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Monday, April 21, 2008


It didn't take long for the Dodgers to rattle Matt Belisle. Leadoff batter Rafael Furcal hit the ball 378 feet into right field for a home run. Russell Martin doubled. Andre Ethier walked. Matt Kemp struck out swinging to end the inning, but it was undoubtedly not the start Belisle wanted upon his return from the DL.


at 7:40 PM Blogger Joe said...

I have about as much confidence in Belisle out there on the mound as I did with Fogg out there.

at 7:42 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

More errors hurting this team.Usual suspects.

3-0 top of the 2nd.

When will the reds figure out chasing the other team all game is NOT a recipe for success.

Good thing I have to leave early tonight,I don't think this is going to be pretty.

at 7:44 PM Blogger Mutaman said...

After watching Belisle for two innings, can we put Fogg back in the rotaion?

at 7:44 PM Blogger Hara M. Fard said...

Starting pitching remains the #1 problem here. The offensive is off to a mediocre start but will come around (especially when we're sloughing off the Castros and adding the Hairston Jrs.) and will come around more when Bruce gets here.


is one FINE lineup.

Maybe with Hairston leading off that lineup works too.

But without 2 Volquez's and 2 Cuetos to go with 1 Harang, we have a team that will finish between 10 and 20 games under .500, and we don't need a right handed batter or a better catcher or anything else except Votto, Kepp, and Bruce to be everyday players here, and 2 more starting pitchers.

Arroyo, Belisle, Affeldt, Fogg...each are not worth much to a team trying to get back to .500+

at 8:23 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

And you were expecting what exactly? The guy had a 5 ERA last year.

at 8:31 PM Blogger Mutaman said...

'But without 2 Volquez's and 2 Cuetos to go with 1 Harang, we have a team that will finish between 10 and 20 games under .500"

Sorry, but a team with Harang, Cueto, Volquez, Cordero in the pen, and Homer on the way, should be better than 10 and 20 games under .500.

at 8:38 PM Blogger Aaron said...

TOO MANY people just want to usher in youth as if its an instant recipe for success. Belisle is a perfect example of why you need to take the AAA stats with a big grain of salt. Bruce is striking out big time down there and you wanna bat him leadoff even though he hasn't played that role since his sophomore year in highschool? Yea that's a sure fire winner. Now we are all gonna demand Bailey coming up, and yea we mine as well, I can't argue against that one. Its at least worth a look. Votto is def. the long term solution at 1B but still makes errors. You put too many youngsters on the field at once and its gonna be a triple A team -- error prone and fundamentally unsound.

at 8:41 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

yes..yes..yes..Hairston certainly is an offensive powerhouse

at 8:41 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

Hairston leading off? Dear God.

at 8:48 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

you put the youngsters on the field..you may actually get a winning ballclub..Can it be any worse than the 7 past seasons?

at 8:52 PM Blogger Don said...

This organization has thing for Belisle. Krivksy handed him the starting job in November after a year with an ERA of over 5.30. His performance tonight is merely an extension of last year's poor showing. Belisle is not starting material. Sadly, I am sure the Reds will give him another two or three starts to "work on things", which will back an already anemic offense further into the corner.

at 9:24 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

The media in this town, both on the radio and in print, keeps saying that Belisle has good stuff. I'm not seeing that at all, nor do any of his numbers support it. There's nothing worse than being told something other than what the numbers say. Homer Bailey is not this bad.

at 9:58 PM OpenID sportshandicapper said...

Wow is an exclamation usually used to express surprise. But Matt Belisle has a significant body of work that indicates he has well-below-average ability to get Major League hitters out. This is what we watched him do consistently last year, and there was no reason to believe he had suddenly gotten better.

Krivsky and the Reds' beat writers all saying Belisle was our #3 starter right behind Harang and Arroyo all offseason, and even through most of spring training, was absurd and disgusting.

On the positive side, 60% of the rotation was terrible last year. This year, Volquez and Cueto have moved that % down quite a bit.

at 9:58 PM Blogger Aaron said...

What's funny about all these people calling for the youth movement... I bet you are the same bunch that gave up on Edwin last year and again this year. Rookies are gonna look bad and foolish often. You think these guys are ready to win us a bunch of games? Sure I want Bruce up here but he needs to improve his baserunning, fundamentals, and reduce strikeouts first. bailey was supposed to be working on his command and all indications are that he is making great improvement in that area, but since he is facing AAA material we don't know if it will translate to better command at the major league level. All I am saying is you need to ease these guys in not just foreit the season for the sake of giving everyone in Louisville experience in Cincinnati. If we can hang around .500 for a couple of months it will be a great time to begin promoting those guys. Right now it would be like throwing them into a fire.

at 12:27 PM Blogger Hara M. Fard said...

EE is a veteran, not a "youth" despite his actual age.

Hairston is part of the "youth" movement despite being much older than EE.

The "youth movement" is simply a call for the young or unproven minor leaguers to come here and produce.

After all, most of the old guys are NOT producing.

Not yet. Giving up on Dunn and Griffey is not in the cards. Phillips's slow start is not a big worry either.

Any other major league team would be playing Jay Bruce daily. KC did so with Gordon last year. Longoria is up for Tampa Bay. The Dodgers and Detroit and Boston have no problem putting talented youth into big games.

Only the stupid Reds do. That's why it's not just losing that's the problem, it's the way the management and owner operate that is so annoying much of the time.

Also annoying is these obese more-than-one-year deals for unproven players, when we have far more talented and just as unproven players in AAA.


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