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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Griffey in USA Today

Bob Nightengale from USA Today did a Ken Griffey Jr. cover story. Seattle's owner seems open to bringing him back. Here's a link.


at 3:27 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Interest is one thing, paying the remainder of his $10.5 million due for this year, and the $4 mil option for 2009 are another matter.

at 3:29 PM Blogger hey hey redlegs said...

you can't blame the guy for wanting to contend. he's been in the league for a long time and hasn't won the big one yet and i'm sure thats one thing he wants more than anything else. and its not gonna happen here for a while. this might even work out for us nicely with not having to pay Griff for next year, plus it will clear some room up in the outfield. i love Griff and always will where ever he plays. he deserves it.

at 3:32 PM Blogger jnkclass said...

Hi John-

It seems very apparent to me that the national media has been writing stories, trade suggestions, etc, ever since Griffey became a Red, to get him out of Cincinnati. Why do you think that is?

at 3:45 PM Blogger _Sir_Charles_ said...

I read the USA today article this morning and first off I'd like to say that it's a first rate article. Well written and I like that it shows the "human" side to Griff.

In regards to the "I want to contend" statement...I don't think Reds fans should read that as a trade request/demand. That's just what I would hope ALL the Reds players want. Any professional ballplayer wants to contend. And that desire gets more urgent as a player nears the end of his carreer.

But, that being said, yeah...I think it's time the Reds and Junior part ways. The only request I have is that the Reds allow it to be on JUNIOR'S terms. He's more than earned the right to go out as he chooses. I also think he's professional enough to see things from the Reds viewpoint and he'll do the best he can for them as well. Even if that's nothing more than giving them as much notice as he can so they can plan for the future.

But whatever Ken decides to do, he's a class act and he deserves MUCH more recognition than he's currently getting for what he's done over the length of his glorious carreer. Junior is a perfect example of all that is GOOD in baseball. Cheers, Ken!

at 3:46 PM Blogger gannfan said...

I hope for Junior's sake he gets a shot at a WS ring, or at least a chance to contend.

I don't think he'll get that shot in a Reds' uniform.

at 3:50 PM Blogger Kevin said...

I think the Reds came into the season with a plan. If they contend, Jr. stays. If not, ship him to a contender and try to get a catcher. Jr. deserves a playoff shot before he is done. Give it to him and let Bruce finish the season with the Reds. Griff came home, now let him go contend.

Also, until the Rangers make it to .500, no more Hamilton talk. He is not making a bit of difference there and an argument could be made that they should have kept Volquez considering the Rangers are 29th out 30th in pitching. His 32 RBI have them at 13-20. Awesome.

at 3:52 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I'll pick him up and take him to the airport..

Hes been paid handsomely for his tenure in Cincinnati..I wish him the best

Send him to Seattle today and bring Bruce up.

at 3:52 PM Blogger Jason said...

Thanks for the link to the USA Today article on Griffey, Jr. If the Reds start to the season continues, they need to do what they have to do regarding Griffey or Dunn to make the future brighter. However, this line from the article bothers me as a Reds fan, "Griffey, who enters today hitting .229 with four home runs and 15 RBI, says he expects the Reds to approach him before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline seeking his approval for a trade." To me, it says a player on this team doesn't think they'll contend. Now why I happen to agree with Griffey, as a fan, it can't be good to have players on the team who believe the season is lost alreay can it? I'd love your thoughts. Thanks.

Jason in Charlotte, NC

at 3:52 PM Blogger ArGee said...

Oh, yeah. Get his buns out of here. Sooner than later.

The team is struggling. He is hitting a robust .229. He tells his teammates they are not contenders.

What a LOSER.

at 3:52 PM Blogger ArGee said...

Oh, yeah. Get his buns out of here. Sooner than later.

The team is struggling. He is hitting a robust .229. He tells his teammates they are not contenders.

What a LOSER.

at 3:58 PM OpenID cecilburrito said...

How bout the Reds commenting to USA Today that they'd like a 12 million dollar man to bat over .250?

He may almost 600 home runs but if he's a big reason we're not contending right now..

at 4:03 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Good article.Gives Griff a different look.What a great family man.Good reporting too.In depth,instead of just icing on the top.

I always forget that Griff took a "big" pay cut to help this team contend,compared to the deal he was offered in Seattle.Seattle walked out like a bandit on the "deal" if you ask me.

A-rod may be another roid's user,at least that is what Canseco say's.So Griff may go down as one of the top three HR/RBI hitters of all time.I would like to see him get a ring & save Cincy the 16 million that could be used on younger talent.it's a win,win for everyone involved.

The 16 million dollar question is,what CAN the reds get in return ? An over aged,prone to injury,some what under achieving, & over payed player that is on rent for the season.A destined DH is the guess,but who knows?

But one thing is for sure;A automatic & guaranteed, 1st ballot HOFer.He played the game the right way.With heart,hustle,passion,grit,skill,talent,integrity, & with a smile.

Thanks Griff,I'll miss ya,but I think it's best for both parties to cut ties.You deserve better & the red's FO need to LEARN how to produce a championship product,with more money to spend in other area's of need,i would think WJ could/should be able to do this

at 4:04 PM Blogger Brick said...

It seems inevitable and I didn't think I'd ever say it, but trade KGJ as soon as possible.

at 4:20 PM Blogger The Dunce Cap Marvel said...

Looks the beginning of the end of Junior in a Reds uniform. I know most people on here will cheer for joy, but I for one will be greatly saddened when it happens. I've never once understood why he has gotten so beat up by the Cincinnati fans and media during his tenure. Y'all act like HOF once-in-a-generation-type players come through all the time.

Probably for the best that he leaves for a team that has a shot and seems interested in winning, but he'll be a lot harder to replace than you think. I wish him nothing but the best and he will always occupy that same pedastal with Barry Larkin as the favorite players of my youth.

at 4:20 PM Blogger Joe said...

If Jr. agrees, I would do it as soon as possible. I would not wait for #600. I would not wait until the trading deadline. I would not wait to be sure the Reds were not going to be competitive this year.

I love Jr., what he has accomplished and how he has done it. He wants a ring. He says he is not into the personal numbers, but DHing may give him another three or four years of HRs and hits. Three of four more years may give him a shot at 700 and 3000 hits. A real exclusive club. But he wants a ring, and his best shot may be in the AL as a DH.

Do it for Jr. and take what you get out of the deal.

at 4:26 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

didn't we here this last year? and the year before?

woe is me says ken, things are so bad around here, maybe they should just trade me...god forbid he ever take responsibility for any of the losing, or at least have the stones to ask for a trade if that's what he really wants

best thing about him leaving, i hope at least, will be that it frees up 1 or 2 of the younger guys, maybe they'll feel a little bit more comfortable stepping up into a leadership role without his highness around

at 4:35 PM Blogger Lets Talk Reds Blogger said...

I'd make the deal today. I wouldn't wait until he hits 600. If he was hitting HR regularly, I would wait. But who knows how long it will take. They can probably work that into some kind of a better deal for him. Whatever team he plays for as he gets to 600 will see an attendance increase for a few games. Use that fact as leverage.

at 4:37 PM Blogger MONEY MIKE said...

The fan in me wants to see him stay. The contender in me wants to see him go...ha what about Bedard talks once more...ha. Now that would be funny.

at 4:49 PM Blogger Greg said...

it saddens me. he still has it... not all of it.. but he's still a great player, doesn't really matter how many people dog him on here... there will be numerous comments on here about why not do it now if seattle wants him... i personally hope it does not happen. i'd be perfectly fine trading dunn but it looks like they want to dump JR to sign dunn...

and if you get to the part where he deferred $57.5 million for ownership to build a team around him and they did nothing.... that's pathetic and shows he DOES care about winning!

at 4:54 PM Blogger Ray Kinsella said...

Clement would have to be one of the players the Reds would get. He would shore up our catching. Maybe we trade Grif and Ross for Clement, Jimerson and Morrow.

at 4:57 PM Blogger pelagius said...

So what?!

Everyone in town wants the Reds to win. Why shouldn't he? If he didn't say stuff like this, all the whiners, who are determined to hate him no matter what, would say "he doesn't care." As it is, they can complain about something else.

And it's pretty bad when you can make a play that makes SportsCenter's top 10 in your own park and not get a standing ovation! We've lost the ability to act like true fans, and we're getting what we deserve as a result.

at 4:59 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

I would say that Jr. is not headed back to Seattle:

"What happened to Arthur Rhodes huge diamond earrings? Mariners manager John McLaren has a short list of club rules, and one of them is players are not allowed to wear earrings on the field." -- SeattleMariners.com

at 5:13 PM Blogger Swan Lewis said...

I appreciate the 'human' side of the Reds fans who have posted here, well, the first couple of posts, to realize how great Junior is. It has always been a black eye for the city of my origin that so many people in Southern Ohio have thrown Griff under the bus. Without question he deserves better. Too bad, we as a city could never appreciate a first class athlete, let alone a homegrown first class athlete. Plain and simple, we really don't deserve an above .500 club in ANY sport until we learn or decide to be better fans. I was living in the Pacific NW for the duration of Griff's career in Cincy, but by chance was living in S. America when the Redlegs came to Seattle last year. Still, it was obvious what real fans are like in a city and I was extremely embarrassed at being a Reds fan that day. Never again will I talk trash with people in Seattle reminding them that baseball started in the Queen City. Until the fans come back, we will be a loser sports city. Good luck Griff! I know whatever team you end up with I will be pulling for you all to win the Series!


at 5:50 PM Blogger russ said...

So Griffey wants to play on a contender when he could be pinpointed as one of the biggest reasons that his team is not a contender. Seems like a conflict of interest there to me, but people scoffed in 2000 when I suggested it may not be a good idea to elect an oil man as president....

I suppose it's only fair that Griff sticks it to Cincy on his way to Seattle the way he stuck it to Seattle on his way to Cincy.

Maybe Junior and Kobe Bryant can I have a "the grass is always greener"-a-thon?

at 6:07 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

This doesnt mean now. If they trade for him now, they are assuming his contract plus club option. If they just wait, they can sign him as FA to a deal they want. Probably in the 7 - 8 mil range.

Face it Reds fans, Griff is here till september.

Dunn is another matter, teams that want him may trade for him now (sooner than the end of year)to have the inside track on negotiating a long term deal, if they wait until hes a FA, the price may go up.

Odds Griffey is traded 5 to 1
Odds Dunn is traded 2 to 1

(these are of course made up odds for fun but are likely in the ballpark of being realistic)

But Dunn is the one more teams will want. Hes young, and even though hes not hitting well, Id bet 20 of the 30 hitting coaches in MLB are gonna say "I can fix this guy"

Griffs problem is that hes 38/9, and theres not a hitting coach in the world that can fix that.

As far as a contender trading for Griff to make a run, hes just not that "money in the bank" hitter he used to be. Over the course of a season he puts up nice numbers, but theres no guarantee hed do it in the 3 week stretch needed to get to and win a world series. Thats what teams look for in a "rent a player".

at 6:19 PM Blogger ST fan said...

Griffey has always been a dedicated, responsible citizen. Also he can hit the devil out of the baseball. Yet, he doesn't do the leadership things and the little things that make a team win. It's just not his nature. We have to accept him for who and what he is---a very fine person.

It would be best for all if he left now and went where his HRs could help a team win. DHing and batting 5th or 6th, he'd a terrific help for a contending team. I hope there is an AL team out there that can use what he has.

As for his getting paid below market...I can't feel sorry for a guy making his money regardless of what others are making. He' s rich for sure.

(The one guy who I feel sorry for salary wise is Johnny Bench. If he was playing today he'd be the first billion dollar contract.)

John, it was a great story. Thanks for passing it on. You are the best.

at 6:34 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

I have to laugh, laugh outloud . . . HAHAHAHAHA!

Griffey will bring a return of Clement, Jimerson and Morrow? In what fantasy league?

He's the Junior Griffey of 2008, not 1998, and the only way the Reds get a return depends on how much of the $10.5 mil salary and $4 mil buyout for 2009 they are willing to eat. If you think Clement, Jimerson and Morrow are worth $14.5 mil, then I have to laugh some more.


Griffey's return will be based on how much of the money the Reds are willing to eat. Frankly, what team is that stupid? Take the draft picks if the other team isn't willing to swallow most of the soggy cake.

at 6:37 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Griffey would put fans in the seats in Seattle and pay for himself

I doubt many teams want Dunn nor or there many coaches that are saying " I can fix him"

at 6:45 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"I doubt many teams want Dunn nor or there many coaches that are saying " I can fix him"

Wow, I wish there was a book out there for you to learn about baseball, Id buy it for you and send it next day first class, just for the good of this blog.

at 8:29 PM Blogger RedsfaninOregon said...

hey, if the Reds can get anyone to even TAKE griffey and his huge salary off their hands, GO FOR IT!! he's almost an automatic out at the plate, can't even do something to move the runners up, or use the left side of the field to get on base. i'd be thrilled if they could move him without having to cover much of his salary.

at 8:35 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Griffey alone will put $14.5 million worth of people in the seats? Hmmmm, let's see:

With an average ticket cost of $25.29 and an average attendance of 26,686 through just 15 dates, the Mariners would have to draw 573,349 more fans for their remaining home dates, or 8,687 per game more.

Of course, that number goes up for every home date played between today and the time of the potential trade. That's a whopping number of new tickets to sell.

Additionally, the Mariners have a $117.6 million payrol. To add $14.5 mil tosses them into the luxury tax threshhold pretty heavily, so to pooh-pooh the money is, well, poo.

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