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Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it time for Bruce?

Is it time?

Jay Bruce, the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball, is on a tear. He went 4-for-4 with two doubles and home run in the first game of Triple-A Louisville’s doubleheader and 1-for-3 with run scored in the second game. He’s hitting .348 with seven home runs and 29 RBI. He has 17 hits in his last 29 at-bats.

The Reds started Corey Patterson, who is hitting .196 in center fielder Monday.

Bruce is a left-handed hitter, but he’s hitting .370 this year off lefties. Adding Bruce would allow the Reds to use Ryan Freel, who is hitting .350 off lefties, to spell Adam Dunn (.167 vs. lefties) and Ken Griffey Jr. (.162 off lefties).

The Reds look like a team in need of a boost. Sometimes a player can do that. Milwaukee got major boost last year after calling up their top prospects, Ryan Braun, on May 25. Braun won the NL Rookie of the Year.

Is it time for Bruce?


at 9:27 PM Blogger jeff said...

Well Patterson has gone 2-3 thus far tonight with an RBI and two runs scored.....so it looks like he might have bought himself more time in Dusty's eyes.

at 9:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet he wouldnt have dropped that ball in right field if that means anything but yes its time i dont care that patterson has 3 hits tonight its time

at 9:38 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Is it time for Bruce?.... YES!!

at 9:41 PM Blogger gannfan said...

Would it help Jay Bruce to be on the same team as Dunn and Junior?

at 9:46 PM Blogger Matty G said...

Dear God yes!!!!

What else does he have to prove?!

It would perhaps be a different story in our current OF was on a tear, but we all know how that's not the case.

at 9:51 PM Blogger LA Red said...

CP is 4 for 5, quick trade him to Toronto while we can. Maybe we can get some good Canadian Bacon for him.

at 9:51 PM Blogger cmdugan34 said...

Patterson had 4 hits tonight...that means he is good for 3 months without a hit in Baker's eyes!

at 9:52 PM Blogger Volquez for Prez said...

"Would it help Jay Bruce to be on the same team as Dunn and Junior?"

No. That's why one of those two needs to be traded (most likely Griffey) before Bruce is called up. This would allow Bruce to play full-time in RF.

at 9:53 PM Blogger Matty G said...

Is there a danger in leaving a player in such great form in AAA for too long?

Is there a danger that he may mentally snap under the strain of performing so well so consistently yet still fail to get called up?

at 9:54 PM Blogger LA Red said...

I think it could help Dunn and Junior if Bruce was on the team. They might try to be leaders with him on board. Hopefully.

at 9:55 PM Blogger Clinton said...

I say wait just a lil bit longer. Can't rush him.

Patterson did well tonight so he bought himself some time.

at 9:57 PM Blogger Joe said...

Absolutely! If Jr. does not go back to Seattle, or they cannot trade Dunn, it is still time.

Find a way. Patterson's money is already spent. I would make a deal, any deal, even if it meant eating some more salary.

at 9:58 PM Blogger Steve said...

It's not May 25th yet. By then, Bruce and Phillips will be here. Desperate need of a right handed power hitter and Phillips fits some of the bill.

at 10:01 PM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

YES! It's been time for Robert the Bruce (Unabashed 'Braveheart' reference). Get rid of our garbage- Gimpy and Dunng.

at 10:03 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

I would argue that it's past time.

at 10:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can Patterson be sent down to AAA? because I don't think the team can wait for Dunn and/or Griffey to be moved to make room for Bruce

at 10:17 PM Blogger omnired said...

John, does anyone in the media have a Corey Patterson baseball card that they can show the back of it to Dusty?

at 10:39 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Hatteberg (really tough call here)

Andy Phillips (RH 1B)

The one thing of many that has bugged me is why the Reds are still carrying 2 LH 1B.

at 10:52 PM Blogger Zach in MO said...

No! Wait 2 more weeks & put off his arbitration clock for another year. The bats are starting to come alive. Wait it out so we can squeeze 1 more year of Bruce in Cincy.

at 10:55 PM Blogger Chillicothe redfan said...

It's not time for Bruce until you create room for him by clearing out at least one of our outfieldiers. Right now we've got Dunn, CPatt, Griff, Freel, and Hopper (DL). The worst thing we could do is call him up and have him sitting next to Baker every other day. Trade away some of our excess OF'ers and get Bruce everyday playing time, then call him up

at 11:24 PM Blogger redsfanwoody said...

I was ready Opening Day for Bruce. Is he the boost that gets this team turned around? I am not sure on that. I will say he'd probably put some extra people in the seats.

Even if he doesn't come out like gang busters, stick with him. Let him learn. If what they say is true, he has the make up to handle it.

at 11:41 PM Blogger daniele said...

yes its time for Jay Bruce...he can't hit a cutoff man either, so he should fit right in with this team...

at 12:03 AM Blogger Rob said...

It is only Bruce Time when Griffey vacates right field and Freel is traded.

at 12:41 AM Blogger TimmyT said...

This week would have been the perfect opportunity. 7 game homestand. Let's hope we're just waiting on Walt to finalize a deal for Griffey. Let's revamp this terrible outfield and get to winning!!!!

at 4:31 AM Blogger Gunner said...

I think until the Reds are willing & able to move Dunn or Griffey, its pointless to bring Bruce up. Is he ready? Yes, is he over due for playing time? Yes. But bringing him to play with too many LH batters already is pointless. Bruce still needs to work on his plate discapline ... yes he could learn that with playing time in the Bigs but why start his clock until the LH outfield glut is fixed? He isnt going to play every night with CP, Jr & Dunn around. The Reds have to move Dunn or Jr ... or both ... for it to make sense. Patterson is on this team for better or worse. He is Dusty's boy & has a $3.5 million dollar price tag hanging around his neck. So Cory is here as long as Dusty is the manager ... at least for this season. I'd be shocked if he was DFA'd.

at 4:52 AM Blogger bsu1 said...

It is time for Bruce and time to release Patterson, even if he did go 4-5.

at 7:44 AM Blogger Jason said...

For the love of GOD....YES!!!!

at 8:59 AM Blogger Jeff said...

Much needed win for the Reds last night. Letting that one get away would have been devastating.

Something I noticed…Jack and CSA were posting away about the myriad of Reds problems prior to the game, but the Reds win and they’re nowhere to be found. I guess for some folks, it’s only fun to carp about all of the problems.

at 9:03 AM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

anyone remember what that magic date is that prevent bruce from becoming a "super 2" and eligible for arbitration a year earlier? june 1 maybe?

i'd be shocked if they brought up before then. barring an injury or trade, i expect to see homer before bruce.

at 10:15 AM Blogger MJ said...

If the Reds move Griffey then its most likely Bruce will get the call up. I have a feeling Junior is going in the next couple of weeks. I will miss him but his time has come and gone. I use the example of him chasing down the last out last night. He sure looked old and stiff running after that one. The Reds should move him back to Seattle while there is still some value. Bruce is ready and could do no worse than what Griffey is hitting right now.

at 10:53 AM Blogger Jeff said...

I think bringing up Bruce now makes a great deal of sense, especially given that he is hot. He may provide the spark the team seems to be lacking. The team can use all the help they can get with left hand pitchers.

Griffey and Dunn will eventually hit better than they are currently (Griffey is beginning to show signs) but right now they are not carrying the run production load they should be. Bruce might be able to help with this.

at 11:04 AM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

If Zach is right, then I can wait two weeks. Maybe that is why Belisle is still starting...

at 11:31 AM Blogger Steve said...

The Arbritation issue does loom large with Bruce so after June 1st is probably more likely on his call-up. I agree that having two left-handed first basemen doesn't make sense but I love Hatty's approach to hitting. When in the zone, he's the best pure hitter on the team. We really should find him more PT. Can't Votto play OF too? Hmmmmm....

at 11:37 AM Blogger will said...

Also is it time to send Cueto down? This kid is vital to the future of the organization. He made a huge leap making the team this year. Is it doing him damage in the long term having him up here the way he's pitching? Maybe he needs to straigten himself out against some AAA hiters. To keep him up hear because you think you can contend if he turns it around may be a huge mistake to this kids development.

at 11:42 AM Blogger chris111 said...

Yes I think Bruce is ready without a doubt but I would wait 2 weeks to put off his arbitration for another year. Plus in that 2 weeks maybe a Griffey trade can be reached.

With all the changes Dusty has tried, I think this one is worth a shot.

Votto (lf)
Freel (center)
Bruce (rf)

Have Andy Phillips on 1B

Just a thought?

at 12:02 PM Blogger Middie said...

Past time. JB should have been in center from the beginning of the season so we wouldn't have had to deal with Patterson.

at 12:21 PM Blogger MJ said...

Cueto's problem is he's shaking off Bako way too much instead of trusting the catcher to call a good game. He's young and inexperienced. Its a correctable problem.

at 1:18 PM Blogger will said...

I dont doubt its not correctable, but is he best served to be correcting it in AAA. This team is no worse off either way, but it may be better in the long run to let him work out his problems in AAA.

at 4:50 PM Blogger Gunner said...

Im not worried about Cueto ... Volquez struggled like this in his early years and look at him now. Cueto will learn ... and he has better over all stuff than Volquez. When it all comes together for him ... look out!

at 5:19 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Cueto has nothing to prove in AAA. This team is going nowhere. I am not sure Dick Pole is the guy to be helping him, maybe he (Pole) should go. But Cueto may as well pitch here unless we have someone better. Who I don't see.

at 5:36 PM Blogger will said...

But Volquez struggeled because he was brought up too soon. And he struggled a lot. His early struggles may have been largly avoided if he wasnt rushed. Theres a great article on espn about this today. Its a good thing he struggled in Texas and not Cincy. JBA would have personaly run him out of town by now if that was the case. Just proves because a young pitcher struggles early in his career, does not mean he is not talented.

at 4:01 AM Blogger UCFan79 said...

What's the attendance figures and revenue look like in Louisville?

Are the Bats making money, and are they making lots of it?

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