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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mets 8, Reds 3

Johnny Cueto gave up three runs in the first inning. He gave up two doubles and a triple.

Cueto settled in, only allowing one hit in the second through fourth. The fifth was not so good. He gave up a pair of home runs -- a two-run shot to Carlos Beltran and solo shot to Ryan Church.

Another rough outing: 4 1/3, 8 hits, 6 runs, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts.

The Reds scored three in the sixth, but the bullpen gave up in the bottom of the inning.

The Reds batted out of order in the ninth. David Ross went up and hit in the eighth spot. He made an out. Mets manager Willie Randolph pointed it out to the umpires. That led to a 12-minute delay while they sorted things out. Corey Patterson, who actually in the eighth spot, was credited with an out. Ross went back up and singled.

"It's my fault," Dusty Baker said. "It was on the board with Patterson first and on my card, but I didn't check it."


at 2:43 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

Someone should have been charged with an error on the "triple." That was a catchable ball that Freel and Griffey couldn't communicate on, and part of the reason why Patterson is a better CF (defensively).

at 2:46 PM Blogger bring up Maloney said...

Can Jocketty just fire Baker already?

Baker drops Keppinger to #7, when he should be in the #2 slot. Starts Bako against O. Perez (who is death to LH hitters), when Ross is decent against LHP. Refuses to either rest Griffey or drop him in the lineup.

Castellini needs to make another change.

at 2:49 PM Blogger bruuuce99 said...

O Mario, where art thou?

at 2:53 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Great play by the dinosaur in RF to get Cueto in a big hole early. Too bad the Seattle GM's special adviser is in NY watching this performance today.

at 2:54 PM Blogger va.redsfan said...

John I'm not the sort to have a kneejerk reaction of give up on a guy quick. But do you think that Cueto may be best served by a little time in AAA to work his kinks out. I'd hate to see the kid get beat around up here much more and lose his confidence.

at 3:07 PM Blogger Steve said...

bring up Maloney is right on the mark. Ross should have PH for Bako in the 6th. What is Dusty thinking? Not to mention Keppinger hitting 7th after going 5for 5 yesterday. Why isn't he in the 2-hole? Makes zero sense.

at 3:11 PM Blogger will said...

Something tells me that seatle doesnt want Griffey for his glove. You see they have this thing in the american league called the DH. LMAO!

at 3:16 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

= Opps, Sorry about the negative Griffey post.

- George Grande gets worse every game.
+ I like Jeff Brantley

- How do you like Votto in the second spot against Perez?

+ Keppinger keeps proving me right as usual about who the regular SS on this team is.

The Fair and unbiased,

at 3:20 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

- This bullpen is no better than last years with the exception of Cordero.

+ Volquez looks great! Reds now have two quality starters.

Always balanced comments by

at 3:22 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Think they have to live with the ups and downs of Cueto this year. For one, they don't have viable replacements for yet another rotation spot. For another, Cueto has major league stuff and absolutely zero to prove in AAA. Goes back to what the Cubs did with Maddux in '87 and the Braves with Glavine in '88. When you have that kinda stuff, repetoire and arm, you let 'em pitch through it.

at 3:23 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"Something tells me that seatle doesnt want Griffey for his glove."

........thats for sure.

at 3:24 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

something tells me that fans in seattle will be very disappointed when they wake up and realize that the current version of Ken Griffey is only a very small shadow of the player they once knew and loved

Keppinger continues to amaze me.

at 3:26 PM Blogger cmessmer said...

When will we see Pole out a here and Soto as pitching coach? The only possible explanation for keeping Pole around from last year was the Baker connection. Pitching wise, the Reds were pretty dreadful. We have much better talent than last year, but still these kind of games. If we need Soto to help them out, why not make it permanent?

at 3:31 PM Blogger BubbaFan said...

Y'know...Freel may be faster than Keppinger, but that doesn't mean he's a better baserunner.

at 3:34 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

= John, what is the record for being picked off in a single season?


at 3:34 PM Blogger Steve said...

Down by 5 in the 7th and Freel gets caught stealing. Just dumb! This team simply does not play smart.

at 3:35 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

aside from Volquez and Cordero..the pitching talent is not that much better than last year

Volquez and Cordero take this staff from miserable to inconsistent and marginal

aside from a good first game..Cuetos "major league stuff" is not much better than Homer Baileys major league stuff

at 3:44 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Not quite, Jack:

Cueto at Mil 4/8 - 6 1/3 IP, 2 runs
Cueto v. Mil 4/19 - 7 IP, 2 runs
Cueto v. Chi 5/7 - 6 IP, 3 runs.

Four quality starts, four bad starts.

at 3:48 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

an ERA approaching 6 and continuous high pitch count is not indicative of an improving pitcher

at 3:51 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Another rought outing: 4 1/3, 8 hits, 6 runs, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts.

your own words John

at 3:51 PM Blogger Steve said...

Can we seek a waiver and try to deal Dunn before June 15th. If we only get a bucket of balls in return, it's a good trade. So tired of the K's.

at 3:59 PM Blogger anti-media said...

Is Dunn the most OVERPAID player in the history of MLB ??? Does anyone else agree ??? Is there a team in MLB that will take him out of CINCY ????

at 4:01 PM Blogger John Fay said...

You didn't say that, Jack. You said that he hadn't shown major league stuff since his first start. He has three other quality starts.

at 4:01 PM Blogger will said...

Jack, Cueto is a 22 year old kid. These kids dont come out of the box pitching like nolan ryan. He been in the majors for barely 2 months and you sound like you want to give up on him. It takes 2-3 years for some of these pitchers to develope in the big leagues. Same goes for Homer. Patience will be rewarded.

at 4:15 PM Blogger will said...

Most ignorant quote of the Day...

"aside from a good first game..Cuetos "major league stuff" is not much better than Homer Baileys major league stuff"

Take a bow, your incompetence is truly breathtaking.

at 4:41 PM Blogger Gunner said...

I remember how much grief Marty got for his comments about Dunn last year in saying "he is what he is" ... seems to me he was more correct than all the people who have defended him. If we sign Dunn to an extention ... I will be highly disapointed. Adam needs a change of scenery as much as we do.

at 4:59 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Marty and the Cowboy both feel that Cuetos progress has stagnated..hmm

at 5:10 PM Blogger GFYS said...

Someone needs to address Cueto's mound presence and his emotional meltdowns on the mound. He's going to get hit and he needs to learn how to deal with it.

For one, they don't have viable replacements for yet another rotation spot.
I disagree with that statement. Shearn had 4 quality starts out of 6 versus playoff contending teams and playoff environments. Homer Bailey is also another viable replacement.

Cueto will be fine when he learns how to pitch and how to control himself on the mound. Hopefully he can learn that on the fly in the big leagues. Two or three more outings like today and he will be learning that in AAA.

The bullpen is also starting to get exposed and will need to be addressed soon. The Reds will flip flop soon and start hitting and the pitching will awful.

at 5:30 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

same bullpen was exposed this time last year... big time

at 5:32 PM Blogger sabr_blogger said...

You know, I only duck in here now and then, but I just have to say that the myopia of some of these posters is breathtaking. This team doesn't look good in the W/L column right now, but if I were an aspiring GM, THIS is the one I'd love to run. I definitely wouldn't trade any of this young talent for a run this year. They have the makings of a 5-year run of dominance starting next year if you guys can just hold onto your underwear long enough to let them do it. Let the shortsighted Cubs have their day in '08. Then the Reds and Brewers can fight it out for the division and wild card for the next few years. This is a GREAT collection of talent.

But yeah, let Baker go. He's exactly the wrong man for this job.

at 6:03 PM Blogger Joe said...

Love the new and improved CSA....just kiddin CSA

Will, I agree with you, these kids don't come out of the box being a Nolan Ryan. If we could order a couple Seavers, a Koufax, a Ryan and a Gibson, baseball would be pretty boring and look a lot like soccer. Typical young pitcher problems with Cueto....lets give him the time Belisle has had and I think we will see a real gem.

Jr. does not have the legs he had a few years ago much less the speed he had at 27. Obviously Seattle has the advantage of using Jr. in the DH slot and I suspect that is where he will end up if he goes back to Seattle. If it makes Jr. happy, the Reds need to do it.

at 6:08 PM Blogger pootyhead said...

I'd take George Grande over reading JBA/CSA any day of the week. At least he doesn't pretend he's two different people and his baseball IQ would dwarf JBA/CSA combined together on a learning curve.

at 6:31 PM Blogger Scott Evans said...

Didn't Willie Randolph make a similar batting out of order/improper double switch mistake in his first game as a manager at opening day a few years ago? Maybe this was payback, though Dusty should know better.

at 6:59 PM Blogger ST fan said...

Patience. Did we really expect to suddenly have two young 20 game winners in Cueto and Volquez? Both will take time but both have great futures.

I'd like to see Baker play the guys who play hard. Freel, Keppinger, Hooper, Philips, Bako/Ross, Votto, Hattleberg, Valentine, Hariston. Any position, any batting order. Put the fighters in the game.

at 7:04 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

Batting out of order? Just sad guys that no-one would notice that. The entire team lacks focus and leadership.

Kepp, keep at it and why in the world you are batting 7th is beyond me.

Cueto - give him time, we'll have to ride out the tough outings but I'm telling you in 2 more seasons he's likely to be our ace. Gotta take the good with the bad as far as the youngsters are concerned guys.

Patterson - still awful and should never bat above 7th in the order if even given a bat.

Dusty - well I gave you the benefit of the doubt Baker but I didn't like the hire when it was made and now I like it even less. Pete deserved the shot and boy do I wish he had been given it.

Griffey - This is an aging superstar who just does not enjoy playing the game any longer. Perhaps he'd enjoy it more in Seattle, at least to begin with but he plays with no emotion, no fire and no care. See you.

Dunn - Hmmm, still strikes out when we need a hit the most. As Marty said, he is what he is. Let's save the money next year and get us another Greg Vauhn type of player.

The comment about us having only two good pitchers is mistaken and way off base. At the very, very least you should mention Harang. I want argue for anyone else with you. Just not worth it.

at 8:54 PM Blogger redsfan8557 said...

Boy they sure dont look very strong this year,but I will say this GO REDS

at 9:58 PM Blogger Steve said...

ST Fan said: I'd like to see Baker play the guys who play hard. Freel, Keppinger, Hooper, Philips, Bako/Ross, Votto, Hattleberg, Valentine, Hariston.

That'll never happen but I agree Hopper (when off the DL) Hatty and Hariston should play a lot more often. Definitely Hatty! The dude's one of our best pure hitters. Move Votto to left and get rid of Dunn. It's time.

at 11:21 PM Blogger firefly118 said...

Let me get this straight! (Other than a few of you)

You attribute our stinkiness to Freel, Cueto, and Dick Pole!

Freel is only knocking the cover off the ball and his defense is very good (that was Griffey's fault, not Freel's)

Cueto is a rookie with 96MPH stuff, who is basically in a learning mode with an ERA and BB/K ratio that is better than most guys on this team who are "Vets", yeah that sucks when a 23 yr. old can throw 96MPH and give you as many quality starts as bad ones.

Dick Pole, yeah this guy is horrible, he has only helped about 10 guys become all-stars. I am not saying Soto or anybody else wouldn't do good, but come on.

Dusty Baker is horrible, and what about the Catcher calling the game for this young guy. That is not a pitching coach, that is a head coach not making that happen.

This year is toast and was after the first week. Its time to get a couple or 3 of our AA and AAA pitchers up here, along with a couple of our best fielding prospects. Our minor league teams could compete and win 14 games thus far, why not let them play?

Wake up Cincy, stop buying tickets!

at 10:41 AM Blogger davetest said...

Batting out of order is unacceptable. Never should happen.... not since little league... only a last place team could do such a thing. Baker should be ashamed.

at 10:46 AM Blogger robdicken said...

I'd take George Grande over reading JBA/CSA any day of the week. At least he doesn't pretend he's two different people and his baseball IQ would dwarf JBA/CSA combined together on a learning curve.

LOL!! True 'dat!

Cueto is a young and upcoming pitcher. There will be rough starts and there will be good starts. That's what you get with rookie pitchers.

Don't believe me? Look at Lincecum, Gallardo, Lester, and Phil Hughes last year. All good rookie pitchers...all had their rough outings.

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