So many posters think talent will always outdo team chemistry.I disagree completely.Grant It, talent is important,but without talent you don't even crack the staring line-up,the 25 man roster,or even a 40 man roster.

I watched the reds ws game 4 the other night & that was just on my mind.The red's were considered losers before the WS even started,because the A's were supposed to be the most talented baseball team at that time.We all know how that turned out!!!let me add 2 names Glenn Bragg's & Herm Whiningham.No Eric the red,no Billy Hatcher (who set a MLB record for BA avg.)

For the talent arguementors, Go WATCH the 90 WS & tell me which team Won.The most talented team or the team that wanted it bad enough to pull together as a team.

at 11:30 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

On the Sarsota subject,I hear it's nothing but a bunch of old people playing suffle board & eating jello.Good riddins.BORING!!!!!

I can't wait for Goodyear,AZ.Closer to CO,therefore I can drive down there in 12 hours.That's just a day's drive away.Better weather too.Jello shots,not jello with metamucial

AZ is a no brainer.

at 11:57 PM Blogger Stock said...

I think Lou Piniella loved the Reds chances vs. the A's in 1990 after he reviewed the scouting report.

The scouting report on the A's was that they struggled vs. power pitchers.

Bring on Rijo and the Nasty Boys. This was much more a case of a good matchup for the Reds as opposed to chemistry.

at 3:54 AM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

I agree the 90' team had talent,that season alone red's produced 5 all-stars compared to the A's 5 all star.s So, it was evenly matched in that angle.

But the team with a better supporting cast won.If you try to tell me that team chemistry didn't play a part in that ws championship run,I would have to beg the differ.Yes your right about the pitching,we had some great arms that year and deep down your right. (Great Pitching wins rings,every year a WS champ is crowned because the defense & pitching is solid),but it was the way the team rallied around EACH OTHER that made the difference.Good defense,fundemental small ball, great pitching,clutch hitting,speed on the bases & great management.

I'm still bewildered by the Narron resigning last offseason when Sweet Lou was avilable.That guy's know's baseball & the reds passed up a great chance to bring him back.

at 4:24 AM Blogger Dan H said...

Keep a close eye on that fuel gauge!!

at 7:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colorado: You're assuming Lou wanted the job. You are probably assuming too much. Lou wants to win as soon as possible. As much as the Reds may seem on the way up, they are still several years away from serious contention imo. If Lou wanted to build something, he would have stayed in Tampa.

at 8:35 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Dont wear the baggy blue jeans John,,although Julie thinks you look cute..

Pinella was available and interested..for whatever reason the deal never went through. Personally, I think the Reds just wanted to do cheap at that time

at 11:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found an interesting stat on ESPN -- Per the way that it keeps defensive stats -- Kepp had both a better fielding percentage AND better range than Gonzo last year at SS.

For 2007, Kepp's fielding at SS was .989, and range was 4.29, with a zone rating of .842.

For 2007, Gonzo's fielding at SS was .963 and range was 4.24, with a zone rating of .838.

See, //sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/stats?playerId=6076&context=fielding

Hence, for those of you that say that Gonzo had "superior" range than Kepp last year at SS, you are WRONG. That's it.

That being said, I am certainly hoping that Gonzo gets healthy soon.

at 11:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omar Vizquel -- who is a stud at SS for defense -- had a zone range of .897 last year. He is someone that you play regardless of his offense, as his numerous gold gloves attest.

at 12:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Redlegg in Co - why don't you go to Fla before you bash it - there's plenty to do - the beaches are great, Siesta Village is great.

Sure the "blue hairs" are a all around - but don't they also retire to Arz.

at 2:52 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

I spent plenty of time in FL,trust me.My mother's side is from West palm beach.

Beaches are great no matter where you are.I would like to come down there too,but AZ is closer & makes more sense for what the reds are looking for.

Jack- I thought Sweet Lou was avilable too,he was a special advisor for the reds that season he was working as an anaylst.They could have made an offer,but I don't think they did.

My gas gauge is always of most importance,thanks for the advice.

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